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> See parked outside the villa Rolls-Royce cars, Yufan immediately guessed who it was. wWw.QUanBEN.CoM "You go in through the back door, took him to the basement." Get off, Yufan red again said, "When I come, do not rush to start." They bring in a coma until the red The big wolf statue Timmy Terry left, Yufan Caichao villa door. Came just priest Wanstead know Yufan live here, and take the initiative to come to, that is, only him. But, this time to more than one person Wanstead. "Reverend, I have said many times, all right, do not come to me, a new message, I will take the initiative to contact you." Wanstead very embarrassed, but did not dare contradict Yufan. In accordance with the rules of the Holy See, as the Knights Templar, the buildings that are directly attributable to the Knights Templar leader, and with senior clergy contact the parish of Great Britain, no longer need Wanstead. But Yufan resolutely to Wanstead retained, he gives the reason is very simple, he only trusted Wanstead, not in contact with other clergy. In this case, in order not to undermine the rule of the Holy See, Wanstead was exceptional promotion to regional vicar of Great Britain. When a man JiQuanShengTian. Wanstead soiled Yufan light. This is true, Wanstead did not dare contradict Yufan. Glanced at the man behind Winster, Yufan sighed into the villa. To the study, the buildings where it was found, did not follow Wanstead come in, that the mysterious man wearing a cape into the den, and shut the door. "You ......" "Mr. Do not you welcome me?" Hear the voice, Yufan startled, then saw a familiar ground face. "Your Eminence, how do you come?" Yu Guests who quickly sat down gently to a lot. To the people exactly cardinals, the future pope Feideluola. "Mr., I can understand your thoughts. To your current identity to stay in Great Britain is very dangerous." Feideluola without the slightest exaggeration. Now stay in the UK "listing" Knights Templar on Yufan one, the other is not to be transferred away, is to be subverted, or mysterious disappearance. In other words, in order to ensure the base camp safely, except for those like flies as annoying, but not much outside threat bounty hunter. Dark Alliance will not let any one person threatening to the Holy See, Knights Templar is the focus of attention objects. Feideluola also a pun on words, he ventured to come, is not for the "old friend" meet up. "Your Eminence too into account." Yufan how can I not understand Feideluola mean, "What are the important things,Coach Poppy Collection, so that His Eminence adventures to come.? '" Mr. Yu received the message sent later, I came the. "Yufan slightly wrinkled brow. Obviously, Feideluola want to personally confirm the situation. Only fear danger came to London. I do not know, the dark races are willing to spend much capital in exchange for the whereabouts of the next pope do? Sudden this idea, let Yu who can not help but laugh. Feideluola certainly among the best on the blacklist dark ethnically and may even be ranked in the head of the Knights Templar, the Inquisition before total deacon is only this in the Pope's number two goals. "Mr. Yu You can confirm the accuracy of information provided by you?" "Your Eminence, if you doubt my ability, then ......" "No, I do not doubt Mr. ability." Feideluola immediately said, "This is related to the survival of the Holy See, I just want to here from Mr. Yu was reconfirmed." "Two weeks later, including kinship thirteen clans, including a powerful force to attack the Vatican." Yufan touched the forehead "While I do not know how many were participating in the operation comprehension, but it can be sure that, certainly many. Moreover comprehension is the main attack on the Vatican." Feideluola to look very grim. He is also clear that even without comprehension for those who join. Thirteen enough kinship clans subject to the Holy See. Yufan careful observation Feideluola look changed. Although Feideluola the mental activity hidden very well, after all, people like him, if not conceal the heart of the idea, I am afraid to topple long been rivals. But Yufan forehead still changing from Feideluola to be harvested. Seems to be some important, but can not say things. "Mr. Yu, very grateful to you to provide intelligence, which is really important for us, in addition to five hundred million dollars ......" Feideluola towards Yufan looked over, "I will soon be ready to make when Vince contact with Mr. Special, just contact other comprehension sect thing ...... "" Your Eminence, you know, the East comprehension is a very strange group. "Feideluola nodded slightly. Although he felt Yufan if there are problems, but he can only get here from Yufan and comprehension-related information, but believe Yufan words. "Although with the Holy See, like comprehension also has its own beliefs, to my knowledge, they believe to be the other gods, not God, but also with the Holy See, as the oriental belief strength comprehension for those who do not have much impact." Yufan heaved a sigh, look also dim down "from the Vatican came back, I also managed with some comprehension sect made contact, but things are not so simple." Feideluola seriously, listen carefully. Yufan words are half-truths, true and false and white, even if Feideluola know countless people, wily, and sometimes it is difficult to distinguish between true and false words. "For I am now master of the situation, I'm afraid I can not be optimistic." Yufan sighed again, and rubbed his forehead, the look was very hesitant, "comprehension is a very loose group, precisely, is dozens, or even hundreds of sect composed of groups. In this group, there is no unified thinking, there is no unified command, there is no unified action more importantly, comprehension pursuit