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07.06.2013 09:06
of the door division Linshou antworten

> Full text no ads' fourth, you said that guy was locked up in a dungeon? Led the way! The old lady he'd like to see exactly how the door division made a superhuman, dare Sanfanliangci to my tiger palace wildly! "Father, animal husbandry excited waving, stood up and went out. Www, quanBEn, cOM (full text books free download), 'headed, do not get angry." Mu uncle righting hand side are inverted candlestick, smile Father was consoled husbandry. , 'Even if that boy really made the successor of the door division, but after all, just epigenetic junior. Children are overwhelmed but disputes the results actually disturb your old come forward, then, seems a bit too much fuss my tiger palace of the strike? "Mu uncle, then very reasonable, animal husbandry, Father had stopped, but walked in situ showing angry expression eleven feet actually say it, White Tiger Temple and is a long-time friend of the door division made thick friendship, animal husbandry, the young Father Father and Lin also is loved when friends and relatives to pay. simply because some nameless detective Xi rì, but now I suddenly break off two decade period koan has pending, White Tiger Temple is still resentment still lingers here, but even so, Father, animal husbandry, it is impossible to manipulate the division Laxialianlai true successor shot. Grandfather walking on foot after a long while, animal husbandry, angrily sat back armchair, suddenly came from Dianwai hasty footsteps of the two eyes immediately moved over, I saw a guard broke into the house of his disciples from Dianwai That disciple Liang stagger the footsteps of his face has been exposed as if like a frightened look great, prostrated themselves in front of the temple with a flurry of reports of the sound, 'consulting his head! not, bad it! ", 'bastard! Your head is good enough, what is wrong? "'No,! Miyaji is less and less Miyaji back!",' Back to back chanting, fart bigger things ...... "Wait! You said even frame" stunned to react after the pastoral Father, grabbed the disciples fell down to the ground with great surprise and disbelief with a voice asked with. , 'You say night child back? Really? "'Yes is true disciple Wan dare fool head." Father that his disciples were grazing into the air with one hand to pull hard answered. , 'That's the big wedding ah! You also called ass called! ", 'Known' but less Miyaji is vicious look, riding a motorcycle all the way from the main entrance toward the rushing here, brothers stopped all no stopping, but also several series was Zhuangfei know" ... "That disciple hand gestures the said animal husbandry and animal husbandry uncle heard Father Yaran, looked at each other, is planning to ask carefully when he suddenly heard banging coming Dianwai chaos ring. (Full text books free download) with a loud, 'Get out! Out of the way! "The clear drink,Nike Air Jordan 8, I saw two disciples pulled guard house screams fall to the ground down into rolling to hoist ......" When Qiyang tiger West City Palace Miyaji less due to a sudden go home when the mess Nan adjacent side, come haunting tune Guiwu events Moulins police also concluded this rì steep fruitless labor tune police liaison job is to return the way. '...... "More noisy than usual too, out there something wrong?" West between Taipei City and separated only by the river of Changlang, so much white tiger palace sāo move also pass over. Standing on the bridge overlooking the distant Moulins inexplicable chaos sāo white tiger Palace, subconsciously think that if they cause trouble with Guiwu related. As a First Class Executive Club Road is dry Officer Moulins Chuyao Vanquishing long active in the forefront, has also solved many incidents of fierce haunting strange inexplicable events, whether real or tune has extensive experience in both the police. And therefore subject to the Presbyterian Church came to assist tiger palace dispatch handling recent series Guiwu haunted events. Although the tone is to assist the police, but, after all, is the name of the white tiger palace hidden world of the Royal three moving one's own turf out these matters already considered absurd, if accepted it would be the right way will help even more shame. Therefore, there is no white tiger palace slightest willingness to assist in the police, but fortunately did not restrict the activities of Moulins, Moulins had to rely on our own strength results to adjust the police matter. This time Qiyang haunted city Guiwu more baffling, often appear suddenly, suddenly disappeared, do not have the slightest trace to be found. Moulins time previously spent five days Guiwu wounding places all ran again, the result is no gain. She heard Qiyang yesterday rì suburban building waste often have a ghost-infested news, so today's special detectors with two Young. It turned out that dive into the floor, look after the waste was discovered that the so-called 'ghost "was actually harmful Qiyang a mob. Those demon who seems to have spent building this building as a base assembly, relied on numerous, Moulins on her door very blunt. Even without blue crow sword, those three streams demon How can it be the right way jīng English opponents? demon who would naturally be Shushan Woman to take lessons of the meal, however, and therefore Moulins That missed half Qiyang City sāo spread chaos. hug came out from the waste already in the afternoon, Shi Dimen suddenly received a temporary recall order, then returned alone Mullan liaison, turned out the way he was white tiger palace sāo move to attract attention, 'really is wrong with that, well ...... "looked away stand tall white tiger palace, Moulins efforts