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> Rolling to a thunderous roar, like a heavy leaden clouds sky to crush, crush the earth the same. wWw, quaNBen, COm beneath the clouds, the first stand proud feather mirror, silver breath scattered diffuse, no less majestic momentum. Far looks, he seemed to want to compete with God, with the tragedy of male and female. Does he have to rely on one-handedly defeat the tragedy? That is not the general tragedy, not even the comprehension level of tragedy. Although Feather mirror tyrannical matchless, can the angel between juggling can lead to tragedy, as the angel in nothing, it is unlikely to be sufficient to cope with this crushed Kunlun comprehension, angel ashes of tragedy enough to make it! Yufan even think that this is bounded by the Kunlun comprehension for all Reiki formed tragedy! Radius of hundreds, all in tragedy within the scope of coverage and the fight against, with tenrai down, not only feather mirror can not afford, even Kunlun comprehension can not afford! Yu who did not flinch, others did not flinch. They do not run away. Before lowering Trick, not enough time for them to escape from the Kunlun comprehension. They do not want to escape. How awful this tragedy in the end, feather mirror can overcome tragedy? Yu who want to know that other people would like to know. With the first electric dragon scratched silent dark sky, heaven and earth suddenly bathed in silvery light. Followed by hundreds of thousands of electric dragon from the dense clouds rush out into the sea like Kuanglong toward fragmented land. Finally earth shattering thunder rolling like an avalanche swept. Suddenly, the heavens light. Earth eclipsed. Eternal ball inside, woo those who looked pale enough to any one comprehension Pide ashes of lightning. He knows that this is not the first tenrai, but excess energy released from the tragedy. There is no doubt that the tragedy of thought, know how to deal with such a strong feather mirror. If the implication of Reiki tragedy just over the limit of the state of nature, that is, after the emergence of unstable energy. Immediately lowered first Trick, tragedy to power will be greatly reduced. Even to the ninth road Trick. Can not play all the energy out. Only the first Trick power to the limit, that is,Crossbodys Coach, there are plenty of Reiki than natural steady state, the need to release excess energy back to a stable state when we come down tenrai, thus the power of tragedy to the limit, destroy destroy stability and balance comprehension Super exist. Tragedy is so "do", otherwise. First tenrai already behind. Yufan not worried, or do not care about the eternal tragedy of this round ball can block the lowered tenrai. If you can not be successful through tragedy feather mirror, can not use their real dollars consumed tragedy of the enormous energy, Kunlun comprehension inevitable collapse. At that time, Yu and others who have not the slightest chance to escape from the Kunlun comprehension, eternal ball can withstand bombardment tenrai is irrelevant. In other words, feather mirror is the key! "Yu Fan, look!" Do not imaginary line sub reminder. Yu who has been looking at, see very clearly. Tenrai lowered the precursor not completely dissipated, feather mirror has dissipate body of essence, into a silver-like atmosphere among overwhelming. What is he doing? Trick fell, real dollars payable tenrai not concentrated bombardment, but dispersed real dollars. Implying. Yu mirror want to avoid Trick? Impossible! Ordinary comprehension caused tragedy, a time down a Trick. Yu mirror is not an ordinary comprehension, nor is it common in cents, even more severe than even the angel. Tragedy caused by him, and every time the lowered thousands tenrai. Even if he into the invisible, integration with the world, will still be pixia Trick, still will fall on those silver breath, that is to fall on his body. High degree of aggregation of real dollars is difficult to resist the formation of Yuan Ying Shangqie tenrai bombardment, decentralized real dollars how had to bear? Speak. After Yuan Ying concentrated form of real dollars. Part, or even most tenrai will fall to the ground. He only needs to withstand small part tenrai bombardment. Now plume dispersion mirror real dollars, ready to catch all tenrai obvious. Even his cultivation powerful invincible, even tough he was matchless in strength, he is just self-cultivation sector in cents. Even from the gauge of the large Luo Jin Sin, probably will not confront this unprecedented comprehension, and even non-repeatable tragedy. "He ...... master, Yu mirror predecessors him ......" "feather mirror more than we understand the tragedy." Space for the child's tone was calm. "500 years ago, he sparked a ninety-nine big tragedy. Five hundred years of penance, not only earned him more than angel's strength, but also made him realize the comprehension of the most powerful features France, reaching the realm of integration with the world at this time, he is the world, the world is his. Besides, tragedy also for the comprehension of things for comprehension Reiki ground product. since feather mirror and Kunlun comprehension com, and he certainly clear this tragedy to severe, more clearly how to spend the tragedy. "" But ...... but ...... "virtual row sub is still somewhat difficult to understand. "Look like their predecessors, unlike dealing with tragedy, like a powerful way to deal with the enemy!" Yufan frown, Hui Touzhao empty for the child looked in the past. "Tragedy is the comprehension of the