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07.06.2013 05:29
said that this fall in the hands antworten

> [Today's first even sent! 】 Yan Sui town, Yulin Wei, Yulin city. wWW, QUanbEN, cOM intense gunfire, has completely disappeared. Black column of smoke rising, has gradually dissipated. Blasted gates, walls Zhata ruins, has been largely cleared. And from the road outside the city, have been unblocked it. Continue to have cavalry or infantry, or is it on the road carriage from the shuttle. Body of the deceased, have been cleaned out, placed in the open land. Of course, mutilated not collected, not so necessary. The injured were sent to the doctor there to rescue, rescue if there is hope. Yulin City, the city's head, high flying with dragon brandish the flag. Chi tiger standing dragon brandish the flag below, holding binoculars, looked around excitedly. Xu Xing Xia first task entrusted to him, is finally complete. The next step is to good government coercion, Xi'an, Shanxi,Oakley Sunglasses M FRAME Cheap, coercion the direction of the government troops. Of course,Nike Jordan Spizike UK, when necessary,Oakley Store, may be part of the mobilization of troops, rescue Ningxia, Gansu town or direction of the town. However, from the aspect of Gansu town of the news, the war progress fairly smoothly. Fighting communications show, Laguna white army has taken control of the city, blocked the Mogi root east of the road. If there is no accident, then, Mogi root only town in Gansu to play around inside it. All in all, this is really pathetic Mogi root. Trapped in Gansu playing around town, not as it does not south. In addition to constantly day and night, northwest wind, Gansu town what ah? In fact, this is nonsense. Xu Xing Xia has personally took, war can not well for you? More than a year ago, Xu Xing Xia Mo day can make root disadvantage, a year later, the white army shrunk, he certainly can continue to make mo day roots suffer. Chi Tiger feel regret and that is what has been no encounter tough opponents, Sheng feel war is not fun. Yulin City defenders fighting, not enough to see ah! South to attack the city of Xi'an perhaps almost. "Lao Gao, thank you! Without you, Yulin City Nabuxialai! Have the opportunity to ask you to drink ah!" Late tiger holding Gao Yingxiang hand, broke into, said. "Are their own people, kind, polite." Gao Yingxiang blurted. In late tiger in front of Gao Yingxiang also goosebumps difficult to self. Just now, he was holding the telescope's finger, because of excessive excitement, and even some white knuckles. Tiger handshake until late and when we come gradually recover. Yulin City, this Yansui largest military fortress town, finally fell into the hands of the white army. No wonder Gao Yingxiang excited. When he thought that he actually have today ah? Too proud of. In the past month, the Gao Yingxiang indeed tough enough. According to Xu Xing Xia's command, had crowded rush to military families around the city of Yulin, were all dismissed, back home, and find your mom. Leaving only the sound of shooting and Qing cavalry charge of the military siege. Its abundance, Gao Yingxiang led Qing cavalry, but the main tunnel excavation. Yulin City, the surrounding areas, prolonged drought, geology is very hard, so very difficult to dig the tunnel. Xu Xing Xia city in Ningxia, with less than ten days time, they dug a trench. Late tiger, Gao Yingxiang them in Yulin city, but it is with a full twenty days, before the tunnel excavated. In the middle of a variety of hardships and dangers, needless to say. Fortunately, all the hard work and adventure, and now have been rewarded. White army control of the city of Yulin, strategic room for maneuver on much larger. Under the control of population and resources, but also greatly increased. Unfortunately, after the capture of Yulin City, Penang, Gao Yingxiang and led Qing cavalry, leaving Yulin city. Xu Xing Xia give his orders to go back as soon as possible Montenegro camp, will all weapons are replaced by guns. Meanwhile, the military establishment, but also from the original, urges people to extend to more than strong d. Clearly, as the main force to use. Yansui town of military families, war has always been relatively brave. This time, the white army military buildup, Yansui town military families are very positive. Back and forth, almost ten thousand military families had joined the white army. Qing cavalry Yansui town as a purely military families composed of troops, always wanted to clap hand. This is Xu Xing Xia special approval. He also wanted to see, in the dress of the guns after the Qing cavalry fighting, in the end be able to go to what extent. "Say good-bye!" "Farewell!" Late Tiger and Gao Yingxiang stand at attention and saluted unless awe. Teams of Qing cavalry soldiers, pushed horses, a neat row of the team, went to the west. "How could this be?" Equal - order woodenly standing in the middle of prisoners, muttering said. And the winner compared to Equal - order as a loser, that is quite enough to read. His face, all the soil, it is very ugly. In fact, there is no dirt on his face, will be very ugly. He is truly the defeated ah. His clothes are torn