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Happens on their own initiative antworten

> "Freeze!" Dragoon Army soldiers shouted. Www, QUAnben, CoM "quack!" Unfortunately, Allada do not understand Chinese, he throws his gold scimitar. His throat, also issued reconciled sounds. Lying on the ground, his eyes were bruised, so that almost can not see the previous case. Lift gold broadsword, purely subconscious self-defense movements. "Bang!" "Bang!" "Bang!" Along with several wolf cavalry soldiers opened fire. Allada body, suddenly emitted a good Jiduo blood flower, bleeding profusely. At least three Flamini bomb hit his body. However, he has not fallen. His eyes were still wide open. He is really not willing to die. He also did not understand how, it has suffered an ambush. He really refuses dark head ah! "Poof!" "Poof!" "Tumult!" Several soldiers rushed to the wolf cavalry, holding moon and Rao, directly copied Allada body greeting. Suddenly, there is a continuous three bayonets, do not hesitate to stab Ruelada body. Those wolf cavalry soldiers, the most annoying is that these bombs are playing Minnie immortal guy. Since Flamini bomb beat to death, then fill open, you breathe so far has been to fill! "Wait ......" Olympic Yang Karma hurried bayan cried. He wanted to leave Allada as breadwinner, ask for more information. Unfortunately, Dragoon Army soldier hands too fast, so he called the exit when Allada body, had been stabbed three bayonets to wear. Three bayonets have penetrated his heart, even large Luo Jin Sin, can not rescue came. Xu Xing Xia exclaimed: "Dead." Austrian Young Karma had reluctantly said: "Forget it." Xu Xing Xia Liu Wang, Zhang Feng said: "The next time, would like to do catch one alive. Now!" Liu Wang and Zhang Feng all agreed. In fact, Xu Xing Xia tone, it was perfunctory in nature and do not take it seriously. Catch Tatars live on, the white army and down, seems to have no interest. White army down, for the Tartars Da Son of hatred, estimated three to five years, it is absolutely no vent clean. As for the taking of intelligence, there is no need for that. Because, in the summer Xu Xing's side, there is a living encyclopedia of the Tatars, or a beauty. She is the moss Sina. Tatars, virtually no she does not know. Young Austrian initiative Karma afraid to ask moss Sina, mainly that moss Sina's identity, a little weird. In the absence of a thorough clear moss Sina's status before he is inconvenient and moss Sina hastily approached. In his view, it should be Xu Xing Xia moss Sina woman, status should be respected. Xu Xing Xia without permission, he should not have to deal directly with moss Sina, otherwise, there is not respectful for Xu Xing Xia place. Xu Xing Xia happens to this point, did not realize. He himself was crying on the moss Sina come crying to go, just as he is to deal with the slaves, but forget the eyes of others, moss Sina is his exclusive domain, is not easily offended. This is moss Sina happy to enjoy, willing to follow Xu Xing Xia causes. Xu Xing's side in the summer, she also almost a million people under the above figure. Well, apart from the capital inside the Princess who estimated another woman, Xu Xing complex in mind, would not have any status. "Your honor, the battlefield has been basically finished cleaning, found a total of more than four hundred fifty corpses, more than 130 wounded. Wounded are handed Tuguhun people to deal with. Was not injured horses, a total of three hundred twenty-three , have led over. horses were killed, injured horses, are handed people deal Tuguhun. "Soon after, Liu Wang up reports. Just fight, in fact, is not fierce, fighting from the beginning to end of the fighting, estimated at less than ten minutes. This is totally played Tartar a surprise, simply do not let Tatars chance to fight back. However, the Tatars escape speed, really fast. The two white army military encirclement, no sealed all escape route, to the part of the Tatars fleeing amount opportunities. Of course, this Tatars thousand teams, lost half of troops, is estimated crippled. The short term, is certainly impossible to continue the war. The Tatars of the wounded to Tuguhun people to deal with, on the one hand, of course, is to allow people to vent anger Tuguhun there injustice Baoyuan, grudges against revenge. One can imagine that those Tatars wounded, fell into the hands Tuguhun, what kind of consequences. Can