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07.06.2013 10:15
golden light drifted out of antworten

> All of a sudden, a bright golden light filled the Dragon Court. wWW! Quanben! CoM hundreds Kunlun seventy-two remnants have been buried with eyes closed, dozens of individual sovereign sect have also blocked amount, raising his hand, even the gold Mako have looked to one side to go, afraid to face the glare of gold that glow. "Ah - I want to die, I want to die ...... let me, I beg you, let me, let me ah ......" Water Mako screams echoed in the Dragon Court, shocking the presence of each one comprehension. A plume of blue real dollars from Erie Teia golden light drifted out of the body, desperately fled to the surrounding. However, cyan real dollars flee even faster, and also faster but golden glow. A moment, to escape the Queen Teia body cyan real dollars disappeared. Water Mako screams came to an end. Meanwhile, the ball broke out in an eternal seems to penetrate all comprehension somatic strong flash, the restored original appearance, and quickly returned to the buildings where the body. Aside from the buildings where the Queen Teia who exudes a bright golden light, the Dragon Court to restore calm. Gold Mako first to look back only to see the buildings being who sneer at him. "Ha ha ......" crazy laughter ringing scared gold Mako hop, also Xia Xing Yi imaginary line child with Yoko, etc. comprehension. "I never thought, that idiot could be so easily fooled. Ha ha ......" laughter is coming from behind the golden Mako, so he turned to go, Queen Thea has appeared in the ground behind him. "You ...... you ......" "I am what I am? Do you think I'm really dead? Ha ha ......" Erie Thea laughed very arrogant, but also very arrogant. "Yes, my strength is lower than that of water Mako, even better than his one percent, but my body is not so cheap, with his little life can not buy!" "You ...... you how ......" " Kim Jin Son, do not you also an idiot? "Yu who smiled and shook his head. Other gold Mako back to, when they said. "I told you, you and I, and Queen Teia is not a level. Repair that point with you, is not our ground opponents!" Golden Mako clenched his teeth, clenched his fists. "Yu Fan, now how to count?" Erie Thea does not seem to care about gold Mako, "Although you get rid of the wood Mako, but I also get rid of the water, Mako, but no better than you slow." "Is not faster than me! '" You ...... you want to lie!? "" Why say I lie? we would have said yes, who should kill one in cents, even who won. Even Qian Shen sub strength is too weak, are not counted, you do not grab get rid of the water in front of me Masako up simultaneously succeeded only be regarded as meaning that we are tied. regardless of the outcome, there is no question of land who wins and since you did not win, there is no reason to ask me beg for money for gambling, right? "" No, I did not lose! "" You do not win. "" I can not lose. "" You do not win! "Yu who sighed and said immediately," Come on, I too lazy to haggle with you, but do not tell you general knowledge. then! "a white flash, edged pale golden glow suffused feijian appeared in the hands of the Queen Teia. "Ha ha ......" control Feijian in circling around the body, when the Queen Thea laughed out loud, "I finally have their own feijian, or reach level feijian Once upon a time, ha ha ......" At this point, Easy Yoko looked at each other sovereign, it is envy. To them to repair, at a glance that was far better than a two-edged five comprehension level feijian Need cents. By an amendment to the strength of the ground cents. Even the angel, Once upon a material with a refining feijian! There is no doubt envy. Any comprehension, it is from the Once upon a goodly feijian Need baby! Of course, if we can get this superb feijian, let alone in cents, even angel, ten comprehension, there are nine adventurous try! You know, Once upon a feijian not only can be used against the enemy, but also can be used to confront the tragedy! Gold Mako is furious. Yufan and Erie Teia even used a few of them to life in cents bet, but gambling is Once upon feijian! Besides, Once upon feijian get after Queen Teia power surge lot. To deal with him, and certainly not so easy. At this time, only Yufan smiled and shook his head. He did not completely fulfill his promise, because he gave