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07.06.2013 08:25
but who is going to hit me antworten

For a while, raging energy is gradually cooled down. Yang Tie's mansion, was the six or seven arrow lifted to fly half, almost razed to the ground! There has been a huge hole in the ground, one gray to climb up a crater near the ground, broken limbs and mince, bloody. Capture - entropy of the war, is not child's play, it is really dead! On the ground the Ripper rotten meat, hundreds of no account of stone, has proved this cruel fact. The Yang iron house, suffocating quiet down, only some sporadic groans came. The scent of cupola. Surrounded by crowds, have not girls Wu have avoided eyes, cover your mouth, squat body, hide aside retching up. Yang Tie looked coldly stared at all this, face flashed a cruel. Yang Kang and Yang Ying two people look is suddenly haze down, they did not think his brother in the absolute disadvantage in the case of still lie so hand. Those who lie on the roof wall, they do not know, any one person's position clear to both of them. They just didn't think Yang Tieneng get this powerful to kill ". Broken stars arch, only prefecture-level top grade, it can it can unrestricted phagocytosis of Wu, to an all out. Arrow, bow fracture, injuries! Six or seven refining not easy broken stars arch at that moment arrows an was shattered, burst strength and will hold the bow warriors had blown badly, the body in a disastrous state. Yang Tie purpose is reached. He is unable to withstand the hyperactivity of Yang and Yang Ying two people in attacks, but he was defeated before,Coach New Arrivals Clearance, but can bite the enemy fiercely a mouthful of flesh and blood! I failed, but who is going to hit me, who don't want to! Yang Tie's broken stars arch has been perfectly express his meaning. That one arrow network attack, Yang Kang and Yang Ying's warriors together the killing of at least a dozen people, and even with two is a fugue environment, hit 20, minor injuries not. When the duo Di war began, the loss is not small. Yang Kang and Yang Ying's face which also good-looking? Looking at the bottom of horrors, two people are Yazi splitting. "Give me to kill them!" Yang Kang and Yang Ying are almost at the same time anger orders, the next moment, brief silence was broken, the six or seven arrow only after being broken stars arch burst wounded warrior, even against any strength, will be rushed to the resort! All of these are Duanmu family practitioners, Duanmu family is a family of many forces, good, can not be all forces into battle to take office. Moreover, Yang iron destined to have no chance of winning, so the Duanmu family this comes to the people while many, can only do the personnel that the master of the house,Oakley Monster Dog Cheap, Duanmu early has done all of them at the expense of psychological preparation. So even if six or seven people were killed, others are not frown brow. "I think it is the first seven, brother." here is quite good,Oakley Oil Rig Sunglasses, you say?" Yang Kang's face, looked at stood there motionless Yang iron, to sink a voice to ask Yang Ying to seven. "That's what!" Yang Ying gently nod. "People and prayer flags ownership, each by means of." Yang Kang sings, the order, the > bring

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