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> [Cap 451] Do not be shameless to the point! (0451) [today's first even sent! 】 Since there is such a think, Xu Xing Xia's eyes, a little red Chuan bare naked, nothing to hide necessary. Cut, you look down on me now within the heart, why should I respect you? I respect you deserve it? There seems to support such a theory, what do bad things, can justifiably, a little guilty feeling are gone. Ms. Lin's body, do not know how to take care of, it seems remarkable than her daughter, but also a lot. Her intellectual taste, is not her daughter. Lin Fei Rong certainly not estimate this better educated mothers, poetry and painting something, all swordsmen. No wonder people can be attracted so much attention. For most men, this woman seems Ms. Lin is indeed out of the hall, get into the boudoir, got on the bed stunner ah! I did not know she was in bed, will also so cold? "This guy exceedingly rude ......" Xu Xing summer look, Ms. Lin immediately aware of it. Her heart, inevitably some sullen. This Xu Xing Xia, eyes too direct, too Chek Chuan bare naked it. He was much older ah, actually daring own idea, really a rogue. She knew other men also coveted by himself, playing behind his idea. However, this seems to Xu Xing Xia, did not hide his possessive, or the first one. Almost instantaneously, Ms. Lin's heart, will Xu Xing Xia and crude, vulgar, ugly, and so on down stream Chuan word association to together. Within her heart, can not help but meet some resistance and Xu Xing Xia. She secretly told myself,Oakley Polarized, if not necessary, then, are not in front of Xu Xing Xia appeared. Previously, he still thought that this guy will be somewhat different from other men. It now appears that the lust vulgar aspect there is virtually no difference. In fact, within the heart, Ms. Lin Xu Xing for summer and really do not feel respected. This is mainly because of both the background and experience, are completely different. Just not in the same world. She somehow also came from a large family, grew up with a spoon Chuan, there are parental care, have family's love, grew up enjoying in books, poetry and painting, poetry, everything has covered. As Xu Xing Xia guess, daughter body if she is not, then, even the imperial examination Jing Chuan, also has to grasp in a Scholars back. Now, although the family has declined, and her parents are dead, her Messire also died, the Lin family have no past weather. However, the bones of the innate superiority born, is still firmly in control of her, left her for the world to see. In Ningxia town, with very few people, other people, can only be a plan in her condescending to survive. Even if it is not wishful her life, she has never had high head low. Otherwise, she could additionally choose a rich and powerful married off. Later on the history of the Ming Dynasty, there is a misconception that women remarried, is a very difficult thing. Grandfathers and grandmothers in particular will be strongly obstructed. In fact, these are baseless assertion was intentionally enlarged, misunderstood. Manqingruguan later, for its own governance system Chuan needs, history and social customs of the Ming Dynasty, have carried out a large number of deletion, or even wrong, confusing right and wrong, to prove his country win the Central Plains of the flower is the hearts of the people The. The Ming Dynasty people are living in misery, dark inside. Among them, was the most obvious, it is estimated that the Eastern plant and the Guard's described. Dong Chang Qing tried to slander and Guard, the countless dirty water poured into their above to go, I feel like Dongchang and Guard is hanging in every major Ming people atop a sword to fall at any time, to take people lives. All the people, every day, to live trembling, did not dare to breathe a little strong. Otherwise, they will be killed. In fact, Ming Dong Chang and Guard against bureaucracy or right Chuan are expensive, and the population in general, nothing to do. You generally people, you want to Dongchang and Guard against you, others also too lazy How about you! Hereafter is like Anti-Corruption Bureau, Supervision Bureau and the like, but to deal with specific groups of people. Also seems to be huge amount of property crimes of unknown origin, is also aimed at special populations. Impossible to deal with all the people. Dongchang and Guard offense was discovered out, it was the right of