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cast rǔ Yan Lin fell like the antworten

> Full text no ads came from underground rumbling roar destroy the more closer, people have looked around with a look of panic, suddenly between the sound of broken storm sounds intense, wide Quan field behind the ground to be a gigantic suddenly rushed open. (Full text books free download) like roots that gigantic black lacquer stick, but its thickness is sufficient to rival Tiger Temple main hall of gilt Jinlong Feng column. That towering black column extending out from the depths of the earth, crashed through the ground and continue to grow with incredible speed. Flanagan looked at the crowd with a sluggish imagination of pillars, neck tilt angle gradually approaching the limits of physical structure. Suddenly screams attracted the crowd's attention to the past, I saw a silhouette dancing falling down at the moment since the top pillars pillars have been prominent enough to have seven or eight meter ground, the man to zìyó u state of falling bodies falling from the top of the pillars, if there is no accident, then, would definitely be destroyed in the end. However, the presence of people were turned out by the previous pillars of the extraordinary circumstances of the shock, including XUTENG included, looked at the man dancing screams fall,Oakley Flak Jacket Online, should have failed in the first time to think up the rescue. Wait to see the appearance of the people fall, taken aback and lay down hurried action, has fell behind the others. "Lin Shidi!?" "Shou brother!?" With two different tones exclaimed, Moulins and almost simultaneously move toward the moon night sky falling man to chase. As pillars broke ground level impulse, coupled with the vertical gravitational effect, so that people along the parabolic trajectory down to the edge of the field wide Quan. [Creating a big division] Bo look after the former owner first 85 edge hold plant debris piled up blocks of rooms, and to the two female flying wing marching one after volley leaps, and finally grab the parabola with the ground moment before touching someone to catch the fall. Three vertical drop weight plus the huge impulse, immediately collapsed the wood barricaded rooms. Only to hear the sound muffled bang, Moulins and moon night, coupled with falling someone, suddenly collapsed wing was buried up due to such a misfortune occurs only in just a few seconds, the distance is only stunned disciples attention's sake. After a few seconds until they recovered, they are all shocked lose sè, have shrill shouting, not life-like wing collapsed at that step sprang. Time to push back a moment ago, when the width of blame between mysterious instrument, the manufacturing division successor surrounded by a horde of electric purple spider, plunged into an unprecedented impasse. Common sense to think, then, that situation did not have the opportunity to escape, so I'm taking a non-sense to keep the escape plan. All the pubic region Genelec gas knots, together with the heterogeneity curse cartridges divergent forces, without reservation absorbed into diamond without thought, the same curse cast change tactics. (Full text books free download) according to his original idea, it should be no thought of changing the use of diamond supernatural crashed through the ceiling overhead, and then took the opportunity to flee to the relative safety of a layer. I do not know when something goes wrong curse cast the line, or by the force of impact cartridges heterogeneity curse, King no wish to become towering pillars sudden, drastic changes in their forest to keep far more than expected. Width between the zenith of reinforced concrete like it to be easily ripped like tofu, I think the potential diminished Vajra no later went ripped through several layers of compartments and under the watchful eyes break through to the ground. [Creating a big division] Bo look starting 85 after the former owner hold in thunderous noise, Lin Shou only doom holding Vajra no thought, still it pulled himself to the ground rushed. That time in just a few seconds, but it is unforgettable Shou Lin realized that the matador of mind. Diamond no wish to terminate after seven or eight meter out of the ground has changed, while the forest code is used to xìng to throw out. Felt suddenly a light body, Lin Shou opened his eyes and saw the towering palace under Fangbai Hu panoramic and wide Quan court numerous fine as beans, flour sè stay natural audience. At the same time realized his own danger, Lin Shou sent panicked screams, however, since the suppression of the body but can not fall down. Than was the original landing of deep lake near misses, at the moment only under full of hard stone-paved ground, and the body does not have any life-saving props. Rapidly approaching ... looking at the ground, Lin Shou subconsciously eyes closed, his head like a revolving door emerges as past memories. There seems vaguely familiar voice heard, but before he could in retrospect, it suddenly hit on something, followed by the collapse of the voice sounded withering, dust flying between buried into darkness ...... "" ...... Huh? "Imagine the pain does not come apart,Nike Air Jordan 9, but is coming back wonderfully soft touch, some of the things around him a warm, comfortable atmosphere that make Lin Shouhuai suspect that he is not to skip athletic, direct soared to Bliss Pure Land, he tentatively opened his eyes and saw a hand wrapped around Bai Jinhuang gas That palm blocking rafters collapse rubble, safe space for him propped Lin Shou-moving eyes glanced toward the next to go, and then saw a bright red hair, as well as relief pleased smile. [creating a big division] Bo look starting 85 after the former owner hold "sister moon night? "Lin Shou stunned silent, the body moved slightly lower, turned behind him sounded