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master is really also of antworten

This guy just freely said, did not think of implicit key. Yang practicing alchemy, is to give Mozu alchemy, and forgotten by the world for thousands of years ancient magic gens, big fiend servant into the! Dan division association, is flowing with the aroma of herbs, light from time to time, surging Yang can feel from the side of the wing to a true dollar, presumably alchemist are carefully alchemy. Follow them to a more remote rooms, Han will he left: "wait here, later will have to come to you." Yang nodded, looking for a chair and sat down. Rooms small, there is no much furniture, empty. Yang Kai waited for two hour, time is not resistant to the face, only heard hurried footsteps. Soon, the door was open, a face s è not good-looking woman walked in, looked up and down the yang to open eyes, asked: "are you to join the association?" Yang Kai nodded, stood up, and asked: "is it right? Now you can start the test?" "How long have you been learning alchemy?" Women's frown, seem to be some not happy, the cold voice asked. "The time is not long, I do not know specifically how long." Real hands-on alchemy, but more than a year, but if learning basic knowledge of it, it would have been for several years, he obtained from alchemy true tactic now, at least four or five years, but he is on and off in snoop alchemy true tactic of mystery. The woman asked, he did not know how to answer. Kick up a cloud of dust. The woman is cold to hum a, some dissatisfaction Yang did not answer her question, hand on his waist in the universe bag find them,Oakley Active Sunglasses, God s è hesitated for a while before that, out of a medicine, to Yang way: "this is Yao level high grade stars grass, give me have a look condensed liquid." Yang Kai stretched out his hand, stared her: "this concise?" The woman with a sneer: "if you failed to do so, it would not need to join the association, do you think what is the association will accept? Only alchemy Yao above the level of the teachers, are eligible to have their own Yu pai. Come on, I'm in a hurry." Then, muttered: "master is really also of, for such a young boy, turned out not to go, waste my precious time!" Yang will sound in the ears, I can't help laughing. He also understood that this woman why a face not happy to face, it is because of his arrival, let her delay the alchemy of time. The alchemist in the alchemy of time, the most taboo is in trouble, the woman is not happy, Yang Kaidao can understand. But her speech and manner, is clearly some look down on yourself, it makes Yang Kai some helpless. I'm afraid she thinks she is really to learn alchemy. Thinking of this,oakley sunglasses sale, Yang operation really yuan,Coach Online Store, parcel embarked on the line when the grass, will really yuan to penetrate into the Chinese medicines. Soon, faint fragrance filled out, the woman also finally converge on contempt of God s è, staring at Yang Kai hand movements. When the grass seemed to melt away, become completely liquid, in real dollars under Yang Kai, suspended in the center of palm, a plume of impurity emission, evaporation >

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