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> Suddenly, as if twelve great lords of kinship burning all played high morale, resulting in a strong sense of responsibility. WWw, QUANbEn, cOm strength to face far more than their pope, has not timid, but also desperate, without fear, and even rushed rushed up. Of course, the best shot in front of the Pope, how much they all seem vulnerable. Just called face to face, run ahead of the Faraday was in the hands of the Pope cut devil sword through his chest. Dark atmosphere immediately flooded out from the wound and quickly spread to the surrounding. After exposure to the Light, dark atmosphere immediately disappeared without a trace. With the rapid passage of the body of dark energy, Faraday's skin dry quickly, the body is rapidly shrinking. This suggests that his vitality is rapidly running out. However, even if the face of death, Faraday is still tightly clutching Nabing sword! "Faraday, do you tired of living?" The Pope was shocked, and even could not believe the immediate scene. Face furious pope, Faraday has not only afraid, but laughed. "Faraday, go to hell!" Seems to be a huge boost, the Pope out of anger. He can not imagine how Faraday is so tenacious, more unexpected, great lords of kinship even afraid of death! With the pope angry roar, chopped devil sword glow intensified rapidly several times, but there have been substantial changes. Jianmang as sharp as meat grinder, relentless fragmentation of Faraday's dying body. Even so, the Faraday is still tightly clutching the blade, did not allow the Pope to pull out the sword will cut the devil. Faraday coming to see finished. Another eleven great lords not only not be intimidated, but fought to kill up. Face eleven great lords of kinship turns onslaught, the Pope not only did not dodge, nor resist. Although they left a Pope who has a wound, but eleven kinship great lords could not force the pope to let go, had not been able to save about finished Faraday. Obviously, the pope bent on to get rid of Faraday. Or that they want to pull out by Faraday tightly grabbed the sword cut the devil. Even if the other eleven great lords desperate to attack the Pope, as long as the Faraday refused to release chopped devil sword. Its very tragic fate inevitable. At this time,Cheap Oakley Monster Dog, Anderson Hay caught Rani Llandudno throw the piece with an imprint to the skin. As he will be thirteen pinching together with the imprint of the skin, and whispered a spell read out after the night sky clouds suddenly dissipated. Pope and twelve great lords while stopped. "The Pope, you finished, ha ha ......" Although seeing we must breathe, but still desperate Faraday laughing up. "You made us fit. Prepared to bear all the consequences after we fit it!" "Faraday, even if it was to be finished, but also your first finished!" After struggling to pull out the cut devil sword, kick open the pope becomes Faraday mummy, then watched in horror looking distant Hay Anderson. Hay Anderson also looked over toward the pope, he did not Faraday so crazy, just a hint of lou icy smile. Anderson Hay lou see a sneer, the Pope involuntary shudder. That is not an ordinary sneer. But full of sarcasm, ignore all the world of life, death can be issued only sneer. Pope clenched hands chopped devil sword, apparently he had a premonition of the upcoming land upheaval. With a diameter of nearly ten meters, was the Pope emit bright white light eclipsed the power of the silver dragon heaven, a dense mass of dark clouds suddenly rolled down the entire city of Rome. Lightning disappeared. Originally holy light as day was like the night sky quickly darkened. Seems to be some kind of restriction powerful forces from the Pope who comes out to a lot of dim white light, flying quickly disappeared after a few meters, the other members of the Holy See the Light emitting light up only a small piece of their range nearby . Even comprehension exudes true element body care seems to be some kind of repression forces, have concentrated on their bodies around, no divergence to four weeks. Body care feel real dollars generated intense energy fluctuations, Yu and others who were startled. Yoko, etc. according to Yi understanding comprehension, only Reiki large concentration and density exceeds the limit before it can affect the body care real dollars. Body care and make real dollars to produce such strong fluctuations. In other words. When the outside is extremely powerful energy field appears when the body care real dollars will be induced. To be able to achieve this effect is only one natural phenomenon: the tragedy. And. Is not an ordinary comprehension lead to tragedy, only the sudden appearance of a strong presence, triggering a super tragedy. This is the great lords of kinship to the second tragedy