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07.06.2013 09:44
is breaking into the current state antworten

Yang Khai corner, the head of people, bustling. The mansion into a crowded, basic all gathered here, even those who wander throughout the master, do not practice meditation, but elongation neck Dynasty look ahead, face all emission of expectations and anxious God s. More than a month ago, when the dark cloud of evil invasion when, they fear, despair, Yang y ù lead them out of here, but eventually Ye Xinrou and sealing of the seven into a filibuster, to stay. All in all when he was going to die, or the last dream without Yao palace life present, guarded all security,Air Jordan 12 Sale, let them down with heart. But in the future, on their way, or confused extremely, because this Yao under the big, in addition to Yang Khai, they find no safe place. But after more than a month of today,Oakley Store, these warriors are all excited face, face filled with a happy smile, every one thousand dente, about the future and their future is full of hope, no longer a month before the state. And in these into a gathering place in front of tens of yards, there are two huge pool, pool filled with unknown liquid, a variety of treasure medicine dancing in the water, the medicine fragrance emitted almost overflowing the whole Yang Khai, fragrance, smell into the nasal, let as be filled with wisdom, unspeakable comfortable. At the moment, the two pool filled in, seemingly is meditation. Method of operation, many magical powers was born in the water,Coach Bags Outlet, wash with the warrior's body, washing impurities do their in vivo. The pool bottom, indistinct can see some traces of matrix grain, and at the moment, these strategies are exudes a faint light, in the matrix effect, efficacy in the water are continuously catalyze, be warriors absorption. From time to time, is breaking into the current state, successfully arrived at another level. Whenever this time, it will be a breakthrough in the face of excitement, onlookers into group have cheered. The whole war City, also seems to be because the house so much into one after another breakthrough, resulting in signs of Yao aura some disorders. "The pool of the tower's summer girl out, said more than a family of Longchi have magical effect, is washed by raft pulp effect really. No matter you quality bad, as long as it steep for a few days, you can get rid of impurity in a body, let me wait for potential a fly blunt yao." A young lean slightly on the side of the said excitedly, fists clenched, seemed to express my excitement in. "Not said, but to really have a magical effect." His companion nodded, "so much into the breakthrough scene you've ever seen? I thought all those Xuan Dan has the qualification of our transformation of enough s è, but I didn't think we could make still further progress." "Yang Longchi o ah, how wonderful place, heard in the family, only those who have the qualifications, but also made a great contribution to the family in, are eligible to enter it, get some benefits from, even so, it is Yang into fighting to go treasure. A ratio and our house, dragon pool again calculate what? This is the real dragon pool." Third >

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