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there's no one can escape antworten

> Connection: close [today sent a third more! 】 Canyon terrain, destined both sides, only this head-on tactics. A piece arrowheads flying over, bad luck horses, or is it bad luck white army of musketeers, they were mowed down it. Tartars Da Son arrowheads, are generally very brutal, as long as the shot, basically no chance of rescue. Use the arrow Tartars Da son, many of which are rusty, or is soaked some of the stolen goods. Some arrows have barbs. After injection of the human body, it is likely to cause wound infection. At the time, wound infection is difficult to effectively heal. Once the wound deteriorated, wounded life will be seriously threatened. Of course, the white army will never be intimidated by the Tartars Da Son arrowheads. Do not say that only two thousand people Tartars Da children, the son of thousands of Tartars Da attacked big scene, they have already experienced it. In Baihu Ze when Lindan Han iron lance cavalry, once dispatched eight thousand people, or entirely of cavalry too! Result, is not to be trounced they give? Front of such a point of Tartars Da Son, simply nothing. Who was shot in the white arms gunman, who was immediately towed back up and immediately replaced by a new force to continue to shoot them. White army side, strong enough to win in the troops, the number of musketeers enough. Mastiff lion and cavalry cavalry together, there is a full five thousand troops, but only two thousand Tartars Da sub teams played full count that is two thousand people. Thus, the balance of victory, the absolute tilt toward white army. For the battle, Gao Jie and high one do not have any worry. Put it bluntly that if five thousand musketeers, nor kill two thousand Tartars Da Son archers, they have only to go eat shit up. Do not try this life are looked up in front of others. And white army side of optimism compared to the Tartars Da sub-side, somewhat unfavorable. Tartar bow lethal, obviously not as good guns. The density of firepower, more than the white army. But see a piece Minnie bomb roaring, Tartars Da Son archers go down the speed is getting faster. In a very short time, there's at least five hundred archers Tartars Da son was killed. Originally Tartars Da number of sub-archer is not much of a sudden death five hundred people, the intensity of attack, had weakened down. Can Tartars rushed in front of the white army archers Da child is less and less. However, the remnants of the Tartars Da son, or continue to constantly forward, until they have been killed so far. As at the root of their subordinates Mo, has always been proud of inertia, and have never encountered such a case stuck. Their self-esteem, so that they chose death, but did not choose to retreat. They want to use their own lives and blood to defend the dignity of the Tatars. At the same time, but also for the back of a large force, to secure more time. With both sides go down horses and people more and more, the entire bottom of the canyon, were stained with blood. Tatars do not mean his own blood, white army naturally not mean their blood. Where in many low-lying, a lot of blood, just like the same stream, constantly converge here. Canyon that the blood flowing speed is indeed fast. Many low-lying areas, have become one of the blood of the pond. Some of the pond, the depth of the blood, almost to drown a man's knee. At this time, the most inexplicable horror, and certainly those of the Ming army Xiangzu. In this valley which, in addition desperate fight of Tatars and white army, there is another group of human existence, that is led by Li Mao Hui Gansu town of the original Ming army. At this moment, in order to avoid accidental injury, they are lying on the floor tightly. Result, they soon find themselves tummy place to soak up the blood has been. Increasing the blood, about Yandao their nose. Strong Xuexing Qi, as if ready to let them fainted. Some of the Ming army Xiangzu stand,Coach Poppy Collection USA, trying to jump up, for a place to continue to avoid. The results, I do not know where to flying arrowheads, or is roaring Flamini bomb, killing them directly on the ground. Gathering more and more blood, they will slowly drowned. The rest of the Ming army Xiangzu a watch is not roads, no longer afraid to stand up, but tough on the ground move the body, as far as possible away from the low-lying areas. Their hands, and have been soaking up a lot of blood, so that they climb over the place, were all stained with blood. "Ga Ga Gara! Ga Gaga!" Tartars Da son centurions, angry