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> Take a look at Wanstead Rolls Royce driving away after Yufan only sigh. Wanstead is indeed a very tough guy, not only timid as a mouse, there is no conviction. Yufan even suspect that he is not into the Holy See jian Dark Alliance fine. Can anyway, three million pounds already at hand. Although a little too little than expected, but is also regarded as a windfall, Yu persons who are not preoccupied. "As soon as possible to handle the money." Yu told where on the red road, "Yes, you did not get a bonus for some time, right? According to the old rules, dividends a minute less. Moreover, then buy a few Box brandy, vodka, whiskey as well as high intensity, to buy the best, do not care about the price. "Little Red smiled and nodded, Yufan words mean, this three million pounds is not in the plan . "Yufan brothers." Yufan towards kao at the door, holding a bottle of brandy, the imaginary line look a little trance child looked. "How much a bottle of this wine?" Virtual line child shook hands bottle. "About five thousand pounds now." Yu who does not know the specific price, after all, is not that he went to buy wine. "Five thousand pounds?" In terms of money, the virtual line no clear concept of the child, but he would contrast. "A wolf paw able to sell 1.5 million pounds, the guy upstairs if we four wolf paw chop off, then I can change this wine bottle?" Yu who stunned for a moment, then smiled and shake shook his head. Not any wolf claws that can be changed from the Holy See to the cash. Must be a werewolf to the right front paw. Of course, the imaginary line of sub-words are not wrong, who called Yiliteya guy is definitely a wolf emperor, if he is out of the stack, then at least be able to exchange for 1.5 million pounds. Think of it, woo who immediately went upstairs den. Almost one child with imaginary lines virtue, Yiliteya was lying on the sofa. No one has a sink with yellow soup. "That is the beginning parish vicar? Did not think that you should be a senior bounty hunter is no wonder that there are so many dark mysterious disappearance of ethnic descent." Yiliteya stand sat up, "but I can not figure out is that to you the strength you need to do bounty hunters do? "Probably Yiliteya not Yufan was found more features, especially those that only senior members of the Vatican only has to feature, so will consider only the reward Yufan Kim Hunter. Yufan barely smile. Yiliteya not answer the question. Sat down, he asked: "Now that you know my true identity, knowing my strength, and even knew my relationship with the Vatican. Alive in order to drink a bottle of brandy, then you'd better give me a a reason not to kill you. "Yiliteya is no ordinary place werewolf, Yufan even suspect that he is not a werewolf. "The reason!?" Yiliteya look dim down. Kao at the door to see the imaginary line of the child,Oakley Sunglasses Oil Rig, he was a little cheer a little. Obviously, he would have seen. Imaginary line is a greater threat to the child. Yu who did not get angry, there is no need to get angry with a werewolf. Besides, the child is indeed imaginary line is much more powerful than he. "I was a member of the clan Neigeluote, perhaps the last one member." Shoved filling a few bites later, Yiliteya restored calm start. "Maybe you do not know the werewolf clan, but you should race some dark things right?" Yufan slightly wrinkled brow. No hurry to speak. Imaginary line Son also to the interest, a swaying buildings sit next to where. "If the Vatican is Cho clan kinship leader Neigeluote werewolf clan is the leader." Yiliteya lost the bottle, slowly the words out of an already lasted six hundred years, and is still the story. 1600 years ago, Neigeluote werewolf clan is the strongest clan land, controls the entire Great Britain. At the time, there are activities in Great Britain Torre multi-clan kinship. Great Britain is now entrenched in several other dark clan was active in the European continent. With the rapid expansion of the forces of the Holy See, more and more darkness in continental Europe reproduction clans hold on. In order to avoid the Holy See to kill, to survive to get a seat. The influx of a large number of dark race was the weakest Vatican influence of Great Britain. Later. Protestant, get dark racial supported England. With the Catholic faith, the Holy See supports to Scotland to get a protracted war broke out. Although the war with England win the final, unified Great Britain ended, but as the Vatican's policy change towards Protestant England betrayed dark royal