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it was the white army antworten

> White army captured the city level Krupp, southern defense, completely leveled. WWw.qUANbEn.CoM Montenegro camp, the town of Fort Granville two places, has become a real rear, do not worry about being attacked enemy. Fort town of Granville Carpenter workshop, Alex, have a safe. Montenegro, large tracts of land around the camp are free to cultivate it. This is very favorable economic development. Three hundred acres of land, have developed together, this would be enough to feed three hundred million people. Of course, is not yet known, won the flat white army Krupp city above what kind of reaction. Anyway, no matter what kind of reaction above, since the control of the flat white army Krupp city, it is absolutely impossible to spit it out. If the court to counter-insurgency, it started from flat Krupp city! Of course, the premise is that they should be the first to hold the city in Ningxia say. Krupp attack a small flat city, can not meet Xu Xing Xia appetite. His eyes, already eyeing the Ningxia city. White army easily won the flat Krupp city, so Xu Xing Ningxia summer saw the city hopes to win. Anyway, the city is also a rebel attack on flat Krupp, also a rebel attack on the city of Ningxia, Ningxia city also won altogether to forget. Ningxia city won the case, but a lot of benefits, ah, even pay a certain price, it is quite worthwhile. "Ningxia city to continue to march!" Xu Xing Xia lamb, continue marching orders! No more other commands, command more consistent than the road warrior's mind the white army. They capture the city level Krupp, no gymnastics it, is in need of more intense fighting, to vent their inner anger. For them, Ningxia city is the source of all evil. And they do not deal with all the people who stay in the city of Ningxia. All bully their people, and most of them stay in Ningxia city. They razed the city to Ningxia. "Da da da!" Clip-clop of breath, billowing white army of cavalry, it seems like the tide to kill the Ningxia city. Rear Montenegro camp military families who know the white army to attack the city of Ningxia news, already feeling himself, the more tempted. They hide in Ningxia for those inside the city all kinds of evil guy, but also hate to go to the bone marrow. Xu Xing Xia now the trouble to find them, how military families are willing to lag behind others? Many people have spontaneously organize themselves to the front war. No suitable weapon? Does not matter, staffing a wooden stick on the line. White army to fight them in the back in front Jianlou wants. Steward will be one hundred of you, but also to act quickly to develop a plan to receive Ningxia city. They and the following military families are different. The following military families, just want into the city of Ningxia, the inside of everything, are all destroyed. All the enemies are all killed. Best, that the whole city was put a fire in Ningxia all burned. But to do so, in addition to vent their anger, violence towering heavenly objects, and not the slightest use. White army to develop and grow, Ningxia City is a very important article with. It has a strong imprison walls, has a basic sound business system, has a basically sound ordnance production system. It also has a full two hundred thousand of the population. No matter from which side, the city of Ningxia with excellent camp is much better than Montenegro. Therefore, such a city, not easily destroyed. The protection of things still have to protect them, not easily destroyed. From Krupp Ningxia city to city, in the middle there is a road linked. A large number of white army cavalry, it has been along the road south, did not conceal meaning. Occasional passing travel, find the white army mobilized, directly directed Ningxia city away, are pale, I do not know what to do. Xu Xing Ningxia town for the summer and senior relationship, they vaguely know some. However, they never dreamed, white army would Ningxia city hands. Ningxia city is where? Nine is one of the city ah! Is a real military fortress ah! There is a fan palace, a governor Yamen, a commander Yamen, a prefect Yamen, thousands of the size of the official. Xu Xing Xia outrageously Ningxia flap to attack, which is bare rebels. If that were not rebel? What kind of actions considered rebellious? And anyone can refute this. Estimates news, the court must definitely be promptly dispatched army siege. This is simply not negotiable. Xu Xing Xia does not know the consequences of doing it? Can not know. However, Xu Xing Xia know that serious consequences, or to do so. What does this mean? This shows that he is fully prepared for. XU Laomo this, it really is strongman ah, Ningxia people inside the city, it is estimated