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as it is the sweat antworten

> 102 suspected culprit in Luo and Moulins doubts watched, Lin Shou hammering stone around the lynx. WWw! QUAnBen! Com Previously he learned from Moulins mouth, after the police yesterday rì search tone, white tiger Palace Park Plaza is determined here Guiwu originally sprang to the place. For this statue stands in the square zhōngyāng lynx stone, tiger palace has sent someone to call the police made a detailed, but it seems that the police did not show any clues, the result can only unravels trouble. For such a result Lin Shou actually no surprise, but yesterday he was in fact lynx stone body to feel the presence of electric purple gold gas that flows through the body similar to the pain of high voltage almost closed eyes can in retrospect. Lynx towering stone square is Guiwu originally sprang to the place, lynx stone body wrapped around a mysterious purple gold electroplated gas, and with Guiwu eliminated rapidly disappearing. Signs together, and if the gas and electric purple gold Guiwu no connection between rebellion, then it is the most incredible thing. However, if the link between exploration, very easy to draw an incredible conclusion. That wound lynx stone golden gas and electric purple tiger of Zan mysterious underground palace exudes a purple electric gold tester in the same breath. If lynx stone purple gold electroplated gas really Conghua Zan mysterious instrument leak out, and if that electric purple gold gas true and Guiwu rebellion are linked, then it would mean that means of Zan mysterious instrument is Qiyang place Guiwu frequent rebellion culprit! ? It is not impossible to do. Zan mysterious instrument but that of the town fell to the ground pulse inverse law instrument, whose existence is already one big Guards law, so be careful before making division ancestors descendants are not allowed to use caution. I'm the father against the teachings of our forefathers of Zan mysterious instrument to build out, not to mention exactly how he did it, but runs two decades of Zan mysterious instrument eventually malfunction and cause electric purple gold vein gas escape from the ground. Leaked electric purple gold Guiwu spirits monsters attract a large number of gas gathering, terms of results, has become a leading Qiyang local Guiwu rebellion culprit ...... noodle help during the Alex Lin Shou been considering footmarks mysterious purple gold electroplated gas origin, and ultimately obtained is enough creepy ominous reasoning. You know, he was sent by the Father to help repair instrument of Zan mysterious, mysterious instrument not only did not fix at the moment, but there is reduced to attract Guiwu rebellion suspected culprit - simply leaking every night rain, Nothing is worse situation. Combs originally due to forest destruction for the sake of breaking the military WANG Ji, White Tiger Temple and build relationships door division is already at odds, at the moment if more aware of the instrument is incurred Qiyang Zan mysterious cataclysm the culprit, it must be fire poured oil, or they might put white tiger palace has accumulated grievances all detonated instead. In that case, Lin Shou really can not think about being a successor of his teacher made what end. Fortunately, there seems not noticed the white tiger palace revolt Guiwu contact with the mysterious instrument failure, Lin Shou still a little time to save the reputation of the door division and made their own destiny. Currently the only solution is for the police out of Zan mysterious instrument malfunction, and as soon as the fault repaired over. "Damn, why do I have to help that guy aftercare can not ah ......" Lin Shou while cursing father left big trouble, while carefully observed the lynx tone stone. Zan instrument of mysterious underground palace in tiger body is enveloped Huang Lei, simply close or not, he was going to gas from electric purple gold tone detect leaks to detour, but the results did not seem so easy. Yesterday rì had wound electric purple stone gold gas is now no trace, no matter what method he used can not detect its presence, even arms cartridges are also no sense. Helpless,Coach Online Outlet, the forest had to turn its attention to keep lynx stone surface. This stone city built in Qiyang had existed before the city, said to have thousands of years of history. To build the door division experience, like so in the long time where smoking together spirit world atmosphere of antiquities, mostly residential with Yun soul, and some have even changed generated jīng blame. Lin Shou intended for direct transfer from lynx stone at the police why, then laid his right hand on the stone, cast from good fortune method. France is the role of luck with things spiritual exercises Yun, Yun Ling Yun soul is accumulated and the birth of the soul, with the good fortune France wake lynx stonework Yun soul, and normally it should be easy to do, just play surprise Lin Shougang good luck France, one ban curse rebounded violently force begins carving out. Moulins and Luo only see red stone Baoshan, Lin Shou's right hand will be like to fly like being violently shot bounced back, Menheng quit five or six times. "Lin Shidi!" Exclaimed the Moulins quickly ran over, but keep in addition to the palm forest micro-infrared Actually, I'm all right. Lin Shou-tossed palm paralysis, after a few words on Mullan briefly explain, once again came before the lynx stone, his heart was alarmed. "Sure enough, so ......" Lin Shou Yaochun muttered. That prohibition taste just bounce he is no stranger. Father phenomena of nature, had been sent to the house of practitioners, they do not know how many times have tasted a similar prohibition rally, which could not be more familiar. Lin Shou conclude that the prohibition imposed lynx stone door division is made true mass, but as for whether the prohibition applied who, with his knee would like to know. Seal ban is usually used to protect confidential mysterious object method, Lin father set a ban lynx stone, seems to be what Guiwu fled exports. Such contact order may keep the heart foreboding forest increasingly strong, and gazed at stone in front of the lynx, the last bite taken from the arms of a creature. "Bastard, I'd like to see exactly what playing tricks ......" Lin Shou objects removed