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07.06.2013 09:26
as much as the wolf Huang antworten

> Bonifacio Strait east of the Queen Mary cruise braved the cold east wind, the tidal wave speed in order to thirty fled in the direction towards the Apennine peninsula. wwW, QUanbEN,Coach Satchels Sale, coM cruise deck, thousands flustered, stiff demeanor werewolf vigilant, air dozens of strange sounds from time to time a huge bats circled back and forth. Tense atmosphere is very depressing, even more than ten kilometers away on the island of Sardinia and Corsica, can also be found in the smoke from the cruise dark energy. Navigation within the bridge, led by Rani Llandudno kinship lords, as well as Tuorui Si Wong headed wolf standing floor-glass windows on both sides, the front looked somber dark sea. Everyone did not speak, did not even loud vent, and the atmosphere is very depressing nervous. When the door was opened, Rani Grodno look back toward the descendants of wearing uniforms captain nodded. And "master" exchanged a few words, the Rani Llandudno let him out. Another five lords, with a few wolves Huang looked impatient Rani Grodno. "Cruise ship has sailed out of the Strait of Bonifacio." Slightly paused, Rani Llandudno North Tuorui Si and other wolf Huang sneered and said, "Be ye assured, right now?" Listen Rani Llandudno That is to say, Tuorui Si first relieved. Not all wolves Royal Llandudno on Rani firmly believe, not all wolves Huang did not advocate. Accurate to say that all wolves do not trust Rani Huang Watergate, but most of the wolf Huang does not directly say it. "Rani Watergate sir, you confirm that ......" Someone asked Rani Llandudno time. Mainland room atmosphere immediately tense up. That name had the courage to question Rani Llandudno wolf Huang had just saying exit, a few wolves Llandudno Royal North Rani looked even Tuorui Si nor another. Although Rani is not turned around Llandudno, but he could feel the atmosphere of subtle changes occur, but also know that if this was a werewolf when questioned how bad the consequences would be. "Fabio What do you mean?" No other Rani Llandudno opening, Williams jumped out. "Do you think that the Lord would lie kinship do?" Lou out four other lords grim look, they were not just in the maintenance of Rani Llandudno's face, there is a kinship in maintaining lords face. After all, Williams said, questioning Rani Llandudno, is questioned kinship lords. "We just want to know the particular circumstances, is it also there anything wrong?" Fabio who called wolf Huang is not weakness, if not off the sound. He put the battle ground posture. Other wolves Huang have muster enthusiasm, ready to do battle, in their view, Fabio not only in maintaining his own dignity, and still maintain all the wolves imperial dignity. After all, nominally, wolves Huang and kinship are a dark lord patriarch of the clan, with the same status. "Enough!" Rani Watergate turned to stare eye first Williams. Williams immediately back half a step. How could he not know the meaning of Rani Llandudno. Rani Fabio glanced towards Llandudno, said, "Cruise has entered the Tyrrhenian Sea, this can be from the navigation system, as well as global positioning system that, if you do not believe it can check it yourself. In addition, there are about twelve hours, we will reach Italy, if there is no other way things ...... "" Rani Llandudno Excellency. "Tuorui Si spoke, he let others put away the fighting stance," there are about one hour away from the dawn, since the whole evening came, the last one hour ...... "Rani Llandudno sneered and said:" Well, we stay just an hour after dawn. let everyone go to rest In order to prepare for the evening's fight. "Until this time,Madison Coach Outlet, several other wolves Huang mood became somewhat calmer. With five lords back to the bridge on the left rear. Rani came to the porthole behind Watergate, looked toward the front of the sea. He can not understand, the original sturdy become so fierce werewolf how timid. Cruise before entering the Strait of Bonifacio, a few wolves Huang private discussions, come to a strange conclusion: cruise after Bonifacio Strait to time, the Holy See was suddenly attacked. As for what a few wolves Huang obtained such a strange conclusion, Rani Llandudno is not clear. Make him feel better laughter is the wolf Huang also find their conclusions three reasons. First, after entering the Tyrrhenian Sea, even into the Italian territorial waters, territorial waters if the ship was sunk in Italy, the Italian government would certainly have trouble. Vatican needs the support and assistance of the Government of Italy, the Italian government will not easily give trouble, but will not let the Italian government backs killed thousands of tourists to blame. So grab the Holy See will enter the Italian territorial waters on a cruise before, will ship sunk. Secondly, the Bonifacio Strait narrowest point is less than ten kilometers, everywhere shoals, reefs, for very large ships through the narrow waterway. Do not say one hundred and fifty thousand tons of super cruise, even hundreds of tons of small fishing boats displacement, in the absence of absolutely necessary in the circumstances, it will not enter the strait. If the ship sank in the Strait, to the time regardless of the French government, or the Italian