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someone will follow antworten

> Room door was "bang" when pushed, filled the room two stocks atmosphere quickly dissipated. Breath like a gray-black met nemesis as quickly returned to sit in the south-west a few blacks in vivo. Blue breath quickly there is convergence, returned to yellow mysterious body. "Killer union convene the meeting of chairpersons, why not invite me to do?" With the phrase highly magnetic words, a brown-haired, blue-eyed middle-aged man walked into the room, and he is the one that Alps Castle, the body can emit white light person. "Phillips, how do you come?" Blacks, the only man wearing a white suit stood up. "Johnson, why can not I come?" Middle-aged man called Phillips round conference table in the only empty high-backed chair and sat down. "Scholes is dead, does not mean that there is no representative of the Dark Alliance." "You are the new representative of Dark Alliance!?" Blacks in white suit is Mike ※ # 8226; Johnson. He looks very surprised, looking at the eyes of Phillips also full of doubts. "Is it worth surprised? If you doubt my identity, you can ask the princess Fez big sacrifice." Middle-aged man smiled, eyes immediately fell upon Xuan Huang's first sitting. "General Chairman adult, I heard someone wants to change the system of alliances killer, ready to cancel the reward announced some important customers, so going on here?" Yellow mysterious facial muscles twitch a few times, then stood up. "Since Mr. Phillips on behalf of Dark Alliance, I have no words to say." Leave this sentence, Huang Xuan with several of his men left the meeting room. Car onto the street, Huang Xuan slowly release a clenched fist, look also relaxed a little. Killer mysterious union is represented by the yellow Kunlun seventy-two comprehension to Johnson represented Voodoo Presbyterian Mission to the previous Scholes, now represented by Phillips Dark Alliance co-founded, co-management an underground organization. With this organization, the three forces can reach, or to achieve their ulterior motives. For example, Huang Xuan Xuan Huang Jing looking for, we spent a killer power of unions, and a lot of nurturing as John ※ # 8226; such a spokesperson Sandy and puppet. To counterbalance the influence of the tripartite tripartite arrangements are only a killer union chairman, and up to ten years a community, representatives from the three rotation General Chairman. Now, just turn yellow mysterious as general chairman. Although nominally a mysterious killer yellow union of the highest decision-makers, but in accordance with the rules laid down by three,Nike Jordan 1 Shoes, regardless of who the killer unions want to modify the system, at least to get another one to support the President. Because the strength of checks and balances between the three underground, mutual restraint, so the killer unions for so many years, initially laid down a system has never been modified. In order to expand the influence of trade unions killer, its development will become the most powerful underground forces. "Customers first" is the most fundamental institutional union killer, but does not allow anyone to easily changed. Cancellation by customers reward, it hurt the interests of customers, but also violated the killer union system. Huang Xuan raised against him and Huang Zi Xu cancellation reward, it is expected to Johnson will oppose. And he was prepared to make decisions with the General Chairman, representatives of the Alliance to take advantage of the absence of dark opportunity, forced to cancel reward. What to know, grab Phillips, Huang Xuan's plan completely wasted. Do not need to vote, from Phillips's performance was, do not let him to change his killer unions most important institution. "I never thought, even bribed Dark Alliance Phillips seems dark side of the expansion of the European Union in the momentum is very fierce ah." Huang Xuan Antan heard of sitting next to the young man said, "No matter what approach, Star Feng soon find out the true identity. "Young people hesitated, said:" We analyzed the implementation of the twenty-second Star Feng tasks, and found some surveillance video, although he did not get the front, but from the body , silhouette, as well as some of his habitual behavior, you can roughly determine, Star Feng Orientals, the ages of two-year-old. "" two-year-old? "Huang Xuan slightly surprised, thought to myself, if the star Feng is a two-year-old young man, he is now the repair is quite good potential for development more terror, not even under yellow Zi Xu. Think of this, Huang Xuan clenched his fists. For him, the Wizards practice, either his disciples, is either a dead body. "In addition, Star Feng received all the tasks are in the vicinity of New York, we judge that he lived in New York, but ......" The young man hesitated, "The whole of Greater New York has more than twenty million inhabitants, yellow about five million, of which there are three million overseas Chinese and ethnic Chinese, while the older of the two-year-old ethnic Chinese with at least four hundred thousand, in the middle of so many people find out ...... "" plus two other people. "Huang Xuan touched chin, "the mystery man, and that there are red infuriating woman. they certainly closely related with the Stars Feng, this is the case, you can narrow the scope of the investigation." "I have arranged to go, this still requires plenty of time." " The sooner the better, we must make every effort. "Huang Xuan pause said," if Star Feng is a two-year-old young man, he did not want violence lou identity, he will choose one that most older people local bar?. "young wrinkled eyebrows. "Where, two-year-old young man least likely to attract attention?" The young man thought a moment and said: "university." "First of all universities in New York to investigate, there is no result, and then expand the scope of the investigation. "Huang Xuan nodded slightly, right in front of the driver said," go to the nearest hotel, do not go back in Chinatown. "Huang Xuan ride Hilton Lincoln sedan steering where Hudson Street, followed more than three hundred meters outside Rolls-Royce did not turn the bike has been towards the front go through. "Boss, why not keep them?" "Do you think Huang Xuan is stupid do?" Rolls Royce limousine, Phillips lit a cigar. "Now he is offering a reward with Huang Zi Xu goals, although he has enough strength to protect themselves, but in this world can kill Huang Zi Xu too many people and he did not return to Chinatown, but went to the hotel, obviously know that someone will follow he was. "" But ...... "the driver toward the rear view mirror Phillips looked. "Rest assured, Huang Xuan want to know who is in secret money to reward their mentoring three, do not take me as a threat." Phillips sneered, "Some time ago, Huang Xuan is not been investigating a Star Feng called killer? "The driver nodded. "They seem to be looking for the same things, and that things were falling into the hands of the star front, so ......" "That's right, perhaps, behind the scenes trouble is that it is called killer out front." Phillips laughed, "We just keep behind the yellow mysterious, hidden in the end be able to know where Zi Xu Huang, but also to know who called out front who is the killer in the end, Huang Xuan looking for something in the end." "But, Now Huang Xuan him ...... "" Do not worry, we can wait, he can not, as long as unions keep an eye on his killer moves,Jordan SC 1 Sale, do not worry about it. "Rolls-Royce at the fork turn on Fifth Avenue, the Yufan just the end of the practice. The mist congenital infuriating compressed into alchemy, not an easy thing. Laborious practice a few hours later, Yufan only in seven medium-sized group infuriating vortex formed seven small spot, infuriating the rotation speed is only slightly improve a little. He knew that in order to get a breakthrough, in addition to practicing austerities, but also takes time. Like with Yufan, practicing a few hours later, the little red little progress. Her body did not improve much speed cyclone, cyclone center did not appear spot. Other red admitted to gas, Yufan realized the practice of his way to tell her. Red can reach much success, how fast can a breakthrough, it depends on her good fortune. They Huanhaoyifu, came to the hall, the weather has been micro-light,Nike Jordan Superfly, goblins they are also ready for breakfast and newspapers. Seeking votes seeking **** book collection! ! ~! . . <

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