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when her mysterious antworten

> One hundred and fifty-three Land of the Dead Fam in front of the horizon suddenly blackened, at the foot has also followed the to lose the ground's bearer. wWw, qUAnBEn, CoM like being vain illusion only just held following the five or six seconds, but wait until Lin Shou regain balance, the surroundings already very different from it. A few seconds former, he was still Kobo two-story piled high materiel narrow and small warehouse li, breathing forward to had a musty odor of vintage air. After a few seconds, from the I do not know where to the winds blowing but with a exceptionally fresh cháo gas, Lin Shou-of stunned's looked up to the front looked, see is a shrouded in yīn dark atmosphere of li the vast expanse of space. "This is ...... cave?" Whether it is at the foot of hard rock, or head hanging wall, scratched cheek yīn wind, river flows gurgling sound of water, all attest to create division successor to the surrounding environment unmistakable cognitive ability. In situ Daileng moment later, Lin Shou gaze suddenly moved to the hands of the pocket watch. "...... This is the magical escape shift magic?" No other reasonable explanation. The hands of a seemingly pocket watch look like artifacts actually have lodged shift supernatural magic, just that he touched the magic of the function, the result would give an instant escape over the front of this place I do not know the so-called underground cave to. "You idiot! Since it is such a dangerous thing, at least attached to a manual, right!?" Lin Shou angrily kicked the front convex rock kick, by the impact of the rock fly out, I do not know hit the darkness of what people sounded. " ouch "'s sorrow sounds. Startle's Lin Shou-of anti-shè-like assumed a alert posture, turned out that the initially's whine after the,Coach Handbags Sale, followed by came the's was actually the demon jīng confused's voice. "Yi Yi? How suddenly black down up? Little master? Where are you ah, the main ...... ouch!." Demon jīng is probably the With the he had been simultaneously Doon move over's, but it seems not yet to grasp to the current condition, in the darkness li panic groping, results seem to hit the rock wall, pain hum come out. Lin Shou hear a heavy sigh, remove from Moulins where falsely to the lighting operator, readily thrown out. Was thrown lighting symbol in the air into bright ball of light, completely lit up the radius of 100 meters of space. Oblique left not far away, hit the wall of the demon jīng was clutching his head and squatting on the ground reluctantly, by Lin Shou to easily lift on your own shoulders. Nine flavor also initially confused struggle, but wait to see grabbed her man is Lin Shou, suddenly revealing happily look, as if to take credit like the report with. "Little master, I have found that what it is!" "...... What ah?" Lin Shou from the lungs spit sigh tone, but nine flavor did not seem aware that, while waving his hand booklet edge to report to him forward to. "That thing called 'Ian', is the old masters in the twelve years ago, made escape shift magic of the old masters were made two Sinan, a close in the warehouse, one with me, and often used it to 'Uncharted' acquisition raw material material ...... "." Fam? Wait, you say here is the Fam!? "Lin Shou-consternation interrupted the nine flavor the words of, exposing suddenly realized look. No wonder from just felt a bit wrong. Compared to conventional underground caves, the surrounding surging spiritual interest was too strong, and that the atmosphere is simply unlike yīn Sen's underground, but is closer to five mountains mountains feeling. Originally He also doubt whether it their own illusion,Nike Jordan Superfly UK, did not think turned out to be being bring "Fam" li came. You know, so-called "Uncharted", that is hidden in the ground veins in the fairyland. Just like making the door division of the Green River Fam, only a handful of places veins converge poised possible birth of a Fam come, so Uncharted presence can be quite rare. Aside from Green River Fam outside China known large unexplored but also only four only. Postsky but hidden world xiandu is also comprehension recognized big hallowed ground, below there is such a Fam existence seems a matter of course. After the initial shock, Lin Shou will naturally accept the living Fam facts, then think of more important things. "Nine taste, you say dad did two 'Sinan'?" "Huh?, Yes." "That's ten years ago, Dad left, who also took Ian do?" "This ......" manufacturing division successor changed the previously flighty serious questions with, so that was nine flavor not consciously tense up, and flipped through the booklet just cautious nod to confirm. "Yes, did not see old master put SiNa leave a, so I thought should be the carry around Caidui." "In other words, that guy finally yes ran to This Fam li come's do ......" Combining the previously, animal husbandry, four tert-to disclose the truth of the as well as at this time nine-flavored testimony, coupled with the hands of the SiNa the existence of, Lin Shou-has been can basically determine the, this place is waft forward to yīn gas's stranger to unexplored region is the Diddy runaways of the last places. "Finally found, a bastard father ......" Lin Shou clenched fists, shoulders are trembling slightly. Lin Diddy away from home disappearances have had ten years or more, however childhood the era of Desolace memories it seems as though yesterday rì-like clear memorable one. Since childhood, cumulative's Yuannian With the memories of dispersion come out, in the fifty-seven-generation's side the formation of of terror low-pressure cyclone. Nine flavor scared shoved two steps back with see a ghost-like, eyeing little master. "Well! Good! Good!" Lin Shou force of the beat his fist, issuing full deterrent low stuffy sound. For him,nike jordan outlet, the Since it has been know that Lin his daddy on the this place, and then the next even if the put Fam turn over the number of over and over, also to