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four verbal provocation antworten

> Green River unexplored forests, secluded yīn dark corner, came crying like devils. wWW! Quanben! CoM a half-human half-ghost figure, the sun never shone yīn shadows tumbling, fluttering. He was rolling on the floor, poking everywhere, but also with his head to slam the trunk. From his mouth issued a shrill cries, around the forest spread out, so that was near silent the whole reveal jīng strange sound. Seems to bear the unbearable agony, the man with his head smashed into a tree trunk. "Tapping" the incessant sounded dull enough to have the thickness of the trees encircle he abruptly severing the withering voice crashing hit the ground, stunned and distant birds fly. "Goo goo ...... ...... ...... Cuckoo" Lu four lying on the floor, gasping pain. After a burst of crazy just to vent, how to ease the pain a bit. However, did not wait for him breath, and suddenly filled with intense nausea impulses. Love to know undesirable Lu four, tightly Yao Zhuya off, trying to push things coming in back, but only lasted a few seconds, then "wow" sound erupted. Then like a runaway like, lying on the floor especially large spit spit up. "...... Vomit vomit vomit vomit ...... ......" spit juice is not, nor is it bile, but mixed with the blood of visceral fragments Mi! Lu four fields of study of the art of ghosts, in fact, extremely dangerous evil ways. The principle of operation of a ghost attract Fiend possessed by ghosts force is obtained, but as the cost of access to the ghost force, the surgeon to use their own flesh and blood to feed the Fiend. Greedy Fiend will gradually chewing surgeon's body, the more excited the ghost force, Fiend will increasingly voracious chewing surgeon's flesh, until finally it Kenshi depleted. Originally the repair to Lu four levels, possessed Fiend short term should not have such a serious bite, but last night when dealing Moulins, where he worked with the Fam Reiki to catalyze Fiend abundant growth. It's like drinking the blood thirst quenching method, of course, so that his ghost has increased significantly, but also fierce catalyzed Fiend from flesh to devour. Fiend biting Lu four viscera, unprecedented pain hit, Lu four pain rolling on the floor. Quite a while to calm down, awaiting a break, no one thought to actually spit viscera fragments. "Damn, this degree ...... my uncle ......" Lu four semi-paralyzed on the ground, took a deep breath several times, bite off their clothes, and then look at the scene appalling scenes - I saw the lower abdomen strange deflated, as if where the organ was emptied, the entire epidermis deeply sunken, almost attached to the back of the spine position. While leaving only a thin layer under the skin of the balloon-like, faintly you can see several thumb-sized ghost crawling around in greed. "...... Ah ...... ah ah ah ah ah ah!!!" Lu four issued hysterical screaming. Even if he is raising a ghost origin heretics Warlock, however, such a scene, your own flesh and blood gradually being swallowed Fiend scene, it was the first time to see. Intense fear hit, Lu four tears and water out of the mouth, he lay on the ground, the curse of the TV drama created his teeth at this time the source of desperation to. "Damn door upright ...... damn Shushan disciples ...... I just wanted to revenge it,Oakley Polarized Sunglasses, why go this way ah!?" Lu four comprehension for those who are not born in the right way, he initially but only three streams charlatans will be a few hands servitude devil's tricks. Such a degree where it's only in the comprehension considered three streams, but it is used in the mortal body is thriving. For example, if a multi-gold rich experience, Lu four wraps kid will let go of its tortured pain, and then find the door, in order to extort money in the name of exorcism Chuyao. If you encounter a beautiful woman, and Lu four wraps also make kid go and confuse their minds, and then have sex with him yín joy. Repeated from time to time such a trick, Lu four lived very happily, but did not last long. Lu four times a kid and then wrap a certain servitude young woman, full of joy that you can then enjoy yín, knows actually attracted the attention of a passing decent disciples. Mischief wrapped kid who cut in addition to the spot, and Lu were killed almost four I also, finally desperately to escape, but it takes effort to cultivate a kid and they were all killed Bei Zhu. Lu suddenly become nothing between the four, vowed to destroy all his door upright revenge. Is, in this period, he joined a Xiepai organization and start up of the ghost evil ways to practitioners. Relied ghost evil ways of Xiong Li, Lu four has a few decent plot disciples, gradually break in the depraved little known, also got the "ghost of" notoriety. Not long ago, Lu four cadres there received orders from the organization, he brought something to look for Crypt. Other told him, as long as with a "thing" to find the crypt, you can get a great strength. Lu IV according to each other, then do it, it did get a great unimaginable power, but did not think the result of the pursuit of power, turned out to be so ...... "You idiot! Say what will give strength, and finally I give is not to pit the! "Lu four cursing, reaching out from his arms," ​​that thing "to. "That thing" about palm-sized, dark green ink appearance looked a dreamland wooden box, and the whole body is not the slightest gap. Lu four cartridges only know that there is confusion Ley effect, but what was inside is completely clear. Just when he needs power, the cartridge will be a steady stream