race, and began massive searches darkness ethnicity membership. This, the dark races in Great Britain to survive already precarious, if they are not looking for change, is bound to perish quickly. This is the situation before the establishment of Dark Alliance, but also the root causes of Dark Alliance was established. Later, Dark Alliance adopted a variety of approaches to deal with the Holy See, for example, sponsors a large number of scientists, promote scientific and technological development; establishment of industries, directly promoting the British Industrial Revolution; improve maritime technology, and vigorously promote the construction of the British Navy, etc., against the Holy See British influence. However, the Dark Alliance was first established, in determining the purpose and the Union League of the distribution of power, kinship and the werewolves had a huge disagreement, almost so parted ways. At that time, the leadership is Neigeluote werewolf clan. If we say that the other werewolves are big and tall, but not much mind, then Neigeluote werewolf clan is strength and wisdom of the perfect crystal. All this from Neigeluote werewolf clan has maintained the most ancient mystical tradition: Prohibition with any other race,Coach Bags Outlet, and even other werewolf clans intermarry. Outside the family is strictly prohibited intermarriage benefits are: Neigeluote clan maintained purest werewolf descent, has received a great strength, shrewd mind. Negative effects are also obvious: Neigeluote clan group size is much smaller than the other werewolf clan! According Yiliteya to say, with pure blood werewolf that is not worse than kinship. With the same blood group. Werewolves also have a common ancestor, but werewolves mental retardation, complicated ethnic lines, ethnic origin without a clear statement. In Neigeluote clan legends, werewolves far Zu Weilian god Satan was once the strongest warrior men are hell to Ares, the god of Satan is to have no less than invincible divine presence. But for some reason (a large part of the werewolf that William and his wife happened to Satan a special relationship), William was driven out of hell. And in the community where the incarnation of wolves. In other words, William does not have the ability to transform man only kept the wolf looks like. This is true, William has the most powerful werewolf strength. Later, all the werewolves are descendants of William, William with a peasant woman gave birth, and later was ruthlessly banished, they got a she-wolf feeding ground two compatriots son's offspring. In other words. Werewolf has two ancestors, William inherited the blood of two direct ancestors. Neigeluote clan is two siblings, a brother, a direct descendant of this bloodline. Therefore, Neigeluote werewolf clan has been commanding the identity itself, especially in the dark races moved to Great Britain a large number of asylum when Neigeluote become a werewolf clan clan leader, and its position in the party with close kinship to the Vatican Zhuo clan are very similar. According Yiliteya argument with pure blood werewolf. Not only has a permanent life, but also to use dark magic, the strength of kinship far above the dark races is the true king. Dark Alliance before the establishment Neigeluote werewolf clan against clan leaders eight kinship, promising to master the dark alliance power. But. Werewolf to mental retardation, as well as its bloodthirsty, shortsighted days'd end up ruined Neigeluote clan, but also to other werewolves descend into kinship watchdog. Rani Watergate led seven thousands of members of kinship, clan attacked Neigeluote with another equally powerful werewolf clan habitat. In two of the most powerful werewolf clan against clan kinship seven, another six werewolf clan was standing on the sidelines, because they took advantage of Rani Llandudno! At that time, Yiliteya just born! Because Neigeluote female werewolf clan before farrowing, will be off the family, to a secluded place, unknown to local production. Until coyotes people grew to five years old. Before putting it back clan habitat, so Yiliteya with his mother was fortunate to escape the drag. But. Neigeluote clan was not so lucky. While every prime Neigeluote clan members have the strength of kinship than the Prince, but Neigeluote less than five hundred clan total of only prime members, the siege of their blood is more than 3,000 family members, including four a blood clan lord, dozens of elders, hundreds Prince! Fighting continued until before dawn for five hundred 多名内格罗特 clan members are