frankly die, it is estimated that their best result. On the other hand, is to let Tuguhun human hands, contaminated more Tartar blood. Tuguhun the hands contaminated with the blood of more Tatars, and Tatars deeper hatred of the white army is more loyal. Those women who have been rescued Tuguhun out, the situation is not very good. Not that many of them were killed, but most of them who have been raped Tatars to. A considerable part of, or was repeatedly ravaged body was devastated almost all bad. Those Tatars also damn, even the year-old little girl to live, stunned is ruined. In the nomads internal strife, such a situation is actually very common. Even Genghis Khan's wife, who have been robbed before, let alone other people? However, such a situation does not Xu Xing re willing to see. Later comes across as a person, this human, contrary to basic human moral bottom line of the crimes, he was deeply abandoned. But, in this day and age, he wanted to change all that seems impossible. As long as there is war, this crime is inevitable. Compared to him, Tuguhun people apparently see through a lot. For those who have been ruined women, they do not have the slightest discrimination continues to host them back their own tribe. From that point on, these people Tuguhun women than Han Chinese women to be happy lot. If you are Han Chinese women experienced so tragic event, back then, I guess we live without it. Sarcastic people around, there are others despised, are sufficient to allow them to commit suicide in the road. For example, the peak eagle nest inside the woman, if they go into the secular world, it is also a fear of not long survive. Moss Sina summer commanded by Xu Xing, proactive come forward to the identity of the priestess, to appease those who have been raped women. Although she is a priestess of the Tatars, but it is relatively detached position, most people would not treat her as an enemy. She personally appease these women, so that people feel more pleased Tuguhun. In fact, for Tuguhun people, women can save their own back, very glad. As to whether they are defiled, and even whether it will become pregnant, are not very important. They do not care only Austrian Karma came Xu Xing Xia Yang in front of heavy knees, grateful and said: "Master, thank you for your grace! If not you,Nike Jordan 12 Sale, they would all be killed!" Xu Xing Xia nodded and motioned him to stop speak up, slowly said: "Short term, there should be no harassment of Tatars come ye arrive later, you can feel at ease life, without too much worry about security issues." He has such confidence to speak . Tatars are not fools. Thousands of people have already discovered the white army into the prairie, they certainly would not die easily come up. Twelve, or even thousands of people thirty-five teams out, but to give the white army sumptuous meal only. If there is not enough certainty that they will not easily mobilized. The problem is, how many people need to mobilize Tatars, only certain of winning it? This is certainly not good yardstick to measure ah! Currently in Bayannur prairie white army, at least focus on the five Army troops, plus carving cavalry skirmish, almost five thousand people. Great all-powerful guns. Once the white army tank battalion, artillery battalion arrived after the original Bayannur castor seed, Tatars will be more of a headache. No more than five thousand cavalry, simply do not talk about. For Tatar people, out of 50,000 cavalry, nor is it an easy thing. Tatars in many places, we need to use the army. If you focus on grassland Bayannur fifty thousand cavalry, then, in the other direction will certainly be weakened. In addition,Coach Online Outlet, in the end is a tribe dispatched fifty thousand cavalry, or is jointly dispatched fifty thousand cavalry several tribes, these need careful deliberation. The short term, there can be the result. "Master, our five hundred cavalry, will be equipped with guns do?" Austrian Young Karma asked cautiously. For the white army used guns, Austrian Young Karma absolutely full of curiosity. He also had the experience of General Ming army muskets, feel the power and range, are far stronger gun did not get sun and the moon. To be sure, the military use of the sun and the moon white flatter, it must be very special weapon. But he also knows that it is impossible to tell him Xu Xing Xia related secret. In fact, even if he