of power to give him. Even now, it still exudes cartridges curse heterogeneous force, but did not dare to Lu has received four. Fiend's bite has swallowed his organs, and then continue to improve if the ghost force, Lu four did not dare to imagine what will end. "Damn! Damn! Bastard! Dog rì's! Bastard! Asshole son did something!" Intense hatred and anger boiling, melting into a vicious curse Flaring from Lu four mouth constantly. However, that does not clear objectives abusive, perhaps even Lu IV itself,Oakley Radar Online, has also been confused in the end what is an abomination, just casually vent chaotic emotions. At this time, a Zhu clams jīng pour off the trees from the following drill out, limping leg, hobbled toward the far jump to go. It was previously fallen tree when under pressure in the moss, then finally drill out, trying to flee far from here, who knows but accidentally jumped into the heretics Warlock vision. "Dog rì's! Die! Die! Die die die!!!" Lu four jump, kick crushed Zhu clams jīng, seem to feel puzzled air,Oakley For Cheap, and continuous stamped good kicks. Stamp stepped aside while cursing, until Zhu clams jīng to step into a pool of rotten mess, before it stopped operating. Moment and then suddenly his back laughter. "Ha ha! Ha! Guwahati ha ha! Look, I've got the power! Got who do not fear the power! Damn door upright, wait and see! Even if I go to the palace of hell, you have to drag on for a scapegoat ... ... ah? "Lu four sky mad laughing, suddenly a touch of white shadow across from view. Lu four eyes to recover the past and found that the white shadow was actually yesterday suffered pigeons, wild laughter suddenly came to an end. Rì yesterday when fighting with Moulins, it is these pigeons hid his eyes and ears, so that was the other side to escape. Lu four guess that pigeons clearly behind the Supreme servitude, this time appear here, indicating his whereabouts is already exposed. Lu looked around toward the four tense, received into the arms of the cartridges, and then Wu Wu left the scene. He was by no means afraid of each other, anyway, as long as there is in the cartridge, forces many as you want, but Fiend bite is fatal problem. It is rare in the world at Uncharted fairyland, Lu four intend hid for some time, if it can grasp the cartridge secrets, maybe you can find ways to overcome the bite. Have to say, Lu four judgments fairly sensible, however unlucky when people drink water even if there may infarction. Just go somewhere on Lu four open space, they do not want to encounter the most hit head figures. ........................ Former Fang Shulin turn out to have two people, one of whom is female students face, such as ice Shushan, another person is making leisurely look door division successor. Lin Shou seemed no sense of tension like walking in front of Moulins in the back jǐng Ti alert with. Lu four eyes first fell on Mullan's body, and it is difficult to put on and looked calm. "Bitch, you ...... you actually not dead yet?" Saw Moulins gas sè rosy, eyes SG circulation, nothing like the appearance of injury in the body. Lu IV secretly horrified, then noticed that she had no feijian around and walk away, that instant they calm down. "Ooh ooh, that the broken sword you do, how did carry them? ...... Oh, sorry sorry, I almost forgot the sword yesterday, I have been destroyed, and now have probably buried in the mud rotten right? But small little girls you defenseless, intends how Grandpa hands with it? "Lu four verbal provocation, then, that tone with obvious bluff taste. Moulins heard frowned and did not answer, so Lu four more emboldened to talk nonsense. "Haha, do not you come with small little girls I hands, but I would like to surrender devotion? So, uncle but welcome borne ......" "Shut up, you damn thing." Suddenly sounded like the voice, interrupted Lu four of foul language. Lu four stunned look in the past, there was actually surprised to find his wrist humble bushy eyebrows teenager. "You're dead kid ah ...... how? Jianhui then make your lives, you're fucking proud of it?" Although keep in Furui before eating dark forest loss, but did not see the forest because the actual gatekeeper shot, so Lu four impression of him remained in the first time to meet. "At that time?" Lin Shou glanced at him coldly. "You say 'time', refers to the ancient well be thrown out when the edge of it, or in the mountain are fans too get lost when?" So saying Lin Shou, random-like hands up in the sky Letter kite fluttering immediately fell on his hand. Cuckoo sing with, to show docile appearance. "...... Yesterday was your kid in the original mischief!" This is the scene to see, Lu four eyes shè out Shuoshuo fiercely. However, Lin Shou complete disregard of that hostility, went on teasing begin a letter kite, after a moment to look to Lu four directions. "You three streams without brain waste material idiot." From the forest to keep his mouth suddenly spit poison words, so that was Lu four suddenly surprised a moment. Not so react, there sharp sight shè over. "Xiao Ye long jǐng tell you, dare to build on the site of the door division wildly, we should do is cut chéngrén stick ready ...... It now appears that you seem to have been fully ready yet. "This sentence is a short draw down the rest of the negotiations, savings wroth Beng put out, the hands of the letter was stunned Puchi kite fly. Letter kite fly at the same time, tough play that hand went down, and cut off all dealings room, so that was almost four Lui feel unprepared to give birth. "That being the case, it would lead go die." <

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