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the robbery after they left antworten

> Lin old one's front yard, Lin Father sitting HuangJueShu stone bench at his hand fine cloth, is to concentrate on wiping working in a stone ball. WwW, QunabEN, coM that stone ball Moyo volleyball size, were sepia sè, surface anti shè a slightly shiny, like a stone being used for many years as Wenrun Yu. A moment later, Father to stop action, pick up Yingying been rubbed shiny stone ball, looked around a fan, revealing quite satisfied look. "Whirring, that kid is not, work efficiency also clean a lot ......" Father of the good rub stones in velvet, and exhaled breath, Ce Toukan to create division concept direction, casually asked. "To be honest, ruby, do you think keep children can open that put France locks?" "...... Son's gifted." With such a voice sounded, dressed in a red dress beautiful woman in the backyard quietly surfaced, looks between it showing faint worried look. "But that method locks the trap is this. The more intelligent the more people will want to break above suggests, but hinted will only lead people astray, this is very bad for the son." 'Oh, also, smelly Kid seems totally got into sets of houses, and even the home and not returning, loss you also keep him overnight last night ...... "Oh Father smiled and shook his head and casually asked them. "To be honest, yesterday his progress?" "Son seems to yīn Yang gossip and attribution combinations are projected over again, according to this progress continues, sooner or later, I think son will find this road to nowhere ...... "Ruby said softly. "I am just worried that if the son was too anxious, but there will be exhausting excessive breakage mental danger." "This ah, maybe the original should spend time relaxing spot ......" Father along beard, Shen methotrexate after a moment said. "Well, if that guy really drilled dead end inside, the day after tomorrow ...... ah, tomorrow you give him prompt." "Yes, the head." Ruby slight bend, with rare complaining tone said. "Son of the repair is still shallow, over-made division concept is basically the very hasty decisions, the head of it has to give the test ...... so, not if initially told son trick of good." "That's how the line? If get too easy, certainly will not mind that guy, they might spoil out ...... "Father Shuaishuai hand,Cheap Oakley M FRAME, is preparing to say something, i feel if suddenly raised his head and looked toward the eastern sky. "There are guests came, I went to make tea bar, please head wait." Ruby seems to have noticed anything, smiled toward the back room and walked Father is snorted, took heavy smoker to ignite. No other pump on a few mouthfuls, then holding the tea ruby ​​came and put tea on the table 11 gracefully, that action with unspeakable elegant taste. Tea ruby ​​welcoming place to be appropriate, the eastern sky suddenly across the touch of golden white streamer. Streamer fast, momentary begins horizon rushed Lin old one before. "Ooh ooh, are prepared tea a ...... heavy smoker, you count to me will come ah?" Accompanied by hearty laughter, one dressed Xuanqing Road clothes of the old man from the streamer to jump off. Old man Hefatongyan, jīng God hale and hearty, behind it is carrying a huge gourd, gourd and from the inside to smell rich bouquet. "Old drunk, big day not in the sky flying .. If being seen, they might think I'm home haunted it." Lin Father frown complained, tone actually quite conversational. "Haunted? Oh, I'd like to see, to find out which ghosts have the guts, the courage in the 'Green River Weng' home naughty? Without five hundred years Daoxing is Zhaochou ah ......" So speaking of the old man, from behind Remove the wine gourd, after disconnecting the plug beckoned toward the sky. "Go back, baby." With the old man waved, only that road hanging in the air gold white streamer, whizzed they got inside the gourd. Old man satisfied stuffed gourd, there's Lin Father is seen straight frown. "Hey, that's 'Bai', right? You have chosen to install it in the wine inside the gourd?" "Hey, heavy smoker you do not understand ......" The old man waved his hand, the gourd back back back back, and so explaining . "Bai's sword with burning fire, alcohol can arson, nothing if called to the wine raise the sword." "Your mouth Hu old drunk,Nike Air Jordan 4 UK, I knew how did the old lady would not care to give you ah ...... Taebaek" Father in that edge lament again and again, it seems that the beloved daughter married to alcoholics, such as life villains. In fact, the carrying gourds old man named Bo Xiuzai, nicknamed "The Sword Weng" is comprehension door Shushan Jianpai Chuangongchanglao. Bo Xiuzai and Father go way back, and he Nabing feijian "Bai" is the Father past rì build Mighty Sword, the result was Bo Xiuzai fancy, he just shamelessly forced to go. For the Father, the Taebaek sword just like their own daughter. Although already married