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in order to curb the insurgency antworten

> Radio sound like such military forces, and the Tartars Da sub cavalry fought, veterans have had the experience. WWw. quANBEn. Com what to do, what not to do,Coach Online Store, clearly. Unclear veterans died. Just follow recruits veterans movement left. Of course, you can not tell. However, you must be unlucky. Ah want to survive, then obediently handed down in accordance with the words of veterans. They come experience, are paid for in blood, hard to come ah! In addition to combat experience, the mind is very important. Did not experience the brutal combat troops in the face of the enemy, simply indecisive. Appeared a panic situation, is inevitable. People are afraid of death. If there is no officer of severe repression, most likely it was scattered. However, for the battle-hardened troops who encountered the enemy, just as commonplace as, do not need panic, what to do on what to do. Compared the two, there is no practical experience of troops, once met, compete with established defense. White army side, already prepared to do all the fighting, the opposite of the Ming army, yet gracefully array yet. Simply directed at this point, their fate was doomed. Some felt bad for the Ming army, has quietly looked at his rear, ready escape route. "Bang bang bang" "bang bang bang" "bang bang" violent gun ring, red around the castle, smoke. In late tiger under the command of the army six hundred radio sound musketeers, take turns shooting, step by step to the opposite of the Ming army oppression. Their forward speed is not fast, while Volley after about ten steps forward, followed by another burst emission gun. This is the most standard way of queuing shot march, even enlisted soldiers soon, but also proficient. Opposite the Ming army team, very dense, especially the first few rows. The purpose of doing so, of course, to ensure that the density of the guns. They use birds gun, Thunder gun, three handguns and the like, are musket, must ensure that the density of guns in order to have a certain degree of lethality. Consequently, when subjected Flamini bomb hit, immediately tragedy. Previous 34 rows are constantly someone go down. Then back to the back. Responsible for directing the Ming army, but a Senate will be. His own personal retainers, or some fighting. He shouted his own retainers, killing a dozen Ming army tried to escape, only to re-team stabilized. However, the white army of lethal guns too, in front of the Ming army could not withstand, still continued to retreat. The Senate will be aware of the hopeless situation, had to pack their own personal retainers, in a hurry to leave the battlefield. "Run," "white army too cruel," "generals are gone, we do not gallop?" Without the supreme commander sits, rudderless, any forces are a mess. To reinforce its red castle Ming army, suddenly be dispelled. In the white army muskets before they leave the bodies of three four hundred other people on all collapsing it. They do not clear status. They are to reinforce the red castle, but did not expect to actually red white army near the castle. Does not cover the castle, they do not even know how to fight. Some of the Ming army, even confused, in the direction toward Xu Xing Xia ran. Liu Chuang is seen behind the heart itch, eager to start it, but unfortunately, Chasseurs Xu Xing summer to protect the safety, did not do war. See those collapsing Ming army, actually confused rushing to the side, he immediately found the opportunity, and shouted: "These bastard, court death! Brothers, Charge, kill them," he immediately took Chasseurs, to those Ming army defeated troops rushed over. Chasseurs is a newly formed army, would have five squadrons, 1,250 soldiers. Plus the officer, then 1,500 people. However, where 1,000 people are recruits, only 250 people are veterans, now recruits training camp in Montenegro, only one squadron veterans, followed Xu Xing Xia's side. Together with officers at all levels, that is, about 300 people. However, there are three hundred people in hand, have been sufficient. "Listen to me the command" "ready" "release" Liu Chuang waving machetes and shouted. His brain is indeed not very clear, this is his main reason for the delay can not work independently. However, when he fought, but very sturdy, even late tiger, Wang Xia, Mao thirteen children born of these Ranger guy, and he did not dare close fight. They are normal people, this is crazy Liu Chuang. Normal glass slide and a madman can do? Liu Chuang's subordinates, are invariably musketeers, he is using a machete. This machete alternative, it seems like the bow of Xu Xing Xia pull the wind. "Bang bang bang", "puff puff" Chasseurs first salvo, let those Ming army defeated troops shocked. The two sides are very close, only three feet or so, moon gun hit rate is high. Dolphin Flamini bomb whistling away, brought greetings death. Run ahead of the Ming army defeated troops, almost all of the tragedy. A blossoming of the blood huā burst out, fell to the ground along with their owners. Remnants of people all at once scared lying down, holding his head on the ground not moving shrink. They did not expect, in front of