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compared to the best university antworten

"Eh? How she came into our school? You heard of it?" Zhao Rui looked at him in, donlim University although belonging to a, all the conditions are good, but the domestic, compared to the best university, still some gap. The cloud's wealth and power, let alone in domestic key university, even sent her to Oxford, Harvard, also is not a difficult task. Zhou Wei seems to see Zhao Rui's doubts, glasses, explained: "Alex Hua Tian Group CEO Winschonyun father, so a baby granddaughter, regarded as a pearl in the palm, reluctant to let her too far from home, but in Dongan, our school is good, let her to this book is also very normal. However, it seems that no one else knows her identity, but I saw last night on campus, also won't believe, she went in our school, the girls!" Luo Cheng added: "Yeah, yeah. I also saw. No wonder Zhou Wei as she immediately dizzy vegetables, even his name is what all don't know, he looks really beautiful, and temperament is good, like me, have great experience, also soon slobber!" "Bah, as long as the woman, you see all slobber." Hanbyul mercilessly exposing his face. "I depend, you this is slander!" He blushed, WAA towards the Han flapping in the past,Oakley Sunglasses UK, and he desperately, scared and ran, Zhao Rui and Zhou Wei in the side of laughter. With three roommate in the dormitory a burst of downtown, Zhao Rui took a few of the English data, ready to go to the self-study room. Some time ago to patronize the study of myths and legends, religious practice, how didn't study hard, will now have to fill, he four but haven't yet! The room is always donlim university military a hotly contested spot, many fewer seats, if the exam, even early in the morning to queue, grab a space for one person in the room, Zhao Rui now goes to the independent-study hall, originally is not possible to have a seat, but now the school is not for a long time, Zhao Rui felt the self-study room people may not so much, maybe I can find a seat. Entered the room,Kristin Coach Outlet, Zhao Rui began to look around. The classroom quietly, most people are low head, to read a book, occasionally lovers in love in that voice. As he had expected, really not much room of people, but the seat is countless, a dedicated point, is still on the table a book bag, those who do not work, directly put piece of paper, even swear sovereignty. Zhao Rui was already a big three operator, of course, do not eat this set, looking for a place to sit near the window, he put the paper for a crumpled, threw it into the wastepaper basket, and then put their data on the desk, begin to read a book. Look for about half an hour, suddenly aware of a man walks up to him and stopped, girl's unique fragrance, a strength to the nose. Zhao Rui looked around, suddenly a bright eyes. Standing beside him is a very beautiful girl, wearing a yellow dress, pure and beautiful little face looked just fourteen five years old, facial features is very delicate, cyan vascular skin delicate and even can faintly see the following,Oakley Sunglasses Store, delicate small mouth is tiny to honk, a pair of big eyes are slightly angry at yourself. >

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