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then just say it antworten

> "This ...... this ......" Yu Fan head look big,Oakley Sunglasses UK, "future talk about it, and now we have a very important thing, so ......" "We Stop it!" Red quickly restored Big Sister momentum, for every solution of the Wai Yu. wWw.QUanBEN.CoM seems that later was teaching them one by one, multi-train several competent thugs. Yufan mind that sweat ah. Leprechaun think it is almost perfect body, baby towering breasts, small Fortuna that smooth skin, a small poodle that devil figure, there is little naughty That Sentimental look, Yu Where hey laugh . Future with six naked beauty secret chamber in the same practice, that scene ...... "Ha ha ...... ha ha ......" I kept thinking, who does not even conscious Yu laughed. "Boss, what is it you want to tell us?" "Ah?" Yu Meng who come back to God, to see six beautiful women are suspiciously looked at his face, he quickly sat down and said, "Little Red has healed, our strength improved a lot, but the real battle is just beginning. Rugrats, investigation results yet? "" Boss, this day in your practice time ...... "" Wait, has passed one day? "Rugrats nodded, Yu who want the next, think this is normal, he let Rugrats went down. "In accordance with your orders, we investigated the Joy Tsin Lau, the situation, the hotel owner is Huang Ziyang." Rugrats will turn your computer screen and over, shown above, Huang Ziyang personal data is Yufan goes Avatar in the alley to see that person. "Huang Ziyang, 28, no criminal record, a third-generation Chinese immigrants. Huang Jiashi generations catering We also found, frequent contact with the killer was his union, in the past twenty-four hours, he Also with killer union eight network communications. "Yufan with palm lift his head, and his right hand that touched his forehead. "Boss, you have to deal with killer union of man?" Red slightly surprised. "Hongjie, the boss said, who would hurt us a hair, we should all his family died out,Nike Air Jordan 10, the killer unions ......" "Leprechaun, needless to say these words." Yufan pressure of the pressure hand, for small Naughty asked, "In other words, Huang Ziyang is likely to be the killer behind the union boss?" "We can not confirm this, but he certainly is a killer union's senior leadership." Yu who has thought for a while, asked: "He how family relationships? '"Huang Ziyang's parents died when he was young, he had a brother called Huang Zi Xu, difference between the two is probably about five years old and now they live together with his grandfather Huang Xuan." "Yellow mysterious!? "Yufan slightly wrinkled brow, he felt that the name is a bit familiar. "Huang Xuan of fifty three years ago moved to the U.S., it was his Joy Tsin Lau opened five years ago, Huang Xuan Huang Ziyang was handed over to the Joy Tsin Lau management." Yufan suddenly thought of something. "You mean, five years ago?" Rugrats nodded. "I'm in the government tax department files found in the relevant information, when Huang Xuan ......" "Do not you think it strange?" Yu who suddenly laughed, "Do you remember that Scholes do? He was also a five-year ago sold his inheritance. Rugrats, you are not also found in Johnson's bottom line? "Rugrats nodded. "If I'm not mistaken, no matter what it does before Johnson, five years ago, he certainly will own industry to the others, and then lived a reclusive life, is not it?" Little naughty on the computer immediately operation a lot, and soon found the answer. "Boss, just that Johnson is a big New York underground black gang leader, he was five years ago, so that the most capable hands took over the gang, now ......" "Do you think it is just a coincidence?" "Boss, you're saying ... ... "Little Red first came to understand. "Huang Ziyang union is unlikely to be the killer behind the boss, he was too young, at most, a senior trade union leaders killer, King Tong Xuan that is what we are looking for elderly people, there may even be the killer behind the union bosses." Yufan slightly hesitated a moment, and said, "Huang Ziyang is self-cultivation, cultivation much worse than Green Xuanzai addition, the ......" That young man? Yufan eyebrows jump a bit, then said: "Huang Ziyang's brother Huang Zi Xu also comprehension, repair Xuanzi in green above, is much more powerful than even the Green Xuanzai." "Boss, how do you ......" "Because, I