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07.06.2013 08:19
Lin Shou sighed with antworten

> Full text no ads 110 fate equation "really bold guy ah ......" When you see the jump hook when Lin Shou, Lu Ling child to guess what he'll do it, could not help but to create division descendant of daring and suck tongue. Indeed,Nike Air Jordan, in the present circumstances, and only rely on this near-vertical airborne way, be possible to close got that bike hanging in the car on the cliff. However, it is after all just almost utopian theory to reality look almost zero chance of success. Works a little bit of common sense knows that lifting weights is definitely a complex system engineering. First of all have a person responsible for cāo control crane, come to have a person responsible for bundled cable, and then also have a person responsible for command and coordination, as well as the calibration of the person responsible for observing the more difficult ...... lifting works, we need more personnel to provide assistance for members alone crane cāo is do anything for. At this point in the pit earthwork constantly slipping horizon and aggregate smoked bad day, not to mention any effective on-site support. Was in such a bad situation to be added under the rickety want to go boom lift that hanging in the bottom of the pit of the cars - with difficulty speaking, sitting on the helicopter from the roof with a straight hook to catch the Amazon River where the piranhas, I am afraid that slightly simpler. Even monsters Lu Ling children also have such a common sense, however, but he just made division successor to take xìng life to gamble it is almost close to zero chance of success. Just as some strangers strangers, such behavior on Lu Ling child is unthinkable. Pushing her own actions migraine look crane works, but look at that landed unsteadily toward the bottom of the pit-made division successor. If at any time it could be swallowed back into the abyss, looked so thin, but is so proud, even, unruly. - Rebellious monster face even shied away from the natural disaster also robbed, awe-inspiring front line! I watched, Lu Ling child suddenly could not help but shudder. I just feel that rebellious back in, pour some kind of places she could not understand the obsession. That rebellious obsession, since time immemorial is the monster who can not understand and can not have. Lu Ling children hold their breath, and my heart poured out unspeakable awe of obsession that never varies, but also that elusive eccentric teenager. Overlooking the ground pit scene, she does not consciously tiptoe, and with the crowd around the tight focus, prayer since that brave boy can return home safely. In many eyes, escorted rickety hook finally made convex division successor to the pit bottom corner. Lu Ling children squinted and saw made lightly hopped car division successor roof, and then do what seems to squat. A moment later, raising his hand made a strange gesture, shore construction crane engine growls immediately, with a winch slowly tighten the cable. Car off the ground when the tremor shocks, making projections of rock collapsed down, the avalanche caused extensive earthworks shore crowd screaming. Fortunately, making division descendant do not know what has been used on the black cord and a hook fixed the car, I saw the rope in the air, rocking back and forth four or five under, after all, gradually stabilized. Accompanied by a rock slide of earth and stone, with cable car slowly rising. Twenty meters in height from the floor, but six or seven, but in the crowd breathless but it is exceptionally long suffering. When the car exposed pit face at the moment, big cheers resounded through the rescue scene. Countless helmet was thrown sky, as a salute substitutes, punched Pilipala sound. Nobody cāo control engineering crane, also merry Ming moving deep under the bike from the dead, dragged out of the car and carefully move to a safe rear. Limousine coma girl, along with her injured father, was quickly transferred to the ambulance to hospital, while the division-making paralysis in the roof successor is excited people were pulled down and thrown into violent yet Huiguo Shen storm inside. Fire brigades that were previously heroic uncle, hand violently beat him on the back, laughing admiring just incredible rescue operations. Doctor holding a stethoscope, squatting beside tense pulse checked his heartbeat, next to the female nurses then carefully wipe with wet wipes him face dust. Also just had their wrist several jǐng police, it is hard to maintain a site order, but also looking at the eyes there was especially fun ...... have no one to manage the project bike unmanned automatic cranes, nor people care about what that strange boy's identity, just as the fact that two lives were saved, people will happily get carried away. This scene fell far Wildcats jīng eyes, as if to make her own sense of alienation was very unpleasant. "...... Well, like a fool as well." Looked like a hero by everyone YongCu a successor-making division, Lu Ling child's voice revealing himself did not even aware of jealousy. Hilarious crowd lasted several minutes, then slowly dispersed doing the scene dealing with the aftermath. Finally get respite Lin Shou, rickety Ling child walking toward the landing. As previously