give unto her bastard Diddy to give arrest come out! If the is not in on his face fiercely pummel months forty-five boxing, and then kick on the seventy-eight foot, which shares the suppressed a decade of Yuannian is not going to to eliminate. "The remaining question is, where do you start looking you ......" Lin Shou turned his gaze to the hands of the only clue on. Called "Ian" magic still exudes a touch of Emmanuel, and above the original sharp shake pointer already stabilized, this time pointing straight up to a fixed square corners. Lin Shou towards Sinan referring square corners looked, but only see the dark unconscious of the cave. Think about their own Green River Uncharted is how vast, he will know in front of the underground caves must also have extraordinary depth and breadth. In the absence of any provision in the case wanted to explore this place is unknown Fam, the difficulty is almost free climb Himalayan peaks are equal. "Well, Sure enough, or first go back prepare for the next come again compare okay ......" Lin Shou looked at the hands of the SiNa, reach out pressed the the next start the Doon shift of the button, however this time it was wholly devoid dynamic and static. Spent after a moment, Lin Shou-but also trying to revive good fortune Genelec continue all the way Among them, the and then then press the button, the result is still a no response. By inference, Ian's escape shift supernatural perhaps under certain conditions before they start, and that the specific conditions and currently unknown. Can not rely on Ian's escape shift supernatural back on the ground, the results only along Sinan in the direction to find their way, however, overlooking the front of the dark cave, Lin Shou could not help but frown. Fam but Reiki the convergence of Dongtianfudi, stands to reason yes there should not be evil things exist, However, from the cave depths of the waft out the Ruoyouruowu evil, but it is undoubtedly the declaring forward to here for is not a Taiping wonderland the facts ...... "What people in that edge? "Rightful Lin Shou-of Staring at forward to cave dark places O'clock, a awe-inspiring He Sheng suddenly behind his back sounded. Lin Shou-of startle's look back looked, we saw a Su Yi Pathetic's woman from the rock wall's yīn shadow li slowly out of the. Woman's stature tall, on the shoulders carrying an long flat stick look like things, and that Ana scene's posture has forced Lin Shou-of feel inexplicable look familiar. Forthwith to see the of feminine looks with, suddenly exclaimed come out. "You!? Dead thief Crane!" "You Mashui ...... ah? Shorty!?" Appears in the forest to keep in front of leggy babes, not serve too deep seclusion of the mysterious crane swallows who is? Lin Shou stunned stare swallows, and there's delphinium also reveal exceptionally surprised look. She just being illumination breaks light to the to attract, give a lift come over look at the situation, did not expect actually encounter Long time no see's deep-seated antagonists. "Who is the little man ah? Thou everywhere urine shameless thief Crane!" Lin Shou-mentioned is naturally arrived Ying day was almost heaven guano hit the breathtaking scene. Since the In the Here encounter delphinium, and that it can be concluded at that time flew over top of the head of the mysterious Hok inevitable yes she I is undoubtedly the! "Sui, everywhere size of the ...... you this Mannikin! Nonsense what!?." "Nonsense.? Three days ago's nine o'clock, an Hyun Hok flew over capital of the the station over the, Dalie Lie's lost a a big lump guano down, almost to Xiaoye to pit to ...... the time, but there are hundreds of people have witnessed, you want to say the other end shameless thief crane not you do!? "" Three days ago ...... uh, the capital of the station ...... "It seems I did not expect Lin Shou will cite specific examples, delphinium with a subtle look go silent, seemed to recall whether they really have done this. Delphinium but practicing enlightenment fairy birds, into human form Regardless, when her mysterious crane prototype flying in the sky, follow the bird instinctively solve physiological needs seem to be a very natural thing. Notwithstanding Lin's Shou-'s accused the is equivalent to put mankind the ethical morality Qiang added to birds and beasts the body, however the initial subject to this kind accused of's Chebi but it is know what to do, the momentum of one o'clock debilitating indefinitely. "How? Nothing to say, right? Lose you still too deep senior disciples, should have done so without shame thing! Still go back obediently wall introspection five hundred years now!" "Less and less long-winded! Which is not none of your business! "As the saying goes extremes meet, continued to be made division successor coercion wrist delphinium, could not help but angry. "And you how'll In here? This place is 'Land of the Dead Uncharted' is the Masamichi will be the jurisdiction of the hidden world off-limits! Did not get allows the fundamentally can not come in, look at you look like, I am afraid that is stolen broke into the around here, huh?," "You say who stole intruder ah? I naturally get ...... "pending lie Lin Shou, watching the swallows menacing look, my mind suddenly a flash. "Hey, do not thief shouting thief ah! Said I did not get permission, do not you get allowed? Come Laikankana!" "I, of course I got allowed! But why show you ah?" "So, I'm what you want to listen to you? you Who the hell ah!" ...... lip gun tongue Jianban intense negotiations lasted Moyo 56 minutes, recognize each other's positions similar to two, and finally stopped challenge each other's folly. Although the Hard to find in common, but Lin Shou-of and delphinium but did did not continue to expanding consensus, peaceful coexistence's intend to. In the like a Manchurian chord of the bow-like stillness atmosphere of li, two people each other stare forward to. In the next nine flavor breathless watched, Lin Shou suddenly step forward, while reaching shouted. "Brought!" <

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