their own, there are more white army. Some of the Ming army thought I was caught up in the white army encirclement, blind scurry, the result was Chasseurs to the dead. In leaving dozens of corpses later, one of the few remnants of the Ming army, and hurriedly turned around and ran back. Liu Chuang Chasseurs chase with three or four years, Xu Xing Xia worried about the safety of not chasing too far, they have withdrawn come. Soon, to reinforce its red castle Ming army, were all dispersed. Simple inventory of what victories, the two sides soon as he contacts the white army on the killing and wounding of five or six hundred people in the Ming army. White army himself, several people were injured, were hurt like bruises, nothing hurt. Estimated that the first contact, let Guyuan town Ming army, fighting against the white army, has a very profound understanding. Next time, they want to enter the town, when Ningxia, will certainly wake up to fight the spirit of the twelfth. Unless they want to die. Fighting was over so quickly, late tiger feel unsatisfied, shot sound Army soldiers feel unsatisfied. They also did not rise to it Hing chalky, the battle is over. If you are faced with three or four thousand Tartars Da son, estimated not so easy. Liu Chuang and his Chasseurs, the same feel unsatisfied. Chasseurs the nature of the security forces has always been a rare opportunity to participate in actual combat. This is an unexpected encounter, but also God. Unfortunately, the enemy without a fight, and it would defeat it. Liu Chuang expect asked: "Your honor, the red castle to win it?" Xu Xing Xia shook his head, Chen Sheng said: "Well, is not necessary." Red castle like fortress, win the future, is to send troops stationed. If you do not send troops, meaning fortress lost. However, in this place, to send troops, we must consider the logistical problems. Honestly, Ningxia Red Castle too far from the city, logistical, not guaranteed. You see these winding mountain road, transport of food is a hassle. White army present logistical capabilities, in fact, very weak, can not afford ah! Conversely, if you give up red white army castle, to abandon the fortress, the Ming army will certainly be keeping a hold of. They should be very value this fortress. As long as they value, would be easier. Every few days, and no later than the tiger took his troops to greet some. Army reinforcements if they find out, directly in the field to solve them. Fighting off several times, with an estimated Guyuan town Ming army effectives, it should be consumed almost the same. "Late tiger, come, sit," Xu Xing Xia look around and find a relatively flat area, dismounted, to sit down and discuss the entire southern tiger late entire defense system. Red Castle battle, but the entire southern part of the defense system. In the south of the town of Ningxia, there are many places, a lot of traffic arteries, the white army must control them. White army ready to implement a proactive defense strategy. What is the active defense strategy? That is, you have hit my signs, I'll beat you up first. Beat your purpose is to let you beat me to lose momentum. So grab the enemy's resources and disrupt the enemy's effective strength, but the top priority. Specifically, it is a white town in southern Ningxia Army multiple regions, the establishment of the guerrilla zones. This area of ​​the population, have all moved out, invading. Late Tiger led troops here activities, proactive attack enemies. Their purpose is to intercept, hysteresis, harassing, fatigue enemy attack. They definitely not somewhere wearer stationed. They will not appear in the long-term somewhere. They will not give the enemy the opportunity to surround, do not give the enemy attack. They are like a thousand miles lone wolf, always staring at their enemies, regardless of their own lies. No matter what kind of do, what kind of means, as long as destroying the enemy, is victory. Or say, let the enemy has never been reached Ningxia city line, is victory. Xu Xing Xia estimated that the capacity of the Ming court, is limited. Ming Dynasty after two hundred years of development, to the late Wanli, is already terminally ill, diehard it. The most prominent flaw, that is depleted financial resources to make ends meet. The fight is to land tax, land tax court, not a lot. In other words, the war can not last long. The longer the war lasts, the greater the consumption of the court. Court play, however, only amnesty. They also use this trick Li Zicheng. Xiongwen amnesty once into a lot of people. If North Korea Tingzhao, it means a large-scale end of the war. Xu Xing Xia certainly do not believe that the court will really let yourself go, historically, as long as they embark on the road of making anti-Chuan, unless it is the last when the emperor himself, otherwise basically no good end. However, this overall strategy for the white army, is good. White army to foreign expansion, you can not force too much, continue to use the internal battle. After all, hundreds of thousands of Tatar cavalry, not a joke. White army forces must be focused in order to win the battle. This is the white army in the south line of the main defense strategy, so that the enemy quit, daunting. Of