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term of one hundred community antworten

> London suburb, Sri Ponte manor. Www! QUaNBEN! COM shrouded in thick black breath manor, within a radius of several hundred meters see a figure, and even nocturnal critters are afraid kao nearly manor. Villa hall, eleven wearing the same style of black tuxedo, tall thin, slender limbs, fair-skinned, looks handsome, middle-aged man just slightly different height standing all around. Twelve physique shriveled, ugly, wearing different, it looks like after a few years of poor day, decorated with ornate hall totally inconsistent with the old man sitting at a long table on both sides, only the position of chief empty. Room atmosphere was very depressed, but also very nervous. Middle-aged man standing eleven look extremely grim, sitting twelve elderly complexion also does not look good. Faint footsteps, everyone looking away towards the spacious corridor. A middle-aged man wearing a purple robe had come down from the stairs. This person is very thin, white skin was hard to believe, look more haggard, precisely, is a no-awake look. When middle-aged eyes swept from the room, when everyone in the room hung his head, no one would dare take his eyes. "Rhonda, why should I wake up early?" Middle-aged man spoke, he goes in the only empty high-backed chair and sat down. His voice was hoarse and very old, completely at odds with his appearance. "Lord of adults collar ...... ......" summoned up that old quiver. "You know in advance how serious the consequences wake me do!?" Extremely harsh tone of the middle-aged, "Now, it should be Xin Moer Adams clan arrived dominion, right? Secret party in accordance with the provisions within a period of only to have a secret party leadership lord, if there are two words ...... Do lord, you want to provoke a war between clans secret party do!? "then just off the sound, middle-aged man on the table a slap shot, The two candlesticks on the desktop suddenly jumped up. Others in the room are scared shiver, head buried far below it. "Lord of adults, we are forced to wake up just ahead of you." Rhonda secretly pinched to sweat, "Three days ago, Stirling's plane crash over the Atlantic, we lost contact with him." Middle-aged brow quickly jump a few times, then closed his eyes. An extremely strong flavor of black smoke from him, quickly spread out in the room, just a moment effort, the argument seems to confirm the old man, he completely changed the look of it! This person is the secret kinship clan lords Rani party Sanskrit Zhuo Llandudno, a live two thousand years,Coach Online Outlet, has infinite power, the entire Vatican million members on Cho clan leaders, a pure fourth generation vampire. Stirling is a direct descendant of Rani Llandudno, through kinship between the secret law, as long as Sterling is still alive, no matter how far away, he can feel the breath of Stirling. But this time, he did not feel the slightest breath of Stirling. "Lord of adults, within six months, we lost hundreds of descendants ......" "What!?" Middle-aged man opened his eyes. "Does the Vatican declared war on us yet?" Rhonda closed her mouth, sat across from him toward the elders looked. "Lord of adults, the Holy See did not go to war with us." "Why is that? Could it be magic party dry?" Rani Llandudno lou a hint of puzzled look. "Is not magic party dry." Rhonda mouth to swallow saliva. "All right, all right!" Rani Llandudno long breath, "You wake me up early a century, it is for hundreds of descendants, as well as a missing Southern England Wales?" Rhonda hesitated a moment, said: "Lord of adults, Stirling Prince disappeared before contact with some powerful allies, and with each other on a good one major thing." "What allies? Also, what happened?" Rani Llandudno lou out a little bit of impatience. Although any one of kinship have almost infinite life, but evidently,Nike Jordan Flight 9 UK, Rani Llandudno like a waste of time is not the kind of vampire. "A group has a strong strength of the Orientals, who promised to help us attack the Vatican, the Holy See to destroy the most important thing is that they do not fear the Holy See the Light." Meng Lani Llandudno stared out the first lou a look of surprise. "It's just that they have a condition." "What are the conditions!?" Rani Llandudno emotion under control. As the fourth generation of vampires in Llandudno over two thousand years old Rani's life, most of the time hiding from the Vatican to kill. Especially in the dark before the founding of the league that a few hundred years, the Holy See in the Dark worldwide kill life, or even several times in order to launch a large-scale war. Destroy the Holy See, completely destroyed the Holy See, is the dream of every dark life, but also Rani Llandudno dream. "They want a man." "Who?" Rani Llandudno grow a breath, and out of the lou impatient look. "A young man who called Yu." Rani Llandudno slightly wrinkled brow. "What is he, it is important to you?" "Lord of adults, this ......" Rhonda hesitated a moment and said, "According to your orders in your sleep period, instead of processing by the Prince Stirling clan affairs, which thing has been by him. We contacted Phillips, he will come back in a few days, report to us the relevant circumstances. "" Phillips? "Rhonda had to reintroduce a bit Phillips situation. And descendants are not the same, as the fourth generation of vampires, Rani Llandudno has unimaginable horror strength, it can be said, the Vatican Zhuo every vampire clan's ability to come from Rani Llandudno. This is true, Rani Llandudno this fourth generation, or a fifth-generation vampire takes a long time to sleep, in order to ensure the long life of its own power is not being gratuitous consumed. 1600 years ago, Rani Watergate Seven Party leaders close kinship with the Orcs of six werewolf clan clans formed a dark alliance. In accordance with the provisions of the Union, the Union is chaired by thirteen turns as the clan lords, each for a term of one hundred community. Rani Watergate served in the first sector of the President of the Union for one hundred years after entering a dormant period, all the things that are handed over to his most trusted Stirling Prince. In other words,oakley eyeglasses sale, the five hundred years of dormancy Rani Llandudno. Within these five hundred years happened not at all clear. "Rhonda, do you think that Asians have the ability to destroy the Vatican do?" Rani Llandudno focus back on the topic. He does not care who called Yufan young man, he cares about is whether the destruction of the Holy See, the ability to re-let the darkness falls. "Lord of adults, this ......" Rhonda slightly hesitated a moment and said, "Light of the Holy See have a natural restraint on our results, those Asians simply do not fear the Holy See the Light, and itself has great strength as long as they are willing to sell, plus we concentrate all the power, there is sufficient certainty to destroy the Vatican, the Holy See to exterminate. "Rani Llandudno nodded slightly. That's the key. "Light" is the most powerful weapon in the Vatican, precisely, is the Holy See to deal with the darkness of life's most powerful weapon. Not to mention those descendants, and even the very fear of the Holy See Rani Llandudno Light. Of course, the average pastor, reverend Light issued threats against him is not large, the case of the cardinals, the head of the Knights Templar, or the referee, he can only try to escape. That is, if we can restrain the Holy See the Light, have the opportunity to destroy the Vatican. Think of it, Rani Llandudno lou a faint smile. Evade a thousand years, and the Vatican melee hundreds of years, finally see the dawn of victory. "Lord of adults ......" "Let Phillips came to see me." Rani Llandudno admitted with a smile, "In addition, mobilize all forces to find the person who called Yufan." "Yes!" Began, the crowd, the room while the black whirlwind flashed, Rani Llandudno invisible. ! ~! . . <

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