low and weak Menheng. Behind the soft things moved, cough a few times, spit breath with the smell of blood." Moulins Sister! ? "Lin Shou Moulins received first to bear the bulk of the pads as directed fall. Even with Tai Genelec supporter, visceral also be no small shocks That Mazumdar little bright red face contracted, but attend to wipe bosom meet again towards the boy, eyes cast to the loving care. "Lin Shidi, you ......" I did not hurt, right? "Listening to the slightly hoarse voice, you can not help Lin Shou-violent somersault together. He opened his mouth to say something, the other side of the moon the night was "drink ah" sound suddenly force, with Bai Jinhuang gas burst, the pressure buildup in the body of the three bombers fly immediately to go through. "Well, all right, keep brother." Moon night back propped Lin Shou, and Mullan also able to stand up. At this point everyone is clamoring for a distance came towards us, but they did not see one. Moon night patted the dust, Mullan brushed mouth with blood, two women looked at each other frowning, just rolling the point again stiffened atmosphere. On the other hand, completely confuse the situation of the forest to keep the line of sight in the two acquaintances who swing back and forth. Hesitated a moment, the first move towards long lost Moulins also asked the openings. "That, Moulins sister, you," "how can you be here?" [Creating a big division] Bo look starting 85 after the former owner hold "ah, listen to Xuchang Lao said you came Qiyang City, I'll come pick you up ,. "Mullan smiling gaze to the forest to keep his face, gently said. "Come on, Lin Shidi, let's go back Liaison Office, to give you a good wash down the dust." "I can not do." Mamoru had time to nod in the forest before the first moon night plugged in, exceptionally tough signifies. "Shou brother is my tiger palace entertaining important guests, how can we let unidentified woman casually away?" "Whether customers are willing to use violence should stay strong, this is the white tiger palace hospitality you? '" Well! guy holding a weapon come to make trouble, you are qualified to say such a thing? "" trespass White Tiger Palace concerned, I shall, after confessing to the elders, but Lin Shidi for me to send the sword come, and I have to him responsible for the safety. "Moulins shook his head, hand draw jianjue, with never give a firm voice said. "Today Anyway, I have to bring him back!" "Too, continue to say useless ......" four spiritual Indian moon night surfaced again, winding arms of the white tigers larger hands into the virtual Jin Guanghuang appearance, but contemptuous look at Moulins empty-handed. "Would you empty-handed, and I intend to fight it?" "Do not worry,Coach Satchels Clearance, my weapon is here ......" Moulins indifferent smile, reaching out to the distant forest along Jianxia keep falling. "Out! Young crow!" With the "pop" sound Baoxiang, that impose a heavy scraping printed Jianxia, ​​instant water to be a huge red open. That huge water spewing out from Jianxia, ​​set off waves in the void, grabbing possession more rì Jian Qi released, like a violent tornado, a sudden he gave to sweep around the ruins into the ground. ... As if awakening chūn days Bear, newborn blue crow sword vent with Yun enjoy a winter storage life, quite a while before slowly calmed down. Clarify that the flow of water into the air together, cemented a huge water polo or 3 meters in diameter, will be a two-edged sword light blue sè quietly suspended in water polo zhōngyāng. Moulins hand, a sword like that light blue sè echoes like to shine. Great water polo intense shaking Chanzhuo, blink of an eye to be blue crow sword devoured siphon inside. Sword with a hint of blue crow crystal blooms, such as cast rǔ Yan Lin fell like the master's hands. "Long time no see, blue crow." Moulins miss the action with a fully stroking his love sword. From the look of the blue crow sword there came an unprecedented strong pulsation, and just fly off the tray when the publicity scene, all show that the lattice juicy sword sword has increased dramatically fact. With exceptionally gentle eyes swept around him making division successor, Mullan took a deep breath, pressed my heart almost overflowing out of gratitude and love. Light drink soon, blue crow sword immediately ejected raging blooms, water Hua Jiangang as snake-like around the Moulins side, so that the surging momentum sè moon night also can not help but face slightly changed. "Ventolin Young's blessing, and now I can finally come up with a real strength." Moulins holding blue crow sword toward the moon like a boast of anything like the Declaration of the night. "......" What is interesting, that I will no longer mercy. "Moon Night sneered response and emphasize what is like hard like a hammer hands constituted by the Bai Jinhuang gas giant fist colliding, Flaring Qijin scattered shè open to the surrounding ground cut to pieces. [Creating a big division ] Bo look starting 85 after the former owner of the water hold truculent Shining Baijin Huang Hua Jiangang and gas, in the ruins of collapsed wing intertwined, the fierce confrontation. air mixed with inexplicable reason, but fierce mad gas, near the ruins divided into ordinary people can not get near the danger of such restricted area at this time in addition to also stay outside the penalty area in the forest to keep the rest stop at the two men were at thirty paces distance. looked Huang Jiangang and gas fierce intertwined, The one-off demolition destroy rafters crushed by the scene, his disciples were shouted shuddered with awe looked at two women scared to Heaven, while a great doubt also jumped from their minds out and "they just suddenly Bazhan, then they suddenly go to war, overwhelmed by Doudou Hehe's (full text ebook free download) <

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