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Task is divided into nine levels antworten

> An article like silk-like silver light from Yufan palms surges through the bottle, in blue and white porcelain bottle gathered entangled together, and then they quickly spin up. wWW, QUANben, cOM silver light forming a halo, when the rotation speed is the naked eye can not tell when the inner aura suddenly fired ninety-nine eighty-one fine light. Eighty-one light intersection in the center ring, suddenly burst open. Suddenly become shiny translucent porcelain, Yufan quickly close hand, wipe the sweat from his forehead emerge. Start also full of energy,Oakleys Sunglasses Cheap, and now he has become extremely tired, chest heaving quick, rapid breathing a lot. Wrapped in a silver vase light gradually turned into numerous small points of light, like stars in the night sky the same. Spot gradually dim down, next to the wall and shoved it shook a little, apart from the middle, and then slowly slide open to the sides, gradually lou hid out in the subsequent chamber. "Could be so hard, it seems that in the future take the time to practice much less to do useful work." Yufan secretly sigh, into the chamber. His breath seemed to begin to waste a few hours, earned 1.4 billion dollars, completely pointless. Spherical chamber directly lasts five meters. Shells from a single piece of high strength alloy plate made no trace of the above gaps. Side of the central sphere is five millimeters thick, half a meter directly by a two meters long metal rod supporting the glass disc. Secret chamber no other items, was deserted. Nearly half a meter thick steel walls slowly closed, secret room dark. From Yufan silver chest revealing a lot of bright light suddenly, sinking five centimeters in diameter ball of light slowly wafting from inside his chest, dense interior white one, like a bright moonlit night sky. Very strange that ball of light is not hanging in the buildings where the chest, but his body! But when the ball of light wafting from his body, they do not leave any trace, not even a little scratch. Ball of light itself is not as if there is substantive, just an image. Gently leap, jump Yufan disc, sat down cross-legged. "Eternal ball, that looking at you." Strange to say, the ball of light slowly drifted from Yufan head about ten centimeters in the air, it no longer move. See what harvest today. Yufan closed his eyes, a bright ball of light again a lot. Thousands road naked eye almost invisible silver light walking upstream in the optical surface of the ball. A little while, the ball of light emit light changes, like the stars in general points of light projected on the walls of the chamber. Unbelievable, Yufan body, became translucent, as if also an image, rather than physical presence, direct light from him and had directly invested in the chamber floor. While after flashing, the projection on the wall in the chamber stabilized light spot. At this time, Yu who opened his eyes. His face a dramatic change, especially the eyes. Is no longer a ruthless killer, is no longer a student Guiling Jing strange. In his eyes, the penetration lou a hint of confusion, a trace of doubt. What makes him feel confused, what makes him wonder? The whole person's temperament changed, if killers "Star Feng" represents strength and destruction, if students Yufan represents smart and clever, now Yufan is pure and transparent, in addition to walk in his body some silver breath , there is no trace of heterogeneous. The walls of the chamber of the ball, with a complete map sky map, but a lot of constellations and the actual position and the image is not the same. Obviously, this piece of sky map drawn people did not stand on Earth. Yufan attention not sign, but repeated thousands of wandering in the interplanetary white filaments. Those silvery filaments as a cheerful life of freedom, sometimes scattered, sometimes gathered, as if playing in the sky, in the sky dance. Compass on the lower South fighting. Yufan eyes are quick walk forward. Last start from Compass, not much success, this time from the South fighting started. Star chart, dozens of silver rapid downward away, gathered in Southern Douxing nearby. Obediently, really obedient. Yufan lou a satisfied smile. Like than the last time the addition of some, do not know can lead to more of it? Things did not like Yufan imagine, as new silver added, there is always the same amount of silver quickly drift away. Heat is not enough ah! Yufan sighed. Only eighty-one silver always gathered