enemy." Little meal, empty for the child and said, "In addition to the tragedy, the feather mirror also to deal with several powerful enemies!" His words, not only Yufan extremely surprised, Even children have imaginary line froze. Implying, in addition to the five virtues Taoist angel, there are other angel entered the Kunlun comprehension? "Villains timid, do you want to take the opportunity to flee upon a time!?" Sudden and hear the sound of anger Oh, Yu Yu Hui Touzhao immediately where the mirror and looked. Four directions, the dispersion of the silver dollars were condensed into four really huge Yuan Ying. With four dim golden light from the clouds revealed, four huge Yuan Ying flying and on. Juan Zhu shed golden light to dark clouds. All of a sudden, thunder and lightning inside Yuan Ying, gold and silver light flashed frequently! "Master, senior ...... predecessors he ......" did not seem to hear the imaginary line of the child, then empty into sub faint smile, whispered: "This time, I have finally been guessed!" "Feather mirror. Hello vicious ... ... "" You ...... you we have not even left off ...... "" feather mirror, Tien faction will not let you ...... "" Do not kill me, I want to die, I want to die ...... "...... hear four angel sent screams Yufan see over. Clouds appear in four gold, certainly came from the following virtues Taoist cultivation sector, followed by the attack was feather mirror, Yu and others who thought to have finished the four angel who comes out. Yu was a mirror attack in time, four angel has lost most of the real dollars. Inability to compete with feather mirror. Taoist and virtue as critical juncture, four angel Changeling avatar to avoid the deadly attacks feather mirror. The problem is that they do not have heaven and earth pass, did not like the Taoist virtue, access to energy from Once upon a time, it can not reshape the golden statue. Contend with feather mirror. Whether intentional Taoist virtue, or unintentional act. Avatar after four angel no into battle against birds and virtue together Taoist mirror. If the feather mirror moral defeat at the hands of Taoist, comprehension nobody could pose a threat to them, they'll show up. And virtue with the elimination of Taoist buildings where, as well as tens of thousands of intrusion Kunlun comprehension comprehension, and then return along Once upon Taoist virtues. If virtue Taoist defeat at the hands of feather mirror, they have only one way out: Wait feather mirror crossing the robbery, the use of open-channel return plume Once upon a mirror. This is true, four angel hiding, and tragedy comes, Changeling avatar, into the tragedy being. The problem is, since the mirror feather moral insight into Taoist every move. Taoist master virtues to a stop in one fell swoop. Certainly no angel knows another four finished, is also preparing to take the opportunity to flee upon a time! If you let four angel fled upon a time. Tien inevitable dispatch other faction, and even more angel came to comprehension. In fact, if four angel did not return Once upon a time, Tien faction will send another angel came to investigate the situation. Difference is that the four angel will feather mirror, Yu and others who sent a message back after Tien, Tien sent Taoist virtues certainly will not send such a third-rate feather angel come to deal with the mirror. If you let people think Tien faction head feathers mirror of the power law is very valuable, and he even personally. Be able to get rid of three streams angel, does not mean to kill large Luo Jin Sin. The gap between angel,Air Jordan Store, as the same as the gap between comprehension. If the angel equivalent of Dan into three streams of comprehension for those who, large Luo Jin Sin is equivalent to crossing the robbery of comprehension. Once upon a time was the largest faction Tien sects, the door over a million people, which is certainly no lack of strength of high strength large Luo Jin Sin. Tien faction head strength certainly people on all doors, otherwise, those powerful strength, and ambitious people must already be a door from the head of the boom down on the ground position. Even killing four angel, can not stop sending the angel came again to send Tien Kunlun comprehension, feather mirror had to do so. At least, that able to secure a little time. Taoist virtues five angel gone, Tien faction head would not immediately think they've been blown away feather mirror. Even thought to Tien faction head shrewd and cunning, plus feather mirror real strength do not know,Oakley Sunglasses Outlet, he would not rush to get involved, at least not rush shot himself. Wait until the channel is opened again, he would again send the door to enter the Kunlun comprehension, find out the feather mirror situation, and then shot himself against birds mirrors. This is the chance to fight for the mirror feather! The problem is, even killed four angel, feather mirror had to face the tragedy. If crossing the robbery fails, it will be days thunder was wits. If crossing the robbery is successful, open a connection to the Once upon a passage that gave Tien faction can take advantage of the opportunity. At that time, he also like to deal with the five virtues Taoist angel as angel sent to kill Tien sent you? In other words, regardless of the success of birds crossing the robbery mirrors are facing the test of life and death. But in any case, do not let four angel feather mirror escape! As can cope with new threats, is not his first consideration to the problem. Among flashing light. Four groups breath