of power. reach extreme forces, rather than the so-called faith, it will not fight for the so-called faith away, so ...... "" If Mr. Yu said yes, then you mentioned that a few of these doors, why would race with dark alliance it? "费德罗拉提 a sharply question. Yufan wry smile and shook his head, and he had expected Feideluola would ask this question. But he did not hurry to open. "Mr., what problems can say though, as long as they get the support of the East comprehension, the Holy See are willing to pay a higher price, not to mention the billions of dollars, even ten billion dollars have no problem." "Your Eminence, for you, the money is important to you? "Feideluola stunned for a moment. A wry smile and shook his head. "The ability to self-cultivation, as well as their goal, they looked down on the money will do? Only like me, you also need to live in the secular world, to enjoy the fun of secular primary comprehension will see very money heavy. "Yufan move the next ass," so to speak, those powerful than I can Conspire cloud. covered in hand of comprehension for the rain to land not money, but something to improve their strength. "" This ...... "Feideluola furrowed his eyebrows," dark races gave them what benefits it can give them their lives? "" That I do not know, I just know that the dark races to grow and develop. naturally have a secret , perhaps, it is of interest to comprehension things right. "saying has been said is clear, however, and Yu who did not re-continue. Hesitated for a moment, the Feideluola grow a breath. "Mr. mean, as long as the Holy See took real advantage comprehension for those who will fight for the Holy See?" Yufan faint smile, did not answer this question. Meaning is very clear, that the Holy See will have to see what is out benefits. And thought for a moment, as if Feideluola made a major decision. Looked up. His gaze paused at Yufan body, said: "Mr. Yu tell those Oriental comprehension for those who, if they can help tide over the difficulties the Holy See, the Holy See will give them a lot of benefits, including things they're interested." Yufan smiled and shook his head, Feideluola the old fox was too cunning, and words mean nothing. "Simply put, the Holy See is a source of strength." Feideluola also know that light kao hint is not enough. Yufan still no openings, Feideluola to words did not make him feel satisfied. "We can use the method of access to and use of the Light in exchange." Feideluola grow a breath, "After all, after the defeat of the dark races, the significance of the Light is not big." "Your Eminence, if with a few comprehension, then you can get the support, "Yu who shook his head slightly," I have brought good news, you do not have to visit a large frame. "Feideluola up meditation again. Yufan words meaning is clear, however, that he needs no promises, but substantial benefits, at least some substantive, allowing him interested. Feideluola ring on his right middle finger will be taken down, hesitated a moment, he put the ring in front of the buildings where the ground. "This is the 'Chambers ring', in accordance with the Light to method,Nike Air Jordan 1 UK, you can derive divine power." Feideluola simple introduction about the ring to use, "this is one of the Vatican source of strength, believing it would Let Mr. convince the East of comprehension. "buildings where there is no rush to get the rocket ring. He remembers, Phillips also has a right middle finger ring, he saw in the Vatican every senior clerics, the Knights Templar, as well as deacons referee on his right middle finger has a similar ring. Does the Holy See by kao is magic! ? Yufan think this speculation is unlikely. The magic number is limited, if the power of the Holy See by the magic number of limitations that could have the size you are now? In addition, the ring looks like, not a natural formation, but cast out, who is casting While this ring? Also, whether the person casting ring has great strength? Obviously, how to become a magic ring, is a key strength of the Holy See! Feideluola have also noted that Yufan idea, said: "As long as the East comprehension are willing to cooperate with us, the Holy See will provide a comprehension of each such ring, to help them deal with the dark races addition. Defeated Dark race, we will use the method of manufacturing the ring to thank the East of comprehension. "This, Yufan only lou out faint smile. Feideluola backed into a dead end, only to make the maximum concessions. This is also Yufan able Feideluola here to get the greatest benefit, if it continues to raise the price tag, it appeared insincere. Besides, the benefits While this ring is enough. Man thing. Must not be too greedy. "Your Eminence, as the Knights Templar. I have an obligation to serve the Holy See, I will soon return to sect. Simply, toll question ......" "Mr. Please be assured that we will provide you prepare the plane." Yufan smiling shook his head, he's not mean. Feideluola hesitated a moment and said: "Another five hundred million dollars will be sent tomorrow, is still the JP Morgan Chase Bank to bearer promissory notes." Yufan still laughed language. "There are an additional reward. Mr. Yu rewarding when I will prepare another five hundred million ...... no, billions of dollars to cashier." "Your Eminence, you're too generous." "Mr. flattering, this is you should get. "Although the lips to say, but in the Feideluola heart, definitely go for the buildings where the greedy villain. "Well, promissory notes received, I will leave as soon as possible. Plane even if the. Believe you do not want to cause dark bishop racial attention right?" Settle this thing, Feideluola winds declined to stay for dinner invited, in his view, Yu Fan's definitely not cheap dinner, that he was cheated out of billions of dollars Yufan it! After saying