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07.06.2013 10:37
now the police should find the door antworten

Zhao Rui did not know the police and cloud already began to secretly find their traces, but has not found the answer. He just learned from the Internet and chat with classmates, he and Ma Yuan battle, has caused a great sensation, caused numerous people of their own curiosity. However, he did not worry that they will be exposed. Because, although some people may see him with Ma Yuan's battle. But because of distance, fight fight fast, short process, and late at night, nearby residents should look not clear it, otherwise, now the police should find the door. Zhao Ruizhan on the balcony, eyes not focus the watching from afar, thoughts turned to the girl. Soaring immortal, to explore the fairy magic world, he always remained in the dream, he is also a practicing motivation. So far, his comprehension of the road seems to go more smoothly, in just a few months time, he jumped three, to capture the spirit of the realm. The general comprehension to reach this realm, he, at least ten years time. Was able to have such a fast training schedule, one is because of "the history of the fairy Jue" record, as the ancient great demon out of the ordinary; another reason, who is frozen in the Fairy Magic cemetery of ancient treasures, played a great role in promoting. If you do not get fudezhengshen universe ring, without the ring in a million years fairy and as an assistant, Zhao Rui estimates, I absolutely can not reach the realm of spirit from late. A level two to Fairy Magic of cemetery, has brought him huge benefits, there will be more of a surprise that the back? Zhao Rui heart faint some look forward to, look forward to the full moon night, hurriedly come. He had entered the capture the spirit of late, had enough, open Fairy Magic cemetery in grade third to take the treasure. There are elegant, mobile phone bell rings suddenly, took him from the fugue state to call back. Zhao Rui took out his mobile phone to see, Sun Xiaolan is on the phone, said they were the dormitory, he hurried down. Xiaolan sister call, Zhao Rui naturally not neglect, tidy up a little, and went downstairs. Two people have not seen for some time, Sun Xiaolan seems to be some thin,Jordan Flight The Power Shoes, but the more lovingly pathetic, blue jeans wrapped slender legs, still so erotic. "Eh? Small rui. Just a short time no see, I think you seem to become more handsome? Temperament seems to have some mysterious!" When Sun Xiaolan saw Zhao Rui, can not help some surprise over his eyes, asked. "Is?" Zhao Rui tiny tiny one Leng,Coach Handbags Sale, immediately understand to come over,Cheap Oakley Juliet, their practice "," the fairy tactic, but also into the capture the spirit of late, there is a change of appearance and temperament. He always meet with himself, and boy, not aware of this change, but Sun Xiaolan careful keenly, of their familiar, plus a long time no see, so can detect those changes on their body. "I like to do, and only love you you don't normally is just now, half did not see, you think I'm the out of the ordinary!" Zhao Rui intentionally with an exaggerated sigh, to dilute the Sun Xiaolan suspicious. Sun Xiaolan did not >

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