course, if you can let the enemy back away, helpless, so much the better. Xu Xing Xia believes that the ability to delay the tiger, it can be done. His command of the army shot sound, is the greatest assurance. Ming army town Guyuan, Ningxia want to enter the town, the town chalky pressure rebellion, not huā charge a little heavy price, it is absolutely impossible. As for the East, mainly in Ningxia guard area. Ciyao Walled there, Xu Xing Xia ready to high one responsible for them. Coming from this direction, it should be Yansui town Ming army. Gao Yingxiang, high school they, for the town of Yan Sui Ming army should be quite familiar. There they lay in ciyao Walled area, the town of Yan Sui Ming army, Ningxia want to enter the town, I'm afraid it is not so easy. Of course, other military town of Ming army, may also be coming from this direction. However, if the other towns of the Ming army troops arrived, the white army reinforcements estimated that up. West of the town of Gansu government troops naturally. Their number is estimated will not be many. Because, the Ming army Gansu town itself, there is not much. They also limited to the constraints of money and grain, not too many reinforcements dispatched. ZHANG Yi eagle cavalry skirmish, responsible enough to contain. Ningxia, Gansu town to town, far away, just hurry, enough Ming army headaches. With the white army recruits training gradually mature, white army various military forces will rapidly increase. By then, just a white army troops, can block the tens of thousands of Ming army. The court can be dispatched the Ming army, but also there are many million? Japanese Peninsular year, dispatched the next national army is nothing but a handful of tens of thousands of people only. The most important is that all the work with the city of Ningxia, gradually on the right track, the overall strength of the white army will certainly be further promoted. Especially the three blast furnace production of white to enhance the combat effectiveness of the military, has a direct effect. Originally restricting white army weaponry production of raw materials problems, have been completely resolved. As long as the sun and the moon gun production, one hundred per day, the white army is not the lack of weapons. Army, have sites with forage, through those who have knowledge, he Xu Xing Xia need to worry about what? On the contrary, should be worried, it should be the court, the Cabinet, is the Wanli emperor! In time, he would beat them! "Capital, the Forbidden City Southern, the Ministry of Personnel Yamen. Bingbushangshu Zhou Jia mo chair, slowly back into the Ministry of Personnel Church, which is his patent. Ministry of Personnel was six in the first, is absolutely not to be provocative majesty. Someone else's chair , must be stopped in front of the Ministry of Personnel, and only he is the exception,Nike Air Jordan 3 UK, because all the minister of state in the court which, on a number of his oldest of this year, he has a full, aged 71, so that age, but also He came to town needs labor, seen how serious things are in fact, Zhou Jia-mo itself, but also know something serious, he is Khanh five Scholars, his career, through the whole of Wanli. Wanli what happened , he witnessed all in his life experiences in such a serious matter, no more than five times, and this time the town in Ningxia happened, he did not expect. subconscious, Zhou Jia-mo feeling, Xu Xing Xia rebellion, insurgency than the previous years thanks to Bo worse. Fang Zhe personally walked from the chair next to Zhou Jia-mo open curtain, please Alighting Zhou Jia-mo for adult etiquette Grand Secretary, Zhou Jia-mo just gently nodded, be present in return, he completely have such qualifications, after all, his qualifications, is really too old. parties from philosophy in front of him was, that is purely a junior if parties from philosophy is not so respectful words, behind there is a myriad of saliva fly over, will he live drown this meeting is convened Grand Secretary Fang Zhe from his charge of the Ministry of Personnel, Ministry of Personnel has been in office chalky public meeting, naturally held in the Ministry of Personnel in Zhou Jia-mo after the arrival, there have been other minister soon. second coming, but Rites assistant minister stars. third arrival, but Hubushilang Yang Dongming The fourth arrival, it is Xingbushilang CUI Jing-rong finally comes, it is left Censor Sun Wei It is as a Grand Secretary adult party from philosophy, to find, and can negotiate national chalky home affairs all the imperial minister of What? Lang can be regarded as the court minister? chancery where to go? Sorry, no chancery! because of Emperor Wanli lazy governance, appointment and dismissal of officials deliberately not large Ming six, only the Ministry of War has chancery, the other three are assistant minister to take the lead, this is actually considered good, the worst thing is and Industry and the Ministry of Rites, the Book is not, nor Lang Fang from Zhe something not know who to turn to. Fortunately, the two ministries are generally no big deal. nonsense Leaving aside, Star and others, are also accustomed to such architecture. mountains no tiger, monkey king