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07.06.2013 08:18
is riding a horse to the clouds antworten

In /div>, North District, the inn. / Yang wears a Green s è outfit, with both hands, strutted forward. The slightly some fat shopkeeper eyes a bright, immediately greeted, respectful voice asked: "the childe is in-house or eat?" Yang Kai looks out of the ordinary, is riding a horse to the clouds, the shopkeeper reading countless people, a pair of piercing eye natural know he was not low, which dare to have any neglect. "For someone!" Yang Kaishen s è indifference, that a bamboo on the table. See the bamboo, the shopkeeper face s è suddenly became dignified extremely, quickly ran out from behind the counter, light tone way: "childe please come with me." Yang Kai gathered up the tokens, slightly nodded, a face of plain with the shopkeeper. The inn while also doing business, but that is the external cover, the inn true colors, is in fact the bamboo help nest. In all, more than eight! There are countless hidden in the dark, not used forces. These large and small forces, all eight people behind the support, they are mainly responsible for some eight not easy to do, and bamboo help just one of them, compared with other forces, slub help is relatively small. Across the entire sky Inn, they came to a large courtyard,Oakleys Sunglasses Cheap, hospital, many practitioners are competition martial arts, or one-on-one, or in groups of three and four Gang, hit the sound s. Yang was a look, found the people here strength is not high, level at most is also really yuan throughout the peak, most still clutch environment around, and even some aerodynamic environment. In the capital. A better warrior have generally been eight fold, the remaining natural some uneven, some good and some bad. Yang Kai also didn't care, but those who are fighting the Wu, see the fat apothecary took Yang came in, all unexpectedly watched, to find fault with. Through the great courtyard, two people came to a big house. Some looked very tough warrior that in front of the house. A j ng cautious in its face looked around, after two people together, is more focused. The pace of live. Fat shopkeeper rushed a few people over, smile a way: "he sent to the main report, please go under." One of those force in. Upper and lower eye Yang, can not help but slightly wrinkled brow, suspicious way: "you looked so look, is it right? His people?" Fat shopkeeper nods incessantly: "nature is, he has his body token." The man this just nodded: "etc.. () "said, turned and walked in, and after a little while, the man came back, he said:" the way of Yang let you go to the house to rest, he talks things over." Yang Kai's eyebrows a wrinkly. Didn't think I could eat a cold-shoulder treatment. It is interesting. Large hall, in what seems to argue, several people's voice is ringing. Yang Kai will be the general God let those people,Oakleys Sunglasses Cheap, not only will the fix for the moment of insight, also heard something. God s è gradually turns cold. Can not help but lightly humed a. "The childe, you either go to the side and wait a moment?" Fat shopkeeper with great care proposal. "No,Sunglasses Coach Online, I myself!" Yang Kaiyao shook his head, began to walk. "Ge"

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