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> In fact, the opposite of Lindan Han is also a headache. Www, QUAnben, CoM this time, he is also aware of their mistakes. He regretted the discovery of his own ideas, or some rigid. He formations when, accidentally, turn white army as a general view of the Ming army. If the white army but in general the Ming army, the Mongols to the same number of troops, will be able to easily defeat them. Unexpectedly, now, however, he somewhat flattening it. A hammer traded Lindan Han never do. Too risky. He can not easily take their future at stake. As Xu Xing Xia expect, Xu Xing Xia afford to lose, but he can not afford to lose. Xu Xing Xia Da sufficient number of people who reserve the amount of the loss of soldiers, at any time you can add it back. The number of Han Chinese, it is too much. Not to mention loss of eight thousand, is the loss of 80,000 a few days time, you can supplement it back. But he can not ah, if he lost eight thousand people, at least two or three years time to pay back. If it is offensive in batches, then add oil became tactics, in addition to white waste of life, there is little significance. For Lindan Han speaking, add oil tactical than one shot deal more dangerous. A hammer trading, and how many there are some desperate, drastic taste, there is a hint of the possibility of winning. However, if it is, then add oil tactics that the slightest possibility are impossible to exist. Moreover, the first wave of attacks defeat the Mongols morale is bound to be a huge hit. It can be said, the Mongols launched the second wave of attack, even if the number of members who Da twice, fighting will not be more than the first attack. This is the place where most regret Lindan Han. Inadvertently, he sacrificed his own army morale. Now, even if he wanted to do, and strive to boost the morale of troops, nor restored to its original level again. On the battlefield, morale is very important. Especially in the military stalemate, when morale is a decisive factor. Lindan Han was worried, white army will Yuezhanyueyong morale higher. High morale, make even wounded soldiers, and would not under the line of fire. High morale, make the white army's combat effectiveness, has remained at a high level. Conversely, the morale of the Mongols, is constantly declining. Demoralized if labor does not contribute soldiers situation will be very typical. If anything should happen, they will immediately collapsing. "Careless ......" "Lindan Han told himself quietly at heart, he needs to reflect on his need to re-tell yourself this summer Xu Xing and his white army, are not able to measure the inertia of thinking, in particular, they can not be as is the general view of the Ming army if he repeat this mistake, estimated in this life without the chance to stand up. "Golden Khan ......" Narisong said suddenly whispered, his face, a little weird, he is very careful observation of the Lindan Han's face changes in order to consider their own words. relative Lindan Han's father, the Lindan Han excellent a lot of talent in all aspects are more prominent, but the man who some inherent problems, Lindan Han nor lacking and this mistake because it is sometimes more then execute, not willing to listen to others remonstrate. Narisong mean, the Mongols attack, continue to persist, has no meaning. Judging from the current situation, the Mongols did not tear the white army of defense. Mongols even the last three rows of inverted horse piles, are no break. fighting continues this trend continues, it will only increase the Mongols white casualties since the futile No, it would be decisive to withdraw, and do not bear deadweight loss. Lindan Han Chen Sheng said: "can not withdraw! Must continue! "Narisong mean, he certainly understands, but Lindan Han has his own wish. Mongols to withstand casualties, while also bear white army casualties. Those who rushed to the front of the Mongolian horse archers, the same with their aggressive Arrow incite, destroy a considerable number of white army, which is the naked eye can see. Lindan Han hope, the white army casualty figures, to reach a certain level, it will not bear, it will collapsing according to his experience, Han Chinese armed forces to bear casualties, is up to three percent. Perhaps the white army as well. Xu Xing County lifted telescope, looked thin again before the battlefield. battlefield and no special changes. sides still in constant consumption, constantly death, constantly bleeding. part of the Mongolian cavalry, had reached the fourth row down hitching post, is struggling to reverse the destruction of the horse pile, but they are often just brandished a knife and cut two or three, he was fired over the Flamini bomb killed these inverted hitching post, is to block the Mongolian cavalry dash weapon, white army and how they are easily tolerate the destruction? With the increase in the number of casualties, the Mongolian cavalry attack, there have been Some decline. Such decline, mainly in the effective strength of the reduction, the team's sparse, there are offensive determination gradually disappear. lot of Mongols killed, the rest of the Mongols,Nike Air Jordan 13 UK Sale, will naturally be deterred, not continue to do so aggressive skyrocketed after all, people are afraid of death. their attack speed is reduced, the white army pressure, naturally reduced, of course, the Mongols just go to the range,Poppy Collection Coach Online, you can shoot arrows Da incite an aggressive, to whit military losses. Sometimes, part of the Mongol horsemen, to breath shot out three Pente Da arrows, continuous white army soldiers shot dead three of these great harm Mongolian horse archers they archery fast speed, white military response, a little bit slower, their own casualties, we must continue to increase. estimate, which is the reason Lindan Han refused to withdraw its troops. both man Da staff are in constant turnover, to see who can stick to the end up in the middle of the white army barracks, continue to have the wounded were sent over. medical camps set up here a simple field hospital, specializing treated the wounded. engineer battalion soldiers, this time have become transport team, responsible for transporting the wounded The workers barracks commanding Li Yanfei, also white army of the elderly, and in the town of Fort Granville, when Xu Xing Xia fought to follow the moment, he is tight sullenly, deadpan statistical figures wounded and the dead in order to facilitate the calculation , Xu Xing Xia inside the white army, the promotion of Arabic numerals so easy to remember numbers than those of the conventional chip count to be easy to understand, most people can grasp. and Arabic