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If the young master well prepared antworten

> Is the case, the original red blue Xuanzai refining inner alchemy, because of the implication of the innate inner alchemy infuriating too, has been forced to break the stereotypes of the meridians, as she laid the foundation of cultivation. wWW, QUANben, cOM this "hard" approach to the consequences of one of the two young Xuanzai alchemy where most of the energy consumed in the meridians, and is only a small part of the red refinery; two are red lost the ability to produce innate infuriating, others only kao refining innate infuriating improve strength. Yufan not think so much. He only knows, in cents beast Chinese primary cultivation, cultivation of five beautiful men lay foundation is a easy thing. Is not the case, less than a Zhancha effort, Sin Wah Bo beast's body has narrowed the circle. "Master, your belly every day infuriating inject their pubic region, so that they themselves practice." Yufan not hesitate, do not immediately five thick white infuriating injected five beauty pubic region. Then, he will practice the five beautiful way to tell. "Alice, you look at them." Yufan wiping the sweat from his forehead down. No practice is based on the innate human input infuriating to be very careful, little more than make Leprechaun they died of blasting, a little less, the effect is not good, we must bring clenched very accurate. After five beauty began to practice, with the immortal beast Hua Yu Bo who came to the cabin corner. "Master, the old China can no longer help you out ......" fairy beast Chinese Beth looked very tired. Obviously, the body of ordinary people to get through the whole body, in turn, is definitely not an easy thing. "Wah Bo, you ......" "Do not worry,Oakley Active Sale, I'll be fine. Returned upon a time, and soon will be able to recover." Immortal beast China Bo barely smiled, looked like crying. "In the future, you do need to be careful though we escaped, but Tien camp must know we're not dead. Returned upon a time, I will try to give Tien faction trouble, holding Tien camp hands and feet. However, even Tien unable to send the angel sent to deal with the young master, but also make Heaven cases, as well as other Kunlun comprehension sect shot. "" China Bo, that I had an idea. "Yu see Savannah calm look , fairy beast China Bo slightly ease a little. In fact, he is most worried Yufan impulsively went to Heaven who were revenge. Sure enough, Yufan followed asked: "Wah Bo, Huang and Huang Zi Xu Xuan Zong Heaven are people?" "This ......" fairy beast Chinese Beth hesitated slightly and said, "Huang Xuan Zong is the first Heaven Five disciples, Road No. Huangxuan Zi, is the head of the wind Shen Zong Heaven's grand-son, Huang Xuan, but he used a pseudonym in any community. Huang Zi Xu, and you kill Huang Ziyang is a lay disciple mysterious yellow , is also regarded as the door of Heaven were people. "Yufan clenched teeth, clenched his fists. At this time, he knows, is yellow green Xuanzai mysterious, that is, Huang Xuanzi of Young. Huang Ziyang and Huang Zi Xu and Huang Xuan not Yesun relationship. Yufan did not feel strange, sort out the ideas, he concluded that this is normal. "Master ......" Sin Wah Bo lou beast out of the worried look, "Huang Xuan had died, although Huang Zi Xu is not dead, but ......" "I'm going to kill him!" Yu who whispered shouted. "Hey ......" fairy beast Chinese Beth sighed, "Master, I understand your feelings right now, but you have not thought about people who were afraid Heaven is waiting for you come to revenge it." Yufan slightly wrinkled under the eyebrows. "Huang Zi Xu did not die, who were bound to be found Heaven. Heaven cases of people will know that you will definitely find Huang Zi Xu revenge, they will do with Huang Zi Xu bait if Master blind impulse, I am afraid ...... "" Wah Bo, I understand what you mean. eventually one day, I will kill him, and asked him to suffer enormously, he begged me to kill him! "Yu who faces extremely grim. Huang Zi Xu thought of being killed by the quotient snow, think snow yellow Hyun took hostage provider, think what happened, Yufan be strange not angry. But, compared to a few days ago, Yufan engraved with inner anger, he knew that with his current strength, is not Heaven were