government, can claim the sinking cruise ship struck a rock, there is nothing to do with them, it has nothing to do with the Holy See. Most importantly, the Holy See during the day will not do it. Vessels in the Mediterranean Sea is very much in the air, there are many routes. If the Holy See during the day sinking cruise ship, ordinary people can easily be seen, that time, turn appear together in New York six months ago, such a "vicious media event" of the. So the Holy See can only act at night, and just cruise at night through the Strait of Bonifacio. By virtue of three, wolves Huang believes, cruise into the Straits of Bonifacio, the danger will come. At that time, regardless of the Italian Navy to-ground missiles and torpedoes, or the Holy See Legion, anyway is at risk, if unprepared, then, the Holy See will be played by surprise, the ship to hundreds of thousands on the dangerous werewolf. This is true, Tuorui Si represents wolves Huang proposed cruise diversions south, bypassing Sardinia, or north. Around Corsica, in order to avoid entering the Strait of Bonifacio. But this way, the route will be extended for hundreds of kilometers to reach Italian time will be delayed more than ten hours. In other words, the cruise will arrive before sunrise near the mouth of the Tiber River, rather than the original planned before sunset. Rani Llandudno course not promise wolf Huang's proposal, he can not completely ignore the wolf Huang opinion. After all, there are hundreds of thousands of boat werewolves, falling face if the Emperor and the Wolf. By the time I am afraid that without the Vatican shot, in order not to be a werewolf shreds, Rani Llandudno will personally sunk cruise. In desperation, only to find ways to appease Rani Llandudno several wolves Huang, so they believe, and not dangerous strait, and let them know. Even if there is danger, but also smooth clearance. For example, let kinship in the air patrol, the Holy See to avoid being attacked. Werewolf in cruise ship deck alert, if taught Ting Dajun kill it, will not do nothing. Rani Llandudno also with the five lords of kinship, as well as numerous blood descendant vigilant, to make the same fate with hundreds of thousands of werewolves. Perish to look like. In fact, Rani Llandudno simply do not believe that the Holy See will Strait hands. If nothing else, the narrow strait chase to place less than ten kilometers at its widest point is only fifteen kilometers. At that time, even if the sinking cruise ship. Most werewolves could swim Corsica or Sardinia, not to drown. Conversely, if at a distance of hundreds of kilometers of land sunk deep in the sea cruise, even werewolves have very stamina, powerful physique, it is impossible to identify the direction where the ocean and swim hundreds of kilometers on it. Also, if taught Ting Dajun really kill, indicating that the Holy See as the number one threat to the werewolf. And accurate knowledge of the ronin Legion trends. Determined to annihilate Werewolf Legion. This way, then, the Holy See would not entangled with the escort of kinship. Sinking of the cruise will be exhausting all forces, then quickly withdrew from the battle, return to the Vatican. In this case, let alone six kinship lord, hundreds of senior members, even twelve lords all came, it would not be able to keep the cruise. Thought here, Rani Llandudno help but smile. Werewolf's mind really is not enough, a few thousand years, when the real kinship helped werewolf? While kinship with the werewolves have a common enemy, but these two completely different racial darkness never truly joint too, but did not friendship to help each other, support each other, to avoid mutual calculations, killing each other is very good. You know, in over ten dark races, only large group of werewolves, and had powerful dark magic kinship have sufficient ability to dominate the world of darkness, and even beat the Holy See, the rule the entire world. This is true, not related to a werewolf or vampire destroyed the Holy See, will eventually be the finger pointing at each other, as the dark world hegemony, and the world hegemony outbreak of new conflicts and wars. In this case, the werewolf can believe kinship do? Similarly, blood family will really help werewolves do? Werewolf's head does not work well, Rani Llandudno is very smart. Initially, he did not consider adding a werewolf attack on the Vatican's actions and want to attack the Vatican pocketed the benefits, and create conditions for future werewolf pack. Results, werewolves got the news, Rani had to change plans Llandudno. On the surface, he assured the werewolf, just kill the Pope, werewolves will get the most benefit from the Vatican. In fact, Rani Llandudno guarantee worthless, not to mention his great God and Satan ancestor swear, in relation to the fundamental interests of the clan, when, even in his own little life swear, will not have any guarantee results . Xindi plan, Rani Llandudno will not only used as cannon fodder werewolf, is also preparing to take advantage of the opportunity to attack the Vatican, kill hundreds of thousands of werewolves, reducing the number of werewolves, thus weakening the werewolves to strength. Of course, you do not kill all the werewolves, it depends on the mood Rani Llandudno. As long as a small number of werewolves to the right blood group can