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07.06.2013 09:56
strong impact to mine stone dust swirling antworten

Yang Kai see secretly nod, independence proud League this group of martial training is not low, means is not weak, looking is the veteran battle-hardened, but also in the cloud Xuan's leadership, is also an indispensable cohesion, even occupy the absolute advantage, a six order monster in eight God swims exit in front, or some not see. Ji Hong hands ax cut in bite gold beast's back, a sonic boom, spark scattered, leaving only a slight trace it back in a sheet. "So hard?" Ji Hong ate a surprised, hands bounced back strength earthquake are tingling, a determined effort,Nike Air Jordan 12 Sale, mustering the strength, to continue to take the "axe cut down. Dangdang Dangdang "Ji Hong, retreat!" Cloud Xuanjiao drink a sound, bearded action, angered the bite gold beast, its red eyes stared at Ji Hong, his forehead silver s è double angle between the light flicker, a visible energy fierce impact over at Ji Hong. Ji Hong s è change, will cross in front of their own axe, axe surface is blocked the road attack. Cloud Xuan has rushed up, that was the horse master the restored spear also hold in the hand, plump Jiao Qu look valiant and heroic in bearing, a spear arc flashes, mine the meal time awn sheng. A snake shadow suddenly on a spear,Oakley Monster Dog Outlet, the spear is distorted, such as a real snake, extremely aggressive overtones, immediately, the spear into a Avision of naked oats, sh è to bite gold beast. Ignoring Ji Hong attack bite gold beast seemed to feel a little uneasy, constantly roar, the body dangerous atmosphere suddenly fierce Li countless times, eyes are full of violent madness. Double angle between energy ray suddenly flash unceasingly, a attack towards the cloud Xuan. Xiu Xiu Xiu energy wanton, Reiki disorder, a strong impact to mine stone dust swirling around the mine tunnel, constantly came buzzing sound, as if there are signs of collapse. Cloud Xuan God s è indifference, not a bit afraid of meaning, hand waving, attack hit the spears continuously and bite the gold beast ablation. Other practitioners have seized the opportunity to attack, allowing no explanation at bite gold beast siege. A strange energy spread out from the ground. Burst a sharp thorn suddenly from below soil stimulated sh è, bite the gold beast crazy imposing manner like be punctured balloon, a drain as, suddenly depressed a lot. The blood is flowing, all over the ground, bite the gold beast go out a few feet, mouth issued a string of sorrow and helpless shout, fell to the ground. Viewed from the side, you can clearly see, its soft abdomen, several hole in the blood, it is just the soil thorns pierced. Cloud Xuan squad into headlong surge,Nike Air Jordan 14, allowing no explanation cut off his forehead double angle, tricks and tied, and took some medicine healing, deposited in the bite gold beast's wound. All in their duties, be arranged in good order, do not see the slightest flurried. Season Hongle cheerfully ran back, Chong Yang wink and make signs to one another: "brother, see fun?" It 's not bad. Yang faint nod. Until now, he has no hands, has been on the sidelines. "This is just a small dishes, etc. which Yao you do join independence proud Union, brother take you to see what is under the big parade." Cloud Xuan back his lance, >

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