buried more than 1,500 blood family members, of which there are over thirty elders, over seventy Prince. Four kinship lords all seriously wounded, Royce also almost lost his little life, but also the strongest Rani Llandudno sacrificed nearly a third of capacity. Yiliteya father, Neigeluote big wolf clan kinship Wong was four lords of the siege, he fell in a pool of blood when the great God to Satan set a blood oath. Maybe Satan is the god of fear of punishment, it can be said that for extermination, did not spare Neigeluote clan kinship orphans. Yiliteya habitat did not return to the clan, but with some other escaped the catastrophe of the same family living together, but disaster soon arrived. In his adult life, before kinship found their hiding place! Yiliteya mother in order to protect him, holding more than a dozen blood clan elders, Prince of siege, with predictable results. Dozens of others did the same family can survive. As the only survivor, a few hundred years, Yiliteya never saw members of the same clan. Although he inherited the Neigeluote Clan Wolf imperial position, but he was just a "Guanggansiling" a wolf without ethnic Wong. For centuries, Yiliteya been carefully hidden his true identity and avoid contact with members and darkness race, his strength has been improved. Until six months ago, a large number of members of the dark races mysterious disappearance in Great Britain when Yiliteya to believe, he waited for hundreds of years the opportunity of revenge has come. Through more than six months looking for, Yiliteya found Yufan. And certainly Yufan is that people who can help him revenge. "Are you so sure?" After listening to the story, no flow lou buildings where the slightest surprised look. "I have no choice, and with my power of one person simply can not deal with kinship, not even against those who betrayed the werewolf." Yiliteya barely smiled, "Maybe you can not believe, although six other werewolf clan betrayed us , but they think. Neigeluote closest to the ancestors of the clan have blood by taking our flesh and blood. can get great strength, so I can not do by kao to werewolves, I should not trust them. "Yu who barely smiled, no silent. In his opinion, Yiliteya life experience with him is very similar. Lost their loved ones, wretched, exile. Bent on revenge. He even felt Yiliteya miserable than he, after all, he has a little red and other assistants, Huang got to the door, the snow with the help of top cases can Yiliteya nothing, just a lone wolf in the wilderness. Sympathy can not replace reality. Yufan Yiliteya have to consider cooperation with the problems caused. Negative selection is only one: to kill Yiliteya and never let him leave the house alive. According Yufan estimate. Yiliteya the strength of the wolf Huang almost more to the virtual line to repair the child, I am afraid not ten strokes, Yiliteya have finished. Coupled with the Light, kill Yiliteya not difficult. However, there are so simple? At least. Yiliteya story some are credible, such as werewolf life. Accordance with the ordinary life of a werewolf projections, Yiliteya should now head "wolf" In fact, he is very youthful. In other words, Neigeluote werewolf clan has far more than other werewolves life. Whether werewolf or vampire, life is a measure of the strength of the important criteria. In addition, Yiliteya the transfiguration did not seem awkward. In other words, Neigeluote werewolf clan land after the transfiguration, still maintained a high degree of flexibility. Certainly more agile than other werewolves. This way. Even Yiliteya beat imaginary line child, the same fear of Light. He also had the opportunity to escape. Otherwise, he could not do any temptation to rush to seek them out. If you can not kill Yiliteya, do not worry even if he tipped off to Rani Llandudno, also set a new enemy. However, if the promised land, then what are the benefits? Plainly, a sudden, Yufan does not see any good. Kinship with the werewolf was not his enemy, but his revenge obstacles on the road. Therefore, he and Yiliteya common interests are not consistent. So, Yiliteya can bring other benefits do? For example werewolf source of strength. Think of it, woo who made up their minds. Whenever more a friend than an enemy much much better! "Yiliteya, talk about the blood oath that you talked about it." Yiliteya brow jump a few times, and after filling the two brandy, said: "Whether it is a werewolf or vampire, all of the dark races that Their strength comes from Satan, the great God, every race has on a dark god Satan to legend, all that