in South Douxing nearby. It seems, still not much progress ah. After a long breath, Yufan closed his eyes, put their hands on the knees, palms up, pinch the thumb and middle finger in together. Seven South Douxing sudden light Dasheng, Yu Fan's lower abdomen also cropped up seven bright light, as if between the two echoes, producing some strange sense. Star chart, around South Douxing those silver swim faster. Sometimes the stars gathered in the vicinity of a piece, sometimes rapidly to the surrounding divergence, as the water Dangqi a blossoming ripples. Swimming silver seemingly disorganized, undisciplined, actually it has been in a range, dispersion polymerization are discernable. All this looks very strange, but people feel normal, as if it should be. Closed eyes Yufan breathing becomes extremely slow, seems to have become a sculpture. His body, the same total eighty-one silver-like atmosphere quickly gathered in the abdomen seven bright spot near the sky map modeled on those silver light, around seven quick walk with highlights, save moving forward, brandishing forward. I do not know how long separated, when Yu who opened his eyes again, when Dasheng naked eyes, fatigue swept away. "Really comfortable ah!" Yufan from the glass disc jumped down and stretched. Suddenly, he became a student's appearance, lively, clever, full of sensibility. After leaving the chamber, Yufan went took a shower, put on sportswear, jeans, sports shoes, very standard school uniforms. "Boss,Oakleys Sunglasses Cheap, breakfast is ready." Yu who takes care of the daily life of goblins waiting outside in the study for a long time. "I'll come, you eat it, do not wait for me." Yu who spoke, he packed a bag. In fact, they installed two new materials, an equally new textbooks, an ink pen. "God, ah, gone, gone ......" to hear the screams of Yufan, goblins and hiding out in the small Fortuna rushed in, quickly rush over red. "Boss, how?" Three beauties looked puzzled look of frustration Yufan. "My game is broken!" Yufan broken PS2 will throw on the table. "Boss, I heard that PS3 already on the market, or else ......" "PS3!?" Yufan stunned, large, laughing, "Haha, not the old and new do not come. Immediately to help me set a , asking them for the fastest delivery. "" But ...... "Leprechaun hesitated," Now test release only in Japan, even by air, the earliest tomorrow to get to. "Yufan look at and dim down. "I came to think of ways to it, you can receive the fight tonight." Little Red is very calm, look at her appearance, this is a common situation has not fresh it. "Okay, okay, it would please you." Yu who brought the bag, Messenger in the shoulder, "We went to dinner, I have to rush to the first class on it." Three beautiful women blink blink, look very surprised, the boss is not sick? Otherwise, how will it go to class proactive? Huge windows beside a glass long table, filled with a variety of food, beverages. See Yufan out of three beautiful women around the table and stood up immediately. They are brown hair and blue eyes, like a few decades ago was a big star Garbo baby; curly hair and big eyes, to see that there is a small curly Indian origin; keep long hair shawl, look shy Oriental beauty is little naughty. Includes an additional three beautiful women included, their names are Yufan taken. "We eat it, you're welcome." Yufan Hey smile and sat down. "Boss, I got up and dawn, specifically ran five street, go to Shanghai city to buy you, you most like to eat soup dumplings." Carrying a baby came steamed dumplings. "Ah, yes, is not that the old house?" Baby smiled and nodded, the two teamed to Yufan clyster in front of the plate. "Boss, I got up before dawn, with stone pressure out of your favorite drink fresh milk." Little Curly extremely voluptuous carrying a large glass jug came. "With stone pressure? Great, than those who drink milk with a grinder to play more." Yufan excited to see the way to woo a small poodle who immediately pour a cup. "Boss, this is ......" "STOP!" Yu who raised his hand and made a stop action. His face looked suspiciously third came forward little naughty, followed by a sweep of several others. "Normally, you are not so enthusiastic, is not the same today, how? Hmmm, nothing gallant, namely non-jian Pirates. Honest account so warm today, what an attempt?" Rugrats click on lou look out of the grievance, eyes were red, tears instantly dragged out of orbit. Rugrats goblin hanging on the arms, a way to help people record straight on Yufan said: "Boss, you juggle this time, it is very hard, we