seen them, but ...... "Yu on the surface where the bird carved with a brand lighters ZIPPO Huanglong dig out, lost in the table. "I also find Huang Ziyang borrowed a fire, this is what he gave me the lighter." Lou out several beauty immediately extremely shocked look and could not believe watching Yufan. "Rest assured, Huang Ziyang did not know who I am." Yufan faint smile, and said, "Huang Ziyang and Huang Zi Xu unlikely self-taught talent, mostly follow their grandfather practice, that is, is a more mysterious yellow powerful comprehension. "" But ...... "Leprechaun blinked," Boss,Nike Air Jordan 5, you do not own practice out of it? "" I? ha ha ...... "Yu who laughed," Do you think Huang Ziyang and Huang Zi Xu there is such a high talent do I have? "There is no doubt that the buildings where the very thick skinned, but his mind clear, yellow Zi Xu Huang Ziyang and the ball is not eternal, it is impossible to comprehend their own law practice decisions. "We are simply unable to deal with their strength, even against Huang Ziyang are very difficult." "Boss, how can we do?" "Yes ah, Hongjie being bullied so badly, must not let them." "Tell They fight to the death in a break! "" Yes, we went to install the bomb! "...... a few beauty twitter talk up, Yufan but calm down. If in the past, he must go to the "three yellow" desperately, but now, he knows he is not an enemy of the opponent, not to mention a strong yellow Zi Xu, Huang Xuan inscrutable, he even Huang Ziyang not necessarily play-off, even if the plus red, play for a draw is very good. "Boss ......" Little Red did not participate in discussions, she never did like the other five beauties twitter talking. Yufan nodded slightly, as if a good way to think of what the same. Red shot under the table, so that five others quiet. "Yes, I'll do, kill them, play with them to death." "Boss, you think of a solution?" Sitting beside Yufan goblin asked out. Yufan Hey smile, said: "Of course, this small could stumped me? We think of ways to play them to death, play to their bruised and battered." "Boss, you say ......" "red, registering a trade union in the killer anonymous accounts, remember, is the customer's account, not the killer account. "" Boss, you have to prepare ...... "then just say it, you know Yufan red do anything. "AAAAA-level tasks to the highest number of dollars?" Rugrats blinked his eyes and said: "At least one billion." Yu who thought a moment and said: "That AAAA level task it was not as long as five hundred million dollars?" Little Naughty nodded. As one of the world "needs" of customers to provide "special services" organization, the killer unions have a clear division of task level and the levels correspond directly with the killer. E-level tasks from the lowest to the highest AAAAA-level tasks, a total of nine, also offering a reward of thousands of dollars from the following, more than a billion dollars, divided into nine different intervals. "We take the 1.5 billion U.S. dollars, respectively, reward mysterious yellow, and yellow Zi Xu Huang Ziyang trio." Yufan then just export, six beautiful women are surprised mouth open, even red are no exception. "Boss, I ...... we where so much money?" Red swallow saliva down. Twenty-second task in front of all the bonuses do not add up to U.S. $ 30 million to, and has been spent a half. "You do not, I have." Yu who spoke, he wrote several account numbers and passwords. "Little Red, as soon as the money in several of these accounts turn out, and then reward the killer to assassinate union on three of them, each five hundred million dollars reward!" "But, it is necessary to ......" "Now we do not have enough ability to kill them, does not mean others do not. Even if no one can really kill them, which also makes the enemy rush, centerless against us, we have enough time and energy to improve themselves! "Yufan cold smile "In our strength as the enemy, we should try to deal with the enemy, to gain time and opportunity for us." just finished, Yu Fan's phone rang. Not a phone, is a short message. "God, finished!" In the eyes of several beautiful surprise, Yufan rushed upstairs, a little while, he was wearing civilian clothes, carrying a backpack rushed down the lightning into the elevator. Needless to say, certainly is to go to school! Seeking votes seeking **** book collection, left roar! ! ~! . . <

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