out, but looking at the whole rì actually fell soaked in wine gourd in the end, is naturally angry grimace. But Bo Xiuzai skinned seems very thick, do not mind come over. First move toward the back of the ruby ​​nod for the ceremony, then sat Father opposite to prepare good tea drained, and then I looked glanced up. "Having said that, a small three children do? How did not see?" "You're looking for the old lady grandson doing?" Father jǐng Ti up. "Do not mention it, since the Muslim girl will go the right way after serving Anjiu nothing to do. Those Acts which have no grandchildren, several Haoshua, I met all of them respectfully to death ...... Oh, now, and I amuse a few words, just left your house a small three children up. "" Your mouth Hu's old drunk! Do not take someone else's grandchildren pastime. "Father knocking tobacco stems, on Bo Xiuzai raised harsh criticism. Bo Xiuzi is uh laugh loudly, like totally did not mind, smoothly pour yourself a cup of tea, referring to previous Mullan things. "Oh, speaking a few days ago my disciples seem to Green Town to the trip, she did to bring you any trouble, right?" "Minor Bale. That girl upbringing nice, I really do not see you this old drunk apprentice. "" Since I know the apprentice, so why should especially hold back? heavy smoker, Zuoren had better kind. "" Well, that girl is your apprentice, but also the implementation of government agents will be the right way. went to Green River town to make a scene, the wife did not care even if you drunkard's face, and if then feijian repaired refund, then I made the majesty of the door division what? "Father grunted heavily, shaking his head over there Buxiu Zi is sigh. "You're a heavy smoker, everything that I want to send home Pei Li Shushan wants ...... Bale Bale, Men door handing out, and you do not care about." Buxiu Zi said, from inside the sleeve Remove the handle Feijian come. Feijian was blue sè, one side is also close to Talisman, it Mullan used blue crow sword. "This is the lifeblood of the sword, but I apprentice, may rest assured that the door to the Mexican gang small Wazi playing. How kind? Heavy smoker, anyway you got settled, on the way to help me how?" "Who said the old lady Nothing? old lady recently busy preparing of robbery avoid fierce, I did not empty to take care of other things. "" of robbery avoid fierce? heavy smoker, Could you touch anything moldy head of fragmentation ...... "Bo Xiuzai joke saying, eyes fell on the table inadvertently sè brown stone ball, but it is not help but surprised a moment. "...... To soul black stone?" Seem to see what incredible things, Bo Xiuzai closely wrinkled brow suddenly. "Heavy smoker, you come up with this kind of thing to want to do?" "Of course, of robbery is used to avoid fierce ah, you think I'm joking, just not?" "...... Are you serious?" Bo Xiuzai heard exposing dumb surprised look, quickly looked up to see the yīn scattered clouds in the sky, while pinch projections, as if in confirmation of what was going on. A moment later, issuing from his mouth suck down a cold lump Bo Xiuzi sound. "Yīn evil red night, Huang Lie poly days, so pomp ...... Could that be a 'nine days Ray robbery' not!?" Bo Xiuzai staggering and projections several times to determine the correct results, stunned to see the Father. "Hey, heavy smoker, but this time you play a big ah! That mine robbed nine days is the number one supreme fierce robbery, destroy its power to punish the magic fairy, often five hundred years before a performance, robbery last drop Zhumie Li circles demons also only just over two hundred years ...... you do in the end what happened, actually attracted God so angry? "" nothing, but refused several times God's call nothing. "Father waved his hand and calmly said. "What? God's call? Means ......" like to hear what incredible things like, Bo Xiuzai impressively staring, straight watching Father. Father is old cigarette smoking went ahead, showing poised appearance. After a long while, Bo Xiuzai exhaled breath, drink some tea guard against shock, and then looked up at the Father, the sound has become extremely cautious. "Heavy smoker, you ...... stepped in cents of the environment in the end how long? '" Ground fairy realm? Ah, if you inherit from making division concept counting words, almost six decades of. "Father glanced Buxiu Zi, sighed, did not beat about the bush, directly to the topic of pulling clear. "Forget it, tell you the truth, old drunk ...... count this time, then this is the old lady fourth suffered tragedy of." Suddenly "When" sound dull sound,Satchels Coach Cheap, Bo Xiuzi missed the cup knocked at table. I saw him looking stunned Father, seems to have looked to the consternation unable to pay even the voice level. If there is the presence of ........................ Shushan disciples saw flat rì stable if exposed so Tarzan Zhuangongzhanglao actually look like, it would have been a surprise? But in all fairness, in fact, the idea is no wonder Bo Xiuzai so badly, after all, Father say things too bizarre, almost overthrew the comprehension of common sense. You know, Satoru Tooru Heaven, and the days with life, it can be said that the most common pursuit of self-cultivation. No matter which door which faction, practitioners of what law formula, the practitioners of the process must be gradual ponder day heart, and Doctring true path. Along this road practitioners down, coming to an end, is known as the "land fairy" realm. Into the boundaries of the territory of comprehension, good luck Tong Xuan, in fact, already regarded as a half Sanxian. But you really want ranked immortals God l upper bound must also be God to give the final Trials. This last Trials, that comprehension is often talk of sè change "tragedy." Tragedy inevitable, you are bent tube soaring, or nostalgic Red, just step into the realm of fairy land, is bound to usher in the final tragedy befall. By tragedy Trial land cents, ending only two: If crossing the robbery success, naturally, is God l upper bound, ranked immortals; if crossing the robbery failed, and that is the body, such as Huifei, soul if the smoke scattered. Tragedy inevitable, as the God l upper bound, Baize ashes - which has almost been seen to remain constant day law. Since ancient times, I wonder how many enlightenment in cents, vapid a Daoxing want to challenge day law, but it is without a soul come to his death off the results. Like Lin Father so continuously by calendar times tragedy, neither the ashes, but never God l upper bound in cents, Bo Xiuzi is simply unheard of! No wonder God will rage, not hesitate to use nine days Ray robbery, to destroy these Guards apostasy exist! "...... Good heavy smoker, later I still change the name you are old devil now." Over the ages, Bo Xiuzai just exhaled breath, be accepted the Father's argument, but looked still looked confused intolerable. "I do not understand, with your heavy smoker of good fortune for the repair, crossing a tragedy is not easy? Stood immortality of the road does not go, but this blatant Guards disobedience, even at attracting these supreme evil robbery ...... heavy smoker, you order in the end is what ah? "" as what? call, the old lady for what ah ...... "Father knock knock tobacco stems, for a time seemed to want into a god, a long while before looking up , slow talking. "...... The old lady is, but is making the door division incense nothing." "What? Such a simple thing ......" Bo Xiuzai heard not help laughing. "Simple? You say simple?" Father interrupted Bo Xiuzai words, the tone sharpened up. "Old drunk, do you think made the door division, few now? Immortal if the old lady crossing the robbery after they left the door division made a few people?" "This ......" Think of the door division made the status quo, Bo Xiuzai suddenly speechless words. Father's gaze to the hands of the tobacco stems, and exhaled breath, seemed touched a taboo subject, the sound gradually grew heavy. "I made the door division generations spawned not busy, incense difficult to continue ...... old drunk, you think why?" "Why?" Bo Xiuzai involuntary asked the. "Every man innocent, pregnant wall against himself and I passed from generation to generation of the Lin family fortune France has won the good fortune of the mysterious world of the pass, but has thus attracted a day bogey days yù destroy me over the door." Father to yīn sink slow voice telling. "For the preservation of the Lin family incense immortal, my ancestors scheming to find this place together glorious spiritual pulse of Feng Shui, and built that seventh seal moon, remain unaffected yīn Yang Jun Tian inverse que array, from generation to generation sober, was able to avoid the curse off Independence Day, the continuation of incense so far ...... meantime difficult, a blessing is 'simple' way to make the word can!? "Father's voice contains a deep anger. Ascetics attention to ponder the day heart, conform to destiny, speak the word of Heaven Chuzhe Deng regicide is a big religious taboos, but Bo Xiuzai in sit in a time not actually refute. "Thousands of Yang from the left, keep child is making the door division remaining incense. Observe children too young, the foundation of instability, the wife of the subject to look Gu Shou child a few years, God is repeated destroy force, like yù ; destroy my veins ...... God Lim a sinister, if not for the old lady Guards fight fate, does not have to sit back and Daughter!? "Speaking of anger at, Father beat fierce shot from the stone table. I saw the hard Gang Green stone into the thick desktops, even in this beat beneath blasted jifen! Bo Xiuzai watching was filmed jifen green stone table, can not help but stunned speechless. Originally yīn Shen sky, suddenly sounded soon muffled, as if God is also Zhefan inverse by apostasy, then the wrath general. <

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