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she shoulders with a pair antworten

> More [today's first sent! 】 Zizhu, the Lin family banquet, held as scheduled. WWw. qUanBen. COm say party, in fact, very low key. In addition to the participants, almost no outsiders know. The reason is simple, Xu Xing Xia's identity is now Rebels. No matter how strong his power, can only be reflected in their own third of an acre. A third of the acres, or the court of the world. He could not scruple court's attitude, the other participants, but can not see the face of the court sè act. Even the Lin family, do not go overboard. Businessmen are profit-driven, businesses trying to obtain benefits from Xu Xing summer here, it's right. However, even if you want to cooperate and Rebels, they have secretly carried momo not? Although the court has no power to deal with Xu Xing Xia, no power town Da pressed white army to deal with a few businesses still possible. Just behind them, officials removed, these businesses became toothless tiger, rootless duckweed, nothing can be done, ultimately only be vanished results. Moreover, the arrival of the Zizhu businesses, not out of the country, the most powerful group. Even without using political means, just use economic means to be able to suppress imposed on them. Southeast banbishan businesses, most prefer to use such means is a. Initially, Sun Dakun home goods detained in Fujian month Hong Kong, is behind the leaves to the high one in the instigation. And this leaves home, just east of the main business district banbishan. Today's Zizhu, from the outside can not see any traces of the banquet, it touches guards guarded several times more than usual. Hunting cavalry led by Liu Chuang, at a very early time, it has Zizhu are blocked up, ban Da access for unauthorized persons. Shortly thereafter, moss Sina women with a few armed guards arrival will Zizhu the core area are carefully checked again, and then sealed off. And then shortly after, Xu Xing Xia rode leisurely on coming. Xu Xing came earlier this summer. Generally, such a party, he is the most important guests, appear to be long overdue. So as to appear to be his special status. Great leaders are the last appearance of the thing. However, he basically does not care about them. Today is not just something to do, he would soon come. Anyway, whether or Ms. Lin Rong Lin irresolute are tǐng seductive. Bored, admire them, does not seem a bad thing. Xu Xing Lin and down for the arrival of summer, naturally not neglect. Ms. Lin and Lin Rong irresolute came to greet him, said a lot of kind words, welcome. Finally, Ms. Lin busy to go, leaving the forest accompanied by Xu Xing Xia Rong irresolute. Hua Ting Lin family's small, very delicate arrangement, it seems indeed to get new shares refined taste. After all, two beautiful women actually headed ah. Small Floral Hall inside, Xu Xing Xia very casual sitting, curled up like a posterity as Jiro tuǐ. He really is the Lin family home as his own, like, a little polite did not mean. Touches as the owner of the forest irresolute Rong little cramped. As the saying goes, Needing, in a room, it seems that there is something wrong. Although the small drawing room outside, there are female guards stood. She still felt a little nervous. In this tense psychological domination, her cheeks a little red dusty, looks exceptionally jiao yan, added some woman out of thin air charm. In all fairness, she is a very beautiful woman, completely inherited his mother's good genes. In order to avoid attracting too much attention lecher, before she likes to wear large black sè dress, his body deliberately disguised. Xu Xing summer in front of course she can not do. Today, to entertain guests, she deliberately wore a vertical skirt, light yellow color sè, more show out of her skin blowing shells can be broken. There are hidden neckline phoenix, Waipi Pente silk gowns, waist tassel falls, decorated with white Huanpei, quite graceful posture. Xu Xing Xia Lin actually liked irresolute Rong dressed now, this conjecture is normal for a woman thing. Have you ever look, a bit quirky, a bit thousand li away the taste. Now look, it pleasing to the eye. He Lin as his own home, speak naturally no scruples, smiled and said: "Missy, you should get married." Lin Rong irresolute sè slightly red face, hands and feet clear cramped, does not seem to know how display. Kennedy tǐng of xiong candied disappointing beating a few. Apparently, her heart was Xu Xing Xia's words to the shock dang it. No way, Xu Xing Xia words, which is very easy to cause ambiguity ah. Who knows Xu Xing Xia say so, in the end what does that mean? Is Offhand, or on what she suggests? Even for her unnatural? She tried to calm down, sadly said: "Chairman of the adults also should get married." It came to exports, she felt very ashamed. Yourself how it would be so to speak? This sentence and Xu Xing Xia words together, is it a bit volunteered mean? This is a girl, is indeed a very harmful fat. Fortunately, this is their home, and no stranger beside Otherwise, she really did not know how to do. But even so, her cheeks flushed also been a very, xiong candied also