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07.06.2013 08:41
but not very badly antworten

Not only the Yang several people wonder, below to watch the warriors are a startled God s è, all be absorbed in toward the sky look, hold setting sound, silently waiting for. [.] Yang six action is the focus of public attention, what just happened that act naturally they came into view. The air, Yang Wei some worry, do not know the nine brother which come so much confidence, although he had some speculation, know Yang Kai mysterious and powerful, but it is after all the speculation, just in Indiana before and Liu jiggle dazuizhang just secretly hope in Yang Kaishen, did not point out. The nine brother, grew up,Women's Nike Jordan Shoes, there is definitely a qualification of confrontation and Liu jogging, but now too early, not to the time. Yang Kang, Leng for a while but hey chuckled, face take pleasure in other people's misfortune and look look. They and Yang although brothers, but now as a rival, he was naturally anxious willow rock beat humiliate, reputation. Yang before thunder too quickly, now is the time to hit a. "This guy is it right? Crazy?" The crowd, came some ridicule and can't understand voice, "dare to challenge in the first person, Yang's own, and have enough crazy!" "You know what, this situation is whether or not the challenge challenge, finally throw is Yang's face. You have to drive a duck onto a perch, Yang said, the challenge from the youngest one, even if lost, Yang also excuse ah, is not He Yang family as Liu family, but everyone is gap." As intelligent J ī ng Ming point out the mystery, let many people see light suddenly suddenly. Nodded. But there are also people quietly watched Yang, have a look he is it right? What's shaking heaven and earth means. Yang Kai like this do not know the immensity of heaven and earth people, who are the first people talk wildly in front, or intelligence has a problem, or there is a true skill, Yang is not the first. For a time,oakley sunglasses cheap, all eyes will converge to a person. Day class "in the entanglement of six camps Wu is taking over there, no attention. Under the watchful eyes of the people, Yang has no abnormal action. Only big steps in midair, clear stared at Liu jiggle, stretched out a hand way: "childe. As you please. Liu "she frowned, haughty face displeased God s è, sings loudly:" I'd like to have a look,Crossbodys Coach Outlet, how do you block my action!" The voice falls, a horrific God know strength crashing outbreak. The general power of God filled with destruction and the crazy atmosphere, spread out in an instant, such as a spear to pierce the sky, enough to tear any defense, destroy all the will of the people. When the God of strength broke out, Liu rocked as the sleeping awakening of the dragon. With the destruction of the world comes. Yang Zhu person spirit "instantaneous flicker fierce light, an invisible power swing from them, blocked Liu rocked the divine consciousness attack aftermath. Some people are s è variable, Yang Wei is God s è dignified, last and Liu jiggle when you play. Although he was defeated, but not very badly, but it seems now, when Liu rocked the explicit >

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