not the feather mirror Queen Teia refining feijian personally, but virtue Taoist feijian. Before he left, feather mirror will grab him from the moral Taoist where all the items given Yufan, but forgot to tell yu who, in addition to those few who Huanglong Longbao and Celcom, there are a few pieces of Taoist virtues magic, including the Zhebing from Once upon a feijian. Because moral Taoist know can not hurt birds feijian mirror, so there is no use feijian. Back Unreal Wonderland after Yufan inventory uncle's possessions, only to find Zhebing feijian. Clearly, even from Once upon a feijian, it can never personally for Yu Yu mirror where the Black Dragon Feijian build. Originally, Yufan intend to give imaginary line zhebing feijian child. After all, in the future to go Once upon a time, plenty of opportunity to engage in a Feijian Queen Teia, and is higher than that of the Taoist virtue is much better feijian. Conversely, when the time will be difficult to return to comprehension, even if there is even the best baby, can not give the child the imaginary line. With the Queen Teia bet when Yufan have full grasp. After all, the Queen Teia to strength deceive others, but do not fool Yufan In addition, he has nothing to show for musical instruments. Not to mention grab Yufan killed in cents before, can not kill even in cents is needed. Which thought, Erie Teia character outbreak, not only get rid of the water Mako. Has not lost Yufan. In desperation, Yufan only reluctantly must sell. Precisely, imaginary lines cut child to love, to give the Erie Teia Feijian. Fortunately, the imaginary line of the child did not know where the original buildings zhebing feijian prepared to give him. Obviously, this is sufficient to permit 明伊利特亚 see Choi eye open guy. If you are not tempted. He would do character outbreak? "Enough!" Golden Mako finally could not stand it. Be underestimated nothing, nothing to be taken lightly. He did not want to be two comprehension insult. "Yu Fan, you indeed very powerful. Did not think that you have come from Once upon feijian. Simply, you do not get too excited!" "Golden Mako, dying do you want?" Yu who shook his head slightly. "Do not think the point Xiepai Triangle learn kung fu cat, very powerful, and since you want to die, I'll buy you accompany wood Mako Mako with water!" "You ......" Golden Mako look sudden change. "Shall I die, not so easy!" Words hardly ever tone gold Mako Yuan Ying suddenly spread cyan, cyan Yuan Ying at breakneck speed Changeling escape. Yes, indeed escape! The face of the child and kill Qian Shen Yu Where wood Mako's face to get rid of the water Mako Queen Teia, gold Mako is not the slightest chance of winning. With gold Mako's personality, do not try to escape. Left to die do? Obviously, gold is not really the child carried away by anger, not even angry. Pretended to look angry, just to confuse Yufan so desperately Yufan think he wants to focus on real dollars. Do desperately preparation. Undoubtedly, Kim Jin Young child did not put two dead in my heart. Ground cents, the loss of the opportunity soaring, it means losing the strength to get beyond the comprehension of opportunities. Kao each sect's largest mountain is not in cents, but Once upon a martial art. Therefore, in addition to a few powerful worship, can defy comprehension for those who in cents, the various sects of the sect xiandu not pay enough attention to other places. After all, in cents and then worse, not only inferior angel. But also a valuable resource consumption sect. Such as Reiki aggregation, very suitable for practicing Feng Shui. It is true. Most places cents sect concepts are extremely weak. Even sect sentiments are cut off, but also mindful of the same door with Grandmaster brothers feelings? Besides, died in cents regarded as a return of comprehension, flesh demise, has long been seen through the world Yan Liang. In hundreds of years, even thousands of years in the long years of practice, it is watered down in cents to worldly feelings. Cents on the ground, whether it is penance, or friendship, and ultimately only one purpose and that is to live. After a while people would never die light of death, and more will not easily bow to death. Experienced reincarnation especially fairy land, not only to die, even the fear of death, all in all, is to continue to live. In this