yīn foul aggregate spent ages in the back did not get breathing space, at the moment he still looks disgusting yù spit the appearance of superficial footsteps like to always go down like. "Woo meow, our hero come back?" Lu Ling children greeted with mocking tone, the results attracted Lin Shou disgust sight. Then it is bypassed provocative Wildcats jīng, leaning against the side crane eyes breathing pranayama. Looking at making division descendant of hard look, Lu Ling child was awakened to just dive into the pit of the risk is far from bystanders can imagine, can not help but felt guilty. Apology in the mouth turn a few turns, the export Shique changed radically different content. "Just how did you get ah?" Ambiguous issues attracted the wondering eyes of Lin Shou, Lu Ling child had the conversation to continue. "This big thing is to make your orders, put you go below the mysterious laws. Ago when I have seen a lot of stray Pianmen evil ways, you can never know as much as this spell ...... well, just you used cars RDX bundle what? I saw it move like a snake, it is a living do? "Lin Shou Ling child to see the landing ineffectively lips. That looks so Lu Ling child to think of it, inquire about the ins and outs of the other faction is taboo comprehension, suddenly flustered up. In Lu Ling Bai Zhaoshou children hurried, he did not want to explain what you mean when making division silent successor spoke. "That is called good fortune France, I made the door division of the unique power law. Creator Yu material removal method has the supernatural thing, just be based on the use of bird addition ......" said Lin Shou and waved his left hand, and a black cable marked bounced out from the cuff. "This is used to bundle car RDX. Originally a member of the right way will ration dry binding instruments, called 'cord tied cents', but I have been completely transformed, and used to tie everything OK." So saying Lin Shou, as demonstrated like to RDX tricks to dance in the air. Lu Ling children marvel not see ourselves, awaiting attention suddenly clapped the man across the mouth of the strange arc, jǐng Ti heart then rapidly increased. "Wait meow, these things can easily say it to others?" "Just say to others? Of course not. Gong cultivation and magic magical powers, but comprehension of life insurance cards, unless it is life can be entrusted xìng intimacy Otherwise,Oakleys Active Sunglasses, even fellow comrades can not disclose. "" That ...... Then why did you tell me ah? "Lu Ling asked the trembling child. "Well, it goes without saying it?" Lin Shou-Wave Collapse tied cents Faso, imitating the tone of fraud jiān said. "Of course, in order for the debt of gratitude you owe me more ah!" "Man, debt of gratitude!?" Lu Ling child frightened eyes wide open. "Yes you asks me, I will answer your question. Since I've xìng life and death of the cards are revealed to you, that this very large debt of gratitude, but oh! Ah, tentatively calculate it, That Pohou help intercede on as twice as big as how? "" Do not! I ...... I do not want to know such a thing! "Lu Ling child fierce shaking his head. "Do not want to know that what you're asking? But I made a great lot of mental preparation before it releases a good or bad? Oh, worth mentioning, anyway, I've said it, and you have heard that the human does not even want to close too close back ...... "Lin Shou sighed with, but there's Lu Ling child is exposed yù cry no tears expression. "Well, then I forget this thing okay? ...... I swear I will never say to others! Even if it never happened for good?" "So monsters can also choose to delete the memory xìng do? was the first time I heard it. "Lin Shou deliberately exposed exaggerated surprised look. "But even if the memory can be deleted, happened just can not erase it? Would like to express my strange life insurance monster cards, which takes considerable determination ah but, if you really have such a convenient path to enlightenment, I have to ask this thing Forget? "" I ...... I ...... "Lu Ling child speechless long while, suddenly a vicious stomping, hard stare made division successor. "Anyway, you just want huge favor I owe you wants!" "No such thing. Favors this thing has seen nor touched, even if you rely on the not yet, I have no way not? Although what karma The do exist, but if it is the fate of the two of us go therefore disputes, for me is very nerve-racking thing ah, Ahhh ...... "create division successor pull hunched shoulders, like a bleak future as a deep sigh. At this time Lu Ling child has been anxious speechless, staring red Qiaolian someone pretending to be painful, gnawing teeth, he looks like if he were trying to rush him to bite a few mouthfuls. Lin Shou subconsciously put on alert posture when suddenly Wildcats jīng "Hey," a cry, and two clusters of round cat ears from the head bounced out. I saw students with fine velvet cat ears trembling slightly, as if to hear anything abnormal sound like, Niutou Zhao looked around the pit. "How,Classic Coach Cheap, how?" Look landing Ling child look like the tension is fitted out, hurriedly asked the forest can not help but observe. But no other Lu Ling child replied that he also heard emanating from the earth pit bursts Guihao sound. ! @ # (Full text eBook free download) <

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