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Thousands of the Knights Templar antworten

> In addition to the Holy See knows Chambers ring several big "Hallows" is one that can accommodate a large number of Light, the buildings where the right While this seemingly ordinary, but very magical ring does not understand. In fact, with the Holy See, like other holy vessels, Chambers ring super powers, that is, its ability to divine energy implication by Dervish in a few years, or even decades created by cultivation. In other words, the Holy See and the comprehension of those holy vessels instruments have certain similarities. Of course, the two are not exactly the same. For example, the power of the main instruments used by the user for the repair, which is the user's ability to decide. Hallows power is mainly determined by the ability of the manufacturer, and the user's ability is no significant relationship. The method according to Feideluola to him, after starting Chambers ring, has been a powerful force as the attraction of the Light from the door revealing twisted in the air, quickly formed a Jianmang like, dazzling white light, like the tides into the ring. See the changes that have occurred after the Light, who quickly moved to woo next corner, while others toward Yi Yoko nodded. At this point, the back door came a unusual ring is certainly penance Shicha feel abnormal changes to the Light. Imaginary line subactions fastest feitui kicked in the door at the same time, feijian holding hands out. Easy Yoko dozen other sovereign action not slow, and they fired feijian faster. "...... Bang bang bang ...... ......" more than a dozen loud while pass out, then. Dozen swing handle feijian out from the room. "What are you people, dare to break into the Vatican forbidden!?" "Ladies and gentlemen sovereign, do not tell them wordy, will kill them all!" Easy Yoko and a dozen other sovereign did not understand Latin, hear Yu Where greeting, he immediately rushed to the front. Suddenly, the room frequently flashing colored light. Although twenty-six Dervish to repair not in the culmination of the comprehension for those under. But they face is far more than a dozen repair culmination of the sovereign. Danger comes, they not only did not expect these people to break out of the obstacles. Enter the Castel Sant'Angelo, but also most of the force used to suppress the coffin to the great lords of kinship, which still have the power to deal with the sudden appearance of extra threatening? Panic, even twenty-six Dervish did not stumble, not only for the fastest Light Light A condensed into, have joined forces to meet the enemy, but the face of more than ten sovereign emitted feijian. Central Health phenomenon still. kao near the door two Dervish bear the brunt of the most tragic results. They cut the number of stem feijian Light A in their left arm and thigh bones visible number of road deep wounds. "Wallace, Blair, fast hemostasis, do not let the blood run into the coffin!" "You in the end is what people could be so bold!" "You ...... you are comprehension?", "How did you come to?" "Why To do evil, to help deal with the Vatican kinship? Does dark era that for you is also good for you? '"hit hit, where so much nonsense?" "It's a group of fools, fighting said so much nonsense!" ...... hear Dervish with Yi et al Yoko dialogue woo those who are a little skeptical monk IQ. Obviously, Dervish recognized the Yi et al Yoko identity, but they can not tell the difference between comprehension. Like all Dervish in Yufan eyes are one looks like. In their eyes, easy to Yoko, who with the help of the Holy See kinship deal of comprehension is an appearance. That is, the panic among them will be easy to Yoko, who as a member of the Kunlun comprehension. However, this is a good thing, at least those Dervish not doubt to woo him to the ground where. "Lei Shenzi Shishu, they are too powerful, and us along!" "...... Well, you go first, I bring up the rear!" "Ladies and gentlemen Shishu uncles. Us along!" Carter coming out. Imaginary line with several sub-sovereign rushed out, then a few easily Yoko was with another sovereign also washed out. Easy to hear imaginary line child with Yoko a dialogue together to sing a sound. Yufan almost could not help but laugh. Followed Yufan mix for so long, imaginary line sub-study "smart" a lot. He certainly found that those Dervish them as a member of the Kunlun comprehension, then it would be wrong, simply, put the blame on the Kunlun comprehension. Thus, even if the Pope Dervish go there, "complain", the Pope is not only not doubt Yufan, but also to target those behind kinship comprehension. Easy Yoko also responded rapidly to understand imaginary line that meant the child after he played just played a "double reed." Who felt they were in the buildings to show a good laugh when twenty-four Dervish chase out. Those Dervish attention in the "flight" Yi Yoko and others who simply did not notice the corner Yufan. At this time, several other easy to Yoko sovereign feijian still flying in front of them constantly, slightly distracted there is a fear for their lives, how can they noticed the corner of the energy situation? There are two Dervish did not come out. Wait until twenty-four Dervish chase away after Yufan did not think, immediately got into the chamber. Processing wound two monk looked up surprised and could not believe appeared at the door looking to Yufan. Although they do not recognize other comprehension, but