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> In the withered soul Sou Zhu Hao fled after the beast had four rebellion charm also vanish. Although Zhu Hao had left, leaving the words will come back to ask for advice, but then better days are not moving, a time seems to have restored the town green erstwhile peaceful. Townsfolk rì child before discussing the strange beast, but living in the town of their youth, for a similar move sāo long been accustomed to, as always, live leisurely farming rì child labor. For Lin Shou, the last is so thrilling battle also is past clouds, recently, his interests are placed above the clean-up trophy. That day Father something out, I'm getting up early in the morning to keep the old one yard HuangJueShu, the inventory of his belongings come from. "Bite bone screws, eight ...... broken magic dart, seven ......" Lin Shou put his arms curse dart out, followed by a table laid out in bluestone. Curse spell similar dart and is also the most common curse comprehension with equipment, but according to different methods of refining, there are differences Masamichi evil ways. Efficacious as having broken the evil forces Hama dart, is the right way disciples love to use curse dart, and nails such Bonechewer yīn Malediction dart, it is only Xiemowaidao will be used. Lin Shou-breaking magic dart original nine, when the last deal withered soul Creepy loss of two, which made him too sad for a moment. But as a remedy, he has plundered from a ghost out of eight priests who bone screws to bite. Bonechewer quite difficult to nail refining, power is also yīn vicious evil, but if used inappropriately, it will cause the above yīn Malediction bite force, Masamichi disciples therefore always been taboo. But for Lin Shou, the door division has always been there made things a long tradition of taking charge of creation, from the sensible they followed him learn how to make spells with Father instruments, yielding a mere Bonechewer let alone the natural nail. "Best use" is the door division ancestors made earnest teachings, waste material with is unforgivable sin. Anyway refining Bonechewer nail is not himself, then unceremoniously Lin Shou put bite bone screws to kindly consider. Good inventory Bonechewer nails and broken magic dart, Lin Shou poised to put them aside. Like so evil takes all circumstances, if the fall unusual comprehension eyes, I am afraid that the other surprise. But for making door division, but it is only normal thing. "Well, well ...... ghostly mysterious incense took a tube of blood Li Dan bottle ......" Lin Shou and from the arms of two successive curse has come out. Ghostly mysterious incense is called evil demon charm cited incense, usually when used in the cast witchcraft evil ways, usually touches useless. However, Li Dan, is that blood and blood more life top grade immortality, is refining methods yīn poison point, but to save lives, then naturally there will not be any burden. "The rest of ...... Well, has not it?" Touch the empty sac Huai Lin Shou revealing look to get enough. That ghost priests Shen Wu Yan yīn just wanted to be afraid of the temple messenger, from him plunder of these things have been considered good luck. Creepy think to escape withered soul, Lin Shou-tan was not able to help but he left behind, or do not know how much the baby can be plundered. "Whirring, these are I, are I's ......" Looking at the small pile of treasure table, Lin Shou thought, back again after Ji sword and his right hand tied cents obtainable under the dart and Hama etc. put together. Leisurely took a deep breath and then exported, half of his body lying down on the table, stretched out his hands, hug all belongings on the table over, a time grin, seemed content to the extreme. For always the good fortune not to force their own laws and distress, often buttressed by the tail of the forest had to fight to keep, the last battle with the demons that priests can be said that re-energized, a turning point in the gas spit Yu! And this heap piles of belongings on the table, it is best to win praise! No wonder he was now lying on the table, to show such a contented look. Unfortunately, such a pleasant time did not last long, they keep squints in the forest, trying to baby and then looked again when the thunderous sound of rapid buckle the door came from the outside. "Well? Who, Who?" Lin Shou diffuse from the state meet in the wake, while the closing rush into the arms of equipment on the table, while loudly asking the outside comer. But he did not get to answer inquiries, but is more violent knock sounded, Lin had to keep up the pace, ran quickly ran over. "Come here! Early in the morning, Who?" Will not come to the house is Yan yīn kick wherever he goes, right? Lin Shou muttered, also secretly do a good job alert preparation. He pulled open the door first fork, jǐng Ti was slowly pushed open the door. Unexpectedly, had just opened the door of slits, a group the size of a hill shadows they shoved squeezed in! That shadow is an enormous animal skins wrapped with fierce momentum broke two doors, door frames as if to bursting hard to squeeze the last drop into the forest to keep arms. "Uh ......" Lin Shou subconscious hand, clinging to that hill-sized heavy parcels, anti shè foot into a horse-like squatting, but it only stays two seconds