caused it? Instant effort, nearly ten meters in diameter, thirteen silver electric dragon rushes out from the clouds, the accuracy of the falls including the already breathe Faraday including, thirteen great lords who kinship. If this is a tragedy, it is definitely better than the power of the great lords of kinship raised before the tragedy stronger! This small, this is New York upheaval after Yufan seen the largest and most powerful tragedy. The problem is,Oakleys Sunglasses Cheap, this is certainly not an ordinary tragedy. Pizhong kinship great lords of thirteen tenrai not only did not disappear immediately, also clouds implies a steady stream of powerful energy input thirteen great lords of the body. Although Hay Dodson other twelve great lords did not change dramatically, but just suffered a fatal blow Faraday was quickly back to life! After a powerful energy obtained from thirteen kinship great lords who exudes dark atmosphere has not become more intense, but quickly dim down, and ultimately even completely disappeared! Meanwhile, as if blown away by strong energy as thirteen kinship Highlord body becomes increasingly blurred. Finally, in addition to thirteen as the size of a fist, dark red objects, the power of thirteen Dragon Highlord all disappeared without a trace. At this point, woo Rani who noticed that surprised expression Llandudno. Could. That thirteen dark red-Earth objects is great lords of the blood kinship soul! ? At thirteen great lords all disappear the moment, pizhong other twelve great lords of electric dragon around pizhong Anderson Hay electric dragon speed rotation up. When twelve electric rotating fast enough to see the dragon's unclear when, suddenly stopped, and then to the central focus, and pizhong Hay Granderson geoelectric Long gathered in together. Suddenly, brought together sent a strong electric dragon was able to let anyone blind to flash. Wait until Yufan stand in front of the arm down, open your eyes. Thirteen electric dragon had vanished, Anderson Hay and where before there was a dark red light exudes presence. This is thirteen kinship Highlord fit the results? Yufan not believe looking at the dark red earth figure. At this time. Even on the very understanding of kinship Erie Teia also stunned, dumbfounded looked at the dark red figure. Similarly, Rani Grodno and other blood family members are extremely shocked. In fact, since shortly after birth, thirteen kinship Highlord never fit. That is, no one knows the consequences of their fit, as well as after the merger there will be what kind of change. Only. Kinship of the oldest legends mentioned that if thirteen kinship great lords had to fit that kinship has come to life and death to time, need a more powerful presence to help kinship through. Although most of the blood group members believed that fit great lords will appear once the great lords have all the capabilities of thirteen "total lords." The Consul General of the Lord unified clan kinship thirteen, and led kinship through. But some members felt kinship total lords argument is absurd. After thirteen Highlord fit. The most likely result is: Summon the long-lost ancestor, which is Cain! At this time, Rani Watergate had to admit that the latter possibility is significantly greater. Blood family members searched the whole world, no one has found Cain. Only shows that Cain either leave this world. Or in some kinship members can not confirm that it has never been proven to exist in this world way. Highlord fit is not confirmed, has never been proven approach. That is, the blood of the soul is Cain, Cain is the blood of the soul. As long as the blood of the soul together, Cain will return to this world. Although this speculation is ridiculous, even Rani Llandudno could not believe, but one thing they can not argue. Kindred blood of the soul from all the capabilities, leaving only the blood of the soul is Cain, and all other capabilities. Are included, including the descendants of the great lords obtained through the blood of the soul. Think of this. Rani Llandudno lou a great look of fear. Why did he feel fear and fear? Yufan always pay attention to changes in the look of Rani Llandudno. Then there's the Vatican movement attracted his attention in the past. "The Pope you ......" After receiving the Pope to summon, Feideluola quickly fly past. "Sir, how do now? '" Feideluola, the situation has been beyond my ability to control. "Pope sighed," It has been unable to prevent the great lords of kinship fit, I am afraid the consequences would be disastrous. "" But ...... "no etc. Feideluola finished, the Pope hurried, said: "If you can not beat the impending ground enemies, we will die, the Holy See will perish, and even the whole world would collapse. Anyway, can not let blood family to rule the world, but can not