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22.02.2014 08:22
Tight End Workout Routine antworten

Tight End Workout Routine air jordan 1989 shoes

Step 2Spend ample time in the weight room to enhance your upper and lower body strength. Because tight ends must block defenders who are often air jordan 4 retro for salemuch larger in stature, strength is crucial. San Francisco 49ers tight end Vernon Davis, who air jordan 4 bred 1989 is known for his intense workouts, performs a combination of bench presses, squats, power clean lifts, bent over rows and upright rows to build the muscles in his upper body, legs and core. The amount of weight you lift depends on your weight, but aim for fewer reps of more weight to bulk up.

Step 3Recruit a partner to help you with blocking drills. Have the partner hold a blocking pad and line up 2 or 3 yards from you. Get in your stance and explode into your partner's pad and push him backward. Practice blocking schemes for different styles of play. For run blocking, angle the defender away from where your running 1989 air jordans back would be hitting the hole. For pass blocking in which you have a route to run, knock the defender off balance and then run a short route, such as a hook or a slant.

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