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> WwW, QunabEN, coM swallows did not look like a joke with the tone said, while the forest code is a moment she looked dazed after a moment dawned shoved a hammer-like hands, angrily said, "was right really should get clear what the hell that guy last instrument of Zan mysterious things, three soul Your Eyes thing, there are other numerous ...... that bastard father, they might be dead in the planning something big yīn seek to subvert it ... ... Wu Wu, as well as the whereabouts of Niang, eight and it was he abducted ...... "" If that's the case, the light hit the meal would be too good for him ...... ah, have to impose harsh on him torture, asking him to confess all yīn seek out the trick to the job or else, tied directly back to the old man Disciplines disposition Green Town, and then destroy those bastard calculated for all levels, to see how he Distressed also good ...... " Lin waited at the front muttered muttered, as if caught in the world of self-delusion of swallows cry is so renowned for deaf Lin Shou, delphinium helpless sigh, she originally wanted to enlighten the front deep obsession The teenager, who knows but instead put his ideas to stimulate the Canadian extreme direction if because of her remarks and cannibalism contributed to his son's sons, who,Nike Jordan 10 Shoes, it will be a lifetime she was uneasy conscience, but now in addition to praying the god of destiny the attention of the outside, it seems that there is no other way. "...... ah?" gust of cold wind blowing from afar inviting whistling, relying on wind mingled with swords collide Zheng rang while fairly weak, but hiding mysterious incarnation crane swallows , quickly woke up in front of a trance-making division successor Lin Shou-sensitive five swallows naturally without knowledge, but heard the case was exposed after the suspect looked surprised, "the sound of fighting? Hey this is the right way will be near the site, but where's the guy stir things ah? "" So just say something suspicious ah, stupid "swallows guarding arms demon jīng, migraine distinguish quickly looked around toward the sound source, and then went to look at urging Lin Shou Shou Lin did not want to join in the fun blind However, repeatedly urging stand swallows had orders to go scorpion change direction, toward the smell of blood coming from a place to go to find a delphinium ........................ keen hearing as a guide, they did not spend much effort then when ye have found a relatively open field rugged rock field full of rocks protruding rocks, rocks with high and low, scattered and confused just like the myriad grow to stab the ground, and even so-called "all-terrain generic Sit beast "go scorpion also go some staggering" ...... Tut, as if ready to place the monster will emerge "Lin Shou scorpion in the walk back efforts to maintain balance, frown looked around the rugged rocks to make a full assessment of malicious Delphinium is looking for a fire in frown, quickly identified the source of two fighting occurred sound familiar look exceptionally small priests, and a masked man is from fighting the masked man wrapped in black from head to toe gown inside, looks both do not see looks real, but it seems to repair fencing quite high I saw a black sword in his hand, turned out to countless snakes bite Phantom of the bound two small Taoist priests rely on a small swing in the middle of two out astrotech Jian Zhen, a loose pattern exudes Emmanuel fixed light two swords mutual rush to the rescue, finally was forced to hold the battle just seems Heijian masked men who often has extraordinary erosion of evil forces, often with loose grain two swords turn Emmanuel will inevitably hit drama whose fierce sword soul tremble with two swords Emmanuel weaker consumer more, two small Taoist pale face sè also increasingly precarious situation not far from the snooper has not yet made up his mind whether to save people. " Gee, did someone really dare to stir up trouble in the right way will be the site of ah ...... "" hooded masked sneaky, to see that this is not a good thing ...... Hey, you still on my last? '"Hey, is not? That guy seems to be trifled with, and even if we saved the other side of the two, maybe the right way would in turn put our grasp "" Really? Xieqi tail that you are going to slip away? '"Cut, I know it really trouble ...... "Lin Shou jumped from the shadows, offering his hand into a red sword toward the masked man chopping off strong Pilian hear breaking wind behind strong sound, masked men turned around Block haunted emergency blood Gang of Ji sword and black gas steaming evil sword instantly cross-strike, and then Beng Jian Qi strong bounce back in the same time, it is apparent dual Fang Jianwei seems regardless of the outcome of masked men seem to pop up to be surprised by a powerful enemy, stepped back pending restructuring of affairs,Oakley Sport, has been turned out of the chase ensued swallows "Dance I eat evil" in Hang-yin Zheng ring in its scabbard, set aside a month in the void-like sharp blade sharp arc discharge shè a cold glare was that brilliant twinkling light, fluent sword trace has been across the base of the throat masked man masked men on the occasion of one thousand hooks to avoid the blow Jianguang Watch, however, minced Jian Qi body robes been issued many masked man angry voice, waving toward the delphinium thrown a spell spell in mid-air bombing Lie, Beng emit bright light and loud sound and light in under the cover of Mongolia And they turned and fled the surface, while the swallows did not expect the other party would be so just give away, late two seconds to react "Stop do not escape" swallows Qingchi loudly, trying to chase shenfa toward masked men were dislodged Forest Code to meet with two small Taoist laden mixed with hostility and a puzzled look, "You are attempting to that time ...... what exactly?" "What is attempted? Hey, a rare shot of the young master to save time, be grateful and not is the question you? say to the attempt, then you should not ask you