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07.06.2013 05:13
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Bloody help and storm,Cheap Oakley M FRAME, this group of people these days have been very bad, not only in pale cloud evil operations often assigned to the most dangerous position, even the rest here in the camp, also often have to ridicule to people. Here gathered forces also have five or six, in addition to headed to the home is a family outside, other all is the two or three Pope door. These forces, on power and personnel quality, with a bloody battle for rain, not much difference between, and some even slightly better, but still dare to maltreat an injured person everywhere, feeling good. Laugh a few times, when a bad mood will be more at them. Like a bloody help and rain floor people, owe them. Hu man and Xiao when cold still here, and deterrence, and they the master left, then left to do some young generation disciple, situation of Yu performs Yu lie. And one more thunder light and Feihong Institute team is most abominable. These days, rain road and bloody help people have more than two or three times by the way they provoke play scolded, but because his disciples so many wounded, but survived more than a dozen, so they can just. Fang Ziqi them this group of people is in in the teeth of the storm, naturally do not want to provoke any trouble. Over and over patience concessions, more let ray light and Feihong home who think they bullied, today see their campfires, drinking here to eat meat, happy, where willing to let such an opportunity? Anyway, here is no war, not for fun, to spend such a long night? Look at fiercely as a tiger does rain floor bloody help dozen did not affect the Xie Rong and Lifu fraction, two people still a face of calm disdain smile, doesn't seem to put the people in mind,Nike Air Jordan Womens, that at last the eyes also afford much food for thought. "All sit down!" Guan Chile face gloomy, doubled their eyelids, sink a voice to all the humanitarian. More than a dozen young disciples hate to tooth itch fist also pinched crackle sound, but had to swallow insult and humiliation silently, and slowly sat down. Although they are full of sap, but also know how to talk with each other about what the final conflict, suffering, is still one of the group. Do not say first hit really can not win, even if can win, afterwards also have been to the home for. At that time, the two Pope door situation will be even more. A dozen one sat down, Fang Ziqi is the last seat, smiling face some grim, skin of meat is a burst of dithering. Heart even all don't cha, he also had to endure. Yang Kai look dull, shook hands on the barbecue few dust, a look of calm looked at people. There is some truth element throughout this group of people, there is also a lot of clutch environment much high strength shall not be. But in Yang Kai keen perception, there are several general God, is in this land. There are two general God some vigilance and hostility, should be Xie Rong and Lifu elders watching this action, to prevent the tube music began late. There are also two strong knowledge of God is to many, two Master Chu side of the knowledge of god. Aware of this point Yang grin,Nike Air Jordan 6 UK Sale, silent smile. After the wind and rain, and bloody past help people endure, Xie Rong also won't continue to provocation, but today they apparently reluctant to leave the matter at that. >

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