they all know Yufan, know this get Feideluola appreciated by the Holy See reuse, was exceptional promotion to the Knights Templar and the Holy See to help the East comprehension for those who contacted the bounty hunter. "Mr. Yu, you just come, people began to attack us ......" "Really?" Yu who laughed coldly. Called Wallace to Dervish shoved surprised. "No, how did you come here, you ......" "Mr. Do not you ......" Dervish also called Blair's reaction over. "You know too much!" Hardly had he spoken, a purple light from Yufan fingertips lasing. Buildings where there is no great care, in order to kill two seriously injured in one fell swoop to Dervish Xuan Huang shot to spend a dagger. "Wallace, be careful -" As a former pope, Blair's strength is not Yufan under, he saw immediately that the power of purple light that road. Wallace's strength is not under Blair. He was the fastest reaction over, Light A bright glow good bit. If you start those comprehension sharp weapon so that he suffered a major loss. So Yufan resorted to arms, let him see the shadow of death. While the Light A sturdy enough to resist the dark energy in addition, there are certain places physical defense ability, but Wallace was seriously wounded, excessive bleeding, reaction becomes dull. Xuan Huang dagger plus potential as lightning, to give his reaction time is very limited. Have not had the full armor of light energy into the Light, mysterious imperial armor dagger into the room, on his forehead left one-third length, a finger width of the wound. "Wallace -" Loud screams at the same time, Blair preached bright desperate energy, his body suddenly Light A strong several times. "Damn ah damn, did not expect. Really did not think that you should ......" As from his chest revealing purple light, voice came to an end. Panic, Blair noted that only positive threat, did not find, kill Wallace's mysterious imperial dagger behind him came a sharp turn. Was immediately shot to his vest. At a time sufficient to block his mysterious Huang Light A dagger, but the back of the defense strength is far better than the chest. Until Xuan Huang dagger into the body through the A, emitted from the chest when he open his mouth, staring in front of the wearer to Yufan. To death, Tony Blair did not know how he died. "Two wimp, with the strength of this point, want to deal with me." Yu who sneer a bit, to recover a mysterious Emperor dagger. He did not know that he was no longer repair under Dervish. In addition. Xuan Huang dagger than the comprehension of the best fairy-level feijian even overbearing. Not to mention the Holy See Dervish, even culmination of over comprehension is difficult to cope. Thought of being easy to kill Yoko, who places Dervish hear Blair issued before dying screams after. Certainly be aware of the trap, and immediately came back to kill Fan Shen, Yu-Fan also never daring to delay. He could kill two badly wounded Dervish, but certainly not twenty-four Dervish opponent. If senior members outside the castle of the Holy See to be aware of it, makes it harder to escape it. xian opened thirteen coffin after Yufan quickly glanced inside the mummy, then rolled up with the first two bodies naive yuan will be scattered in thirteen blood on the body. Before Feideluola once said, as long as exposure to blood, thirteen kinship great lords will wake up. However, infected blood mummified and without any change. Is Feideluola lying! ? Just Yufan very surprised and bewildered when a voice came from the outside pass. "Their blood will not do!" And other buildings where the land back to when Queen Teia has come to the room. "They just die soon, the body to the light energy is not completely dissipated, can not wake up with their blood kinship great lords." Yufan slightly wrinkled eyebrows, lost two Dervish to the body. Because the repair of the Queen Teia far less imaginary line son, and he has the purest werewolf blood, it is not like the imaginary line child did, bodycare first naive yuan against the Light. Beginning he has been hiding in the nearby room until twenty-four Dervish Yoko, who was easily distracted, as well as get rid of the last two buildings where the monk before he hurried over. "For decades, even centuries of penance, the light energy is continuously gathered in their bodies, even if finished, the light energy is not immediately dissipated. If the blood is the blood of ordinary family nutrition, then the Dervish Blood is blood family poison. "Queen Teia came over," I am Neigeluote werewolf clan, our blood and blood kinship innate hostility, do not mix. "" In other words, only with my Blood wake them? "Yufan with a wry smile and shook his head. Erie Thea nodded, glanced beside the coffin of that mummy after. He looked gloomily said: "You really ready to wake up thirteen kinship Highlord?" "Do we have a choice?" Yu who cut his finger, with the first element wrapped around thirteen innocent drop of blood. "If you do not wake this thirteen old devil,Oakleys Oil Rig Sunglasses, just me personally, to make the Kunlun comprehension of the troops to stay. Relatively speaking, I think they are more reliable wake up a little." "But ......" sighed the Queen Teia "Although I do not know what you do right,Nike Jordan Take Flight UK, but I know even Rani Watergate here, it will not wake them up." "Why?" Yu who knew the Queen Thea did not lie. Thirteen great lords after waking up. Rani Llandudno is no longer the most powerful kinship exists. Since then, he