depressed think the idea of ​​tackling what happens. You know, Chuan martial martial sites but comprehension Following the foundation of incense, comprehension Zhupai did not dare to see extra treasure own site. That white tiger palace is not even the right way would have to disregard one of the royal three, if not in charge of liaison Xulao and white tiger palace were old friends thick cross-head, the right way will only tolerate in their own site is not possible to establish liaison offices thing. Are also out of fear that enraged tiger palace considerations, Presbyterian was only sent her a man came to the police transferred the matter, even brought the two had served as assistant to the Provisional Young called back. These days around the city of Moulins to Qiyang thorough investigation, white tiger palace for her actions have been considered to be fairly tolerant, but if touching the bottom line, then, who knows Tiger Temple would react. "Back to the other side there is no news Xuchang Lao see ......" Moulins shook his head, to recover from the other side of the white tiger palace sight and instead walked toward the liaison office. Through two streets is where the white tiger Alex noodle street, this time is dusk,Oakley Sunglasses Flak Jacket, busy people have switched a rì home, noodle shop also rare quiet down Moulins into the noodle shop, renowned for the front only sporadic few guests sat behind the kitchen counter at Xulao are counted with the rì gains. Book business side grin turned over there looks like, but rather to the air full of small noodle shop owner, however, fell on the eyes of people familiar with the situation, but it very weird. "Xuchang Lao, I'm back." Moulins Ann walked softly to arouse Xulao attention. "Ah? 是 Muslim girl, ah, glad you've come, help me to the back of the cabinet ...... Huh?" Xulao looked up, a man renowned for Mullan actually celibate, could not help but stunned. "Muslim girl, how is a person you come back?" "Ah ......" Early expect to be asked, under late after Mullan replied. "That, previously abandoned building in tune when police suddenly received a headquarters command, like elsewhere, much-needed manpower, Watson moved temporarily to give Zhao Wei really back." "What did you say? Those two boy was transferred back!?" Xulao looked stunned Moulins, voice with great indignation. "Are you kidding! Old lady here painstakingly ...... ah no, maintain a liaison office,Oakley Polarized, finally came two free labor, the wife also intends to take some of cultivation, actually just give me a call back!? Exactly Which fat bastard's disposal so? "" That pounds), is a Presbyterian directly ordered. "Moulins hard to ignore Xulao behind the words, for two Young turn answered each comment. "Wei Wei death ... they really these days a lot of attention by your old, but the command is more urgent and do not have time to personally bid farewell to your old, so old asked me to give you an apology." "......" Apology? Well, those two kid this time fear is being celebrated misery it? "Presbyterian but Masamichi's highest decision-making department, since it is a direct order Presbyterian, even Xulao probably also helpless. Xulao staring at the front of the business book, grimace in pain after the whistle cushions for a long while, again turned his gaze to Moulins body. "fills the group of old fool anyway no other purpose besides drag, but fortunately I did not go in the pit ...... Well, that was two useless little priest even, actually keep it kid ? Does he leave Cleveland while stocks sword after such a fragmentation? "" Shou kid? Send the sword? "Moulins winked, a couple of seconds later react, all of a sudden look of surprise particularly exposed,." Xuchang Lao, you say keep kid ... "is the cause of the door division Linshou Lin Young? Him, and he also went to Qiyang City come in yet? "" Yes ah, your young crow sword repaired, Lin old man sent him to help you get over, because that kid hurry to find you, I let him follow the secret mirror to find you ...... how? Implying you did not meet him? "Xulao pick eyebrows, doubting asked. "I have not met Lin Shidi pregnant ..." Moulins hurried out the secret mirror look, and saw that it does not have any comments, suddenly intense worry about it. "Is Lin Shidi accident? Qiyang City is a white tiger palace site, there are those demon in four trouble, if the Lin Shidi encounter them ......" Think Qiyang City rì stream near the Bay of unstable atmosphere, Mullan could not help but panic up, holding secret mirror frequently looked out the window. That tight frown brow, worried anxiety appearance, Xulao or first saw, I feel particularly fresh, but also did not forget to remind her. "Do not panic Do not panic, Muslim girl, maybe the guy just lost it turn dizzy, you first try and contact him to see ......" Hey, this is his secret mirror number. "" Ah, I ...... I try. "Mullan took a deep breath, dial Xulao given number, then carefully placed in the ear secret mirror. Tingtongli soon sounded gifted young music Moulins slightly nervous thinking about how to speak, did material over several minutes, listening to Jane there is still a pending ON state until the lines automatically cut off after Mullan and continuous call several times, but the secret is still no answer mirrors the other end of the state. in such a situation One possibility is the secret mirror at this time did not keep him in the forest, another possibility is to keep the secret mirror body in the forest though, but I did want to answer can not be answered in the state. feeling Either way is filled with ominous taste, Mullan's brow wrinkled up tightly. (full text eBook free download) <

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