case, for two gold Mako Young desperately do? Especially for gold Mako this ruthless, insidious in cents, the timber with water Mako Mako undoubtedly just being he used to strip lackeys. For two lackeys to die, so not worth it! If the theory of escape, I am afraid that no one comparable to comprehension cents. Without the shackles of the flesh, in cents of angioplasty can put its head. Especially in the face of enemies, there is no chance of winning, it will be spared more quickly. As long as there was a real element natal escape, will be able to save his life, will be able to make a comeback. Sin is on the ground, escape, definitely not a shameful thing. "Bailing? Was not so easy!" Yu who has already had to kill, how can easily put ran gold Mako. Bad! Imaginary line child secretly surprised, quickly propped up real dollars barrier, cover dozens of nearby sovereign. Golden glow from the buildings where the chest through out, instantly fills the whole Dragon Court. "Ah -" screams, hundreds Ming Kunlun seventy-two remnants of a plume of smoke coming out of the body. No, it's blue atmosphere. "Yu Fan, you ...... Hello vicious ......" Golden Mako moans echoed in Long Ting, who fled cyan real dollars in golden light shines, the rapid naught. At this moment, holding hands and standing alone Erie Thea seems golden glow without the slightest effect on him. Imaginary line child is appalling, yet only desperately supporting real dollars barrier. Queen Teia "resurrection" in time, the child will understand imaginary line he Yufan means to deal with three to fairy land. To put it plainly. The key is to bequeath feather mirror. At that time, the mirror will collect birds of the air gave Faerie empty for the child, the Queen Teia, and will leave the vast majority of buildings where so Yufan use it as Linger reshape the body. Unfortunately, the child is not assigned to a virtual line. Although Feather mirror left the gas Faerie Queen Teia pitiful, but Faerie Once upon gas as the energy body. Its energy density is far from the world of Reiki comprehension and comprehension in real dollars can be compared. Erie Thea took advantage of this plot of water Mako. Surface. Water Mako exhausted Erie Teia in real dollars, in fact, he could not always consume the body's Faerie Queen Teia gas. At that time, the Queen Thea's mind into that point certainly Faerie of the gas. Wait until the water Mako into his body before he shed Faerie of the gas, and the gas exhausted by Faerie water Mako real dollars, eventually killing the water Mako. Yu who also used the same way to kill a wood Mako. The results were predictable. Faerie of the gas in front of the powerful, less than two years to land cents Daoxing what of? You know, two thousand years of penance, the dragon ** Make the Huanglong are used Faerie Taoist virtues of the gas, and the gas Faerie gold refinery to real dollars to get rid of it! At this moment, Yufan still dealing with the escape of the gas Faerie gold Mako. Even just using the gas Faerie exudes golden light, are sufficient destroyed cyan gold Mako real dollars. Meanwhile, in order to ensure a thorough kill Kim Mako. Yufan improve the golden glow of the energy density. Before, easy Yoko etc. sovereign, as well as remnants of the Kunlun seventy-two also use real per block body care golden glow. Now, they are to protect the body has no effect in real dollars protective effect! Fortunately, virtual row sub timely response, and quickly propped up real dollars barrier. Unfortunately, yes. Kunlun seventy-two hundreds of remnants do not know the source of those golden light, but do not know the golden light of the powerful. Mere blink of an eye the effort,Nike Jordan 12 Shoes, hundreds of cultivation has not reached the culmination of comprehension for those who fell in the golden glow on being. The remaining several hundred Ming Kunlun seventy-two lou remnants also look out of the pain, evidently, I am afraid they will not last long. Silver real dollars behind the barrier, and so easy to Yoko strength of the sovereign right Yufan completely amazed it. Emit light in just to get rid of hundreds of self-cultivation, leaving gold as the earth cents Mako inevitable and fled without escape, this is how tough, how the strength of terror! ? I'm afraid. In addition to the first generation of self-cultivation. Guards outside