must not only be thirteen great lords but yes, thirteen great lords will become lackeys. Llandudno to Rani's character, he would not tolerate a situation in this way, not only will not personally wake thirteen great lords, but also to prevent other people wake up thirteen great lords. He needed just thirteen great lords to Bloodsoul. "Because Who does not know what they would do after waking kind things to. Well," hesitated a moment, the Queen Teia and said, "No one can bind their behavior, and even the Pope are not absolute grasp deal with thirteen kinship great lords! "" That is to say, we can only bet on one of the? "Erie Teia to squeeze out a smile. "It is so, and we have to pray that they wake up, we will not be treated as enemies. Otherwise, we do not even have no chance to escape." To see the Queen Teia that faint look, Yufan but relaxed. Yufan no hesitation in Erie Teia surprised eyes, he will be thirteen drop of blood spilled out. As the Queen Teia said, who knows wake thirteen kinship Highlord what kind of consequences. It is true. He decided to gamble. Since there is no second choice, there is nothing to hesitate too? With Yufan blood exposure, thirteen mummy immediately emitted a thick black atmosphere. At the same time, like firewood-like skin stretch slowly and gradually becomes smooth and rosy. A little while, mummy facial skin appeared under a root subtle, like the leaves on the meridian camel blood vessels. As the vessel slowly creeping rejuvenating blood influx mummified head first, and then into the heart from the head, and finally flows to various parts of the body. "Now, unless cut off their heads. Otherwise no one can stop them woke up." Queen Teia say these words, when a trace of dark red to light from the mummified lou bone through out. Bloodsoul! ? Yufan towards Ely Thea looked in the past. Werewolf "Prince" nodded slightly. Confirmed Yufan speculation. With the gradual mummy back to life, dark red light is also growing brighter, more vivid. Is not difficult to imagine that if the blood of the soul is the lifeblood of kinship and source of strength in a few hundred years, or even thousands of sleep, all the dark energy is concentrated in the blood of the soul inside. Kinship waking from hibernation, first you have to wake up the soul blood, blood of the soul in the use of energy from the body similar to hibernation slumber and resume kinship strong vitality. In other words, the first is the blood of the soul awakening. Think of it, Yufan very curious and would like to know the blood in the end is what kind of soul to something. However, there is no time for him to explore the secret of the blood of the soul. As from within the body exudes dark atmosphere increasingly strong, dark red to light gradually transformed into bright red light. A little while, the chamber is full of dark atmosphere. Erie Teia lou a pained expression, with dense growing indoor dark energy, dark energy in his body is about to lose control. If you do not care to protect the body of real dollars, Yufan certainly be affected. "Yu Fan, Queen Thea, come out!" To hear the call of the virtual line sub sound, they quickly retreated to the door. "How do you come back? '" Easy Yoko sovereign Let me come back to see your situation. HURRY open those cited Dervish have noticed the changes to the side, are coming back. "Yufan and Erie Teia no longer hesitate out of the room. And so, when they returned to underground storage, easy Yoko dozen other sovereign has came back. People did not wordy, immediately Luculent child's help. Left the Castel Sant'Angelo, back to the hotel inside the building. "Yu Fan, who kinship great lords ......" "Do not worry, they have woke up, we are back to the hotel to continue to watch!" Easy Yoko nodded, did not ask once. "Erie Teia, those great lords in the end kinship how serious?" "I was not very clear." Queen Teia grow a breath. "Although they are far less than the strength of our ancestors, but as far as I know. Thirteen kinship Highlord not much worse than the Pope if they join forces, then, certainly more than the Pope. Moreover, in the blood of the legendary family , no matter who, as long as get thirteen great lords of blood of the soul, it will have the power of God beyond that time. Even if God came down, it would not be his opponent. "Yu who rolled his eyes, to this when the Queen Teia not forget to show off werewolf ancestor's strength. "Erie Teia, you mean, William Holden and even more severe than God?" Virtual line up a child in the next cha. "That is, of course, but William and Holden from hell to Mars, in front of them and God counted Niaoa." Yufan and imaginary son could not help but laugh lines, but they are not taken seriously the words of the Queen Teia . Everyone arrived at the hotel at the time of building the roof, on the west side of the battlefield there have been significant changes. Breakthrough in the dark atmosphere of the Castel Sant'Angelo internal ban on piercing out when twenty-four exudes a milky light of the monk from the castle into the sky, came to the pope to side. There is no doubt. Those who can not cope with being awake Dervish kinship great lords, only to the Pope for help. Without Dervish explained emerge from the castle's dark atmosphere it all. In Dervish explained the situation, the Pope looked back Castel Sant'Angelo, then toward the rear of kinship Legion of comprehension looked in the past. At the same time, twenty-four Dervish back over Castel