numerals related, naturally it is the basic arithmetic calculations the addition and subtraction is relatively simple, people are more able to grasp as long as the brain more flexible, basically able to master. As for multiplication and division, the content a bit esoteric, most people can not grasp, of course, always some brains more flexible, and people who are willing to study hard, you can break most people's limits, master multiplication and division. example, Li Yanfei is such a person, his fighting skills, in fact, not very good, around the time in the summer Xu Xing, is often the role of messenger. However, he very well in arithmetic terms, basic addition and subtraction, multiplication and division are more skilled, the three-digit hybrid computing, barely able to cope. engineer battalion often need to use arithmetic, have skills, he was appointed as the working command of the barracks. "you help me calculate the ......" Suddenly, Li Yanfei with people around a few whispered orders, Xu Xing Xia respect to the direction of running a hurry. "Big Da people, our casualties, has more than eight hundred people. "Li Yanfei Xu Xing summer came around, whispered to Xu Xing Xia report, which is Xu Xing Xia told the specialist before the 800 people, is the white army combatants Da members tenth. Exceeds this limit, Xu Xing Xia will heed it. If necessary, special measures need to be taken for the general army, battle casualties ten percent of people Da staff, there will not be a problem. twenty percent it does not matter, but if it exceeds the percentage of thirty, you need to be careful care of the general's army, able to withstand casualties, which is about 30 percent, especially those who are not trained, there is no well-organized army, three percent of the casualties, enough to cause them to collapse Most of the Ming army belong to this type, even if there is a rigorous training and are well-organized army, but also the need to take special measures. example, downsizing, re-commissioned officers, changing way of fighting, etc. If you do not make appropriate adjustment, the battle is certainly not continue. seems to posterity the Red Army during the Long March, the preparation and human Da staff is constantly changing. purpose is to better control the troops, to avoid the collapse of troops to maintain the combat effectiveness. fighting began, the white army casualty figures, constantly increasing, four hundred, five hundred, six hundred, seven hundred ...... finally, breaking the eight hundred ...... Mongolian casualty figures, but also on the increase. rise as in the end to how much Xu Xing Xia did not know this figure, only Lindan Han know, but he believes the Lindan Han should soon blow retreat. continue to hit all of his fighting forces, we must all die off from the theoretical perspective, an army casualties over a third, there is the possibility of collapsing if over half, basically was scattered in the cold weapons, in addition to some special elite troops, over half of casualties, not collapsing army, basically does not exist, but history often is full of miracles, exceptions are always there. nomadic horsemen, general can support to 60% and even revealed that 70% or more casualties, which is Since they all soldiers determined by the nature and their staff even if a lot of casualties Da, leaving a handful of people, you can continue to fight, of course, this is a battle to separate terms, rather than the entire battle. If the entire campaign, even if the nomadic, but also not exposed to such a high casualty rate. seems Heller Golden Horde Thus, the loss of over half of continuous fighting, there is no ability to continue the fight against the white army, while in the distant Western , by the influence of religious beliefs, and even many of the military to be able to support more than 80% casualties, it will not collapsing. then Mongols and Mamluks in West Asia cavalry fight, eventually lost, and a big reason is that Mamluk cavalry origin, are filled with religious slaves. they really fight to the death refundable, even if it is annihilated, no one retreat they are born for the sole purpose is to fight. Thus, even militant Mongolia and compared them had to beats. Xu Xing Xia suddenly put down a telescope, he exclaimed: "Mongols to retreat. "Lin Deep River seems to have the feeling that he look at the distant Mongol camp, he told himself:" Yes! "" Ohh! "Voice hardly ever, I heard the distant sound of bursts sorrowful horns. Mongols used to convey orders are horns. Different is attacked horns, is very rapid, very passionate, so inspire people could not wait to fight battle, while withdrawal horns taro, it appears very slow, very sad, people feel very heavy heart to hear the sad horns, the remnants of Mongol horsemen, have turned around and ran back. they desperately ran back, for fear of their slow retreat, being white army hail of bullets to catch up, but there are some dog eat dog Mongol horsemen, regardless of whether continued to move these Mongol horsemen, because the companion casualties , has long lost his mind, and preoccupied and white army desperately, one is a golf, golf earn a two. "bang bang bang! "Gunfire on the battlefield, is still very intense, did not feel the Mongols retreated. Mongolian dog eat dog, white army here, then why not dog eat dog? This war down, the white army casualties also a lot of the soldiers how could I not filled with anger? For those desperate rush to the Mongols, imagine, waiting for them, the result would look like this since Ah you want to die, then fulfill you a good final result, of course, is that the Mongols was beaten into a yellow honeycomb. several thousand muskets, are concentrated into their hands, and with the heel can imagine, what kind of consequences and some Mongolia cavalry, covered, do not know how many pieces were hit Minnie shells, covered into a pure blood, and this is a genuine scarred because of Flamini was hit too many bombs they seem to be a group of mud, paralyzed in a pool of blood inside. "battle finally ended ...... six deep forest river greatly relieved, I feel has been hanging in the throats of the heart,Nike Jordan Take Flight Sale, and finally is slowly behind. Damn Mongols finally withdrew. This marks the first stage in the battle, Lindan Han Consequently, had chosen to retreat. In other words, the white army won. Estimate at this time, Lindan Han's heart, must be very painful, it must be very willing! As Mongolian gold sweat, to release such withdrawal order, is itself a manifestation of defeat. However, in this world, there is no regret medicine to take. Failure is failure, there is no possible excuse wells. <

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