good-bye Feideluola, woo den where they stayed in a meeting. Yu Fan is on. From Feideluola hands fool all the money is important, but he is more concerned about the power source to the Holy See. "Chambers Ring" did not seem strange, Yufan be put on after the discovery, it is definitely not an ordinary ring. The ring implies strong, pure, bright energy belonging to the Holy See. These energies are not innate ring, but was later poured into the. In the rustically exterior, the interior ring structure is very complicated, is no ordinary processing methods can be done. Seems to be some kind of strange power, in a very long period of time. Gradually eroded. Before establishing such a complex and a unique internal structure. The most amazing yes. Ring even has a storage role of energy! Even more amazing is that the manufacture of the ring material just plain silver, is mortal widespread metals. Yufan most surprised is this. Comprehension instruments used feijian also has a reserve capacity of the first innocent yuan, plainly, is stored in some form feijian in place of energy. But feijian instruments are made with a very special, even where no land boundaries casting materials,Oakley Hijinx clearance, and hence, have a storage capacity of the first innocent yuan. Clearly, the ability to store energy ring comprehension for those who like magic, like feijian and from material, but its very unique internal structure. In other words, the internal structure of the ring has the comprehension refining magic, the magic within the matrix method applied to have the same effect. Pondering for a long time, Yufan have to believe that this is indeed a very valuable ring. Similarly, Yufan also realized that it is definitely not the Vatican source of strength. In accordance with the method described Feideluola, Yufan very smoothly in the right hand of "manufacturing" out of an approximately one meter long "Light Sword", and even the shape of a lightsaber with mind control. After a little familiar, Yu who mastered the controls inside the ring of light energy in the body operation method, and then copy the original Phillips approach in his left wrist, "manufacturing" out of the side "Light Shield." Let Yufan very satisfied with the results, he even believes that as long as he is willing, you can "create" a "Light armor." Problem is here, the implication of the light energy in the ring is limited. Although the internal structure of the magic ring with light collection and slow recovery of energy efficiency, it is the same as the battery can be recharged, but imagine the speed of natural recovery is slow, according to estimates Yufan supplement full of bright energy inside the ring, at least a few ten hours, simply can not meet the needs of fighting. Therefore, the ring is only a strong claim to be props, like comprehension feijian with magic, only a limited ability to raise combatants, rather than a source of strength. Undoubtedly, Feideluola ring is much better than the Knights Templar. The problem is that in the heat of battle, inside the ring light energy will soon be exhausted. If the Knights Templar by kao bright energy fighting inside the ring, and the need to fight for a long time, can not wait for the energy inside the ring of bright natural recovery, right? Think of it, woo who suddenly realize that ring is just a high-density energy carrier, the real Templars know how to use not only inside the ring of light energy, but also certainly be able to replenish ring light energy. In addition, in normal circumstances, the Templars will not use the light energy inside the ring, only to spend only in an emergency. Yufan feel cheated. Feideluola indeed a fox. However, the hands of the ring will not lie, at least this is a treasure, one can be used in buildings where the treasure. Probably figure out the structure of the ring, efficacy, and the use of method, Yufan to the basement. According Yufan's instructions, they did not rush red Timmy Terry will become practicing "tonic." Yu who took the opportunity to experiment a bit ring effect. Timmy Terry shock with cold water after you wake up, Yufan holding "Light Sword" came to restore the werewolf in front of the face of Timmy Terry. The effect is amazing when Nabing Light shining sword appeared in front of him, the big wolf statue suddenly collapsed. He does not know what it is, it will not know the power of the Light. There is no doubt that he is fully convinced Yufan Knights Templar, a letter of the Knights Templar. The actual effect is also true, as cutting tofu, Light Sword Timmy Terry easily cut the chest harder than steel skin, eliminating the hassle of red. "Boss, what is this thing? '" Feideluola magic to me, in the future do not have to worry about the things of Light. "Yu who put away the sword of Light," Well, you seize the time to practice it. Red , told me about it. "Several other beauty immediately started practicing to prepare, in their eyes, Timmy Terry is already a mummified it. "Boss, Your Light ......" "After these things again." Yufan pulled the red corner, "Timmy Terry is big wolf statue, capacity is not under Rhonda, you do not back these days to London, seize the time to improve the repair. "red nodded, she knew, practicing certainly spend a few days. "I want to leave a few days, this time you have to take good care of you." Yu who shot down the red shoulder, the imaginary line of the child to his porcelain dig out. "Big Dan also has a healing effect, if anything should happen, use this." "Boss, do not I go with you?" Yu who shook his head. "You now need to do most is to improve their cultivation the future, we have to encounter more challenges, so you ......" "I know, I know how to do." Did not ask to see the red, Yu did not say where. ! ~! . . <

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