rivals. "China Bo ......" slightly calm mind, Yufan grow a breath, "I want to achieve what kind of strength, can destroy Heaven cases!?" "Master ...... you ...... you were going out Heaven? "Yu who firmly nodded and said:" I not only want to destroy Heaven cases, but also destroy the entire Kunlun seventy-two camp! "fairy beast Hua Bo is surprised, he heard a tone containing Yufan the intention to kill and hate to see the buildings where the hearts of anger and sadness. "Huang Zi Xu killed providers snow; Kunlun seventy-two siege father is murdered father's accomplice; Tien faction they are subordinate sects, Shamu revenge with me that year, but also with the Kunlun seventy-two Tien sent to deal with the Guards door, and I am even more Daughter of revenge. patricide, Shamu, killing ...... Murder, Daughter of revenge, mortal! immortal of Heaven were not eradicate Kunlun seventy-two, I ...... I ...... "Yu Fan agitated, and finally said they do not go on. Immortal beast China is also a slight bit agitated Peter, but he remained calm enough. "Right now,New Arrivals Coach Online, you are the most important thing is to protect yourself. Previously had classic in, no one can threaten you, but now ......" "China Bo, I understand." Yufan loosen his fists. Revenge kao is not anger, but a strength, as well as the mind. "The ship was heading for the United Kingdom, there is the Dark Alliance site. Though Dark Alliance and Kunlun seventy-two only the interests of the exchanges, but this thing very much noise, Kunlun seventy-two will certainly find Dark Alliance ground forces to seek help, you have to be more careful, especially women six. "immortal beast Chinese Beth sat toward the center of six cabins looked beautiful," they can hide in the body's innate infuriating, but also Dan is reached before a period, it is best not to crowd-intensive places to go, a repair to a higher comprehension for those who will be able to perceive beyond the ten who comes out of their innate infuriating. "Yufan point slightly nod, he already knows this. "Secondly, the practice, the staff must find a remote place, preferably in the ground, do not practice in the wilderness." Yufan nodded again, although I do not know why in the ground, but he has been in full before sealed secret room practicing. "Finally ......" fairy beast Chinese Beth hesitated a moment, "If the young master well prepared for the case, but also step by step, rather than directly killing Ru Kunlun comprehension. Additionally, there is not enough power, do not go to the Kunlun comprehension circles. "Yufan eyebrows wrinkled up. "Wah Bo, what you want to state, Makes enough strength?" Fairy beast Chinese Beth hesitated a moment and said: "The wind Shenzi other seventy-two sovereign for the repair, have been to the culmination of their hands The disciples, more than half are in the Immortal Infant or more. to Master repair now, in the face of the enemy Yuan Ying, did not fight back ...... "" In other words, I want to reach Yuan Ying period, before entering the comprehension? "" Although you can say that, but taking into account their six, there are those Dacheng period, even in Sin level of comprehension, and if the young master would eradicate Kunlun seventy-two, you should be more patient , so that further increase the strength in that way have greater certainty. "Yu who nodded slightly, calm down, he also knows China Bo then it makes sense. "Time is almost up ......" Sin Wah Bo beast look dim down, "Master, I can not stay here long. Goods ** There will be arriving at the port tomorrow, you ......" "China Bo ......" and so Yufan recovered, immortal beast Chinese primary figure shaking a few times, then it becomes blurred again. At this point, even the red fairy, who also noticed the beast Chinese primary body changes. "Master, Master caution, usually constant practice, etc. Once upon a time in my young master soon!" With fairy beast Hua Bo left the last sentence, purple breath enveloped in his body. After intensive burst of sparks flashed, purple breath quickly dissipated, leaving an empty corner,Oakleys Monster Dog Sunglasses, Sin Wah Bo was missing animals. Yufan lifted up his head, he could not see the sky, only to see the dark ceiling. The next road, only kao he walked! ! ~! . . <

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