Sant'Angelo. Then hundreds of Dervish from within the Vatican and Castel Sant'Angelo into the sky, while emitting a strong Light, joint crackdown emerge from the castle's dark atmosphere. "Good,Air Jordan New School Sale, good!" Pope suddenly laughed, "Rani Llandudno. Your guts relatively big ah. But I want to know, then you how to do it?" At this point , Rani Watergate shocked even than the Pope. Findings emerge from the Sant'Angelo castle dark atmosphere, he had already guessed what had happened to the whole story. Hear the Pope's wild laughter when he had to believe, thirteen great lords in Sant'Angelo castle. Similarly, another eleven lords also very shocked. For centuries, blood group searched the whole world, no one has found thirteen ancestors whereabouts. Only the Vatican and Castel Sant'Angelo are not kinship searched. That is, they had expected, thirteen ancestors fell into the hands of the Holy See. When speculation becomes fact, they still felt very shocked. Of course, not the ancestors so that they fall into the hands of the Holy See to be shocked, but the ancestors are waking up from hibernation to make them feel shocked. Including Rani Watergate included, twelve lords want to get the ancestors of the blood of the soul, not thirteen prevail over their heads above the great lords. But now, has no way to stop thirteen kinship Highlord woke up from sleep. Even with hundreds of Dervish shot from Castel Sant'Angelo was emitting dark atmosphere has not diminished, but more intense. A little while, the whole Sant'Angelo all shrouded in a dark atmosphere being applied to the outside of the bell-shaped dark atmosphere Light shaky, could collapse at any time. Undoubtedly, thirteen third generation vampire's strength far exceeds one hundred Dervish. Kinship through dormancy to improve strength, thirteen horror third-generation vampires do have the strength, coupled with a thousand years of dormancy, I am afraid that even the pope not know how tough they are now in the end. With more than a hundred Dervish hygiene, body strength, dark atmosphere still continues to expand, even to the Pope did not dare rock solid great care. Rani recovered in Llandudno, he has returned to Castel Sant'Angelo over and sends a very strong Light. With Pope shot, dark atmosphere is rapidly expanding to be contained. Undoubtedly, more than a hundred Dervish is less than a pope. At this point, Yufan also see, in addition to a small part of the Light from the Pope to the body comes out, most of the body of the Light are from the pope issued within three artifacts. The pope's head crown, chest cross, as well as on the right-hand ring finger ring! Artifact! ? Yufan slightly wrinkled eyebrows, obviously, that is the Queen Teia said three artifact. "Ratzinger, your death is to!" Drastic changes in the current, Rani Llandudno quickly recovered and made a new decision, "ancestors in Castel Sant'Angelo, the rescue ancestors, kill the Holy See, to kill everyone go! "" rescue ancestors, kill the Vatican! "growled the other eleven lords also up. They are not stupid, since it is impossible to stop the ancestors awake, you can only re-select the position. In the Lord's powerful spiritual pressure, tens of thousands of blood family members roared loud, desperate towards the Vatican and Castel Sant'Angelo swarm. On the contrary, twelve lords did not hurry to kill up, they are very clear that we are up, that is to die. The fact is that, in the army to kill kinship up when the embattled shot tens of thousands of members of the Holy See. Thousands of the Knights Templar and the referee deacon first meet up with the other clergy have also summon Light. A battle is inevitable, but in the back of the Kunlun kinship Legion troops and no comprehension of the action. Seeing this situation, Yufan also immediately stopped around the corner of Queen Teia, as well as dozens of additional sovereign. Since the Kunlun comprehension not shot, why do the Vatican shield. In addition, Yufan also want to look at, and that thirteen third generation of vampires in the end how much. The face of tens of thousands of family members crazy blood, only a few thousand members of the Curia Legion fighting force has obvious why he did not. Meanwhile, Castel Sant'Angelo over the Dervish without papal immortality face of the upcoming battle, they had to stay out of hand, you can not use all the power to deal with below-coming dark atmosphere. With more than a hundred Dervish close hand, wrapped in a dark atmosphere, the light appeared signs of loosening. Obviously, the Pope's own power alone simply can not cope with thirteen kinship exudes great lords of the dark atmosphere. It was at the first blood family member came over the Vatican and Castel Sant'Angelo, and the Vatican fighting to kill members of a ball, I broke the dark energy constraints Light formed a few tens of meters in diameter, rapid rotation around the axis wind column, like a black python-like fleeing into the night sky. All of a sudden, drastic changes over Castel Sant'Angelo, no signs, there are hundreds of black-dragon suddenly pierced the night sky, dull rolling thunder followed. Blood family members shocked, shocked members of the Holy See. Even on the roof of the hotel building and other buildings where people, as well as distant spectators Kunlun comprehension of personnel were startled. Tragedy! Is the third generation of vampires tragedy caused you! ? ! ~! . . <

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