not constitute a threat to leave some werewolves them as pets, or when slaves used, is a good choice. It can be said Rani Llandudno wishful thinking is very loud. But, these are his plans, the situation will develop in accordance with his plan, it is hard to say. If nothing else, less than an hour before dawn, the Holy See has not shot, Rani Llandudno felt a bit wrong. According to his initial speculation, the Holy See will grab into the strait before the start of the cruise. At that time, the sky is just dark, there is enough time to sink the ship. Results until the cruise left the Strait of Bonifacio. He even taught Tingda Jun ground did not see the shadow. This allows Rani Llandudno feel a bit incomprehensible, like a long time, he only thought of two possibilities. First, the Holy See has realized that werewolves are not the main attack on the Vatican, the real threat is the kinship, and Oriental comprehension. The Holy See did not care werewolf army movements, and even that is just a bait Werewolf Legion. In this way, the Holy See will not venture to deal with little value werewolf. But Rani Watergate quickly rejected this possibility. After all, the strength of the werewolf is not blowing out. Historically, the werewolf is indeed the number one enemy of the Holy See, the Holy See does not have any reason to believe that hundreds of thousands of upcoming werewolf on landing in Italy there is no threat. The other is the Holy See to the reaction is too slow. Even the Vatican believes werewolf is the number one threat to know more than one hundred thousand werewolves aboard the Queen Mary cruise to Italy, and even mastered the cruise route, but did not have enough time to organize the attack, or even faster muster enough staff. This allows Rani Llandudno feel difficult to understand. After all, the Holy See ongoing preparations for war, tens of thousands of members gathered in the Vatican and Rome, even the Holy See's reaction was slow, even worse then the Vatican bureaucracy, casually dispatched hundreds of people is not a problem now. Did the Holy See did not receive the message? Rani Llandudno with a wry smile and shook his head. He does not believe it. To make the message accurately and quickly sent to the Holy See hands, he may spend a great deal to mind, spent a lot of effort. Boarded the cruise, followed werewolf Legion before departure. He also received a feedback message back: with werewolves Legion, as well as carrying the two werewolves cruise to Italy all the relevant information to the Vatican, the Pope desk or even in the most prominent position. Why is the Vatican's men are yet to come it? Rani Llandudno sighed. Less than one hour from dawn until the Pope personally, otherwise, it is difficult in such a short period of time to get rid of the blood of hundreds of family members. Then sunk cruise. Does the pope really will personally! ? Think of it, Rani Llandudno secretly pinched to sweat. Kinship lord is definitely not the Pope's opponents. Although they can take advantage of kinship unparalleled speed, escape deadly attacks, but the Pope's powerful light magic cast out before any dark life is extremely fragile. Even by the point of minor injuries, should rest for centuries. If you have been hit, you have to lie down on the coffin back hundreds of years. Pope seems to have a very long time it never left the Vatican, will flow to some of the better werewolf personally do? In addition, there are now two each carrying one hundred and fifty thousand werewolf cruise to Italy. Even the Pope personally. He would choose to deal with what a cruise it? Rani Llandudno eyebrows slightly forward to the next. He felt that the Pope is unlikely shot himself. Then. Vatican ready to use any way sunk cruise, cruise kill werewolves? Rani Llandudno head is as big as a bucket, wondering when the Holy See means may take place, a strong sense of danger from his heart to take up. That is not an ordinary sense of danger, a thousand years to develop an instinctive reaction, and survived several times to help him keen intuition, or a sixth sense of kinship superior. "Be careful -" even with such a strong hunch, Rani Llandudno also only had time to shout out. Without any hesitation, emit dangerous signal while Rani Llandudno extract the body of dark energy, but also to the outside world with the greatest ability to summon dark energy, enveloped in his place around the body. Of course, to the lords of the kinship ability to play to the limit, it must be transformed. This is true, in the dark energy around the body coming out of his ground when Rani Llandudno is also the fastest to complete the transfiguration, lou out the true colors of kinship. Warning sound, and Rani Llandudno abnormal behavior immediately woke up another five lords. And Rani Watergate, they live for a thousand years, participated in numerous battles, has a very rich experience. Awareness of the danger in the strong stimulus, they are the fastest responded. Less than a second, the other five lords all have turned, and the greatest ability to summon dark energy. Wolf Huang slightly slower reaction can be turned werewolf faster. In addition, the werewolf is not kao summoned by dark energy battle. Therefore, even if the wolf Huang half a beat slower reactions, their actions did nothing to slow. In kinship lords complete