gradually quiet. Less than a moment, silver breath vanished, four powerful angel is to die thoroughly. "The older generation ...... predecessors did ......" "hey, process, why did!?" Empty for the child sigh, shook his head and said. "They underestimated the feather mirror, smaller saw comprehension to powerful energy even stronger if the angel. Creatures only between heaven and earth, but heaven and earth product. Actually arrogant to single-handedly compete with the world, it would be strange undead ! "" empty for the child, you have a thorough understanding? "Suddenly the voice came from nearby buildings and others who scared hop. "In fact, even if I can not compete with the world!" Silver real dollars quickly gathered, feather appeared in the crowd beside the mirror. "Whether it is self-cultivation. Manner cents, or angel, can only be controlled with the use of the surging power of heaven Even changing shape into the world, it is only a part of heaven and earth, rather than the whole world, perhaps, some of the powerful to ignore world exist But for us, absolutely unable to compete with the world Even then practice a thousand years, I have just the existence of heaven and earth, and not go beyond the existence of heaven and earth! "" right, right, right! "empty for the child nodded, "Indeed. However, to achieve what realm. heaven and earth to ignore it?" "In the comprehension never reach that state, perhaps in the Once upon a time ......" feather mirror shook his head, "can not reach that level." "You mean ......" empty for the child slightly wrinkled brow, "Once upon a time only the existence of more than can compete with the world, and has reversed the yin and yang, to turn things around, the strength of Armageddon?" feather mirror smiled and said : "I'm not sure, but according to my understanding Guards **, if the words Once upon practice. probably five hundred years or so. can transcend Once upon a time." "Master, just five ...... five hundred years?" imaginary line child immediately stared. "This is only my estimation." Yu saw imaginary line child a mirror. "You're better than my poor qualifications and more perseverance and perseverance, if painstaking practice, then, within three years, you can go soaring Once upon a time. That time, and within five years, you will be able to understand what is beyond Once upon a time there. "imaginary line child mouth to swallow saliva. For the average person, five years out of reach. But on the comprehension of the angel, the five hundred only pronto. "Uncle, you ......" Yu Where then he slowly calmed down, "Are you okay?" "Nothing!" Feather mirror smiled and shook his head, and said, "You first moved away so I could deal with the tragedy, talk to you later! "he finished, flying hundreds of meters feather mirror. Yu who also controls the ball out of the eternal several hundred meters. Feather mirror in force under the guidance of a strong mind, scattered silver filled atmosphere at breakneck speed over ground kao rope to him and entered his body. Suddenly, Yu Yuan Ying mirrors emit a very bright silver-white light. Far looks, its energy density is even greater than before in dealing with moral Taoist increased more than a hundredfold! Clearly, there is no feather mirror the moral Taoist eye. Yufan speculation has been confirmed. In order to deal with tragedy, feather mirror must concentrate all the energy! However, Yu who did not think that, even if the face of tragedy, feather mirror still did not give up the initiative. "Old thief, do not think you can scare me with the tragedy, give me loose!" Roaring sound, from birds to silver mirror who exudes the same real dollars as razor, cut through the dark sky, piercing the head straight clouds on! What he wants? Does it want to bang scattered tragedy! ? Comprehension Historically, there are many powerful strength, H scattered tragedy after soaring immortality predecessors. The problem is, feather mirror tragedy tragedy than ordinary comprehension of those 100,000 times stronger, or even a million times! Yu mirror really want bombers scattered tragedy! With real dollars into silver, thick black clouds began to change color and become silver! Yu mirror only to bombers scattered tragedy, but also the tragedy into his own world of Reiki implication there! This is not the repair at the level of strength, but the strength of mind level. Taken includes almost all of the Kunlun comprehension to Reiki, it can be Kunlun Mirror feather comprehension to all Reiki into his own there! ? If you really can do. He really achieve integration with the world to the realm! Silver flashes among the birds overhead mirror, within a radius of hundreds of clouds all turned into a silver breath. The first is about to fall tenrai also vanished. But, very large-scale tragedy. Peripheral refinery Reiki is not overwhelming like still coming. Undoubtedly, to birds to repair the mirror, he could only part of the energy conversion tragedy, tragedy to all of the energy can not be converted. But can not boom scattered tragedy! "Ha ha ......" feather mirror does not surprise anti-laugh, "old thief. Did I die today, you Shibuganxiu do? Being the case, you would no longer like it!" Mad Oh, the feather mirror fully tested. Silver breath rapidly expanding in every direction, a sudden, raging from the black clouds actually stopped! Uncle ...... Yufan worried. He can see very clearly, certainly not this tragedy feather mirror opponent! Imaginary line and empty into sub-sub-lou also look out of the panic. I'm afraid the first time they see such