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07.06.2013 09:05
Huo star has rushed to the Yang Khai antworten

The 548th chapter battles Liu jiggle is ah, the dream of endless master? The battle to now, he has not shot, why doesn't he shot, is not to do so, or not here? Undue delay may bring trouble. Kang chopped the frowning, he always have a not very wonderful feeling, perhaps Yang last injury to his left a psychological y ī n shadow to him, anyway, Kang cut now just think of Yang Kai the man, he was terrified. High and let the wind gently nod, entropy wins battle in the past few months, high and let the wind with Yang Zhao and Yang grips. Each time the Yang Khai are beyond all expectations, create some people want to all dare not to think of success and glory. This time seems to be seven people eat Yang Khai, who knows to will finally be and what happened? The miracle of this thing,New Arrivals Coach, it is often seen. In Yang Khai already. "I went over to help!" Khodorkovsky stars eyeball a turn, said a sentence, no leaf Xinrou response rushed past. A new leaf soft eyes twinkle, cold hum a, surprisingly did not stop. "I'm going to see the little prince!" Liu jiggle stepped out. This leaves Xinrou stabilization not to live, hurriedly way: "childe don't, you are not his" words haven't say that finish and then swallowed, because Liu rocked with an icy gaze on her. Although she is now responsible for the seven U.S. forces in name, she also takes the high winds that Kang chopped et al. Seriously, with Yang Zhao's name be a law onto oneself, but Liu jiggle, she still has a kind of instinctive fear. This is the year living in all, life left traces in the first son y ī n shadow. Ye Xinrou wanted to say Liu shake not Yang Kai opponent, it will naturally angered him. "The broken mirror lake a war, I said, when the little prince in the promotion, and his good play, now is the time, who can stop me,Oakleys Flak Jacket Sunglasses, don't blame me don't mention it." Liu jiggles lightly says. Ye Xinrou smile, gently urged: "Nayagi Masako carefully, I wish you all good or not,Air Jordan Spizike UK, contusion contusion Yang." Below, Huo star has rushed to the Yang Khai, grinning at the house of a group of young leaders say hello. They rushed the glaring! All these people do not understand why the situation would develop into this, Huo Huo home tonight the stars also participated in the attack on Yang Kaifu, nature is not pleasant. Huo Xingchen did not take it seriously, but staring at Dong light cold way: "the fat man, roll out, master had to get over you. Fat like a pig, but also the whole R ì play graceful but not showy, how do you and the 1/10000 style?" What. Dong light cold surface s è a cold, cold eyes looked at Huo star. "You should hear the ears not deaf." Khodorkovsky stars crooked head, a pair of during the working hours of the other. Dong Qing Han ha ha smiled, chubby face, gently shaking muscles, then, came forward, walked, side will fist pinch crackle. "That is all right." Khodorkovsky stars laugh, "just a family's son, also dare and Yang this evil creature, look at the little R ì not cripple you!" Said, and looked at other people, y ī N loss: "have you idiot, do not want to die, he left early.

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