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tight black leather dress and antworten

> Throw empty water bottles, Yufan like speed to sprint into the classroom. In the middle-aged female teacher that "aggressive" under the eyes, Yufan if being wiped his forehead drops, bumbling breath a few mouthfuls of coarse, sat down in the only empty classroom position. "And ......" chubby female teacher glanced wrist on the table, pushed his nose fell amber glasses, very serious, said, "four thirty seconds, the test will end, which is The most important one semester test, if not pass it, even if some people took out the final examination, it can only get D minus! "Yu who secretly spit under the tongue, this is not to say I do? Take advantage of the moment when the teacher turned around, Yufan keep that name right waist long hair, pretty girls mess quickly stuffed a small piece of paper over. "Went to the bar to watch the game? You're late again!" Painted on a piece of paper in the lower left corner wearing a bow, grin grin pink pet pig, look truly lovely. Yufan laughed about it, and laughed aloud to. Several months to complete the student respondents discussed immediately twitter up, one will look at watches, one will see Yufan. Two courageous relatively large ratio of male students to draw a bet even secretly gesture, a few lost and lonely boys quickly joined the gamble. "What are you laughing laugh? This is the classroom, we be serious!" Fat teacher a slap shot at the podium, sharp eyes sweep a circle in the classroom, and ultimately landed Yufan body. Yufan quickly admitted with a smile, picked up the ink pen and quickly filled out his name and student number. Then, he used his left hand a cheek, lou out a Taishan collapse in the former without blinking an eye look. At the same time, all students in the classroom all eyes fell on him. Air seemed solidified the same,Air Jordan 10, even when the long-haired beauty nor toward Yufan opinion, seemed a bit worried. For students to cast eyes, woo all "responsive", but also has maintained a smiling look, extraordinarily polite. Most of the time, Yu who are watching right long-haired beauty, and still Bangeguilian, amused hair beauty Bie reddening, did not dare to laugh, lovely appearance leaving Yufan heartbeat acceleration. But, his hand ink pen on the paper fast dancing, in addition to the time line feed, without the slightest pause. Roll surface leaving a clear line by line, vigorous and effective writing. "There are two minutes." Next to the teacher glanced at the watch, looked over toward Yufan, but also out of the mouth smile. That way, as if to say: Boy, and the play is yet to come! At the same time, Yu-Fan has papers turn the last page. Only one subject, an actual case study questions. That case Yufan already down, and the best analytical answer lies in his mind. Just want to write, Yufan suddenly slightly wrinkled brow, fell suddenly on paper pen stopped. Been watching his students immediately lou out surprise worried look. Several of the boys under the ante is clenched his fists, and some in buildings where rooting for refueling, and some probably secretly cursed. Hair beauty look too tense up, she saw clearly Yufan no write, the last page of volume surface not a word. Yufan lou quick glances out of the proud smile, as if jian meter succeed fat teacher, his eyes quickly back on the paper. The whole road Yimushihang Saowan title after Yufan grow a breath. Followed by a dozen students grow breath, then held their breath, anxiously waiting for the next action Yufan. Smiled Yufan ink pen on the right hand dancing up again quickly. Old witch, is this trick, you vulgar good ah, to fix me, but also want to point it new tricks. Seeing this, the majority of students are also easily look down. Several face freckled girls daydream looking Yufan, eyes that looked like a dream, like Prince Charming. Several of the boys bet is different expressions. Where the boys cheering for the Yu patted his chest, as if the heart to withstand such enormous pressure, several buildings in secretly curse the boys who are dejected, like missed the last straw. "Stop -" Yu who fast on the paper at the end of the point a bit, a perfect "full stop." "Dear students, the papers hand Come!" Fat teacher came when the class bell just rang. If the change in the past, all the students will quickly pick up on things, out of the classroom. Now, everyone stayed, and that several of the boys bet is to use a more urgent, hope in their eyes looked fat teacher. In order to respond