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> A moment later, heard the sound of footsteps from the side, Xu Teng turned around and looked and saw jǐng Secretary Luo moving coming here. wWW! QUAnbeN! COm successor to complete the tasks assigned by teacher-made, Luo has worked continuously with several men said today night. Because staying up xī smoke refreshing sake, this time his body exudes a strong smell of smoke ǎ chin is also full of ú Rui check child. Although looked quite lonely, but God was extraordinarily jīng Fen Kang back, seems to have been caught out can not wait to go back behind the scenes really fierce. "Yo, Muslim Woman, you are here ah." "Lo jǐng company, work hard, ready to get to?" "Well, twelve units have been deployed around the wide back to the field in place of construction machinery are also required has been transferred to, back to the field around ten kilometers wide residents have also been evacuated out in advance. speech even in a Hollywood qiāng war here, do not worry there will be problems. "Luo tone jokingly responded with a question of Moulins , and his words made XUTENG surprise: "Put all the inhabitants of the surrounding ten kilometers evacuated out? Hey, what are you going to come up with much fuss ah?" "Who knows? I just recipes according to the material Gather it, how to cook, but to listen to the chef Arrangement "speaking, Muslim Woman,Coach Kristin, our chef has not yet come? "Put out into the mouth of the half Lo butts toward Moulins on asking engraved park just tune previously observed, the Luo and Mulan Lin Shou had to pick two people had contact, it seems not quite know who from the eyes of ū eyebrow juvenile real control jú potential key player at the moment ministries back to the team is ready, but still have not seen commanding gān debut, so could not come asking. "Lim said he would be back brother arrived before noon There must be some little time ...... "" Mullan took secret mirror ready contact Lin Shou, but accidentally heard in the distance A low rumbling sound of the engine: Moulins moving sight looked over and saw the distant highway one è red motorcycle is rapidly approaching towards here. Red è motorcycle caused the emergence of bursts ā move back, back to the field has been built around the broad seal back to sewing special jǐng are trying to prevent its proximity to the wide back to the field. However, Motorola has turned red è jǐng the highway as pedal cars, lift the front wheels crushed volley flew over the window seal back immediately lock line, showing unusually tough: closure back lock line over red è motorcycle, Then a beautiful pool next flick parked in cooking, made from the motorcycle division successor rickety seat down, thanks to the speed of a roller coaster experience along the way, the face under the helmet seems quite pale. "Lim back brother! You came." Moulins trot to meet special to defend, however they did not run a few steps slow down and exposed back out too è rare look: in the sight of her in front of many who Ana biker back posture also remove the helmet, a flaming red hair spilling not white tiger back to the Palace of less Miyaji Who? "Yo, we meet again." Noted approached Moulins moon night comes flying red hair, pre-emptive hello. "How? Engraved cut to the non-volatile yet?" "You're joking a little ruler." Moulins micro frown, with calm deportment defused moon night fast break. "Miyaji little touches here swinging suitable for you? After all, to simultaneously destroy eight yīn cellar, even Wal-Mart is known as the White Tiger Palace in combat power back should also be stretched?" "This does not bother you labor as long as It seems the battle is bright white back to my house and have never tiger afraid of anyone. Besides ... "moon night rolled Lin Shou said suddenly reach arm deliberately showing qīn back Nick's attitude:" I am the gatekeeper brother invited to help out The Because brother said I need to keep fighting force sent in a handy, is sent in a handy combat power Oh. "" Oh, that really is exciting. "moon night deliberately repeated tail, as if must've squinted Moulins, Moulins is a response to the abnormal cold tone: two women in record speed between gather up the low pressure wind bà, wrapped around the eyes as if correcting staggered faint thunder and lightning, and that insurance è atmosphere even attracted attention far jǐng members surprised. Xu Tang and Luo costs rely on over, however, see this brother Shura field-like scene, so very wise to keep a distance. "Hey, who should be a little white back tiger Palace Miyaji? This how it was?" "Uh to say it is a common kind of drama in the story ..." Xu Wei Teng straight shoulders, with the warm flavor tone replied: "You are to say, that the two women and a man in a fixed routine?" With the front line in the detection of accumulated experience, Luo Xu Teng hinted in an instant guessed the truth back there with eyes fell immediately in Utah back to the gas ū eyebrow juvenile body, re-looked at him again and then nodded with feeling seems: "So,Cheap Coach Bags, that really is not underestimate brother ah ......" ... "" Yes ah, this is called the day of the pride ............ "Xu Teng and the Luo issued sigh with emotion, they seem to rediscover the extraordinary transmission made air transport division, but how to get out in front of me but let them anachronistic comedy ending headache: Fortunately, none of Moulins and moon night vulgar woman, staring each other a moment,Nike Jordan Flight The Power UK, they have their own convergence edge, turn our attention to the current urgent task. "Lim back brother, you explain things that are already stocked, Next, how to do it? "Moulins with that of the eye on the purple è Lin looked to defend, softly inquired. Lin Shou Although the risk of sudden just two women è atmosphere also puzzled some, but when asked down to business, or immediate answer to. "That, now still early point, we have to wait until the White House began to move back after the tiger action:" "The so-called action" ...... Moulins wondering. "I said Lin brothers, all this time , you would not have gourd ài shut, the plan say it happy! Is good so we have a psychological preparation. "Renowned for side wind bà consumer convergence, Xu Teng, who also came inquired." Ah, but also, and this time did not conceal necessary ... "Lin