a way crossing the robbery. "Yu Fan, you come!" Without hesitation, Yufan immediate control of the ball flew eternal feather mirror side. "Destiny can not be violated, lest his uncle the odds!" "Uncle ......" "Listen to me!" Feather hand mirror pressure of the pressure, "the five Taoist virtue angel appeared disrupted my arrangements for crossing the robbery In addition, the use of moral Taoist heaven and earth pass, will be too much gas into Faerie Kunlun comprehension. scale of this tragedy far exceeded my expectations. "" feather mirror, you say ...... "empty for the child also secretly surprised. "If just Kunlun comprehension Reiki resulting tragedy, I can easily cope with, but now ......" feather mirror secretly sighed, "Faerie attracted by virtue of the gas Taoist completely converted to Reiki, far far exceeded the capacity of the Kunlun comprehension if I forced crossing the robbery. soaring even be able to go Once upon a time, it will also lead to the collapse of the Kunlun comprehension to comprehension for those who had finished all the time! "" But ...... "" Besides, I Once upon a time not want to go, but do not want right time! "feather mirror glanced toward the crowd," If the change to do before, I'm afraid I do not know how to cope with this tragedy. Fortunately virtues Taoist five angel's arrival, I mastered the way to deal with tragedy, or to keep the Kunlun comprehension stability and balanced way. empty for the child, the child imaginary line the future Guards door kao you up! "empty for the child and the child clenched imaginary line teeth. "Uncle you ......" Yu who listened to it, if the plume mirror before the "last words" is used to confuse the four angel. So he is now "testament" is in the account of the funeral. "Yu Fan, uncle already decided!" Feather mirror smiled, "hundreds of years, his uncle had been in the pursuit of supreme power, ignoring the family, friendship, love you there, so his uncle to understand another reason, a heaven and earth to reason than sentiment, more important than the land beyond the world of truth. "Yufan clenched his teeth, clenched his fists. "Whether it is ordinary people, or comprehension, in cents, and even angel. Alive, the most important thing is not strength, not prevail above all others, but the emphasis on family, friends, lovers, attention to everyone around him." Feather Mirror sighed, "If you can start all over again, I would not stay in the comprehension, not to abandon the door people. Yufan, uncles understand this when it was too late, late no chance to save, but the uncle believe that you long understood this truth, and will never abandon their loved ones, friends and love. "" uncle ...... "tears down the narrow face Yufan rolled down. "Yu Fan, uncle believes that, if it is you, you will make the same decision!" Then, remove a few feathers mirror wrapped in silver items in real dollars. "This is the Taoist virtues have acquired land from Huanglong Longbao although he places the primary task is to deal with me, but he came all the way, it took hundreds of years to develop Huanglong, ultimately, is the land which a few pieces Longbao. Compared Once upon a time these things are priceless. uncle Retention is pointless, you take it, perhaps to the Once upon a time, it can be helpful. "" uncle ...... "" Take it, a good income! "Then, Yu mirror without any explanation will be stuffed into Yufan Dragon King's hands. "Uncle, do ......" Yu Where the income of the Dragon King Day bite to swallow, "Is there no other way to do it?" Feather mirror lightly shook his head. "This is the only and the best way. Worry, uncle would happen. Besides, things, I will reach to the highest immortal realm of heaven and earth, thoroughly blend. Centuries, this It is my goal! "" But ...... "empty for the child pulled Yufan moment, said:" Yu mirror brothers, it seems that you have not given up on the pursuit of strength you are successful, it is also pointed out for me practice direction! "sounds, empty words for the child a little selfish. However, under these circumstances, he can say? "Ha ha ......" feather mirror laughed loudly, "empty for the child, and you want to know the repair in the end I reached what state it? Being the case, I'll try and tell a demonstration, thousands of comprehension in cents direction. presumably after the millennium, there will not remember me. presumably years later, someone will I be compared with the first batch of comprehension as to taste like, die without regret! "he finished, feather-shaped mirror of the go to. "Old thief, think I finished, not so easy!" Silver breath comes from all directions Xiaoju moment, mirror lofty plume, the momentum did not tragedy below. "Who says there is another world? Who to better days? Old thief, do not think across the world will be able to restriction cents strength, you optimistic about it. Sui shadow of shape!" Silver breath quickly gathered into one stout tornadoes. Suddenly, there have been tens of thousands of shares between heaven and earth silver tornadoes. Silver breath fast aggregation, rapid compression, exudes a silvery glow quickly become extremely harsh. Bizarre is that the central share of tornadoes actually had a golden glow! Does the feather mirror has been refining in the comprehension of the gilded? Or that he was able to comprehension Once upon a world of Reiki into Faerie of the gas. Or that he was able to comprehension of real dollars into real dollars upon a time? Incredible, absolutely incredible! ! ~! . . <

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