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but his body's meridians unimpeded antworten

> Imaginary line child's talent far exceeds the red and others, leaving his practice experience, who can not hold a candle to red. wWw.QUanBEN.CoM just three days, it crossed the imaginary line of the sub base building this bridge, according to well into the spin period. According Yufan estimates, within a week, the child will be able to refine the imaginary line of alchemy. This rate, not only far more than the other sect of comprehension, I am afraid Guards door historical comprehension has never reached before. Of course, in addition Guards **, the imaginary line of the child's experience, and powerful mind power plays the most critical role. Mind power is to control the first naive million dollars using the first key naive. Cultivation increased, while comprehension of mind power will be increased accordingly. If you do not mind the corresponding force, you can not control the enhanced first naive yuan, even then diligent cultivation are stagnant. In turn, reduce repair, mind power may not be reduced, because the mind is not a real force of energy, but the comprehension of spiritual power. Imaginary line child's mind with the force of air offerings, building the base of the innate control infuriating, can not be easily obtained with the "easy" to describe it. Others promote innate infuriating run a Zhou, take several hours, virtual line between child can do the breathing. Also, do other things, such as eating and drinking pulling sprinkle sleep, he can still promote innate divine intentions infuriating running. In other words, he could have been kept practicing, do not waste any time. The benefits of a strong mind power is still limited to this. The same level of comprehension is difficult to take advantage of the body's innate faint breath, equivalent to that part of the innate wasted infuriating. Imaginary line child but it can easily be collected, do not waste any trace of congenital infuriating. Together as much. Practice efficiency natural doubled. In short, the imaginary line of the sub is turned up, with an empty mind indefinitely offerings, as well as practice experience, the completion of building the base, according to the period of rotation of the practice, if there are problems, you have to doubt his capability. Although the experience helped him improve practice speed. However, in the practice than his windfall, this help is nothing it. "Do you really think so?" Yu Where am not sure. "Do you doubt my experience?" Virtual child seems to be a great line of grievances. "I knew you would not believe, however, that six figure indeed unusual, is not comprehension of the power law." Yufan rubbed his chin. Not to comprehension exercises, is it Once upon a power law? The problem is that imaginary line child to guess explained simply inexplicable. Guards ** is where the division Boyu Yang Yu son, father feather Chenzi and Shishu feather mirror trio created. When they are in the comprehension. Did not enter upon a time. Guards Guards faction decision is soaring with his father and uncles, following upon a specific situation, re-creation practice law. That is, when creating Guards **, Yu Yoko Once upon a time they could not have known to practice exercises, naturally impossible to Once upon a power law to join them. Besides, Once upon a time and comprehension will certainly be very different. If you can practice in the comprehension Once upon a power law, Tien faction Once upon a power law have long passed the Kunlun seventy-two, why bother to come up with painstaking seventy-two not exactly the same as the practice exercises it? Even Guards ** then powerful, Once upon a power law can not compare it. Tien is necessary to bother trying to get through school Once upon a land passage with comprehension, sent the angel to help deal with the Kunlun seventy-two Door Guards do? If that six figure Once upon a power law is not, then what is it? "Look at me do?" Virtual row sub-stare eyes daze Yufan. "You do not believe me, tell me, that six figure what's the point?" "Maybe not make any sense, that is, six figure it." Yufan shrugged,Outlet Oakley Sport, "or in our repair now, simply read mystery inside. "" Guards ** truly mysterious place, certainly in this six Ituri. "finished, imaginary lines also forced the child nodded, as if in affirming their own speculation. Yufan smiled and shook his head. His character, does not solve the problems encountered. White will not bother. "Yu where I tell you true." Imaginary line up the child and serious. "These days, I carefully studied the seventy-two Fig. Had to admit. Guards ** very wonderful, especially in the realm of practice a few key methods and other exercises are completely different. Seems very complicated, the actual on, but it can play a multiplier effect. If you have been practicing it, reach culmination period, repair definitely better than others with the realm of comprehension is much more powerful. Guards door smash hit wonder then, attracted