with the advent of the Dark Ages, Satan the god will return to the world, and gave each a dark life mightily ability is the case, all the dark races Satan will be regarded as the god of God of gods, the god in the name of Satan, the most solemn vows, which went to set a blood oath blood worst. "Yu who could not help laughing, whether it is the Holy See, or dark race and religion-related things, it seems that poured from the same mold out. "At first, my father vows that kinship will be the last one Neigeluote werewolf clan destroy!" Yiliteya a wry smile, "Maybe, I just Neigeluote the last member of the clan, but a few For centuries, I do not see the role of blood oath, perhaps Satan, the god of long abandoned us. "" Perhaps, Satan the god does not exist. "Yu who sneer a bit, did not wait Yiliteya opening, and said "Well, I can cooperate with you, but in the meantime, we have to figure out the meaning of cooperation." Yiliteya does not seem to oppose Yufan evaluation against Satan. "First, you have to obey my command, for the simple reason that you have only one person, and I have a team, you have no choice but to join me to the team followed in my team, you will get a fair treatment, but can not engage in a special, you know, my men are women, they will not do you much favor. Finally, and most importantly, I can not guarantee that can help you get rid of Rani Watergate, or Other kinship with werewolves, can only do my best. "Yiliteya shrugged indifferently. "I can accept these conditions, I have only one request and I will personally kill Rani Watergate, and went out that six of betrayal werewolf clan!" Yu Yiliteya who gladly accepted the Conditions, in his opinion , Yiliteya could live that day is a problem yet. The next thing would be much simpler, in buildings where the inquiry, Yiliteya provide more information. Royce is indeed thirteen kinship lords fighting the worst one. Leaving Yufan surprising yes. Yiliteya know Royce hiding place, and has been to act in secret surveillance Royce. Royce had participated in the action against Neigeluote clan, probably Yiliteya also think his best to deal with, so be prepared to deal with him first. "Under normal circumstances, Royce every ten days will go out alone, with no entourage, no one even knows his secret clan members out of things." Yiliteya picked up the bottle, "he generally In the middle of the night to leave. rush back before dawn for centuries, almost no out exception. "" Why did he go out alone? "Yiliteya shrugged. "I also want to know, but kinship too quickly, I can not transform to improve the speed,Air Jordan Shoes, it has no way of knowing why he was secretly going out, but I think he is mostly to suck people's blood." "Why?" Yu who do not quite understand. Vampire is a vampire. Sneaky necessary to vampire do? "This is just my guess." Yiliteya stand sat up, "secret party was founded, developed a six commandments, which has a provision, unless forced to, can not feed on human blood. Mainly in order to avoid social unrest, violence lou whereabouts after all that time to kill the Holy See in the dark races worldwide, kinship in order to survive, you have to lay low, do everything possible to avoid trouble. additional. Torre multi-clan is the most hypocritical. most emphasis on face clan as clan lord, Royce certainly do not want to let him know that he secretly violate descendants commandments. well see his ugly vampire look it. "" Over the years, the Vatican Cho clan biopharmaceutical company jointly developed a clone of blood, Royce you need to suck human blood? "" clone blood? do you believe genetically modified foods? "Yiliteya laughed loudly," Everyone knows, the United biopharmaceutical companies in the Vatican Cho clan to control. need suck human blood not only kinship, many Orcs, and even some of the werewolf clan likes to feed on human blood, and believe that the blood can increase strength. Vatican Zhuo clan in order to ensure the party in secret, kinship, and even the dark world in the position, in addition to higher price cloning blood, squeezing other clans hard-earned money, the devil knows what they are cloning the blood out what ghosts. "heard this, Yu who also laughed. Yiliteya say is indeed true to Rani Llandudno smart, he would tamper with the blood in the clone. Do not say anything else, just need to add some dark races can inhibit the ability of additives, and then clone all of the dark races to sell blood, making it a major dark races "food", will be able to ensure that the Vatican Zhuo has all the dark clan clan The most powerful strength. "Of