Let kinship destroy the world and now we have only one way to deal with blood family! "" Sir, you say ...... "Feideluola Meng surprised," No, this is too dangerous. they are too strong, two thousand years If not ...... "" Do not if, but a! "Pope clenched his teeth," If I had the misfortune of defeat, then, you're the new pope, so you coronation, the Dervish will only pope to have the ability to teach in you Feideluola, you have to remember that you wait for the next thing to do related to the survival of the Holy See, must not have the slightest hesitation. "Feideluola clenched his fists, looking very sad. "You quickly return to the Vatican ......" "You ......" Feideluola lifted his head, he is not only exciting, but also very sad. "Feideluola, you have to always remember." Pope seems to be doing the dying exhortations. "If you can not stop kinship destroy the Vatican. Should try to avoid letting kinship destroy the entire world to the time, even if I die, even if the Vatican were destroyed, even the Holy See perish, as long as this world still exists, as long as we place faith still exists, We will be able to rebuild the Holy See. could re-spread the doctrine, so that all beings experience God's mercy and care. Feideluola Anyway, you have to remember, at this moment, the Holy See saved seed, Vatican important than saving times ! "Feideluola gritted his teeth, nodded firmly. "Come, come, do not waste precious time!" With the Pope turned around. Feideluola called on another eleven cardinals, along with the Vatican off the camp, flew toward the Vatican. Suddenly flew to the Vatican to see the Feideluola et al, panic among the Rani Llandudno immediately come back to God. "Fast intercept them down, do not let them enter the Vatican!" Rani Llandudno with another eleven lords kill up first, then tens of thousands of family members with blood up. "Protection Feideluola Archbishop, to defend the Vatican!" In dozens of Dervish ground, led by tens of thousands of members of the Holy See towards kinship Legion immediately greeted. Twinkling of an eye. Tens of thousands of members of both parties once again to kill a ball. In this case, the distance to woo spectators who heard the Pope and Feideluola conversation content. Relatively speaking, comprehension keen senses much more than kinship. "Boss ......" "It seems that the Holy See has left a hand!" Yufan toward comprehension for those around them looked Kunlun "If outward break, we hope not. To survive, only bet the last one! "" Yufan brother, you say ...... "" Since no escape, only to get involved Kunlun comprehension of men who can escape alive, you have to see who places a little better luck. " Yufan sneer a bit, on the imaginary line child said, "There is no courage to bet with me that?" virtual row sub wry smile, nodded down. Now, he has a choice do? In buildings where the Queen Teia look toward the past, Queen Thea also nodded his head. Easy Yoko other sovereign is no more hesitation. Have expressed support Yufan nod. "So we just fight Kunlun comprehension bastard luck, and see who laughs last!" It has just finished. Where buildings towards the Vatican put an over. See Yufan again fled, Lei Shenzi slightly hesitated a moment, then caught up. Even though he knows at this time to the Vatican, and to die is not much difference, but they have no other way. If Yufan finished, mysterious Huang Jing will disappear again, in order to find the lost mysterious Huang Jing, not much easier than the needle in the haystack. Therefore, they can only be ahead of the buildings where the Holy See, or kinship to kill before the great lords, to seize Yu Fan, Xuan Huang Jing recapture. Even adventurous, there are adventures value! It was at Yufan flew towards the Vatican when the Pope has come to light that exudes a dark red to figure in front. With dark red light gradually dim down, that figure has gradually clear up. Obviously, it is a person, a person with no difference between ordinary people. However, he will be ordinary people do? While many people see that person looks, when suddenly the man who exudes an extremely bright blood red light, a flash, the world turned into a blood red, and even roll on his head are also overshadowed by the dark clouds. kao Near Earth pope shocked. Family members are fighting with the blood of the Holy See has also been a member of the blood-red light suddenly appeared startled. Where buildings are to escape and others, as well as being hunted down their Lei Shenzi, who was astounded. People have raised his arm, stand in front of. In that extremely bright blood red light, everyone seemed so small, seemed so fragile. When the blood red light gradually weakened, the people have put down the arm. In addition to red-hot body outside, and that there is no difference between man and ordinary