the Kunlun seventy-two jealousy. "Yu who did not speak, it is not. Guards not envy the doors Kunlun seventy-two, but Once upon a ground Guards camp. He felt no need to put these imaginary lines to tell the child. "But you have not found, no matter how powerful Guards ** is still comprehension of the power law, simply put, just more than the other sect of the power law is more wonderful few, in essence, are still subject Guards ** the comprehension of the restrictions. "slightly paused, imaginary lines son and said," Twenty years ago, I went with the master Kunlun aid comprehension Guards door, but went one step too late, did not help. then listen to the other Some sect predecessors said, when one door Guards door person can deal with any other sect ten the same level, especially 'day' Generation name a dozen seniors, each one can easily deal with other sect ten Dacheng comprehension of the above, this strength, certainly more than in cents, and even worse than angel. "" far worse than the angel. "" far worse? "virtual row sub-leng," Have you seen the angel? "Yu Fan nodded. "In the angel's eyes, one hundred culmination of comprehension for those who like one hundred ants, hands in between, you can let them smoke. Disparity is too large, the number of more irreparable." Imaginary line child swallow mouth saliva, froze on the spot. He knew Yufan parents are angel, but he did not think, even so powerful angel. No wonder the horrible tragedy in front of the body already has immortality of comprehension also selfless fought difficulties. "But, you say to really make sense." Yu who also figured out. "If only improve practice speed ** Guards, Guards comprehension for those who can not have doors so powerful." "That is what I meant." Imaginary line to the child back to God, "Do you know why the door willing to Guards Guards ** teach other sect of comprehension, and does not limit the gate personnel practice other exercises do? "Yufan slightly wrinkled brow. "Guards ** with other exercises biggest difference here." Imaginary son and proud line up, "sect comprehension exercises in order to ensure their non-use by other sect, creating Gong practitioners are closed implicitly, snow top Sect 'Nine Yang dizzy day work' is no exception. "" closed ground? "Yufan a little dizzy. Imaginary line child progress too quickly. Even learn to use modern vocabulary. "The so-called 'closed', said the simple point is that the power law practice, if the practice other exercises, it will make two shares infuriating innate conflict, the end result must be very miserable." This is, Yu-Fan knew it. "Instead, Guards ** does not have this problem. Firstly, Guards ** is open Gong practitioners can accommodate different innate infuriating, so there is no door Guards who do not practice to be a problem patriarchal In addition, another sect of people can practice Guards ** or ** to benefit from the Guards. "imaginary line through the child to say, Yufan understood why. "Now, you should know why you can use your innate infuriating to help me build the base, right?" Virtual child always has a line of buildings where the shoulder. "But you are not practicing Guards ** right?" "Yes, I was practicing other exercises." "Why, do ......" virtual line surprised a surprised child's. "Dude, if we can pass on to you in words, I'll let you practice, do you think I would treasure?" Yu who sighed, "you said really makes sense and I really did not expect before." " understand just fine, but these are minor. "imaginary line child stood up," The most important thing is that six figure, I think, is only understood the meaning of that six figure, in order to truly understand Guards ** Diao instrument. By that time, even if the door is not a problem rebuilding Guards. "Yufan a wry smile, he had to admire the imaginary line child's imagination. "Well, take your time and think about it, I went practicing." Imaginary line until the child leaves, Yufan meditating alone again. Ago. He just wants revenge. Mami snow reshape the business, there is no thought of rebuilding Guards door thing. In buildings where the opinion. Comprehension of the Guards door to his future action is not much help. Even Guards ** then powerful, but also five years to train a number of angel. Implying, he will have to wait in the comprehension fifty years? Besides, if the reconstruction Guards door, that time would not get into the Kunlun seventy-two, but even Xianjie Tien group will then shot again. As a result, it does not mean to ask for trouble? However, after such an imaginary line son said Yu who really had the idea of ​​rebuilding Guards door. An imaginary line from the Guards ** Total child will be able to get so much sentiment, then one hundred, one thousand imaginary line child, whether we can find more in the Guards ** incredible tricks to practice it? The problem is where to find one thousand imaginary line child? If not for the whole scrap repair itself, if not the wolf can not practice after the snow top of the parcel power law, even killing imaginary line son, he