officials by Chuan Wei expensive too far. Chao prison inside each person detained may all have identity. Your ordinary commoner, even had no chance to see one. Even if that evidence is conclusive, the famous figures such as Yang Jisheng, Yang Lian, Shen Lian, left light bucket ...... there have ordinary people do? One did not. They are official! All rights Chuan expensive! A joke, if it is in the Hereafter, there Dongchang and Guard, every few days to catch corrupt officials Chuan officials, do not know too many people applauded the bottom. Maybe there are people send flowers, send a banner, Miles Long Street or something. To put it a little bit too much, in the Ming Dynasty, hated officer estimated that Dongchang and Guard it. The common people are estimated most popular is the East of the plant and the Guard. Judging the East plant and the Guard's presence, for the population in general, it is definitely a good thing, a good thing in a good thing. Words with the West, the East plant and the Guard, in part,oakley for cheap, is locked up in cages of power. Although Dongchang and Guard itself, there are also congenital defects, there are also serious internal rot Chuan defeat darkness. However, its existence is indeed a part of the checks and balances of power. There Dongchang and Guard, an officer will not dare recklessly. Their behavior, the law must be limited to a certain scope. - Emperor of the East beat Chuan pressure plants and Guard, civilian group unbridled, all sorts of results Ming finished. ...... Pull away. In fact, they meet the conditions laid down laws, Ming Qi woman is completely remarried. This seems Ms. Lin, Messire had died,Outlet Oakley Active, her daughter and they have dependents, can self-Chuan's remarried by the. She did not need to see the elderly face. Besides, she did not grandfathers and grandmothers, and they all died. Even with her condition, even if remarried in the past, but also the wife had the presence, never dishonored himself. Perhaps, Ms. Lin had considered remarried, right? She is now dressed and looks like the kind of time to prepare a lifetime widowed woman. Indeed, so young and beautiful, with long lamp in Buddha, then, is indeed a throwaway ah. However, in her condition, vision is certainly high. The original governor of Ningxia Hui Li Mao is the premature death of the first wife, has not remarried. Ms. Lin estimated that he should be somewhat meaningless. But, Ms. Lin has not agreed. Governor were quite good, we can see her eyes, in the end how high. Xu Xing Xia underlying origin seems so military families who simply can not enter Ms. Lin's eyes. Even Xu Xing Xia and Lin family has a lot of business dealings, it is only business only. From the perspective of private feelings between the two is impossible to have the slightest intersection. As the founding emperor Zhu Yuanzhang, it is born monk, she had selectively forgotten. Selectively forgotten, was originally one of mankind's greatest skill. Xu Xing Ms. Xia Jianglin up and down the bare naked red Chuan looked a lot, think about it, was reluctant to look back, look solemnly resumed exclaimed: "Also, please look at these white marble porcelain lady, see there is no market. "Ms. Lin stood up, some of the bone to get the desktop, carefully studying them. There is no doubt that she is indeed a porcelain research. By the light, she repeated from different angles, carefully appreciate these bone china. A long time, she softly concise, said: "These white marble porcelain, the quality is not very good if you have fine chemicals, it touches can be blue and white porcelain, eggshell porcelain one to compete and now these, no, it could not sell the price to . "Xu Xing Xia nodded and said:" Indeed, the firing process there is room for improvement. "Ms. Lin pours gently nodded, said:" As long as adults can improve the process, these white marble porcelain Lin on all our package under the . "Jack Lin Rong Fei said:" Chairman adults, these white marble porcelain, in the end what is material made out of? If our customers ask them ...... "Xu Xing Xia smiled slowly and said:" Since it is a white marble porcelain, naturally it is with white marble stone as raw material, carefully baked. "Lin Fei Rong some do not believe, said:" never heard of, useful, Baiyu Xiao Han made of porcelain? apart from white marble, but also what other raw materials? "Xu Xing Xia mysterious smile, slowly said: "Missy, which can be related