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07.06.2013 10:33
remove the team captain Fh from antworten

Fei Yun after leaving, Zhao Rui calls Luo, tell he Fei Yun has gone, dormitory security. He was overjoyed, repeatedly praise, patting chest to say later will chongxie. Back to the dormitory, he took a shower fell down to sleep, I played basketball for one or two hours, I almost didn't let him collapse. Zhao Rui climbed into bed, ready for a break, and then is to open the computer, remove the team captain Fh from his pocket to his site, * * computer,Air Jordan Womens Sale, to carefully study the practice game recorded on the demo, hoping to draw some lessons, for his team to help. Zhao Ruigang closed her eyes, suddenly heard and under the bed surprised shouted: "boss! Boss. Come down and see what is this?" How. Zhao Rui poked his head down from the bed, looked at me, asked. Hanbyul excited face, raised his head, looked at him and said: "the accident at! The U disk, except demo, there was a cs server address, enter the password and anti cheat!" "This has what strange?" Zhao Rui some not to regard it as right, "cs server address to go more, online everywhere, are so excited?" "But this is different! This is the legend of the world's top secret server!" "Secret server?" Zhao Rui some doubts, he don't know anything about this. Yes. Hanbyul nodded, explained, "in the CS industry has been rumored, the world's top group CS master, has opened a secret cs server, for exchange between them. But, the secret server is not open, in addition to a handful of the world's top CS master, others even the address of the server are not know. Even if someone accidentally got the address, however, there are two layers of defense secret server, that is to enter the password and anti cheat special, if not these two things, still can not enter,Oakley Flak Jacket, enter will immediately kicked out. Did not think of is, the U disk, secret server address, password,Oakley Sunglasses Store, and anti cheat actually lacks nothing!" Speaking of which, and restrain the heart excited, voice can't help pull several degrees. Zhao Rui heard his explanation, I thought Fh team ranked third in the domestic CS corps, even to the world, also is one of the best teams, plus the team captain Fh people doing things, is also good, in order to obtain secret server address, password and anti-cheating device, is not too difficult. As for the secret server address how stored in the U-disk, and submit to the Korean hand, presumably due to Fh captain elegible. Hanbyul Cheating-Death special that in their own computer is installed on, then smiled and asked: "do you want to go to the secret server? We can talk with the world's top CS strong against!" Zhao Ruiyao shook his head, he temporarily does not have this idea, the ice cream temptation is relatively large. Han Xingsong shrugged his shoulders, with a pilgrimage to the mood, they entered the secret server. Inside he is, that only in the network, can see the TV world top CS master's name, appears in the game list. Some of his rivals in the game, some of it is his companion. He could not help Xing >

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