trembled violently. Lin Shou backwards Annealing five or six times, was broken bricks to trip over a raised courtyard, flutter down to the ground, the whole people suddenly was that huge and buried wrapped up. It feels like an avalanche engulfed by Lin Shou-body pressing in quartzite, were too two black, breathing hard. Had desperately writhing body, before finally grab the suffocation, escaped from that horrible wrapped head to below. "Little defend, long time no see Hello." Greedy breathe in his precious air time, next suddenly sounded a Cherry childish. The sound is very affectionate, with a sincere heartfelt joy, so that was Lin Shou stunned surprised a moment. Could not help migraine looked surprised to find a petite figure is collapsed across the door, walked towards him. That figure was a girl of about twelve or thirteen mo of age, dressed in a green costume, giving her a playful double ponytail, he's carved jade puzzle is pink, lovely, but rather pop out from the painting China doll. That girl standing in front of Lin Shou, smiling to look at him. "You, you are ......" Lin Shou looked stunned in front of the girls, although felt vaguely familiar, however, no reason for too long, but it is a time to remember who the other side. That girl looked at Lin Shou stay natural look, can not help but look worried, his eyes fell on the huge wrap to keep pressing on the forest, suddenly understood why. "Ah, three years gone, the body is still small to keep it ...... so bad sex!" Girls like Xi Wan sighed, hand clutching parcels. She has not seen how hard, Heiran cry, which put a huge multi-ton packages to put up, leisurely on his shoulders. Like a hill like a huge parcel, the lovely girls to be on his shoulders, a strong contrast between the two constitute a shocking impact xìng screen,Nike Jordan Flight 9 Sale, a seal layers deep in the memory is the name of a sudden momentum to violent surfaced. With the sudden pressure to the body, blood rushes down, Lin Shou had to sleep two black,Nike Jordan 11 Shoes, headache yù crack. Looked up at the girl before loss of consciousness, with a tough voice call each other names. "10, 14 aunt ......" ........................ words, "aunt" the call, usually in the body of the mother's sisters. Lin Shou's mother iron bell Sheng, born in the hidden world inside another comprehension sects iron, but iron head iron Zhongxuan daughter. That iron gate and door division made a similar, but also based on the composition of the family martial art blood bond, but not busy, and has always made incense door division compared to the iron gate is a flourishing population of the big family. Iron head iron Zhongxuan, knees can even offer children and grandchildren. It was Lin Shou addressed as "fourteen aunt," the girls, it is ranked fourteen iron Zhongxuan's daughter, is also the sister Sheng Iron Maiden iron bell, named Maya painting. Painting Maya Lin Shou also older than four years younger, but if according to seniority date, but it is truly a fourteen Lin Shou-aunt. Maya meet initial and paintings, or iron Lin Shou was two uncles back home to visit relatives when chengen. Lin Shou less then ten years old, but has only six-year-old Maya painting. When he learned that the young girl turned out to be in front of their elders when the forest was quite stunned for a time to keep, and Maya painting called "Fourteen aunt" very inconsistent. As head of the daughter, Maya painting since childhood by the iron gate jīng English education, iron junior disciple their awe, inverted never been treated so dare to draw like Maya Lin Shou. Perhaps this is the reason, keep painting Maya particularly interested in the forest. Straighten small physique, earnestly played fourteen aunt angle sè. That visit, forest guard at the gates spent ten days time. Ten days inside, painted a very enthusiastic dragging Maya Lin Shou, take a stroll in the mountains and rivers of the iron sites. But, though it is hidden world famous gates of comprehension martial art, but it is not the green town site so Shanqingshuixiu poised, but Wicked rampant Badlands. Under the leadership of the painting Ying, Lin Shou and there almost every evil,Coach Crossbodys Online, or grotesque, or ugly, or hunting hideous horrible, are gracious eleven played face to face. Imagine, for just a year old behaved boy, that was how shocked xìng with extraordinary experiences. Lin Shou several times in the past is directly Xiahun, sub rì leisurely wake up, and both together are drawn howl Maya dragged out and continue to experience things like this ...... repeat a full ten days, then return to Green Town, Lin Shou also continue to do a year's nightmare, leaving almost difficult to erase the trauma. After that, Lin Shou after another to visit relatives back home a couple of times, though often very enthusiastic about painting Maya Lin Shou to take care of, but the result was just to make this little fourteen aunt Lin Shou more fear. Maya has been painted last seen two years ago things, when Lin Shou fourteen-year-old Maya painting. Meet again after an absence of two years, the memory of the wild girl has grown into almost unrecognizable cute appearance, however, that an overwhelming xìng savage spirit, but did not seem the slightest change ...... <

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