bar, like a habit Anyway, you expect Emperor Wanli eviction, appointment and dismissal of officials really serious, or farewell, because it is simply impossible. pique if you and the emperor, it is estimated that eventually suffocated, must be you. Wanli Emperor endurance, which is definitely not in the presence of people can be compared in order to establish Prince thing, he was a man Dudou entire cabinet six, stunned hold a dozen years not strive., today's question is actually only one, that Ningxia is how to deal with the town of rebellion rebellion news about the town of Ningxia, yellow Kezuan naturally not hide, Trinidad expedited instruments, a few days ago and sent to the court. later added that several of the Herald, a detailed description of all aspects of situation. parties from Zhe leisurely read later, Zhou Jia-mo, who also requested circulated, so we heart with the end, he began to convene today's meeting. Honestly, before this, here's a few court minister, for Ningxia town, has not been how seriously. did not do, Ningxia town this place was a little far from the capital. Moreover, there is a place mixed Han Hu, the situation is more complicated. Twenty years ago, Bo worship occupy the city of Ningxia rebellion , sudden, a lot of trouble. Thereafter, in their mind, there should be a barren land I did not expect, and finally actually sudden, so much trouble to. did not think that this is actually the rebels From the outside the city of Ningxia overcome. really do not know, the garrison city of Ningxia, in the end is what to eat. tens of thousands of defenders, there are walls, there are cannons, actually by the rebels to overcome, really incredible. Tartar Da child repeatedly commits south side, have not heard too overcome Ningxia city how suddenly came a rebel, it will Ningxia city to overcome? Does the rebels fighting over the Tartars Da Son cavalry is stronger? there , in the end there is no other hidden reason? Dongchang and Guard there, and no other some intelligence? this matter, no matter how you look, feel not normal ah! relevant responsible person, is certainly to be pursued. Li Mao Hui and Li Guozhen , can not forgive the sin which two men lost city lost, beheading is the lightest, raid genocide it should. Huang Kezuan guilt, yet to be agreed upon later. sent troops to quell the rebellion is no doubt about it. court can not tolerate such an event occurs . revolted rebellion, capturing Nine Important, that had won? If this matter is not dealt with promptly, the other side of town,Coach Handbags Sale, do not know what reaction it! Emperor Wanli, no matter what happens, Fang Zhe sent up from the memorial, it is still not reply. did not know he was in the end have not read memorials. perhaps simply do not see. Or is read, know, but too lazy to deal with, no matter when and if something else emperor, this is not possible, however, Wanli Emperor hard to say his quirks particularly high. did not do, Fang from philosophy had not waited for his approval, ready to begin action. Though they are civil, but also know soldiers rapidly truth, we must take advantage of this Xu Xing Xia still shaky when the counter-attack, in order to curb the insurgency will continue as soon as possible, otherwise, the longer the time delay, the stronger the power of the rebels rebels coerced people do best, which is, they are most clear. Initially, Binh Dinh Bo worship rebellion, but also the child to do so if they blindly waiting for a reply Emperor Wanli, I'm afraid yellow huā dishes are cold. however, expect to do so, and is not really possible to do so, there are two different things and if things really seem to Fang from philosophy imagined so simple, just a paper order, you can get away with it, he did not need to convene my colleagues met directly ordered the town chalky pressed. key is Qianliang how to raise? do not have enough money and grain, there is no office mobilization of the army, not to mention make up the army and the rebels desperate. court's financial situation, people are well aware of the presence of the present situation is that if you do not spend public funds within the Emperor Wanli, Taicang not enough silver to pay. however, need to use the treasury, it will certainly be called Emperor Wanli poor. Yes, that is called poor. Seriously, they sometimes feel that the Wanli emperor, is simply a miser. entire Chu you are under today, but why also performance was so mean, this is not a miser what? before a congregation elder colleagues, devoting a tremendous effort, managed to persuade the Emperor Wanli tax supervisor, supervisor of mine like to take it back, not to civil handouts this end, numerous colleagues, dismissed from the dismissed from office, retirement pension, the board to pay the board to pay, can be said to pay a very heavy price, barely achieved a modicum of victory now, they need to spend money to the treasury , the opportunity to tax loaned his old prison, prison like mine re-sent to go, it is definitely not his old and he later years old, are doing? have tried everything to do in making money ah! such a good chance , if he let go, he is not the Wanli emperor. [seeking Subscribe!] <

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