to everyone's "request", the teacher took out a fat share of school number 12 papers, it is Yufan papers. When the teacher correcting papers, a few good scores around him. They are not worried Yufan Wrong answer questions, but worried about the teacher deliberately batch fault. Yufan can no Guannameduo, called on the long-haired beauty to open the classroom. "Tonight's game interesting?" Long-haired girl to the next kao kao, to the back of the students let out a channel, you can also towards Yufan come near a little. Girls called quotient snow, and Yu who, like the ancient kingdom from the East. The difference is that Yu native of second-generation immigrants who, commercial snow is students. Since three years ago, understanding, the two established a relationship between students beyond the ordinary sense, but, Yu who did not feel the snow with suppliers, or admit that their relationship has risen to new heights. "The game ah ......" Yu who scratched his head skin, big smile said, "of course wonderful, Knicks 112 to 81, victory over the Rockets, the first time in thirty-eight badly the ......" Yu Long who did not escape the embarrassment hair girls eyes. "You did not go to the game?" "Of course go, definitely go." Yufan Hey laugh a few times, "After the game, outside the riots, hundreds of police failed to control the situation yet." "Then you ......" "I fight his life, a five-off, killing six before Deus Ex, came back." Yu who made several extremely exaggerated movements, and said, "You see, my not tested it almost did not catch? worry, I will not stir up trouble,Nike Air Jordan 4, I'm not fanatical Knicks fans. "Then, they walked out of the classroom building. Teaching building out from all students are rushing towards the school gate, on the Columbia University students, evening classes last one is not the final event of the day, the real nightlife is only now beginning. Just went to the school gate, Yufan began teaching building where it broke out in a burst of earth-shattering sound. Some girls screams of excitement, there are boys happy roar, as well as throwing chairs, smashing bench sound. "God, ah, out of, but also out! New record was born, four twenty-eight seconds! God, ah, why do not I create a record of the people ......" the blonde boy shouted out of the classroom building, a lot of other classes, or any other department of the students stopped and went towards him cast surprised, curious, weird eyes. Looked back, shook his head with a wry smile snow business. "You ah, to the point where will stir something to really ten gong, nine of you." "God, this have anything to do with me? Did I overcome hardships, pushed hard in order to get one out, so little desire are wrong? "Yu lou out immediately where a very innocent look, and then they Xipixiaolian said," Though, if you think this is wrong, the next time I deliberately got it wrong a few questions,Oakley Holbrook Outlet, do not get out on the line. "Manufacturers face a red snow, said:" But ...... if you do not pass it ...... "" What's amazing, do not pass, rebuilt Well, anyway, the annual exam is a mold poured out, and there is nothing challenging as long as you ...... "Yufan Naoliao under the scalp, laughed together. Manufacturers snow see that shy expression, he endured the last part did not speak out behind. Blond brother caught up in the buildings where the shoulders forced to shoot the next. "Dude, this is your!" Wad of bills handed Yufan in front of this man pretty terrific. "We have won a total of five hundred dollars, which is two hundred and fifty dollars, count your hard costs." "Do it, this money ......" "Why say so much, holding. Then polite, do not When our buddies. "see each other a resolute attitude, bent to give money, Yufan can only accept it. "Dude, next time do not let us down, we will always support you!" Blond brother finished, whistling, with a few students who won a shake money out of the gate of a flash. It appears that they certainly prepared to win money to happy Happy some of the. "Manufacturers snow, this money you take it." Yufan the money without any explanation stuffed into the hands of suppliers snow. "No, so much money, but ......" commercial snow is a desire to remain a warm look. "Being able to get out, they must also kao your support it." Yufan remarks were deliberately say. "I support?" "Without you next to me what is so good state." Yufan very sincere laughed, "You do not know, then simmering afraid to laugh at you out of the way, I immediately there is a drive, systemic blood