the door and the three ancestors, who first buildings to achieve this level of comprehension. Of course. Easy Yoko they do not know, Yu-kao where the strength is not its own, but the feather mirror to bequeath. Similarly, the imaginary line of the child is also a bit puzzled. Initially, in addition to outside air for the child, Yu Fan and failed to master the use of the Queen Faerie Teia the gas approach. Now, they are able to control, such as a camel Faerie arm so that the gas, and the gas Faerie avoid injury. How they do it? Yufan better said, after he came from Once upon a time, the body is also different with comprehension. Erie Teia but difficult to interpret. He was just a dabbler comprehension, even comprehension do not know a lot of common sense, but how do you know the gas handling Faerie way to do? Do ...... Suddenly, the child came to understand imaginary line. Yu mirror to leave, not only in the body leaving a trace of the Queen Teia Faerie of the gas, but also left a unconscious mind. Yu left mirror is certainly mind let Faerie Queen Teia learned to control the gas and the gas to avoid being hurt Faerie method. Obviously, the imaginary line of sub-envy. Normalized envy envy, he also knows that this is entirely the Queen Teia deserve. At that time, if it is the Queen Teia abandon self, feather mirror certainly takes more effort killed Taoist virtues. The so-called has to pay, only the harvest. Erie Teia with the greatest pay, getting the most fruitful harvest. Imaginary line is also a bit of remorse child. If I had not left the Eternal ball, so that the mirror can be faster to save Yu Yu Fan, I am afraid that the mirror does not mean plume of gas control method Faerie bar. I kept thinking, the child can not help but smile shaking his imaginary line. The Guards door mirror feather ground position passed to his sovereign. Certainly not to his light. If not for anything else, to rebuild Guards doors, in order to eliminate the Kunlun seventy-two, feather mirror can not have failed to control the gas Faerie imaginary line way to tell the child, then the point will not begrudge Faerie gas. To put it plainly, is the imaginary line sub blessing enough. If he can control the Faerie of the gas, there will be these questions? Positive thinking. From Yufan who exudes golden light suddenly disappeared. Do so quickly get rid of the gold Mako? Imaginary line sub shoved recovered, but recovered real dollars barrier. Not. Not yet! Several stocks cyan real dollars coming into the rock drill. Gold Mako has not died, it soon escaped. Yufan Why recover golden light, does he really want to let go of the golden child? "Yufan ......" just call the export imaginary line to see the buildings where the child out of the doubts lou look. No, Is there somewhere else cents? "Old devil, come out!" Yu who quickly shed the body care real dollars, "looked for so long and I see enough of it? Got you hiding others, and also conceal got me?" "Ha ha ......" laughter From all sides came over, a lot of blue real dollars from the cliffs to take out. In cents, another one in Sin! Right, but also a very powerful way to Sin! "Virtual row sub, quick propped real dollars barrier!" Shout out before the Queen Teia imaginary line has been aware of the danger of the child, and propped up the real dollars barrier. But. His action was a little slower. Several stocks to avoid the barriers to real dollars into real dollars blue skull appearance, Zhang Xuepentaikou rushed up toward several sovereign. For a time, real per barrier colored body care within the frequent flashes of real dollars, the sovereign has resorted to several powerful instruments. Shetenglebantian, silver real dollars barriers within the calm was restored, and that a few shares of blue real dollars have disappeared without a trace. "It seems. Guards ** really deserved reputation, even be able to stop my true element. Ha ha ......" With laughter gradually gathered a huge figure in Sin Yu who appeared in less than 100 meters from the place. "Can be so easily kill three in cents, hit gold Mako, you land skill Not bad!" Yufan cold smile, does not seem to put that suddenly appeared in Sin looked down. "Originally, I do not want to show up so quickly, but ......" Saying that, a few shares of blue real dollars since names in Sin's body were separated, the rapid formation