course, taste is also a problem." Yiliteya added the sentence. Yufan very interested immediately looked toward Yiliteya. "Do not look at me, I've never smoked extraordinary blood Neigeluote clan is the best place dark clan, do not need to get power from human blood." Yiliteya immediately said, "For those who like vampire race speaking, if fresh human blood is French cuisine in words, only be regarded as a clone of blood fast food, and even convenience foods. taking only one or two, not a big problem, but for decades, eat the same food, not to mention fast food, even French cuisine, not the same tired? dare misbehave in addition to the descendants, the fear that few senior members of the Renshoudeliao, especially those early years kao suck human blood for a living, and powerful lords. "" You're not wrong, otherwise Royce no other reason to go out alone. "" Do you have any good plan it? "Yiliteya re asked. Yufan rubbed his forehead, Yiliteya appearance, as well as providing intelligence, indeed he did not take into account variables before. Thinking for a moment, who was lifted up buildings. "Yiliteya, you can not become other werewolves look like? '" Other werewolves, it is necessary to do? Should know Neigeluote werewolf clan is the most powerful, the most ...... "werewolf is a werewolf, his mind still enough. Yufan secretly sighed, interrupting Yiliteya, then said: "I do not doubt your strength, I just want to determine what, good arrangements for the following actions." "Then you absolutely no doubt, that for centuries If I do not imitate other werewolves, do not know how many times the dead. "While he was talking, Yiliteya dropped a bottle, climb up from the sofa, ready to demonstrate to Yufan look. "No, I believe you, you lying on the line." See Yiliteya ready incarnations Yufan immediately stopped him. "So, then much easier to handle." "Yufan brother, do you have any good idea?" Silent for a long time the imaginary line of the sub That openings. "With our strength now, let alone deal with werewolves and blood family, as long as the whereabouts of the storm lou, is lucky to have survived to leave the UK, so we can not stem the enemy head-on, it must be leveraging the power." "What is the leveraging playing strength? "Yiliteya not know enough about the oriental culture. "Play tai chi?" Virtual row sub seemed very confused, "Tai Chi is a very low-level martial arts helpful?" Yu who rolled his eyes, began to doubt the intelligence of these two individuals. "I said, with the power of the enemy against the enemy." Yufan bother to explain to them, "You think about it, why the rush to convene Rani Llandudno Dark Alliance leaders meeting? Although he temporarily stabilize the werewolf, trying to get other Several kinship clans to accept his command, but he did not control the entire Dark Alliance, if this time, and the werewolves kinship between what unexpected things, Rani Llandudno efforts in vain. "" You are said ...... "Yiliteya First understand," Let me go to attack Royce, so Torre multi werewolf clan considered dry, thus provoking kinship between the werewolves and direct confrontation. "Yu who nodded slightly This was his idea. "But, in my strength now, is simply not Royce opponent." "Is not a person you go, if you can get rid of Royce, probably a few hundred years ago to start up." Yufan rubbed forehead, and said, "I mean, we were dealing with Royce, and then do something in the article, as long as more than Torre clan, and other clans that kinship is a werewolf, and the Knights Templar dry, would be sufficient . "" But, we do not have the Knights Templar. "" Really? "to see the smoke from the buildings where the right hand of milky light, Yiliteya look upheaval. "This ...... This is 'Chambers ring', how ...... how would you here, you ...... you ...... you are the Knights Templar!?" "Ring is Feideluola to me, I barely considered Knights Templar is a dabbler on it. specific situation, I'll explain in the future. "Light on Yiliteya Yufan know how much threat, he withdrew the Light," Now, we need to choose an appropriate time , as well as a detailed plan of action. "It took a while, Yiliteya look just a little calm a little, he saw Yufan sighted a lot of changes. "Yiliteya, now I need you to do one thing." Yiliteya froze for a moment and said: "As usual, tomorrow night, Royce will go out alone." So good luck! ? Yufan sneer up, hey imaginary line son also laughed, Yiliteya wiping the sweat from his forehead down, followed by extrusion of a smile. ! ~! . . <

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