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07.06.2013 08:45
keep faithful and true antworten

Think of little Lord, middle-aged man God s è some complex. In fact, his relationship with little Lord between in nature is not so harmonious, met for the first time, with the spirit of their own body, to walk in his body, did not want to be his restraint, a brand is the spirit, control. Then on a section of the slaves of the R ì,Nike Jordan Flight The Power Sale, during that time, middle-aged man looked meek, keep faithful and true, but every hour and moment do not want to leave little Lord slavery, recovery Z ì y ó u. But with the passage of time, the middle-aged people have gradually found the tremendous potential of less main body hidden, though his memory is not recovered,Air Jordan New School UK Sale, but eagle-eyed. Little Lord, is different from the general Wu, his body covered a variety of aura of mystery, even to get along, and he r ì night rehab, middle-aged people also failed to penetrate the mystery, but more and more confused, let him slowly convergence of mind, secretly look less primary growth. Then, the body was found in the sleepy long Jian, less is more comfortable with their state of mind in which. To tell the truth, at that time he was worried, worry less main suspicion himself, if he does not allow his white now this body, that he really may hate him, trying to get rid of his control. Fortunately, little Lord allowed. This was so he shed tears of gratitude! Think carefully, little Lord seems to be their good, to the body, oneself also should help him, after all, and his brand of own spirit, if provoked him, only the ash an end. Make up one's mind. Middle-aged people of God s è firm, no longer hesitate. But that alone the past, seem to be some not ah, if little Lord ask, don't tell him indulge in pleasures without stop in pale cloud of evil, forget the moment in Shek Pik on the agreed? Frown brooded, middle-aged man at his vast knowledge of God power spread. Just want to have a look around. There can be no use excuses. But when God knowledge spreading, middle-aged general God strength unexpectedly sudden fluctuations in the moment, it seems far away somewhere. There are fluctuations in a familiar spirit came. "Eh?" Middle-aged man God s è couldn't help wonder, looking over one eye, suddenly remind of what. Hey hey smile low voice,Nike Jordan 6 Shoes, body form in a flash, wrapped in a black awn, lightning. Hundreds of miles away, a group of people are fleeing in panic. The number is not much, also many, the foot has about thirty people, but a leader only wander throughout the four layer, the remaining few spiritual master in the environment, most are really yuan environmental warrior. Around them. Some figures are speeding, this group of people are wrapped round, did not immediately killer, just so closely with the. And those with on the side of the warriors, don't seem to be a group of people. There are several group. Among the group of people in its ng J each other. "These people can really hate, with our ten day also jilt not open!" The crowd, a face beautiful girl ran fleetly complaining. "This trouble." A man next to her wry smile, "the way we fear is to can not fight city." "Brother, how we

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