would not practice Guards **. The reason is simple, there is this imaginary line sub-cultivation of comprehension, etc., are added before the age of eight cases in the door, and in the cases of door practice for hundreds of years, on the sect had a very strong feelings for them , sect is their home is their everything. To betray their sect, practicing Guards **, might as well just kill them, or let Yiliteya bite them, so that they all turn into a werewolf! Perhaps this is also a way. I kept thinking, Yufan smile again. Now, even if the imaginary line son, Yang Yan son, Yiliteya count, he was nine men. Take good care of these nine men, has made him extremely headache, really want to rebuild Guards door, he has the ability to take care of hundreds of doors people do? Abandon the unrealistic after Yufan back to reality. "Team" in the most powerful son lost the ability to imaginary line, is equal to "half crippled," even if he's surprisingly fast progress of cultivation, how to restore the past year or so have the strength of it. Yiliteya recover quite well. And that "morale", or "good pain is forgotten," all clamoring to find kinship with other werewolf clan troublesome. Little Red, who also returned to normal, but not officially practice. Mainly Yufan would like to observe a period of time, make sure they do not have any abnormality, let them practice. Symbolic After dinner, the red buildings where they are brought to the basement. In order to stay out of an imaginary line sub-cultivation areas. Yu who had previously used to "Tun release" werewolf corpse of the room, but also that the largest room in the basement utilized. Careful examination of the situation of the six assistants. Sure they fully back to normal, Yufan let them sit. A few days out on the body of energy ball, Yufan carefully on the surface "on" a gap, infuriating file with congenital notch live at Light, a trace of dark energy flow from the inside out. "Little Red, the old rules, starts with you." Infuriating red when exposed to dark energy. Yufan seemed extremely nervous. A few days ago, he just let beauty who did some restoration of the exercise. Yufan not completely sure, they will not appear again abnormal changes. Six beautiful women quickly entered the practice state. With dark energy is gradually transformed into congenital infuriating, dense interior light Dasheng. Yufan nervous watching until the red inner alchemy began to swell, still no abnormal changes when he was a little relieved. Clearly, as long as they control the one-time increase in congenital infuriating. Not a big problem. Perhaps not the source of anomalies inherent in excessive infuriating on. Yufan slightly wrinkled brow, he always felt that Royce could be useful to confuse magic led six aides abnormal, but he was not completely sure. "They are how the use of dark energy?" Glanced Guangzhuobangzi, holding a braised trotters Yiliteya. Yufan back too far to continue to concentrate their practice observed red case. Imaginary line child with Yiliteya came, Yufan so red when they are in practice clothed. He accounted for cheap beauty is one thing that can be accounted for six others cheap beauty is another matter. "Yu Fan, who is also a member of the dark races?" "Eating trotters you to it, do not bother me." Yufan snappily replied. These days, the most laid-back is Yiliteya, this guy simply do not practice. According to him, whether it is kinship, or werewolf. Almost all of the dark races are not "practice" this argument. Both in the long years of slow growth, slow to enhance strength. Of course. There are some ways to improve the strength. In werewolf, for example, as a way of fighting the dark race, experiencing every battle,oakley sunglasses online, especially one that will play to the limit of the fighting strength, can make strength has been improved. In other words, each survived werewolves will be harvested. This situation does not apply to every dark race. Kinship on the main draw by kao more capable to improve the strength of dark blood of life, too much fighting, it will consume a lot of power of kinship, reducing the strength of kinship. Therefore, only through kinship hibernation to save power, to avoid unnecessary battle. These buildings do not care where. The problem is, this guy is lazy Yiliteya not say, but also idle all day, do not go nothing to help, and made the sun brilliant son to take care of everyone's life, typically machismo. Even more exasperating to yes, Yu and others who have no right to eat too much interest, there is not much to demand, a few days have nothing to eat, do not eat a meal alone Yiliteya to starve, that mouth also particularly picky eaters, is simply no meat would not be happy. Result, almost every meal is prepared for him, Yang Yan son had a lot of meat dishes specially prepared for him. He thinks that this is a matter of course, there is no thought, Yang Yan child what to give him a meal, what to serve him? "They will not be a member of Orient dark race right? I listen to tribal elders, two thousand years ago, there