just to escape the masked guy? "" ...... you and he is not his gang? "Wei Ti asked really jǐng put forward although bite alert posture, However, the sound in the air does not collapse, either physically imposing or collapsing edges are obviously in a forest and they do not bother to keep care, generous waved his hand, "Well, that people can not see the guy coming out of nowhere? far as I know , stir evil ways on the right path will be much too ...... "" You, you do not even know? "Watson's voice with great consternation," I do not know what? "Lin Shou frowned, and my heart suddenly gush foreboding." wait till you come to hunt small patrol disciples have people killed, and all were evil sword beheaded Is that not what you do for you? "snapped He Wen of Wei and he really say so after a moment Lin Shou can not help but stunned reaction over, angrily rejected the spot "to you the young master does not know what it's going good evil Jianshang people, where the young master who come evil sword ...... Well ah?, etc., it is just that people can not see the guy ? Hey how did you met him? "Lin Shou grabbed Watson's skirts, small Taoist division was created successor overwhelm stammered out," uh, Chin Tianfu presumption you will be broke into nearly rì this neighborhood, we were sent to patrol the West ...... the guy who came up from behind to take out, without a word, cut scenes person, a good few brothers have been killed, we are just mad to escape. "" ... son of a bitch was framed ... "Watson, then I'm like the last piece of the puzzle to keep the mind suddenly depict yīn seek panoramic - these days they are in the original Uncharted four excavation when that evil masked men also took the sword around in the back cut Because no witnesses who survived, the results have all been credited to all counts on his head so he would Masamichi heinous as ruthless assailants, the use of human conduct raids had ever felt faint Fam delphinium unusual tension in it is derived from the forest to keep thinking that this turn of events and his own nothing, did not expect to actually unknowingly became the scapegoat for others, if not this masked man came across the scene of the attack, probably until the end are also kept in the dark, "he nǎinǎi goods'm dead thief framed Xiaoye? really want to live," Lin Shou furious, immediately turned and walked scorpion foot in the direction toward the masked men fled away Jizhui was left two small priests and looked each other in each other's eyes to see deep doubts though wanted to catch up to see what happens, however, had no residual physical aspects of foregone exhaled breath, the two opt Zuodao slightly on the ground after a short respite to recuperate The Wei Zhen, remove the secret mirror on turned out to be contacted at this time and Chin Tianfu corner from the rock field suddenly heard a huge rumbling sound shook the cave,Oakley Polarized Sale, so that priests can not help but once again have two little nervous ..................... Uncharted treasures excavation ......... harm to Zhumie Masamichi disciples heinous culprits right way will spend an unprecedented human conduct raids Lin Shou direction toward the masked man Dunzou way Jizhui, wanted to seize the masked man with the swallows, then a good pressed its purpose turned out to chase a long while did not see the shadow swallows, but the first hit came earlier raid team received a distress signal sent patrols disciples, the team has gathered a large number of arrests here rock field with one unfortunate Lin Shou a raid team suffered, he rode away scorpion became too obvious goal although while the other did not react when they turn into the turn, however jǐng whistle was shown behind one after another, attracted nearby raid team have gathered over, all of a sudden they fall into crises, "You bastard wrong object, okay?" Lin Shou clamor behind to catch up towards the middle finger of the right way disciples, but could not help but feel anxious from those disciples shenfa action, it is clear that the right way will jīng British combat power , and by the harsh terrain impact rock field, cross laid down scorpion is difficult to play a flat rì degree, can be quite difficult to get rid of pursuers, "Fuck you do not like the bully to Xiao Ye do not freak" Lin Shou draw Diamond No thought, looking back out of the sky shadow stick only to hear several more Menheng spread, the right way to combat the accident potential disciples could not help but catch a lag, while the forest scorpion Code seize the opportunity to make flash go into next fork, turning after a few This team finally got rid of troublesome pursuers "Tut, the situation seems bad it ......" Lin Shou hiding yīn about rock shadows, carefully probe looked messy coming from the surrounding parties to listen to the sound, at least three or four one hundred people in the team event at the nearby forest to keep this number so cold sweat emerge clearly this is the right way will move it real, intent dispatched heavily, in one fell swoop Zhumie disrupt Fam very evil assailants just watch the parade of people shied away on foot, Do not say that there may be places in the back of the old masters hold the line, this case only a fool would persist head-Lin Shou nature is not a fool, do not want the script according masked men dancing, and decided to temporarily retreat "have to look for opportunities to break the job The problem is to go towards which side ...... "Lin Shou-fire in watching is not a simple thing you want to break the rock field Quartet raid team already covered figure, and there is a steady stream of manpower toward gathered here as this measure, either use diversionary tactics to attract the attention of the other party, or on the use of rock field terrain quietly fled ...... suddenly sounded shrill whistling overhead, Lin Shou looked up to see an authority on the look Xiang birds hovering overhead, shortness of wailing notice is given his position (to be continued) Baidu search for most full-fiction / / / <

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