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Yang slowly stretched out a hand antworten

Since the R ì saw that a golden seed one-eyed in Yang open mind, after being one-eyed shock sh è out gold look, Li Rong had doubts. She found, this golden kernels Cyclops to their feelings, some records and books are very similar. So after Yang Kaina left, Li Rong immediately consult books, found that just as she would like, that Kim one-eyed, really a great background. Send excel three layer the broken teeth to protect the safety of Yang Kai, even this time at the request of cold. Go out, also to escort him to the volcano, it is out of all his protection. In truth it before,oakley outlet store, she didn't want to see this man has any damage. But their guess, she didn't tell anyone, including the body into four leading cold phenanthrene and flowers and ink. Because she was not sure, she needs time to observe the Yang, verify their conjecture is correct. But will see the hand, disillusion her, let her fly into a rage. Now that the cold phenanthrene and Yang Kai had no matter, Li Rong of course happy, to forget about one's own way there rushed, with its powerful repair, break the volcano that died in the domain of the danger, only for a moment arrived in the early years,Nike Jordan 4 Shoes, impose a helping hand. Flowers and ink behind her, tremble with fear in one's boots. He found, Li adults this time move some rude, she to a human, was not worried about their own safety. The volcano on the other side, Yang fall from the sky, head down, roll several rolling before coming to a stop, he stood up,Crossbodys Coach Sale, wiped his mouth with blood "" trace, its eyes J ng watchful and dignified. The ancient evil people chasing down all surprised and looked at him, one of them he nodded: "this alien body didn't than my family is poor, falling from such a high place will not be injured in the sinews or bones." "He heard in the castle, Panlan and several of his men up badly." "Really?" "It is interesting." They all sorts of gossip, don't rush on yang to start, but a pair of amazement. A figure uncannily appeared in mid-air, look down from a height looking down at Yang, tough and desperate atmosphere emanating from him out. Chu see! Yang s è sank, looked not distance. Found that the prior entanglement he delay time for its cold phenanthrene fell in a pool of blood. A pair of beautiful eyes slowly open and closed, his face pale lips muttered s è, peristalsis. Separated too far, Yang does not listen to what she says, but from the mouth also infer that she is run away. Adult. Many ancient Mozu people salute. Chu see gently nodded, looking at Yang hideous smile way: "you people saying wise to understand the situation, I hope you don't resist. Han Fei did not protect you, Li Rong also lose you!" "Ha ha" under cornered, Yang was laughing. "What are you proud of?" Chu see cold hum, a look of displeasure. .. "" Yang slowly stretched out a hand, pointing to the Chu see behind way: "Li Rong seemed to come, that you personally to tell her." Chu see God s è change. He looked, and saw there a pretty figure is fast approaching, Li Rong's face was full of anxious s è, people are not, he already came: "Chu see, not >

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