to technology secrets, ah! I can not disclose, but I can tell you, these porcelain firing of raw materials, are non-rich that expensive. In addition to marble, there are lapis lazuli, ruby, sapphire, agate, pearl, emerald and the like. Oh, and coral, so do not sell low price, its cost is high, but high. " Lin Rong Fei did not believe the way his face. She even white Chuan crazy, but also from Xu Xing Xia's face, these words are read out in a perfunctory her. With jade, pearl, coral, agate to firing porcelain, Xu Xing Xia crazy do not? The value of those treasures, more precious than the porcelain itself. This is simply an excuse. However, Xu Xing Xia refused to disclose the firing of white marble porcelain recipe, but also a matter of course. The recipe is like glass, as such estimates are the highest confidentiality exist, only Xu Xing Xia know. Once compromised, the consequences serious. But, this way, Lin Rong Fei could not help but be more curious. This Xu Xing Xia, in the end is where to get the glass formulation it? Where did you get it from a so-called white marble porcelain recipe it? Xu Xing Xia deliver a steady stream of glass, and then she even silly, but also to those who speculate glass, Xu Xing Xia are firing their own, rather than come from somewhere else. However, as far as she knew, glass formulations, it is said that only very far western people know, Xu Xing Xia is how to know it? The secret of his body really more ah! Said Xu Xing Xia body secret that Ms. Lin, could not help a little curious. Prior to working in the summer and Xu Xing, she must be sent investigated Xu Xing summer background. Nevertheless, the survey results come up, there is no equal to the investigation. Because, in the survey did not find any valuable clues. Xu Xing Xia never left the fort town of Granville. He is a native of the poor military families. Young people seem to like him, in Ningxia, the town, even if not fifty thousand, and thirty thousand. But, finally, that he Xu Xing Xia fore, hard-edged. Such a young man who is indeed full of secrets. Even more exciting is that, who knows, in the near future, he will be no more secrets unfolded. Variable Chuan state archery, big powerful guns, come out of the glass, and now the white marble porcelain, are fully described in the secret of his body far has not been drained. Ms. Lin suddenly feel like a patron of the Lin family, perhaps really important. Thought here, Ms. Lin on smiling, to Lin Fei Rong meaningful nodded and asked Xu Xing Xia said: "In the future, my daughter will visit the chairman grown up a lot." Xu Xing Xia nodded in reply. Ms. Lin's so little thought, how could he not understand? This is to give oneself cast Notorious ah! Previous estimates and Li Li Yunrui brilliant two guys, is to be such a beautiful women get involved. Lin Rong Fei both of them obsessed, naturally, when the monkeys were Lin Rong Fei playing, Linjia Gang fortunately the middle like a duck, its capability. Well, this Ms. Lin, really not a good bird, actually take their daughters to when the weapon was a good lesson learned after her. Do not be shameless to the point! His heart like a lot, but on the surface, said quietly: "Missy willing door guidance, the next could wish for. Yes, I have some weighty things, you need to sell, please Ms. Lin to help twelve." Ms. Lin said: "dare to help the adults speak, please." Xu Xing Xia bluntly said: "are some assorted swag." White Army "swag", but a considerable amount more, definitely not Xiazi Qian Xu Xing of the "sloppy." That is great weight baby. From the beginning, when the Soviet Union Tuoba ruthless killing, white army captured a lot on rare antiques, gold and silver jewelry and the like. Later, several castles and continuous capture, and from Suo Bude hands to grab a fortune, and later captured the city of Ningxia, add a variety of stolen goods, worth at least several million ounces of silver. Since it is "stolen", notes and general supplies, there is a big difference. They can not be out on the market in the normal sale Chuan, or is the current market, there is nothing to absorb these baby. However, these things, they must be sold, converted into money, or is for the exchange of useful materials, in order to meet the needs of the white army. Otherwise, Xu Xing Xia's side, stood so much loot that are not useful. [Seeking Subscribe! Seeking security at the end pass! 】 <

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