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> One hundred seventy-six Mami Greeting Huo Huo Yong Yong's eyes, was asked Lin Shou lù out like a table full of fish vegetarians forced to face the pain of big ròu look. WwW, qUanbEN, cOm book mí group 4 ∴ ⑧ 0 vi 5 tangled in róu the forehead for ages, making the division successor finally found the courage to face the facts, but that voice is still with the slightest vibrato. "Implying, the construction industry town seal seat, whom I have created division mén of ......" "Oh, it was the Green River Weng." Huo Yong smiled, almost cruel throws the answer, but there also sounded "plop" sound. I saw his hands and stone-made division successor to frustrated flexion body posture de-force upon his knees. If so listen carefully, you can hear from frustrated depressed teenager mouth, being vaguely leaked dull words. "Damn, I know it is so ...... hún off the old man, actually I do Chuzhe Deng calamity ...... kidding! Which may disturb the MMSE yuan, implicated realms big calamity yeah! Why do I have to wipe his ass got ah ...... Well ah? etc., wipe? "seems to be some sort of hint Lin Shou, suddenly looked up to thoughtfully looked at the distant border town seal seat, with incredible voice muttering. "Could it be, daddy is ...... no, how could that too pulled ......" like a homicide murderer was actually in their closest heard the man's protagonist in general, in order to keep forests absence dazed expression froze in place , next to the Huo Yong is based on gentle eyes looked at him, after a moment suddenly turned around and looked to the bottom. Gold and Iron jiāo ........................ there came the sound sounding jī war, Lin Shou also attracted attention in the past. I saw the direction of the wilderness unexplored, there is one red and one white silhouette of two strong positive jī jiāo pestering, the two one after the chase, with unusual speed toward the pagoda near here. Spire along the front of the red shadow on the wall all the way to Ben tower, did not wait for Lin Shou-reacted, followed by the white jump to the top of the tower is also chasing up. White Shadow a murderous look, however, and keep sight on the forest, the two sides are lù a surprise look. "Swallows?" "You?" The white washed stone tower crane delphinium is mysterious, however, and the former rì respectively, when compared with a heavy face seemed tired God sè. Lin Shou-renowned natural look to stay over there looks like, delphinium suddenly angry, but also attend that chase red shadow, without any explanation came a Jiuqi his skirt. "You ...... you this little man! Went somewhere to go in the end!? Do not leave a message, I know how worried you ...... nine taste ah!?" Swallows sound exceptionally jī strong, but also revealed concerns on the front of the strange boy. The original front rì evil swordsman that she chased away, but it was the other on the way to get rid of cunning. Unyielding swallows then conducted a search in place, the forest keep thinking will soon catch up to confluence, turned out such a long time did not see a trace of making division successor. Then came the jī hear back strong move dàng,Coach Bags Outlet, so looking back along the same route, and when she arrived at the rock field that when Shuiyun Shitai keep fighting and forest is already ended. Masamichi arrest several swallows carefully bī disciples asked party that will create division successor jī fierce conflict with the right way, and finally escape serious injury news. Swallows immediately shocked, but even more worried about the demon jīng faster cry. Because I'm asked to keep them seriously, delphinium concerns with demon jīng down looking at Fam. Until recently encountered that red shadow, because that chase each other suspiciously and over, this can be reunited with Lin Shou. Remember to create division due to hanging successor injury, delphinium and nine flavor has been tireless in Uncharted search. Nine flavor asleep on the way, delphinium is then slept over the past rì from sleep, it is no wonder this time seems God sè exceptionally tired. "Uh ......" Although the swallows brutal tugging skirts, but I'm keep his heart was wonderful feel warm. Hand scratched his head, and gave up the intention of self-justification, sincerely acknowledges and thanks. "I'm sorry, let you worry about it." "I ...... I was not worried about you! Your life and death is none of my business! Either look at the nine copies of taste only under too lazy to find How about you!" Swallows of force carried away, but yet in the pocket Zhefan movement demon jīng asleep woke up. "Well ah ...... Master, Master!?" Demon jīng pocket mímí gooey stuck half a head, see Lin Shou in front, raised two small fist, incredible róuró ; u eyes. Then it is suddenly jumped in the past, fell to keep the palm forest, holding his thumb up and cried. "Master! Master! Master! Nine flavor, taste and finally find the owner of nine ...... hum, great, I thought the owner also threw nine taste of it ...... hum, master ......" "Fool, who told You always follow others luàn run? "Lin Shou wrist soft voice sounds a lot, knocking the demon jīng head about, and then carefully put her xiōng front pocket. Bouncing back pocket demon jīng, like weathered many storms finally return Brood chicks like, lù a contented look. Two little hands clutching the edge of the pocket, it seems no longer made up his mind in this life from the inside out. "Well, let me see your injuries." Swallows have noticed the forest to keep the body of heavy bandages, this time it came to his injuries prosecution case. As disciples too deep seclusion, delphinium in terms of natural healing cure has trusted wrist, but she commands is quite