is a werewolf clan migrated to the East, and later to the clan no longer news." In addition to the maximum outside Belly , Yiliteya most thick skinned. "But, in addition to those two, the other four apparently Westerners, how they will be a member of Orient dark race it?" Yu who rolled his eyes at Yiliteya mouth, they turned into red the wolf. "Dude, we should say a bad mood Well Do not hold back in their hearts, bad for your health. Werewolf like us, unhappy when he growled at the moon, after venting to taste very comfortable, do you want to try?" "Yiliteya, you do not speak, I will not if you do not exist!" Yu who is about to bear. Yiliteya shrugged. "I just think you're lonely.'ll Find you talk a thing." Yufan smile again, it seems. No incarnations Yiliteya skin is thick enough. Of course, who do not know or Yiliteya buildings these days has been looking for his cotton purposes. Day, let the child practice Guards ** imaginary line when Yufan he read out Yiliteya right Guards ** very interested. Glanced continue practicing the red and others, who took Yiliteya yu leave the chamber. He's not that they do not worry about the little red. But fear kept nagging Yiliteya affect them. "Well, you are not really want to get my Gong practitioners?" Yiliteya froze for a moment, embarrassed Naoliao under the scalp. "Brother, you take me for what sort of person?" "Then you do not want it?" Yufan glanced just out of jade, made a provision to recover the action. "No, I want!" Yiliteya almost rushed to embrace, "Dude, you know I am the last member of the clan Neigeluote, wretched, also by the thousands of kinship kill. You will always soaring immortality, anyway, this thing that brought you say too little value upon a time, not as I pity the poor man now. "askew poor way to see Yiliteya, Yufan been made not smile the. Yufan past has been that. Werewolf brains enough to Emmanuel. But Yiliteya now look not only stupid, but also get smart too. "Dude, we are not brothers?" "Well, do not tell me to play this." Yu who can not easily let go. "The Guards ** impart to you, it is not impossible, but ......" "Just what?" Yiliteya excited again, two eyeball almost shined. "You know, this is my unique secret and you did not have any of the practice-based and can practice by a werewolf and I did not grasp." "How not? Imaginary line child is now a werewolf. Still mixed werewolf, but I pure werewolf he can, why can not I? '"Yiliteya, you think I'm lying to you?" Yiliteya hesitated a moment, shook his head hard, but his eyes seeped out look distinct than lou this meaning. "Do you know what is innate infuriating, what is, in turn, what is the power law, what is the building base, rotating photos of you?" Yiliteya stunned, shook his head again. "You do not understand them, how practicing it?" "You can teach me thing." Yiliteya Hey laughed. "Teaches you? There is no way to teach something to you simply can not and imaginary line child ratio, although he became a werewolf, but his body's meridians unimpeded. Meridians is smooth, whether the practice is the basis for the general case , comprehension before the age of eight, that is, prior to curing the meridians, to begin practicing. meridians After curing, there is no way to practice it. How old are you now? "" But ...... "Yiliteya eyeball a turn," you it helped me get through the meridians. "" What!? "Yu who stunned for a moment. "Did not you say, they get expert help, opened the meridians do?" Yiliteya towards several beauty secret room looked, evidently, his mind heart is very good. Yufan almost did not laugh, apparently, Yiliteya really stupid. "They are ordinary people at that time, you are not ordinary people? Also,Oakley Sunglasses Cheap, I repair this point, there is simply impossible if forced to blow open the meridians to help you, not only the results are unpredictable, the consequences are unimaginable." "That ...... no other way? "" At least I do not know to approach, but you can ask the next empty row sub. "Yiliteya brow jump a few times. "Virtual child snow top row there are many strange cases of immortality, just maybe, there is a comprehension of immortality can get through meridians." Yufan shrugged, "It's just, I'm not sure." "I This is to ask him. "" Wait, you impatient? "Yiliteya admitted to the pace, awkward laugh. "In addition, to get me to Guards ** teach you, you have to promise me one condition, or that do one thing for all of us." "What is it? Kill the Rani Llandudno ? etc. I practice a success, I ...... "Yu who rolled his eyes, Yiliteya also immediately closed his mouth. See Yufan looked toward the secret room, Yiliteya also followed looked in the past, no one understood what it meant all buildings. "Yiliteya, you will dark magic, right?" "Of course, we Neigeluote werewolf clan ......" "Do not blow up, since the Council, it would, in the future they should practice it kao your help. "Yiliteya first stunned, and then they lou a shocked look, because he guessed Yufan intentions. ! ~! . . <

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