knew, and no imitation out. In Savannah, impossible to manufacture guns. Benevolent to do is to follow after Xu Xing Xia mixed honestly, do not have another think. Xu Xing Xia called his east, west yourself honestly can not. Xu Xing Xia called themselves the west, east themselves honestly can not. Xu Xing Xia eat meat, their own soup obediently followed. He estimated that if their own performance is good, maybe Xu Xing Xia will give him a little meat. Looks, Xu Xing concubine is not the kind of people particularly stingy. As moss Sina, it is more of a thought. Last Gap in Lansing, she was Xu Xing Xia raid captured her heart, but it is still a little unconvinced. She always thought, Xu Xing Xia trick is to use the victory over self. If both parties arrayed war, and those who guard her followers, not necessarily Hsu Hsing-fu opponent. They are all inside the famous Tartar warriors. Later, Xu Xing Xia and Suobu De meet, but also use the trick driven back Suo Bude, so that more and more moss Sina, Xu Xing Xia actually not invincible. This time, Xu Xing Xia troops face attacks, in less than half the time of incense, the Tatars to kill thousands of people a team, so the fighting, it is really speechless. We should know that here, but the prairie ah, has always been nomadic world. However, Xu Jiajun way, Tatars fighting, it seems that the slag becomes engraved molestation. This allows moss Sina had to change his previous thought. Xu Xing Xia damn, really is a bit not mess ah! Tatars and his positive engagement, there is no victory possible. If Xu Xing Xia commitment to change, she might really have a chance to become the only God longevity day. Longevity-day only God, instead of relying on longevity-day elected, but elected by force out. Who is the strongest force back, who is likely to become the only God. In other words, as long as Xu Xing Xia force is strong enough, he moss Sina is likely to be the only God. The problem is that this damn Xu Laomo, from their own temptations, always refused to own thousands of miles away, so she could not resist a bit frustrating. As a young woman, a good appearance, knowledge is good, good temperament, good conversation woman, teenagers are not actually in a little boy in front, folding Ge and go, this number so moss Sina's self-esteem greatly reduced. She felt that in front of him, she really is too failed. Should know, at her side, the number of men in the night and can not get her coveted? Happens on their own initiative sent to him, he did not tempted. I really do not know his heart, in the end what the tangle. This knot, she must unravel. Was thinking, Xu Xing Xia suddenly rode over. Look at his appearance, it seems that nothing is random moss Sina came to chat only. Moss Sina hurried forward, smiling, quietly asked: "Husband, where are you going?" Xu Xing Xia exclaimed: "Phoenix soon to the sea, what are you going?" The so-called Phoenix sea, is the heart of Heller Golden Horde. That is a very large area of ​​the lake, surrounded by lush meadows. Prairie, lakes, large and small, have estimated that no one thousand eight hundred. These lakes, is a large castor original source of life. Most of lush pastures,Nike Air Jordan 11, on the distribution around the lake. These lakes have a very beautiful name, such as pearl harbor, Phoenix sea, Iris sea, sun sea and the like. Bayannur castor seed of the original core, this is the phoenix sea. Heller Golden Horde after the original move to Bayannur castor seed, in the sea around the Phoenix, the establishment of a large number of tents, stocking livestock breeding population. Heller Golden Phoenix is ​​also next to the sea, to establish its own gold sweat off, officially marking the possession of this land. With Heller Golden Horde's strength slowly grow, the scope of their control, but also from Phoenix has been extended to the entire sea Bayannur grasslands. This time, Xu Xing Xia led his army north, in addition to supporting Tuguhun human migration, the very important purpose, which is completely annihilated Heller Golden Horde. Most of the nomads, in fact, nothing architecture, white army siege seemed impossible, like a captured city. However, if the white army controlled the sea around the Phoenix area, or is occupied Heller gold gold sweat account, it will be tantamount to the end of their lair [seeking Subscribe! 】 <

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