people. Really tall burly, looks really handsome. Let Yufan most impressive places is that people seem to come from two thousand years ago, whether it is his appearance, hairstyle, as well as from the eyes, mouth lou out to face the flow, are associated with the ancient Westerners are very similar. "Boss ......" "Do not worry, it looked good under!" Although the lips to six aides do not be afraid. But Yu worldly actually very worried. He could clearly feel the man who exudes breath, it is a way for him tediously familiar atmosphere of! With the original father, Tien Lo Jue angel faction, as well as fairy beast China is very similar to Beth exudes atmosphere! Is it, after the merger of thirteen kinship great lords became angel or fairy beast! ? "Ha ha ...... ha ...... ha ha ......" With the waves of people afraid of wild laughter, the man spoke. "Two thousand years, two thousand years. Did not expect, and she came back I did not expect, really did not expect!" At this point, the sky clouds is rapidly dissipated. Precisely, is the man who exudes energy Zhensan. Who is he? Yufan furrowed eyebrows. Obviously, before the man, tragedy crumbled. "Cain!" Erie Teia take the one next to it. "Cain!?" Yu who come back to. Queen Thea looked in disbelief. "I do not know, but I think he is Cain." Queen Teia long breath, "If I guess correctly, Cain incarnation thirteen blood of the soul, hidden in thirteen kinship Highlord body. wonder thousand years, kinship searched the whole world, no one has found Cain! "" Impossible, how can he ...... "" To know Cain was the eldest son of Adam and Eve, because killing a brother Abel favored by God, the results cursed by God, so he certainly has the power of God, even to power over God! "Yu who nodded slightly, in addition. Anything else to explain it? In this case, not only the Queen Teia recognize the man's identity, the Pope, as well as other blood family members Llandudno Rani also recognized. "Cain, you are finally coming out!" "Who are you?" With Cain cast eyes, the Pope fierce shaking a bit. "Cain ancestor, he is the pope!" Rani Llandudno seize the opportunity to shout out. "Who are you!?" "I am thy seed, kinship clan lord Brahma Zhuo Rani Llandudno!" Faced with Cain to eyes, Rani Llandudno even looked up the courage at all. "Vatican Cho clan? Have this clan do? Kinship clan when there!?" Rani Llandudno shocked, he forgot. Cain disappeared. Thirteen great lords, that created thirteen kinship clan, apparently Cain did not know there is an internal clan kinship. "You really are blood family members. Except ......" With a red light shed from the hands of Cain,Oakley Sport Online, "You is not my blood family members to create, but you are not pure blood family members now, remove your dirty insult to the body, back here to me! "sudden strong pressure, so Rani Llandudno really feel the threat of death. "No ...... Do not ......" under the threat of death, Rani Llandudno desperate call out the dark energy. "Fluff, also Ganna out incompetence, really lost my face!" In the red light shining, Rani Llandudno summoned by dark energy quickly disappeared. With the rapid spread of the red light, including another eleven lords blood, including thousands of family members issued a earth-shattering screams. A tract of varying intensity to the black breath from Rani Watergate, as well as other members of the family of blood to the body to take out. Look into a bat's body is rapidly changing, and eventually all the people turned back to look like! But, that's not a living body, but a corpse. Eventually, the red light together into a ball, back to Cain body! Obviously, the Cain family members to recover all the blood and blood blood soul crystal, ie kinship source of strength. Blood and blood lost soul after crystallization, whether Rani Watergate, or the ordinary blood family members, have been prodding. Ordinary people who have always accepted the first owner of kinship, blood, soul and blood obtained crystals before we have a kinship ability! In the blood of the soul with the help of hemin, they gained eternal life, but its original body had failure. Blood and blood lost soul crystal, the long lost vitality of the body naturally becomes a corpse. To sudden changes, not only for Rani Llandudno naked, but do not believe him to death, kill him, turned out to be the ancestor Cain! Similarly, the face of ruthless, will kill tens of thousands of descendants of Cain coefficient, the Pope also very shocked. Yufan is shocked. Foot lift hands between Cain to kill tens of thousands of blood family members, he in the end how much? Leaving Yufan horrified that Cain does not seem like his descendants do not even like other life. Ancestor of kinship, in the end is what the "monster"! ? ! ~! . . <

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