Wawataijiao. These Tartars Da dry sub-captains, are at the root of the henchmen Mo is Tatar elite, the real elite of the elite. In their campaign career, had never encountered such a sad reminder of the situation. They are simply pressing play, almost no strength to fight back ah! White army muskets too terrible, no matter how brave soldiers, as long as the guns hit, there is only a dead word. In order to eliminate a white army, Tatars tend to pay five or even more warriors as consideration. This battle is really unprecedented stuck on, they all felt going crazy, about to explode. No longer afford them, huff, they personally carrying machetes, rush over to the white army. Jinu hearts and minds of them, even the archers do not, put a knife directly on the come up. Anyway, with bows and arrows can not kill a few white army, might as well put a knife is more direct. Even were killed, that is got his wish! The remnants of the Tartars Da son, by their influence, and do not bow, and on his hand a sword to kill the white army came. To outsiders, their actions, is indeed very brave, crazy. However, in the white army seems that they do is to court death. When the white army bullets you will really bend it? Say not, a series of Minnie Danfei past two Tartars Da son centurions, as well as to follow their dozens Tartars Da son, are all tease turned on the ground. In the white army's line of sight, there is no standing still Tartars Da sub it. "Fuck his mother! That broken place!" Gao Jie also angry Wawataijiao. Although the two Tartars Da Da Son centurions were killed, and his mood is a little bad. The reason is simple, play is not fun ah! Because of the terrain is not good, his mastiff cavalry without Expand All. Three thousand people in the team, and only half of them can be approached to shoot. The remaining half of the people, can only watch in the back. As high a lion cavalry, it can only watch the more. If the white army troops can all be expanded, this two thousand Tartars Da son team, has long been packed, and where it is their turn have put a knife freak chance? Results, subject to the actual canyon terrain, in two Tartars Da Da Son centurions were killed after the battle at the mess behind, as well as sporadic Tartars Da sub archer. Tatars in almost annihilated after finally go astray. They are no longer active attack, but chose arrows in the back. As long as there is close to the white army of musketeers, they will suddenly emerge, a stone's throw shot, caught off guard, the white army of musketeers, is certainly noodles. As long as the shot, it is surely a glorious ending. The Tartars Da Son archers finished calmly after the release, they immediately lurking down, let the white army's guns can not reach him. Successive toss a few times, the white army actually lost dozens of musketeers, not even the Tartars Da Son archer silhouette are not touched. Have to say, those Tartars Da Son archers, and sometimes really tricky ah! The high back to help out a very anxious. Such ghost terrain, so the white army firepower, absolutely no play out. Bodies of horses and people everywhere, seriously hampered the sight of the two warring sides. Ah, precisely, is a serious hindrance to the line of sight of the white army. Hiding in the shadows of the Tartars Da Son archers, you can still observe the movement of the white army. Often thought Tartars Da Son white army will hide in here, they are really hiding in another place. Once you guess wrong white army Tartars Da Son hiding place, often to pay, is one of their own lives. In fact, most of the Tartars Da son,Air Jordan Play In These 2 Sale, are using the bodies of horses as a cover, step by step forward blocking white army. The horses were killed on the battlefield too many,oakley sunglasses store, the environment is too complex to become the best archer Tartars Da Son amulet. Honestly, the face of the Tartars Da Son arrowheads, white army really is not taken lightly. Because, at any time a flying arrowheads, are likely to take your life. This kind of thing is rebellious Gao Jie Du chances. In fact, the mastiff cavalry is not suitable for such a battle. Mastiff cavalry most adept, or salvo in this way the front line fighting. Number of the enemy as possible, the more obvious the better the enemy of the queue. Warring sides of the battlefield, the best is plain, without any obstructions. Such sporadic fighting like hide and seek, the battlefield environment is so complex, mastiff cavalry did nothing for a time to adapt. These are skirmishers who work ah! "Eagle cavalry coming!" Fortunately, a good news, eagle cavalry