to be out of luck. Xu Xing Xia If the capture of the city of Ningxia, According to forgive them not. Ningxia town a mess, I'm afraid the whole world is a large Ming Dynasty, must follow the chaos. This Xu Xing Xia, not twenty years ago, Bo worship, he is not so easy to be clear Jing. White army fighting force, can be better than the year thanks to stronger and more prosperous. Moreover, when cleaning up Bo worship Rusong, Li Rubo and others, have successively passed away. Court wants to come to the mobilization of elite troops surrounded chop Xu Xing Xia said than done! "Bang bang bang!" Are marching, came in front of intense gunfire. Xu Xing Xia immediately ordered troops outflank up. He estimated that it should be led by the white tiger army late, and out of the city in Ningxia Ming army reinforcements on the right. In fact true, that the white army to attack the city level Krupp news, Ningxia city hurried troops reinforcements. Li Mao Hui and Li Guozhen very clear, once fall flat Krupp City, Ningxia city will face what kind of danger. Therefore, they are hoping that will limit the level of war prisoner City area, as much as possible to gain time for the city of Ningxia,Coach Satchels, perfect defense. Officials much time they need to mobilize more troops, more weapons and materiel reserves. Frankly, Xu Xing Xia this hand, or of the Li Mao Hui and Li Guozhen expected. They originally estimated,oakley eyeglasses sale, Xu Xing Xia biggest reaction, that is, government troops would like to do to find the shade tired, eat part of the government troops Jiehen. Lose ground, it is absolutely impossible. Because, conquering, then, is bare rebels, there is no room for maneuver. They estimate that Xu Xing Xia has not cornered to such proportions. Unexpectedly, their speculations, all wrong. Xu Xing Xia this really cornered, reckless it. Come from the city of Ningxia Ming army reinforcements from the Senate will be led by Lin Shen River, hurry to the flat Krupp City reinforcements. In order to ensure the safety of the city flat Krupp, reinforcements led by Lin Shen River, a total of one million people. Among them, there are three thousand people are fighting soldiers, seven thousand people are makeshift garrison troops. Result, they left the city in Ningxia soon in Hong Guang Fort Yaofu near Fort, and white army to encounter it. Fighting has not started with the Army would escape the half. Ningxia city garrison troops, are welcome to the arrival of the white army does, where there is thought and garrison military operations? Only because of another dry one thousand soldiers war deterrent ...... was compelled to put on a look. Along the way, as long as there is the opportunity to flee, Wei have fled the military are, unwittingly, actually escaped half. Lin Shen River vexation anger, but also helpless. Originally Wei army is a mess, is used to every one, impossible to count them. Did not do, Lin Shen River had to battle with men three thousand soldiers, arrayed, trying to stop the white army offensive. He also was the Ming army inside Velvet old Senate will be, and the general military knowledge is still there. As soon as he contacts the parties, Lin Shen Wei River to sleep through the worst of times. White army of musketeers, the number may not be less than them, morale was higher than a large portion of them, the power of guns, it is stronger out several times. He was very clear, self impossible to beat each other. Only thing to do is to delay the other side of the south, to the rear of the Ningxia city to fight a few hour time. Xu Xing Xia will follow up a victory to attack Ningxia city? That is for sure. Change is done deep forest river themselves, they would never let such a golden opportunity. Because, Ningxia town elite army,Coach Crossbodys Clearance, five thousand in the flat Krupp city's estimated ultimate is to be finished. In addition there are three thousand, in his hands, is estimated to be finished in the final. Well, the rest of the thousands of people, the huge garrison city of Ningxia, is simply impossible. Now is definitely the most vulnerable time in Ningxia city. Do not expect the Wei army, they are simply not reliable. Their hearts simply toward Xu Xing Xia, toward the white army. If you use their defenders, then you will not even have to keep them turned on, it will not take the initiative to open the gates into the city to put the white army. Do not expect Qing palace guards. Many people have of them, absolutely not involve such a large-scale war to go. Their only action is to protect the Zhu Qing Wang Shuai zinc escape. As for the others, they do not expect more, and fallen trees and paste monkey loose ah! "Ready!" "Release!" Late tiger calm command. "Bang bang bang!" "Bang bang bang!" "Bang