are very concerned about you, just preparing such a splendid The early. "" Sit down, all sit down. "Yufan pulled over the little naughty, wipe the tears from her face. "They cry, almost into a Tabby Cat." Is Yufan funny for a while, little naughty smile through tears, returned to his position. "I'm speaking now." Or red most calm, after all, she followed Yufan the longest. "Boss, this task is completed, the killer trade unions have the money to fight over, so ......" "Your bonus?" Yu who laughed Hey,Oakley Sunglasses Cheap, I know what you play Guizhu Yi. Slightly pensive, Yufan sighed and said: "To be honest, I think a night." Hear Yufan say this, several beauty immediately stared, eagerly waiting for the next one Yufan words. "Yesterday, a small Fortuna said nothing wrong, that money is indeed a lot, unfortunately, ah, really a shame!" Yu Fan's look quickly dim down. In a few beautiful view, Yu did not get all of that 1.5 billion dollars and feel pity, actually, but it is less Yufan fifty-five million dollars out of pity. "I think, I'm sorry you." "Boss, that money is not there will be no." Red look a bit awkward, her eyes began to stare trouble that several sisters, and said, "Sisters are know that you are for everyone's safety, and it did not take that money. boss put us more than anything else, the sisters have been very satisfied. money was gone, the future can also earn citizenship. "" Yes ah, can together with the boss, we have been very satisfied. "goblin stick up, with two minutes ago, she looked to a hundred and eighty degree turn. "Boss, I was wrong yesterday, I should not say those words." Little Fortuna blushed, lowered his head, "I know the boss is thinking of us, if ......" "This is how the line!?" Yu who beat the next table and very serious, said, "Because my decision-making mistakes, resulting in huge losses as the company's leadership, as your boss, I have to assume all the responsibilities." "Boss ......" six beautiful women are excited looked Yufan. Can be seen Yufan askew firm look, they also dare to speak. "So decided." Yufan attitude is simply indisputable, "this action 1,500,000 bonus, each of you two hundred and fifty thousand." "Boss, this ...... how is this OK?" Is still red, "in accordance with the rules, should you take half, the other half we have six points, but ......" "Alice, I'm the boss, or you are the boss?" Yu who stare eye mixed beauty, "to such arrangements, Rugrats, you go to transfers, today put the money into your account. "Rugrats little hesitant, a bit flustered, or that the benefits of being a sudden fall to Zayun it. She nodded toward the red until She only agreed. "Well, the matter will end here. Everyone to eat it." Yufan his head. Just think of the 1.4 billion dollars succeed, think of using 1.5 million dollars Fudge six loyal men. Yu who seems to do a good conscience, a little afraid to face six beautiful hands. What is the money used? Yufan secretly sigh. Even if not for ...... give them full Whatdoes? Pick up the chopsticks and other buildings where after six beauties only picked up the chopsticks or a fork. Although at the beginning Yufan very serious, very heavy thing to say, but six beautiful heart is flattered. Before long, they have restored the original look, while eating breakfast, while twitter chat up, goblins and little baby in discussing the latest fashions, and calculate what the buy beautiful clothes. Little Curly Rugrats in the discussion with the new out of French perfume, the two seems very experiences. Small Fortuna head down, silently contemplating the money deposit banks is good, or buy a fund to buy stocks. Little Red is not only to consider the money thing, her most do not care about is money. Compared to a few gentle delicate beauty, Yufan simply a hungry wolf, less than five minutes, he completely wiped out a plate of breakfast. He just stood up, six beautiful women immediately put down the chopsticks fork, follow stood up. "Boss, I go and you're ready to drive." "Boss, I get you a newspaper." "Boss, I'm your sunglasses." "Boss, I help you with your bags." ...... But also actively looking than their Several beauty, who could not help laughing Yu. Beautiful women, I go to school, or do you go to school ah! ? "Boss, this is a killer union released the latest list." Red handheld computer to a desk and handed Yufan. "Eleven reward of 1.5 million dollars goal. Accordance with your request, I make a distinction on the target. Outside the eight not considered, the domestic three, one on the west coast, one in Texas, the most