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he recalled that the antworten

> Curse for a while, Yufan also scolded tired. If you can put God yelled apparitions, I am afraid God will too busy up. Still have their own way. Calm down,Air Jordan 4 UK Sale, woo who decided not to follow God exacting. Everything can start from scratch. Where can yu do not know how "from scratch". Silver breath in his body is born, is simply not practicing to get. Now, to practice the innate infuriating, he did not know how to do. Even impossible, but also become possible! Woo a way to go in the end all that kind of person. Clear goals, he quickly calmed down. In fact, at this time there is no second way to let him go. Whether subjective want to get a more powerful force, or the objective situation so he must have more than green Xuanzai strength, subjective and objective dynamic pressure while forcing Yufan practice from scratch, make the impossible possible! I believed in evil, after sentiment Heaven will accomplish nothing! Jing Xiaxin completely after Yufan did not think about that. He is very clear, the key is to practice meditation, to feel, to experience. And now, he could only sit there, slumped sitting. I do not know how long, when the physical buildings where almost can not hold it, a screen appears on his mind. Is a sky map, precisely, is the southern sky map on fighting seven. When Yufan concentrate on fighting the South Seven imagined when one feels run out. A very strange and very natural feeling; a very hazy, and very clear feeling! Yufan mind a loss, he does not know how to understand that feeling, I suddenly felt the abdomen slightly wiggle a bit. Confusion and doubts suddenly disappeared, an obvious strong feelings spring up from the body. Very familiar, very warm feeling, that feeling of swimming in the body breath! Do not be mad, do not be excited! Yufan forced himself to calm down, quickly entered the practice state. A bright, like points of light when the universe was born in the buildings where the abdomen. Not the silver spot is white, pure white mottled was not a trace! And there is no breath body to emerge, only one light spot. At this time, Yu Xuan Huang Jing who hands while restlessness, even disappeared out of thin air! How is it! ? Doubt that just emerge, Huang Jing Xuan Yu who appeared in the body, eighty-one silver breath hatched, had abnormal soft mysterious Huang Jing instantly became a hard crystals. Yufan shocked endless, that eighty-one breath too familiar, that is, before the breath in his body. Yu who not only did not happy, but feel a little worried. Because he felt that eighty-one silver breath came very strange feeling, as if it did not belong to him! How could this be? Yufan very confused. Eighty-one silver breath and did not walk in the buildings where the body, but the claws like a white spot toward rushed up. No, can not let them succeed! Thoughts together Yufan immediately sticking one that will focus on all spot on. White spot quickly split into seven almost the same size of the light spot, seven white breath from the run out to greet eighty-one silver breath killed in the past. Actually take the initiative! Two shares of the different atmosphere in buildings where the body fights up, it seems wants to occupy the buildings where the body. Amazingly, seven white breath movements are clean, did not strive, even dominant. Though invisible, but Yufan white breath can feel every move, as if fighting with silver breath as his own. No moment, eighty-one silver breath exhaustively Quanmie spared. Victory white breath in buildings where the body flying up, like in celebrating the victory! Yufan found that abdominal seven points of light even with the sky map on the South fighting Seven exactly! This is the innate infuriating! ? Yufan slightly surprised a moment, immediately laughed. Regain the feeling of power made him very excited. Yufan also understand. Those born with silver breath is not his own, that is, not innate infuriating. Newly generated white breath is his innate infuriating! In the end to see how powerful innate infuriating! Yufan while thinking, while in accordance with silvery white breath breath when fighting action, guided infuriating white innate dancing rapidly in the body up. Seems sensitive to the buildings where the idea of ​​innate dancing to even infuriating in their own acceleration, but also made more additional action. When an action is completed when the innate infuriating actually grew up several times. This is the cultivation methods? Almost more aerobics Well! Yufan suddenly playing big heart, and guide the innate dancing in the body infuriating. Congenital infuriating constant elongation bold. Later, even Yufan no longer boots, seven are still in their own innate infuriating practice! I do not know how long, when seven congenital infuriating both grow to about ten centimeters long, thick fingers, when small, I have not changed. This should be the limit! Yufan sighed and stopped practicing. Then induced to remain in the body of the mysterious Huang Jing. Idea of ​​a move, seven atmosphere immediately around him. Yu who does not know how refining, but he guessed,Nike Jordan 9 Shoes, most likely within the silver ball into a mysterious atmosphere Huang Jing, Xuan Huang Jing him to be a master, will enter his body. So, you want to become their own mysterious Huang Jing weapon, you have to first injected into the innate infuriating. No other buildings where pondering, seven white breath while immersed in a mysterious Huang Jing. As Yufan speculated as originally Huang Jing Xuan extremely hard once again become a soft thing, but, do not chug Xuan Huang Jing beating. Such a soft thing, would be weapons? Yufan scratched his skin. He simply did not cook the meat with a knife linked. Just the idea of ​​starting Wong Jing Xuan turned into a dagger appearance, no handle, only the blade,Oakley Juliet Sunglasses, dagger shape and green Xuanzai exactly! Yufan immediately come to understand. Then, he recalled that the sun brilliant son Bob looks like. Xuan Huang followed became a shining crystal violet Bob. "Ha ha ......" Yu who suddenly laughed, "So, no wonder Green Xuanzai and Yang Yan Xuan Huang child want to get mad crystal, turned out to be so things will!" Laughter stops, stretched out his right hand Yufan , turned into a mysterious dagger Huang Jing holding hands out, like ball-like shot out. But, speed is more than ten times faster than the ball! It is not admitted, "mysterious Emperor dagger" shot in the chamber's door. No sound, mysterious Huang dagger disappeared, leaving a steel door is flat on the hole. Yufan heart surprised, did not wait for him to figure out what had happened, a purple fly from holes in the back, mysterious Huang dagger appeared in his palm. Does the steel door penetrated! ? Yufan jumped about. "Oh ......" head into the top of the chamber, where the buildings did not feel pain, just shocked. Looking at that huge hole on the head, Yufan touched the head. God, I can not practiced iron hand skill! His head was not injured, but is even harder than the high-strength titanium alloy plate was smash it. Obediently, my head will not become an iron lump it! Yufan cautiously slipped down. See the transparent hole steel doors, Yufan is surprised. That was half a meter thick, super-hardness steel plate, than the U.S. on the use of the best tank armor plate several times harder. Not to mention a small dagger, even the most powerful depleted uranium alloy penetrators are playing not to wear! Yufan not believe looking at the hands of the purple dagger. Is this too sharp dagger, or my ability to improve? Of course, Yufan more willing to believe the latter possibility. In his surprise uncertain when the door came a burst of cries, while a woman's cries. **** Book easy, almost flashing roar. Have the votes cast several votes in support of it. No favorites, the point next collection, support it! ! ! ! ~! . . <

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