of a villain looks like. "Golden Mako this cowardly things even forgot my orders. Chickened drag escape, bad me good!" "No ...... too Shishu. Spare me, spare me ......" green villain screams together. Obviously, the villain is survived cyan gold Mako. The problem is that he live yet? "Forgive you, do not you forget that, contrary to what the consequences I have to tell you!?" Green giants lou a grim smile. "Kill you, is simply a waste of real dollars. Since you want to die, let it eat you too Shishu! Ha ha ......" "No ...... No, I want to die, I want to die ah ......" Golden Mako is blue giant swallow when Yufan closed his eyes. Murder but the first point, that even the gold in cents Masako, his younger disciples swallowed alive. Hu Du Gallic yet, he even viciously to eat the same door clan juniors! "Soul Eater **, is Soul Eater **!" As a sovereign screamed, silver mainland dozens of real dollars barrier face Qi becomes sovereign. "Ha ha ......" green giant tian of sweet lips, looks do not eat the same. "Yes, you did know that this is Eater **, then let the marching eat it together!" Voice hardly ever, blue giant who ceded the number of road cyan real dollars. Immediately, cyan true element of order skull looks like, towards the presence of all comprehension fury. Yufan and Erie Teia dare neglect, body care immediately stepped up real dollars. Imaginary line child did not dare have the slightest effect, immediately mobilized more Reiki strengthens real dollars barrier. Tragically, hundreds of remnants of the Kunlun seventy-two ie no real dollars barrier protection,Nike Jordan Flight 9 UK, body care real dollars and not strong enough. Accurate to say that they simply did not expect that suddenly appeared in Sin actually impact on their wretched. "Do not eat me ......" "I want to die ......" "Where the Xiang Zi, hello vicious ......" ...... a time, Long atrium screams everywhere, Bei Hu again and again. Where Xiang Zi! ? Yufan listened very real. Suddenly turned out to kill every Xiang Zi? So, where to go empty for the child? Did ...... did not want to understand where the other buildings, hundreds of Ming Kunlun seventy-two to fully remnants killed, spared! "Ha ha ......" hundreds of skull came back to the blue giant terrane. "Yes, yes, though are some old bones, taste really good!" "Where the Xiang Zi, you ......" Yu Fan's face changed, "you actually got under the hand!" "Strike? No, it was under the mouth Haha ...... "Then, cyan giant began to shrink gradually become a real person about the size of it. "Do you think I will not begrudge you hundreds of comprehension? Then, scandal defeated lou, regret Green old thief for their own reputation, even all the responsibility buck to me, I will be expelled from the door division, ever relented too!" Heard His words, people are shocked. Implying that when the daughter who Xiang Zi looting,Coach Totes Outlet, maiming female self-cultivation, not for himself, but for Heaven were sovereign regret Green live? "Where the Xiang Zi, anyway, Heaven were still shelter you, and let you stay in Long Lin practice, you ......" "fart!" No other quiet scattered people finish, where Xiang Zi on the excitement up. "In the past, in order to avoid being my Daughter, Heaven were an unwise move, agreed to let me practice in Long Lin, you know, Why should Lung Lin Heaven were forbidden to do? Prohibition if it is heavy, if it is to kill you, I will always be imprisoned here, never brought to light when the. said that, I would also like to thank you, of course, thank you to the best way is to let me eat you. Haha ...... "Everyone is surprised. Undoubtedly, Long Lin as Heaven were forbidden secrets have answers. More importantly, where Xiang Zi's strength is certainly more than the ordinary in cents, even more than all the land of Heaven were immortal, otherwise, Heaven were completely get rid of him, rather than Yanghuweihuan him imprisoned in Long Lin inside. Think of it, Yufan lou a little uneasy look. While Kunlun seventy-two comprehension for those who are all finished, but before the expected situation is completely different. If you can not get rid of grab Van Xiang Zi, even destroy the Kunlun seventy-two, it is difficult to reconstruct Guards doors, even Henceforth, comprehension will be no peace! ! ~! . . <

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