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07.06.2013 09:49
also should go back to look both antworten

"What the little girl?" Fan light Luo and j its ng alert to ask a sound, beautiful eyes looking toward the house. "I told her some sources, and she took me back." Yang Kai freely explained. "You didn't move her?" Fan light Luo mouth with a vague smile. "It is so boring?" Yang grunted, God s è again respectfully, said: "are there?" "Everything is all right, except you missing out. Moreover, some and you close to disappeared, they want to get into the question situation can not find, some confusion." Yang nodded slightly, this situation is expected in his. See Yang Kai not so much grief s è, fan light Rawdon when wake up, the close relationship with him missing, I'm afraid not life threatening, otherwise he wouldn't be this look. "The Yao all underground what happened? Yang Bo?" Fan light Luo hesitated, asked a little nervous. It 's a long story. Yang Kai smiled and shook his head, do not want to say, "as for Yang Bai, dead." "Die?" Fan light, a pair of eyes flashing with joy and excitement. "Well, dead, I see it with my own eyes." Yang Kai grinned. Biluo hands clenched into a fist, excited the Jiao shout: "big heart!" "Yang Bai died, you all is well. This more than half a year, why not to have, but stay here?" Fan light Luo faint at Yang, "what are you escape?" "I'm not escape." Yang Kaiyao shook his head, said: "if I were back at all, are all by me to bear it, autumn dream they would only take me for a moment, not their own ideas. I'm not in, they can exert their abilities, as eight of the house of the lord." Moreover, Yang also need time to consider things, gather your thoughts, so it in overseas to avoid a long half year. "You want to fade out all those into the line of sight?" Fan light Luo thoughtfully, listen to Yang meant. "You could say that." Yang Kai didn't deny ", because soon after I'm afraid I have to leave here, give them too much to rely on, once I'm gone,Crossbodys Coach, is not good for them." Where are you going. The seductive queen suddenly tense up, don't know why, she always felt Yang Kai take this, I'm afraid R ì after not meet the R ì,Oakley Sunglasses Sport, can't help, heart filled with sorrow. "I tell you." Yang smiled, "but now you today to find, I also should go back to look both." So saying, eyes suddenly turned aside openings way: "Han elders, since you have come, will come forth." Fan light Luo Minzui smile,Oakley Lifestyle clearance, beautiful eyes to that direction, God s è calmly. Han Chao came early, is almost in front just light Luo fan, he arrived here after. But the ancient Yundao suddenly appear fan light Luo so coquettish woman, Han Chao unavoidably some J its ng alert, they secretly hide on the watch out. He wanted to know the identity of the light Luo fan. But the home already aware of his breath. Han Zhaoda surprised s è, this just came in each other's strength higher than their lot, otherwise where will see through their concealed? Without thinking, build a Y ù fled. With >

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