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07.06.2013 08:56
and Xiang Chu no blood s è antworten

The 518th chapter killed the door Yang Zhao was reprimanded to Chu and Nan Sheng, a loud thunder suddenly passed: "Xiang Chu, Nan Sheng, your time has come!" The little voice, but clearly into the ears of everyone. It looked ashamed y ù, a face of anger to Chu and southern Sheng heard these words, can not help but God s è big change, panic extremely. The face of Yang Zhao s è suddenly seem strange, squint to Chu and southern Sheng two people, hey hey sneered: "what do you mean? Chiu how ran?" Nan Sheng mouth, dare not speak. Xiang Chu crustily skin of head way: "Yang seems to be a way to kill" nonsense. "!" Yang Zhao's growl, "of course I know he came over, why did he do this? You is it right? What hide me?" In the telling and Yang war scene when, Xiang Chu and not the peak tower, said things out,Crossbodys Coach Sale, is afraid of Yang Zhao more. But now, Yang has been into the palace, to understand the chewton not hide things. "Say, you exactly how to annoy him, let him so angry." Yang Zhaoshen breath, trying to smooth their tone. "Tower Pavilion South brother people and wounded a tower house disciple." The peak tower? Chiu born Pope door?" Yang Zhao frowned, pressed him: "not only so simple?" "Two childe come" to Chu Meiyu entangled, but extremely affair will emerge in its totality. Listen,Oakley Flak Jacket, Yang Zhao gently nod: "oppose each other, resort to every conceivable means, you do not wrong." Overjoyed to Chu smell speech, thought Yang Zhao does not want to be held responsible for them, but the smile just bloom, Yang Zhao's face s è cold cold down, looked at him and said: "if you have the ability to bear old nine revenge, do these I will clap hands for joy! But you have the ability? Without this ability also to do such a stupid thing, I just want to say, you two pig was hatred blinded!" Silent to the chewton. Nan Sheng raised her head: "regardless of whether we are right or wrong, now in the palace outside Yang like this clamor, two childe if ignored, but will let people despise you." "I challenged?" Yang Zhao laughed, "Nan Sheng You despise me Yang Zhao, no wonder you and Xiang Chu two people eat so much deficiency in my nine brother." Nan Sheng can not help but fear, trembling voice: "south a no such intention, two CHILDES please forgive me." Gave him a stern look,Air Jordan Store, Yang Zhao said: "but you say well, old nine light of R ì shit in my house and affray, I really can't ignore." Xiang Chu and southern Sheng smell speech, can not help but overjoyed, hurriedly way: "thank two childe!" No. Yang Zhao shook his head slowly, God s è insipid way: "this time I will protect you, because you are my allies! After this R ì, you each Hui, war city do not need you, Yang Di won the war, also do not need you!" Is cold to hum a, turned and picked up his clothes, he went out. Behind the South Sheng, and Xiang Chu no blood s è, driven to distraction. They didn't think because of this incident, Yang Zhao had to drive them away. South they two forces well, the entropy wins battle had rallied to Yang Zhao this big tree, so >

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