in battle. This is his fierce and white soldiers scuffle results. Fortunately, he was killed before the screams! "I am Xuhong Guo! Dares you up!" As a result, he is preparing to shoot the white labeled yellow honeycomb Army soldiers are subconsciously pull that loosened and dropped his muzzle. Came from behind a white army officer, Equal - order shot hit the hand of his machete destroyed. Subsequently, the other white army soldiers surrounded them and abruptly Equal - order to be captured. Equal - order not only was captured, his father was also captured. Together captured, as well as a full six thousand people. Most of the main garrison city of Yulin, are so-called armed retainers. Retreating to the Yulin City Sheriff's also a lot of dignitaries. However, after being captured Equal - order seen, only himself and his father. Two of them are individually isolated away, isolated. Where else in the end, he did not know. Perhaps, is the white army killed. Perhaps, is the underlying anger military families to kill. Yulin city was broken Equal - order most afraid of, in fact, not the white army, but the revolt of the underlying military families. He knew the white army has strict discipline, not easily kill prisoners. But those who revolted underlying military families, is completely different. Has a backlog of countless anger them, finally had the chance to stand, their anger, not all instantly burst out on the strange. This is a terrible power ah! It is indeed. Now, inside the city of Yulin, those who take refuge in the bottom of the white army military families, is with the white army of musketeers, from house to house searches in their enemies. As long as the flag is more than the total military attache, all levels of the civil service, even if it is mediocre, both in their raids of the column. Those who fled from the field of Yulin city gentry, have been pulling out all. In the open space outside the city, packed full of people. These people, the white army does not deal directly, but to the newly established Yulin City Management Committee. This is the white army has always been done. The Committee will have held public rallies, the determination of these special prisoners crimes. Members of the Committee, the constitution of Yulin City, underlying all military families. Estimated to have anger underlying military families, these special prisoners alive hopes, basically did not. Their property will also be confiscated. Despite the Yulin city was broken two days have been full time, or no trust Equal - order this cruel fact. Which was kept in the dark room, he could do things is to constantly reflect on reflection. He did not believe that, just less than a month's time, on into the white army dug trenches, blew up the gates, blew up the wall. Without walls and artillery cover, needless to say everything. "Equal - order out!" Suddenly, the guard shouted. Equal - order a little dazed look outside. He did not know their own white Army called out, what purpose. Perhaps, it is the implementation of the so-called firing squad. It is said that this fall in the hands of senior white army, without a rate kept down. His father was a deputy commander Yan Sui town officials. His deputy commander officer's son, how have no reason to live. "Whew!" Equal - order a deep breath, try to make yourself calm down. So come to the end of life, so that some countries can not be reconciled promise jump. He was still young ah. He also want to die ah. He is also ambitious man. If it is not white army trouble, he will inherit his father's career, becoming an excellent guard command to make the. However, as a man, did not say anything for mercy Equal - order words. By Xu Xing Xia character, even say it, to no avail. Xu Laomo murder, what time to listen to you for mercy? Day dawn Equal - order it was escorted to the Yulin City Simon. Here Equal - order saw their own father, he was escorted out. Strangely, no one else in sight. Is white army once shot, just shot two people? Impossible ah! It is said that the white army executions are queued shot, and once killed hundreds of people. "Equal - order, you should feel lucky!" Suddenly, someone said. Equal - order a little dazed down the sound to see the past, present to speak, turned out to be white army under the command of the army shot late tiger sound. As a party to the actual coach defenders Equal - order impossible not to recognize late tiger. He did not think, late in the tiger actually appear here! This makes Equal - order slightly surprised. Could it be that, as late as the tiger wants to personally execution? "If the chairman is not deliberately left you a life, you have buried in the rubble inside! I do not know why the chairman to leave you a life, but I warn you now, from here to the city of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region on the road, you do not mischief, do not try to escape. Otherwise, you will die! "late Tigers continue guarded said. "Xu Xing Xia? Leave me a life?" Equal - order very dazed. Xu Xing Xia Why leave him a life? Could it be, he wants to personally kill himself? Or bury it [seeking Subscribe! 】 <

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