recent in Miami. "" So far, there is no last point? "" New York has three goals in which two of the price only five hundred thousand dollars, not challenging addition a price fifteen million dollars, there are already four batches killer not been able to complete this task. "pulls out a little red help Yufan computer details," the last missed is a Class A killer. "Yufan slightly wrinkled brow. "'Cold wind'?" "Yes, that is his last week of the things he has still not appeared." Red hesitated a moment, and said, "Even if not dead, certainly seriously injured, mostly in now dodging recuperate it. "Yu who touched the forehead, thinking, he would make a habit of this action. "Killer union" is a global, killers and customer communication platform. Union itself does not undertake assassination mission. The needs of customers, you can target the basic information posted on the website of the killer unions and out reward, then "bonus" that is deposited into union reward designated bank account. Killer directly on the union to receive the task to complete the task, and get union recognition, bonuses will be automatically transferred into the bank account designated killer. Transaction process, including trade unions extracted semi killer bonuses, bank transfer fee paid by the customer. If the customer wants to cancel the reward, you need to pay the reward of a union into the penalty. If you are not consecutive month next task killer, the union will be refunded in full reward, do not charge any fees. Such an exchange platform for customers and killers have a huge advantage. Do not worry about the killer does not receive "business", you can spend more effort to improve the ability to complete tasks. Customers do not need to worry about the safety of the bounty, but also by trade unions invitation to the world of the killer, but said that bet on a killer body. To avoid conflicts, the next task killer when should set a deadline. Is generally one week to a month, a special task can be extended. Within the time limit, the relevant information will appear in the killer union's website. In this way, it will not appear multiple killer pick a task, resulting in a conflict between the killer, or a bonus can not be assigned the case. Of course, the killer does not restrict trade union cooperation in private task killer. On this basis, in order to avoid waste of resources, a more rational arrangement of action. Killer had been divided into from five A to E, a total of nine levels. Task is divided into nine levels corresponding to determine level of standards is only one task: customer reward amount. Killer appropriate level for each completed ten tasks, it will be automatically promoted to a. E-Class can only take one hundred thousand dollars the following tasks. Class D increased to one million dollars. C grade increased to ten million dollars. Class B increased to twenty million dollars ...... AAAAA highest level can take all of the tasks. Under normal circumstances, advanced task killer is not going to pick up the low-level, low-level tasks, after all, a bonus too, not much temptation. However, the reward of tens or even hundreds of millions of high-level tasks are not many. If you encounter a "lean", and many senior killers in order to maintain status, or any other purpose, it will take some low-level difficult task. "Cold wind" is a famous Class A killer, completed six priced at more than $ 50 million Class A task. Result, this was planted in the price of fifteen million dollars a Class B tasks. Renault and Linden is a killer "Star Feng," then the first C-level tasks, in order to become a Class B killer Yufan must complete nine C-level tasks. In other words, now that he was not qualified to take B-level tasks. Thinking for a while, Yufan only heaved a sigh. Renault and Linden assassination and no less than some of the more difficult task of class A can be killers union rules are very strict, there is no loophole. "Boss, seven fifty-five up." "Oh, I know ......" Yu who suddenly jumped up, "What? Seven fifty-five up?" Holding a bag of little naughty nodded his head, The wrist stretched out, so Yufan time on the table saw. "God, ah, how did not you call me?" Yu who grabbed the bag, whirlwind burst into the elevator, "Today was my turn to account for the location, you can not be late, do not be late ah ......" elevator door just closed, Several beauty muzzled laughed. Rugrats very proud raised his wrist, the minute hand dial back a half-circle. ! ~! . . <

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