difficult to implement. "Ah? Clothes off first." "Huh? Off, undress? Do it, I have been bandaged ......" "That's What kind of dressing ah? Simply terrible, healing is definitely a layman, so serious injury, Hu luàn deal with the case what consequences they might leave you ...... I was asked to re-examine again! hurry off! '",Jordan Flight The Power Sale, etc., etc.! I'm really okay, just a little effort so do not just ...... "" so do not effort, is injured empty gas weak evidence of God! At this time most likely caused by evils, it is necessary to properly deal! Do you dare to challenge me this is too deep to judge you first disciples? "' I am not questioning ...... ah, stop! Me, Myself off! "" want to resist? nine flavor! help me hold him! "" Yes! "" hún egg! nine flavor, you have to dare to commit the following ...... uh uh, do not move my kù son! "........................ swallows a curse, nine flavor cheers, relying mingled with the screams made division successor coming out, the original stone tower suddenly become lonely crowded. Next to Dan Xiao Huo Yong look look at this screen, inadvertently disturbed, and has no intention involved. "Oh, what a cute little boys, slaves wanted to go to help it ......" previous swallows chasing red shadow beauty, shì stand beside the Huo Yong, hush smiles tenderly. Although lù Yueyue yù try out look, however, was indifferent eyes swept Huo Yong, spit tongue quiet. "Slaves had commanded according to adults, the son brought a companion." "Ah, how the movements of the right way will there? '" Right way will ah ...... Oh, son of Shushan and the Kunlun factions due to traumatic things can not open jiāo, Chin Tianfu positive luàn ball inside it for me and so on, is simply a godsend. "as reported by the red shadow beauty. "Hear the whistle Lan destroyed along the way news is panic towards Shuiyun old woman came here to be slaves to stopped her?" "No, weather is approaching, they did not have much time struggling ......" Huo Yong lightly shook his head, then noticed came Shou Lin et al, then gaze shifted in the past. Lin Shou seems to be a good toss swallows some, appearance seems quite miserable. Delphinium closely followed behind him to jǐng Ti gazed around him Fok Yonghe red shadow beauty. "Hey! Little boys, the wound hurts not?" "Much better ...... uh, thank Korea girl's saving grace." Lin Shou towards red shadow beauty, which is the former rì Korean dance sand save his hand thanks. "Never mind, never mind, even if no adult commands." Korea Dance sand smiles tenderly waved his hand to keep the forest autumn brothers but I cast boundary evil sword Huang Pa successor, and then how to say do not let that old woman bully reasons. Touches, undefined status are not doing guard duty in the future if the prince blame him, but also please a lot of kind words two small boys, oh? "" Well, Magic demon nv! "Swallows snorted, interrupted Korea nagging sand dance Lin Shou smile shook his head, his gaze to the body next to Huo Yong Huo Yong is still, as always, Dan Xiao, and Lin Shou look is quite complex. "Huo Brother, you ...... actually ......" In fact, there is no need to ask out, Korean dance alone the fact that sand appear here, would be sufficient to permit the identity of Yong Ming Huo Lin Shou-half said they shut up, Howard Yong has not denied in favor of removing an object thrown from his arms over Lin Shou subconsciously catch, I saw was actually a fairly consistent jīng spell. "This is the escape shift operator, you can use it to escape shift to Uncharted outside. "Huo Yong true herald." After three days, I will destroy Chin Tianfu, then it will probably be days and was bō. You'd better go back to Green Town, brother, do not roll into this wind bō come. "To destroy even the hidden world xiandu Tianfu Qin, Huo Yong Qing write short description like to say a shocking words. Replaced by others if I am afraid is considered to be an idiot, but Huo Yong indifferent attitude is that it is difficult to doubt. Nevertheless, this Fan xìng shock or cause the listener to whom the declaration absence. delphinium staring, while the forest code words and ended lù out yù look. "then so be it, brother, we do not before. "Seems to want to hear Lin Shou discourage, Huo Yong a wave, fog gray sè miasma then gush, he and Han Xieguo sand dance figure disappearing." Father asked if so, for me to him Well ...... ask the elderly "" Wait! Huo Brother, I have something ...... Hey! "Lin Shou called the inferior With fog dissipated, Huo Yong and Han sand dance figure also disappear from the two eyes, Lin Shou stay then looked deserted tower, and look at the distance closed border town seat towering giant shadow, suddenly the sky and screamed, and then squatted on the ground holding his head distress. "Are you, are you okay? "Swallow cautiously leaned over." That, too, do not be too concerned about, right? But the right way will Tianfu Chin headquarters gathered comprehension Zhupai elite,Jordan Superfly Shoes, the strength in the hidden world where none. Even if he just say that, after all, is to destroy the Chin Tianfu unlikely thing ...... "" No ...... "Lin Shou slowly shook his head." Chin Tianfu not impregnable, even impregnable fortress, there are always looking for ways to get destroyed ...... If I am wrong, then I am afraid that her brother Howard ready to order the ...... "" In that case, you ...... you want to stop him? "Swallow tentatively asked." I do not know ...... "Lin Shou róu his head, I feel pain answered. Silent a moment, as if a decision like looking up." No really, I There are better things to ask him, wait at least confirm a later ...... sorry, you can then do with me next? "<

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