transfiguration, they have also lou out true face. All of a sudden, navigation bridge is filled with dark energy. Several cruise sailing responsible for controlling blood descendant scared the floor, constantly trembling. Although they are all descendants of the Prince level, but they which have seen six lords, emperor simultaneously with several wolf turned and simultaneously broke out full strength? It was at this time, a bright extreme, intense extreme white light passed through the bridge in front of the windows. Shot came. All of a sudden, white light enveloped the entire cruise ships live. Illuminated the sky deck cruise lou, also lit up the night sky around the cruise. In fact, Rani Llandudno sense danger, to the sudden appearance of white light, with less than one second spaced. Hundreds of thousands of ordinary werewolf on board, even when they sensed danger, can not respond in a matter of seconds. Hovering on the cruise Prince kinship terms. Even if they reflect over, can not escape the irradiated light range. All of a sudden, on the deck of the cruise lou day thousands of werewolves have evaporated, did not leave even a trace. Hovering in the night sky dozens of kinship lou Prince had just had enough of the look of surprise, it was the light of inflation rolled down, turning to a trace of smoke. Even six lords kinship ability is extremely powerful, so strong in the light under the ground situation no better than those they were the descendants of instantly evaporate much better. Just come into contact with white light. Dark energy is quickly disappeared. Undoubtedly, it is the Light, burst out in an instant, and rolled down over 300 meters long, wide forty-five meters high over seventy meters of the cruise. Super powerful Light! In the face of such a powerful Light, Yufan sent using the Chambers Ring Light, just as drop in the ocean! Six lords can only adhere to teeth, constantly summon dark energy, avoid contact with them to the Light body. Of course, they could not hold on long, after all, the dark energy is consumed, there is a small part belongs to them. In contrast, very few wolves Huang tragic it. They will not use dark magic, it did not like the kinship. Directly call dark energy with the use of the outside world. When they are in contact with the Light. Who immediately shot up the smoke, the original hard mane abnormal rapid decline dragged down. Thick skins began to crack, like rotten bark like a piece of land from them come off. See this scene, Rani Llandudno down air suction the mouth. There is no doubt that a few wolves Huang definitely finished. Werewolf has powerful body, does not mean that the internal organs is also very tough werewolf. In fact, any dark life organs are very fragile,Satchels Coach UK, blood family is no exception. As long as the wolf Huang dragged off the skin and muscle, visceral violence lou will be under in the Light. By that time, even if there is a dark werewolf race the most powerful recovery capabilities, it is impossible to damage the internal organs of the Light was healing, the result will inevitably die. Leaving Rani Llandudno horrified that anyone can use to kill the wolf Light Emperor! ? You know, as much as the wolf Huang has the strength of kinship elders, even cardinals, head of the Knights Templar, or the referee, Senior Deacon, it can not just only the Light, and is a way to kill long-range illumination Wolf Huang. That is, the shot of people worse than the cardinals, and many powerful! Is it really the Pope personally shot! ? Think of it, Rani Llandudno feel death is approaching to him. In his understanding, only the Pope has such powerful capabilities, in addition, the Holy See does anyone have such a powerful way capability. If the pope immediate concern, let alone with another five lords Rani Llandudno, even twelve lords together, but also with the die is no different. How to do! ? Struggling to support several other lords also looked at Rani Llandudno, especially Williams, this addition to the already finished Royce, the lord of the weakest on the fast hold on. Panic, Rani Llandudno dare to think, immediately towards his recent Tuorui Si distance rushed past. For kinship, if not beat the enemy, escape is not a shameful thing. The reason is simple, there are endless kinship life, as long as alive, there is a chance for revenge. Besides, almost no racial kinship fight with life, play, however, the same can not live off defeat the enemy? Rani saw a claw grabbed Tuorui Si Llandudno, blocking shot from outside the windows to the Light, and then rushed to the door direction after another five lords also copy or imitate, quick to seize several other wolves Huang, but only five wolf Huang cabin, action slowest Williams grabbed a poor descendants only do a "shield." After a few seconds, Rani Llandudno with another five lords rushed out from the end of the cruise. The distance is not more than three hundred meters too close, the Light at the stern a lot weaker. Six lords looked at each other in shock, did not wait for Rani Llandudno opening, the body weakest Memphis first flew toward the northwest, Williams, who also immediately followed. Seeing the situation, Rani Llandudno dare wordy, since the other five lords have chosen to escape, he had no reason to stay up. ! ~! . . <

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