constantly ups and downs. Xu Xing Xia Hey smile. He is such an effect. Bored when watching Miss Lin Jiada out about embarrassing, actually tǐng good. Who told them before the old love a superior look like? They think their estimates have been so successful it. Unfortunately, Ms. Lin is not here, otherwise, the beautiful mother and daughter with harmful fat, must be very interesting. Especially Ms. Lin ashamed, then it would be more interesting. His complacency, said: "I've got a wife mean, I do not know the meaning of the eldest has not married?" Lin Rong suddenly feeling thirsty irresolute. This Xu Xing Xia, in the end talking about ah? Of course she does not believe that Xu Xing Xia is really interesting to her. This Xu Xing Xia, mostly in the fun of her. However, she could not find better words to refute her. In the final analysis, or her in front of the summer Xu Xing, a little fear psychology. No way, ah, Xu Xing Xia now shrunk, fish big splash, and most people are quite awe of his. In fact, Lin Rong irresolute also know that his mother, seems to Xu Xing Xia some meaning. If Xu Xing Xia active Qiuqin, then maybe his mother will be betrothed to Xu Xing Xia it. After all, now I'm home, and Xu Xing Xia interests, but quite close, almost into one trend. Xu Xing Xia is not always just opening, the Lin family naturally good initiative openings. After all, Lin is also the identity of people, not too active. Being shy room, they heard the sound of the dough Ms. Lin said: "Our family Rongrong not matter sè to wishful people, as chairman who introduced?" Yuehua Jian, Ms. Lin grew up outside of the curl of Huatingkou came. She dressed today, for example, is also fine. As a green lake on the wrong thread Xiaogua silk clothing, embroidered with sè streamers, white sè under the completed table tennis gold skirt, waist beam exquisite jade complex ornamentation, comb buns, but only one JADE Hall live a dignified outfit luxurious,Coach Purses Sale, romantic place dang not got the taste, but why are they giving a feeling of heart. And her white skin nèn jade, delicate facial features, especially the pair fly stare God's eyes, a faint smile on her come when, calm casual, relaxed and dignified host own some of Granville. Her gait and dignified, but somewhat lazy, exactly in line with her identity. After all, the master of the house was actually the Lin family, but also the beauty of Ningxia,Oakley Fast Jacket Sunglasses, one of the town to fame, her modesty and generous lazy, it is natural. Strangely, her side, but there are still a beautiful woman moving in unison around the arrival of her beauty,Poppy Collection Coach Bags, was about 9.28 to wearing an emerald sè Ariel sleeved silk dress, ornamentation Shangzhui water bo , not only green yù drops, and its upper Shuiguang looming out in the sun reflecting Da multicolored light, beautiful. Sleeved shirt collar slightly, slightly 1ùxiong front touch white, and pale beneath the Xiaoyi. To this end, she shoulders with a pair of jade, a chain clasp gauzy veil dressed in gowns, do a little obscure, long-sleeved fluttering, like human gods. Xu Xing Xia looked a bit strange about this strange beautiful woman. To see her look, it seems, and Ms. Lin tǐng good relationship. This affectionate relationship, it should not now cultivated. I do not know Lin family relatives. If she is a relative of the Lin family, it can only say that I'm really a country home sè Fantasy, too much beauty. See Xu Xing Xia looked at himself, the strange woman, for example, but also graceful, is also not shy meaning. Xu Xing came to her slow walk in front of the summer, Hail salute, smiling, said: "Little Women Hsiao Chih Peng Qiao seen adults." Xu Xing Xia Xiao Zhi Qiao vaguely feel somewhat familiar with this name, but can not remember a time, the suspect huo eyes drifting Ms. Lin. Ms. Lin said, smilingly: "Xiao Qin Yi girl but everyone." Xu Xing Xia Oh for a moment, think of it. The Hsiao Chih Coincidentally, it was the famous musician. It is said that in the southeast region is very famous. However, information about her, are from the Guard's intelligence system cursory mention, but there is no concrete information. Estimated annual Dickson did not think Xiao Zhi Qiao actually at this time, it appears in Ningxia town. It's a bit mean ah. Originally only a very low-key gathering, there is no east banbishan businesses involved, but did not expect everyone to a playing piano, or woman, still so young and beautiful. If that is a coincidence, Xu Xing Xia killed not believe. Look at her like, you know she is not fuel-efficient lights. Unusual woman, how she was so calm and relaxed, casual? Just do not know, what is the purpose her arrival? Xu Xing Xia has always yīn seek commentators, is strange thing, it is easy to think of go through. He looked Hsiao Chih intentionally or unintentionally clever glances, now she is graceful response, no shyness, no cramped, of course, did not mean very pleasing. Feels as if it were two sets of completely meet people related purely polite xìng response. a. <., Reading is a pleasure, we recommend that you collection. <

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