anger long, inspired as searchlights illuminated the original general open brain. suddenly the text, such as Quan, write flies, simply fill the gap. shabu shabu ...... a few to fill out the answer. You said that this is not your credit? "commercial snow face click on the flush, the head is also low down. Yu who did not continue to go on. Dude, do not happy too far, the relationship can do without that step. "Hey, I tell you a joke." Yufan skin and scratched his head, "Yes, I can help you find a place near the school, do not just live so far away." "No, I will take care of themselves. "commercial snow immediately rejected Yufan help. Yufan did not say anything. He mentioned several times, so that providers snow moved to live near the school, but providers snow refused. He knows that business is a very stronger snow girl. Between friends help her to accept, but she will not accept anyone's favor. "Well, time is not late, we ......" Yu who spoke, he shrugged. Just a moment effort, the school will empty it. "Today you have to hurry to go back?" Business like snow seemed a bit sad. Yufan glanced parked in the street opposite the shadow of the bike car, and stood by the car that black shadow. Snow turning to the business, said: "Yes ah, you do not know after watching TV go to bed earlier. Slept late, then, tomorrow morning will become the giant panda." Taking advantage of the business of snow did not react, Yufan extended his hand toward the other end of the street taxi snapped. Waiting for a cab approaching, he took out a fifty dollars bills, went to the cab next to the driver told a lot. Manufacturers snow reluctantly walked over. "I have to pay the fare, write down the license plate number, home, remember to give me a call." While he was talking, Yufan while doing a call gesture. Manufacturers snow nodded, opened the door, but could see that she did not want the car. "Remember, do not look for too long the TV, go to bed early." Yu who spoke, he pushed the door. I hesitated a moment, commercial snow before, said: "Yu Fan, tomorrow, do not be late." "Is not that the position of my account? Rest assured, I will not be late." Finish, Yufan patted taxi roof , signaled the driver to be gone. After turning in the streets until the taxi, Yufan hands conjure up more like a "Chinese" brand cigarettes. "Click" sound, STDupont lighter flames danced on the lit cigarette. Opposite, a tight black leather dress and sunglasses, long hair rolled in the back of the head, body abnormal hot, and it looks extremely capable mulatto beauty came out from the shadows. To four weeks glanced around, make sure no one after Yufan smoking a cigarette, walked toward the opposite side of the car. Beauty opened the rear door, leaning slightly Christine, whispered shouted: "Boss!" Boss! ? This is true, is that Yufan underground at Madison Square Garden boxing hall in the assassination of Renault and Linden young killer. On the bus, Yu Fan's face immediately became very serious it. "Alice, I have said many times, do not come to me to the school." "Boss, we are also concerned about you, sir." Sitting in the driver position, giving her a dozen root pigtail blonde deflated deflated lips , look very aggrieved. "God, ah!" Yufan sigh, first laughed, "goblins, lest ye not my concern, but your bonus right?" "Boss, I swear, we care about you, I told Hongjie Wealth is not small. "blonde immediately excited again, completely debunked by others is a trick look. "I said, when you really put me over the boss treat it?" Yu who rolled his eyes, he did not think, he would have no one o'clock boss looks like. "Little Red, drive it." "Yes, back to headquarters do?" Mixed beauty of a serious answer, then just stand next to the car blonde laughing again. "Go back, first decrypt the data inside it." To a miniature electronic storage thrown mixed beauty copilot position after Yufan Taitailielie kao in the seat, "In addition, remember to help me set for tomorrow Newspapers. "" or "New York Times" do? "Yufan nod, did not say anything. Looked out the window of the campus, he completely changed the look of samples, there is simply not before the cheerful, full of spirituality of the students. In his brow, and faint chill through lou at one of the gas. While surging motor sound, Cadillac slowly left the street outside the school. Cigarette flew out from the window, fell accurate roadside drainage fence, jump a couple after the fall of the gutter. "Rip" is heard, cigarette extinguished. ! ~! . . <

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