bang bang!" Rows of gunfire sounded natural order of the whole. This is the command of the army late tiger characteristics. Even carry guns salvo is a great sense of rhythm, cadence, a degree of relaxation. In the spectator, it sounds like a song after another percussion. However, the goal seems to be musket volley, this row of guns firing, it was terrible. Every row of gun salvo, the opposite of the Ming army, have fallen into pieces. They use guns, gun opponents moon is not ah! Lin Shen River soldier war commander, had not a lot, only 3,000 were white army after several consecutive rows of guns firing, when the frame collapsed. Lin Shen River is also deeply troubling, had followed the retreat. However, he wants to go, can not afford to have to go. Because, as Xu Xing Xia reinforcements immediate concern, his sides are all the white army. The south of the white army, all of them cavalry, but quickly moving speed. They will be surrounded by the remnants of the government troops, tightly, packed. "Late tiger, can grab a living?" Xu Xing came to late summer tiger's side, whispered cried. Lin Shen River, this parameter will be, for him, or the abundance of points useful. Lin Shen River and Lu Yide different. He is the standard soldier, and Ningxia, the town's senior, are not nepotism, nor is an individual's henchmen. He can lead the fight three thousand soldiers, is due entirely to his own ability. In a sense, he is not Xu Xing Xia enemies. In addition, as the Senate will, lei Ningxia town very familiar with the situation, keep him, help control the situation in the town of Ningxia. One can imagine that if the white army reached the Ningxia into town, definitely have to clean out a large number of people. White army behind those mighty military families, and ran to grab something to go kill. Put a little cold, Ningxia City is estimated to be bloody, littered with corpses. Ningxia town's senior, and what the total secondary parameter tour, all Division, Wei command makes the like, may be basically impossible to have survived. Just get caught, they are a dead end. Xu Xing Xia not even slaughter, are impossible. Because of the following military families, anger has been ignited, must be vented. This is not to his personal will of man. The only thing he can do is be useful to people who are temporarily retained. For example, the left light bucket and the like, after having failed to persuade them to see the possibility. "No problem, I went to arrange." Chi Tiger immediately promised to go. Soon after, rather awkward Lin Shen River, it was the white army soldiers, escorted to the front of the tiger late. Later, Xu Xing escorted to the front of the summer. Veteran for their own failures, but added relatively calm acceptance. In fact, this can not be said to be his personal failure, it is not fighting his army. Make bricks without straw, even if his ability again strong, white army encountered such a force can only be beaten. "Look at the pipe up." Xu Xing Xia said quietly. He waved his hand, commander of the Army of the brightest white army, continue to the city of Ningxia departure. All the way south, wide flood around Fort Yaofu fort, Fort regular letter, Li Gang fort, Fort Zhang Liang, were white army relaxing break. Inside the military families are spontaneously organized themselves to kill their boss, and then follow the flock to the city in Ningxia. The results, in close proximity to the city of Ningxia, when Xu Xing Xia's side, there are already tens of thousands of the public. Turns out to be massive, mountains shake. Because there are too many, the road all the way to the army, has been impossible. Xu Xing Xia ordered the troops to find their own way, go hand in hand, from a different road to enter the city in Ningxia. As the accompanying military families, also assigned to various units, temporary as porters. Consequently, after the separation, each way of the white army, and military families together, there are still as many as three or four thousand, really is a torrent, overwhelming. This time, not to mention the city of Ningxia, even Xi'an house, even the capital, Xu Xing Xia dare to touch on the touch. And Xu Xing spirited summer compared to the town you Ningxia level, it is really agitated, anxious it. Had proposed to send troops to test the Xu Xing Xia underlined Ningxia town commander Li Guozhen, everyone has been angry eyes, forcing in the corner, did not dare move. Everyone always finds the culprit is his Li Guozhen. If not him nothing good, and send Lu Yide Xu Xing Lin Shen River to provoke the summer, how will today's calamity? You go to stir up trouble does not matter, but do not lead to calamity Ningxia city to ah [seeking Subscribe! 】 <

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