Shou scratched his head, his own thought fǎ road out. "White House back to Tiger ambush eight yīn Lo yīn deep pit is a ghost array array pivot, just destroy it, you can really stop the other attempts to market the whole entire world dragged yīn ghost prison plots. But in terms of overall strategy, even though White House succeeded in destroying eight tiger back yīn cellar, can only be regarded defensive success bà it. "" ...... "This is not to do fǎ thing, after all, have been robbed so many other opportunities, even to defensive success is also very good workers" XUTENG nod identity, but this created a sharp side of moon night sight . "Yes, so defense must put maximum combat power, to ensure 100% success and then we odd is forced ng, responsible for strategic offensive part:" Lin Shou-xian Dayton the next, leaving the crowd amazed piece Shu digest time, and then continued on with. "When the White House for eight yīn back tiger pit attack, the other party's attention will be temporarily xī cited in the past, and we will take the opportunity to sudden xí each other's home turf, the behind the scenes black counterassaulted to catch up!" Lin Shou smug announcing, while everyone back in comprehend their intentions caught in dāi Ran: This is definitely not out of the makeshift plan, Lin Shou back to white tiger palace machine slightly map did not mention the existence of the other lair In other words, from the outset, he was going to put the white tiger palace counterattack back button as a lure, and then directed his entire repertoire qīn from the highest return cháo. As for the presence of Morohito, probably regarded jīng heart pick out the execution of actors, besides a few Miyaji moon night outside, basically back to Tiger and White House no connection. "Shou brother, you ......" Why do you hide such an important thing? "Moon Night grateful both to keep the trust of the forest, but also for their own position and distress, tangled pieces fried, the use of rather complex voice asked out. Lin Shou seems had thought she would ask, quite frankly back from the chest answered . "I did not mean to hide, just hope the white tiger palace back to destroy the force is concentrated jīng yīn pit tasks. Because breaking bad back is called a ghost array implementation counterattack basic premise, assuming that the fall of the city itself, then, even if the black counterassaulted caught behind there was no sense. Conversely, even if we did not catch behind the black counterassaulted, just broken back broken Zhao ghost array can be considered successful, right? "" This, this is also down ...... "" So, the white tiger palace indeed bear back plan tackling the most important task, and the task is only white tiger palace resistant to get back down ... "At least I think so , Is moon night sister that such an arrangement is not comfortable? "" Of course not! hears you, and keep brother. "Lin Shou reasonable in the circumstances it can get out, nodded happily moon night, the previously little unhappy seems to have been thrown Jiuxiao Clouds. Tang Xu Lin Shou looked beside beautiful San Liangxia settle the trouble of teamwork, not jìn dew back mesh dāi export stunned look. As he secretly sigh, when they heard the other side of Moulins questions. "Lin division back brother, you said the other lair" Could it back in this broad field underneath you? "Mullan's attention back to the field in the wide Piaoxiang docked a large number of engineering machinery, initially she was wondering what do they bring Lin Shou, but this time my heart is already the answer back to the case, but he who answer back case and real return phase still has a little distance, Lin Shou shook his head, hand pointing to the right side of the field wide back. "accurate qīn that should be in that building below. "With everyone under the direction of Lin Shou looked over and saw a basket stand back edge of the field in the wide commercial and residential. Moyo 30-storey commercial and residential, although the inside of the residents had evacuated in advance, however, that the reinforced concrete build a huge volume derogation is nothing standing in situ. If lair behind the black counterassaulted located on the bottom of that building, how to how to dig down, but a tough question. "Forest Brothers, how are you going to do? "Xu Teng back to the table on behalf of the people asked out." That, in fact, do not have much time, "Oo! Start?" Awaiting commentary Lin Shou Xing suddenly sent back to the sound of excited, everyone looked up and saw a letter back No rebound from afar sky rising labor rises back to the top of the letter No. rebound bà a bright red, as if echoing it moves, there are several pieces of letter No. rebound back from the dark sun rises over the series. Cracked red light echoes Hao Yue yang, yang sky rendering the manifold is extremely bright, shouting ā sound from all over and b out of the ground also seemed vaguely flutter back shaking. To noon, the white tiger back scorching Palace counterattack kicked off! "Good! Then we have begun here!" Lin Shou was so declared, as if to determine what the building looked like toward the distance, then a letter crowed with kite flying from the roof. Everyone's eyes unconsciously toward letter kite looked to be recovered after a moment, I found making division successor somehow torn hand clutching his ears. "Forest Brothers, what are you up ......", there is no other XUTENG asked out violent b voice sounded from behind. Lin Shou sent in advance strange servant throughout the body placed in the floor back to drugs, according to the chronological order of successive bà set back. With deafening rumble bà yù deaf echo, the entire building toward the back field at wide gently sloping, finally crashing back to the field lying in the wide open space location, sparking the air waves and smoke back to the field the whole wide gave enveloped them. Successor pits were created division into the crowd, in a very close range witnessed bà force āi screen to move the shock, although half did not appear injured, but by God, however jīng unhelpful heavy blow. Only to hear the sound of coughing and satire back to the field in the wide rang throughout, along with the diffusion of smoke shrouded shelter said, the situation is once again the scene ... "<

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