from his arms, trimmed with dark green jade piece is a monocular endoscope. This endoscope called "Jane Long Looking Glass" for the making of the door division and teacher-made magic with a glimpse of the concept of various physical connotation of the supernatural, is forest guard at the hard crack ban after from the nature of things the temple to obtain booty. Lin Shou-skilled worn on the right eye of the endoscope, coupled with good fortune law law formula, the right eye vision suddenly changed. I saw the original scene becomes blurred when clearly visible, but also their immediate take things emerge out of a flickering flame balls. Lin Shou already know, that flame is Zhu Yun spiritual things with cash, and different flame sè represents a different matter Yun Zhu phase, but when he moved to the line of sight when the body lynx stone, or one can not help but scared jump. Presented in front of the stone is not only lynx flame Yun Ling, Jane Long endoscope even the flame around the prohibition law in conjunction with the present apparatus are out. I saw that proscribed rites by countless array of sizes of round curse composition, curse between RUF and curse like jīng dense array-like bite each gear staggered formation like clockwork complex ovate structure. Ovate prohibition law instrument will lynx stone of Yun Ling completely enveloped, Lin Shou-only faintly see there are blue-huang sè the flame at enlivened. "This stuff ...... really Daddy do?" Watching complex and tedious prohibition law instrument, Lin Shou-exposed toothache-like tough look. Presented in front of the prohibition law instrument, regardless of structure and morphology in the same house with the phenomena of nature, but the complexity is far more than he had cracked one. Lin Shou almost can not help playing drums retreat, but fortunately empty crack compared to the original,Coach Handbags Sale, now his hands more convenient pieces handy tool. Manufactured by the manufacturing division ancestors magic "Jane Long Looking Glass", then play its magical infinite hidden supernatural powers, would ban rites into complex graphics rendering visible in front, so Lin Shou finally have a starting point, unlike the face of the instrument when Zan is so mysterious place to start. By Jane Long endoscope supernatural, Lin Shou-view TV drama glimpse carefully bewildering complexity rites. Should perhaps be grateful to his Father ban tests, dizziness seen before, Lin Shou finally was forced to parse out the law that prohibited the hierarchical structure analyzer. Instrument composed of law inside and outside the curse array is divided into three layers, the outermost array Moyo curse for interrupting the aura. This layer of stone curse array itself will lynx Yun Ling Yun Ling and imprison hidden rites gave up its disguised as an ordinary stone, white tiger palace and thus to conceal the past. If it were not born Lin Shou-made door division, while the hands and just have a Jane Long endoscope so the supernatural magic, I am afraid that is able to detect these subtleties. Curse of the outer layer of prohibition law instrument array although conception jīng wonderful, but the principle is not complicated inverted. And good luck with the endoscope supernatural law convenience, Lin Shou will soon be cracked, then deep into the second layer curse matrix. And hide with outer curse array different rites of the second layer curse array is truly ban function of the curse array, also previously put his Danfei curse force origin. As guardian of the walls of the inner array curse,oakley sunglasses cheap, curse the second layer is shaped array of exceptionally strong, but the literal meaning of the "impregnable" and "impregnable fortress." Jane Long endoscope half against supernatural powers, relying on empirical intuition half courage, Lin Shou gingerly explore the curse array breakthrough. It feels like climbing a night under the city walls, in addition to carefully explore the dark foothold outside, had always pay attention to the surface of the Sentinel, a little unexpected is destroyed ending, which difficult it can not be described in words. But a moment's time, as it is the sweat Lin Shou-laden back. Luo mortal concept of intrinsic natural no glimpse of the supernatural, only to see the forest to keep his hands on lynx stone, then they stay then do not move. Comprehension Moulins do know I'm a former defensive line being cast spells, but watching him sweating hard look, for a time did not dare to disturb verbally. Green Crow quietly withdrew the sword, stood behind him for his protection from the method. So full after a time of incense, with the experience of courage and luck, Lin Shou-Cai insurance, and insurance climbed over the walls that thorns, finally came to the prohibition law instrument innermost layer. After the previous two curse array of agonizing, Lin Shou endurance almost been exhausted. If the innermost layer of the curse is so complicated array is still dangerous, he is ready to temporarily retreat to prepare, but the result to his surprise. Curse of the innermost array actually exceptionally simple, I saw the light flowing roads Huang staggered in space, into a chain wrapped around zhōngyāng brilliant blue flame of sè so much inside curse array is set to prevent outside intrusion prohibition, might as well say more like a seal with the internal flame that group in general. "Well, how it was ......" and imagine different circumstances, strongly stimulated Lin Shou curiosity. Put aside the heart of hesitation, Lin Shou Qing Huang sè chaona flame of hand. His hand is no blockade through the roads of light-huang, the final touch to seal the depths of the blue brilliant flame. Touch the flame when coming from the palm of your hand at the cold wet feeling. That feeling in the moment amplification, as is spinning like a trance, until Lin Shou-trance to get out from that time, in front of the King sè is distinct. Rise is to clarify the cloudless sky ...... so towering lush reed ...... meanders behind shallow ...... Lin Chung backstroke posture to keep floating in the reeds, the cold feeling imbued with the body. Trance suddenly came at the right earlobe itch feeling, Lin Shou subconsciously raising his hand to touch, to see a naughty fish quickly swim away. ! <

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