came. Searching the battlefield white army soldiers, are greatly relieved outposts here to say, there skirmish came, really fast ah! These dog days of sporadic Tartars Da son, or to have to deal with it skirmish! They are professional hide and seek. "Gao Jie, I help you?" Zhang Yi Gao Jie came around, smiling, said. "OK! Over to you to do it! We really can not do it!" Gao Jie nodded and said bluntly said. He then ordered all the mastiff cavalry soldiers, the Ministry will withdraw from the battlefield, to the eagle cavalry skirmish were going to continue to suppress. As for the withdrawal to the mastiff cavalry, naturally, is responsible for cleaning the battlefield. First of all cannons are all together again. Before entering the battlefield, Gao Jie eyeing those cannons up. "" High one hesitantly. He felt a little strange, Gao Jie this guy, when speak so well? Do not even fight the? Then think about it, will understand. Gao Jie Xu Xing Xia to the task but with the fastest speed, overcome Laguna city. If he wasted too much time here, is bound to affect the city of Laguna captured fighting. Some professional fights, or to give professional people to deal with. Fecal cavalry retreat down the back of the eagle cavalry skirmish quickly added up. Faced with this confusion of the battlefield, eagle cavalry skirmish, but experienced more. For where someone may be hidden, and where there may be enemy appears, eagle cavalry skirmish who basically a few hearts. Standard training usually take skirmish arms eagle riding gunmen, five were a group together to cover, step by step compression Tartars Da Son archer living space. Gunfire on the battlefield, gradually died down, and sometimes a good while before loud shot, Tartars Da child casualty figures, but it is constantly increased. Do not encounter a professional opponent, Tartars Da Son archers of course, not the opponent. Half an hour later, the remnants of the Tartars Da Son archers, will no longer bear it. Their morale has completely collapsed and had to turn around and run. Their casualties too, had no strength to stop the white army's advance. Two chief captain also was killed, and lose his command. They can support up to now, has been regarded as a very powerful. However, they want to run out, is impossible. Eagle cavalry how will give them the chance to escape? Tartars Da sub-figure, has just appeared, a series of bombs on the fly Minnie passed. The final result, but two thousand Tartars Da sub teams, all buried in the canyon, there's no one can escape drag this time, Gao Jie will also have to pack up the cannon. Mastiff cavalry soldiers, responsible for cleaning the battlefield. They will drop Mu Ming army cleaned out, ordered all the artillery they are together. Rough inventory, yet there are eighty cannon. Although there are small caliber of the Buddha Lang machine guns, also looks good. Gao Jie turn all the gunners are counted out, be prepared separately. The gunner, he was prepared to go to the city of Laguna. Such a good cannon, if not against Mogi roots, it is too throwaway. The only regret is that Mao did not find Lee tied figure. After interrogation prisoners, high school convinced that Li Mao bolt is indeed in the crowd inside. Before the fighting began, many people saw Li Mao tied. However, after the end of the battle, Li Mao bolt was gone. After a careful search, even one with the dead bodies are identified off, no Li Mao bolt. Obviously, Zhelaoxiaozai is silent escape. Have to say, Zhelaoxiaozai escape ability, it really is not bad. Even the Tartars Da child get away, he actually ran away. "One, I went to Laguna City, control city you came in the back with a cannon, we met at Laguna City!" Said Gao Jie wait. "Okay, you go first! Careful!" Tall one nodded. Gao Jie immediately collapsed mastiff cavalry, anxious hurried in every direction to Laguna City. ZHANG Yi also Shoulong eagle cavalry, Gao Jie followed behind, ready to support. This way they go west, most likely encounter a large force Tartars Da Son, therefore, must every minute counts. Soon, on the battlefield, on the left, led by a lion leather high cavalry and a lot of the Ming army Xiangzu it. "Take!" "All away!" Tall one cried loudly. He let the Ming army Xiangzu drag the cannon up to Laguna City forward. "Tart tart da!" Suddenly, behind him hoofs. High one looked back, I do not know what the troops came. "High command, is chairman of the adults come!" Shortly after, someone holding a telescope, surprise leaves road. [Seeking Subscribe! Seeking security at the end pass! 】 <

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